Clementine Ford: Bully


~ IN THE ONLINE WAR for ‘safe spaces’ (nobody say anything incorrect) and ‘dialogue’ (everybody say the same approved things), there’s a lot of boo-hoo bullying going on by progressive women and their boy-pets. Especially about being ‘silenced’.

Take the No Holds Barred blog in Australia, which faced a dog-piling by down under media and feminist blogs for calling out a particular feminist as a silencing bully towards those she disagreed with. Remember: in the new gender wars, only Evil Sexist Mens can be sexist, and women the hapless weepy victims thereof– there’s no concept of true equality, no human or person any more, only various stages of ever-noiser and entitled victimhood, versus the bad people.

So.. she said, then he said, then screeching harpy dogpile on the sexister, and some guy gets fired from his job… and she-bully threatens to silence No Holds Barred’s YouTube channel. Because opinions. Bearly, another men’s rights blogger in Oz, posted the following in a YouTube vid.

Man: Silence!


Since only Feminists can be silenced, says the new illogic, the attempted silencing or firing of an Evil Sexism Man is not censorship, thought control, bullying, domination, or cruel interference with his right to freely have and express opinions. It’s the new fairness, and get used to it.

The retreat from real faith does not lead to unchained freedom, but horrid illogic, hilariously nasty bigotries, fresh new chains, and the despairing fever of progressives trying to crush all the bad things and bad people now now now, because paradise soon depends on it.

All The Rapey

Mz. Ford trots out the usual 3rd Wave feminist talking-points (ALL of which are either not proven, or are actually wrong given real studies, and not sloppy guesstimating and passing such on as ‘established fact’), such as in this video about the widespread horrors of ‘rape culture’.

Please pardon me while I head out for a bit. Haven’t raped anybody since this morning.

Why not drop a line of support to No Holds Barred, and remember: the front line in this culture war is literally everywhere. ~

Saith Teh







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