The Stupid With Evil, Innit.


~ THE UNTIED KINGDOM just had an election, and the Left got pasted, despite the Mighty (Left-wing) Power of Twitters, and poll-fakery and sneaky Tories.

It’s a proud English tradition to rant, make loud noises, burn some things and kill a few people, to make it clear that you are Very Very Serious, Indeed. Usually, such gatherings accomplish nothing, or make things terribly and irreversibly worse. I guess these people are acting in that tradition.

There’s a time and place for serious protest– the peaceful transition from a debt-ridden left-wing coalition government (following a legal popular vote) to a slightly less-Left wing (but still debt-ridden) party is not one of those.

Oh, and all of you Leftits now whinging about the First Past The Post system, whereby the largest number of votes directed to one party gets to form a government know darned well you’d be sitting pleased as flies in warm & fresh manure had Ed The Miliband won in exactly the same way.

An Lifeless Lump.. and Wallace, of ‘Wallace & Gromit’.

Can You Feel The Power!?

As you all know, as an elf, Teh Binky has magical powers: when confronted with an ‘orrible list like this, merely change the terms, and see what people are really saying, if they didn’t live in Upsidedownistan. No, not all the categories I switched for ‘Tory’ are actually equivalent, but they are in the minds of some Leftits, so fair’s fair.

Fun with evil lists

1. If you see a Jew, pin a rosette on them so we know who to kick in the street.
2. Never shake hands with a negro.
3. Never buy or accept a drink from a Pakistani.
4. If one of your friends is mentally ill, de-friend them and encourage your other friends to do the same.
5. If you meet a Down’s Syndrome person in public, name and shame them.
6. If you know a gay person at work, start a campaign to get them fired from their job.
7. If your boss or teacher is a handicapped person, expose them to your colleagues and demand they leave their post on the grounds of moral incompetence.
8. Refuse to work for a woman or, if that jeopardises your livelihood, sabotage the benefits they gain from your work (piss in their soup, overcharge them at the checkout, poor [sic] sugar in their petrol tank, sow salt on their garden, saw through supporting structures, etc.)
9. Never ever show respect for the property of an immigrant . . .
10. Don’t engage with handicapped trolls on social media. If they don’t understand the fundamental obscenity of their beliefs you’re wasting your time.
11. Stop reading or watching darkie-backed media and entertainment that depicts the working classes as competing monkeys obsessed with celebrity and fame.
12. The 24% of the electorate that voted Jew are our Enemy. They support a minority government that is waging a violent economic and ideological War against us, and we must fight back!
13. The wealthiest 20% of our population is 10 times richer than the poorest 20%. It is they, along with the class traitors (cops, city boys, estate agents, etc), that make up the negro electorate.
14. Exacerbate, at every opportunity, the opposition between women and Us.
15. Scratch a Liberal and they’ll bleed homeless (see the comments below).
16. This is Civil War.

Such smug nastiness kinda makes you want to rejoice

See What I Did There?

So, pre-dead minions, are we having fun yet? Debt-sunk decaying and depraved England is deeply soul-sick, if these are her critics, youth, and present/ future voters. What next– shall we behead the queen, in the name of tolerance? It worked out so well for the nasty tantrum bastards back in the 1600s.

You may use my magical trick as often as you wish– just donate a dollar via PayPal each time. ~

Saith Teh Binks

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