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And the NDP wonder why Alberta's oil sector is nervous? That's NDP Premier-elect Notley on the left, at an anti-oil rally.
And the NDP wonder why Alberta’s oil sector is nervous? That’s NDipper Premier-elect Notley on the left, at an anti-oil rally. via.

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 ~ ITEM:  REBEL Media– Four worrying things about Rachel Notley’s election night speech; and, Alberta PC’s Jim Prentice pays the price of political hubris
 ~ ITEM:  The NDP Demise In Nova Scotia.. an NDP take

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 ~ AND THIS brilliant rocket surgery, because Leftits don’t money good, witness Mz. Nose-Stud’s magical & parasitical thinking above, with the frowny face of the new Socialist Queen Of Albertistan just behind her. Be afraid, be very afraid Alberta.. and Canada, because now Notley-style have-nottery will spread West from bankrupt Ontariostan, and affect us all….

Economics 101

Okay, so where does money truly come from? Four main places, say the miseducated Liberal/ NDP/ soft-communist wishful thinkers: (a) From the money tree, harvested by sparkly unicorns, (b) and from government cheques, and of course, (c) taxes on every possible thing and service and source, and especially from (d) taking back from the rich people (i.e., everyone on an income) most of the gold they pillaged from the poor & the union people, cuz otherwise they wouldn’t be rich, right? RIGHT?!!
Because, Where Else Could It Possibly Come From? --- Image by © Images.com/Corbis
Because, Where Else Could It Possibly Come From?
Although they never will, such Leftits really need to watch some Ann Barnhardt, and read some David Mamet, and stop imagining that it’s 1987, and there are jobs and money and taxes and no-worry Trudeaupian debts and endless social programs and money, just for a start. And Albertans of all political stripes need to stop wanting free stuff, and spendy governments generally, and taking good times and oil revenues for granted.
Because Leftits don’t money good, then taxes crash (moar taxes!), businesses suffer, jobs suffer, social programs close, personal and provincial and municipal debt skyrockets as the economy swamps, inflation goes up and taxes crash and jobs go away, and people leave the province– and the poor Leftits act all puzzled and stuff. Duhr.
Where did the magical sparkly unicorn go? Whither the money-tree? Withered, you say? Need some unicorn sandwiches, you darkly mutter? But.. but.. but….
After the jobs go, unicorn tastes pretty darned good.

Worth Every Penny

Free advice from reality-land via the elf, Premier-elect Notley: if you start yelling “F*** Off, And Go Away!” and “MOAR TAXES!!” and “MOAR Rules!” loud and long enough at your oil & industrial & business sectors, they will indeed eff off, and not come back until later. China or America or others will then come in once again, and snap up all your things at deep-discount fire sale prices. Well done, then.
Proof, you say? Look at Obama’s debt-a-geddon rolling catastrophe of closings, layoffs and unemployment (real rate: 23.2%, or 93 million+), business bankruptcy, money-printing policy price inflation, and ever-growing joblessness in all sectors except overpaid bureaucracy (and his golf/ vacation resorts). He actually did built that.

Where’s My Desk

Oh my sweet raspberries. REALLY?!?! You promised a $15/ hour minimum wage?!?!
NDeePee, why for howcum you hate business, taxes, and employees so much? Why? WHY?!?
So about the witless magical thinking proposed well-meaning $15 mandatory minimum wage thing? Yeah, Rachel, might want to go ahead and check with businesses on the U.S. left coast about how that’s working out so well for them right now, even before it’s official. Fail and double fail and bankruptcy and fail, and layoffs and closings, prices go up for everything and let’s all move to other provinces (or even U.S. states) thank you very much. Reality & money is awful complicated.
But– more free advice here, worth every penny– It’s no use re-inventing the broken wheel, Mz. Notley. The war on reality is always endless: learn from all the other recent & past other NDP/ progressive/ “good intentions” screw-ups, and just say NO!


One more thing*– it’s not really about you, Mz. Notley, it’s about them. The prideful wasteful clumsy doofus Alberta PCs and mean Federal PCs.
This election is not a giant swing to the commie side, I’m guessing. It’s a punishment and protest vote against the normal ruling party– as is the rise of the WildRosers. I.E., in giant letters blazoned across the skies: Dear PCs– VOTE and ACT like actual conservatives; walk humbly with your God and the fickle electorate; DON’T take our votes and good will for granted; apologize and make it right, once in a while. Not so corrupt, please, mmkay?
Next Stop.. Just Ahead
Next Stop.. Just Ahead…
If you’re not very very careful, Mz. Notley, your political graveyard is just ahead. Having your newb MLAs act like idiots, and your Leftard activist supporters to crow and talk stupidly about stupid things– like Mz. Nose-Stud above– because they won and forever so shut-up neener neener.. will just hasten the demise.
And: it’s not YOUR province, O Notley. It belongs to God, the Queen, Canada, Parliament, the voters, and to Albertans dead, living, and yet to be born. In that order, give or take. Don’t break it because stupid, or ideologue.

And Finally, In Conclusion…

Then again, I could* be terribly, terribly wrong. Please correct me in the comments section. ~
* I’m mostly under-educated about Western & Albertan politics, so this is best-guessing, extrapolating from the Nova Scotia NDP experience, and more generalized Binky insightful super-brilliance.

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