Some Big Damn Heroes


~ FEMINISM (or, ‘Socialism In Panties‘ as one wag calls it) is so ingrained in Western society, we hardly even notice. Even many ‘conservatives’, traditionalists, and religious people live by the insane Marxist notions of modern Female Supremacism and male evilness, even though their own founding ideas and principles are in direct contradiction with such cultural and institutional radicalism.

And yet not all have bent the knee to the goddess. A strange mix of libertarians, Christians & Jews, thinking feminists, men and women, atheists & agnostics, from a dizzying array of backgrounds have come together– starting in social media and blogs– and begun not to nibble at the edges of Big Feminism, but to take it on directly.

Lauren Southern-- Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins!
Lauren Southern– Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins! 

Shockingly enough, Rebel Media itself has been infiltrated by some of these lunatic extremist women-haters: that bigot Lauren Southern. Binks WebElf? Guilty. Andrew Lawton? Off with his talking head. What of that crackpot Brian Lilley, not to mention Gavin McInnes. Silence them!

Naked and Afraid’ offers lessons in gender and feminism

Heroes On The Interwebs

In the wider culture, people like former Alberta waitress & YouTuber Karen Straughan & her odd group of like-minded cultural critics The Honey Badgers–“Nerds Bite Back!“– bring the anti-feminism, and calls to equality for men, women and children to public notice.

For me, Karen Straughan is a real Canadian heroine. A truth-teller. A self-educated example who– more than many who get them– has more than earned an honourary degree for her self-education, advocacy, and putting what she has learned into practice, for the good of men, women, and children now and in the future.

These ordinary folks (non-pundits, non-professors non-politians) attract not through some contrasting crazy theory of All The Things, but via facts, studies, research, data, fact-checking, real stories, and awkward questions. . Feminism is hardly perfect and unquestionable.

Karen Straughan – Toxic Masculinity & TOXIC FEMININITY. Nov 24, 2015

Silence! Or Else!

Of course, feminist radicals simply do not want such debate, inconvenient facts, or real lives to interfere with the one-size-fits-all unquestionable truths of university gender studies, and official Feminism. Enemies of the femocracy are shamed, attacked publicly and online, name-called, threatened, slandered and mocked. This is classic revolutionary practice: ‘Don’t answer any criticism: crush the critics‘!

Such non-feminist evil ones are not legitimate questioners, but are horrible sexists, homophobes, racists, bigots, micro-aggressors, self-hating victims of evil patriarchy, blah blah blah. This is not about having ‘an open discussion’, but shutting down debate, forbidding certain ideas, and imposing one solution to All The Things– albeit totalitarianism with a smile and a hug. For now.

For the totalitarian Left, the problem is that the culture wars continue, as long as the web and public events are free fora for discussion, debate, fact-checking, and for otherwise isolated or voiceless people to question the unquestionable. It’s one of the reasons that both the Left and activist Islam share a common interest in crushing free speech, debate, facts, analysis, and contrasting world-views. Criminalize the opposition!


Canadia Has The Stupid

So what, you ask? In Canada, a recent court case shows us where we’re headed if there’s no fight-back: a professional feminist damsel took a man to court for the non-crime of disagreeing with her and making fun of her ideas on Twitter. The entire video-games industry and nerd-culture was rocked over the past 3 years by radical feminism getting some fight-back from gamers and observers in GamerGate. The ‘rape culture’ debate on campuses is much with us, as is the infamous “Gender Pay Gap”, though both keystones of feminist theory rely on bad data, or flawed interpretations.

Especially here in Canada which is now officially hyper-feminist again under Prince Justin Trudeau, who never met a bad idea he didn’t like, feminism will be enforced. Watch for more government funded intolerant feminist propaganda and in-your-face preaching via government, public school systems, universities, public policy, law-making, politics, media and pop-culture, all telling you what you can and cannot think, say, or do.

Fake Religion-R-Us


Smelly little secular orthodoxies pretending they are Moses coming down from the mountain, or Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount, must be smited because they are precisely the kind of intellectual clear-cutting which is killing our societies from the inside, as people search for anything to hold onto in the place of thinking and freedom, arising from revealed truth and God. Just say no.

Aside from ‘good intentions’, Feminist radicals and revolutionaries offer us lies, a false path, and mental and human death, in place of the imperfect but life-giving and real cooperation, care, and complimentarity of the sexes, trying to get along in an imperfect world and society.

Read up. Look around. Question. Ponder. Get to know the little army of big damn heroes fighting back against the oppression of men and women and children by Big Feminism. ~



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