Binks Vs. Infidels


~ ODDLY ENOUGH, a lot of the people I watch on Tube Of You are agnostics or atheists– because they also tend to be anti-feminist, politically incorrect, and willing to blab a lot. Often, they are worth listening to: Sargon of Akkad, ThunderFoot, Karen Straughan, the Honey Badger Brigade, just to name a few from my subscription lists..

Strange bedfellows: except, if I happen to comment, some such will ignore me, others will cheerfully turn around and lob grenades at Binks, because Evil Religious Lunatic Christers are even worser than Progs and feminits, dontcha know. “Oh yeah? WHAT ABOUT CRUSADES, INQUISITION, BIBLE SLAVERY, WITCH-BURNING?!?! Plus, No God, because science says!!”


Uh-huh. What now.. do I just  surrender, now you’ve spoken the forbidden factoids? You caught us? the jig is up? mighty mighty atheist neckbeards win all the things?

Even more exciting is when some web-infidel goes on the attack with “You know what those Christians are all like!….” (you’ve met ALL of us, have you?), then spew caricatures, misinformation, and unrecognizable whatnot– to an actual Christian, telling them what & how they think & act and live. Not unlike: “You know what those garbagemen are like– eating babies, living in dumpsters, singing songs to pieces of garbage…” What-now?!

Not That Amazing, Akshully

Anyhow, one sometimes interesting but unpleasant character– “The Amazing Atheist” (AA) does have a few interesting things to say. In one video he took on for being idiotic and social-justice-y (Cracked IS SJW Crap). has also taken a crack at popular modern atheism, and people like AA himself.

Still and all, modern atheism/ agnosticism is an important social fact, and should be addressed with moderate, funny, factual responses– not screaming or Bible Quotes– even if you’re unlikely to get a fair hearing. Even if much of modern atheism messes the facts, the idea of God, and the progress, history, & nature of science itself.

Yakkity Elf

So: here’s what I wrote to, and copied to That Amazing Atheist, because I believe it to be true, and the beginning of a real answer to modern doubt:

AA has a nasty shtick. Some people like nasty.

Me, I think only faith or agnosticism is possible, for the simple reason that in order to *know* there is no God, you’d have to know all the things, everywhere, in all possible dimensions or universes– which is omniscience (or all-knowingness), which is one of the divine attributes, also commonly seen in teens everywhere, and internet commenters.

Further, the idea that you should apply Science(tm) to spiritual questions is itself suspect, because (a) Science is a metaphysical/ philosophical position leading to investigation (it is not the result of experiments), and (2) in no other area of life to we misapply “scientific” categories of evidence to decide what is or is not true, good, or the like. Food? Love? The arts? Literature? Romance? How to live? Beauty? Courage? How to die? Truth vs. lying? Friendship? Poetry? Architecture? Careers?.. i.e., pretty much everything ever that matters in being a human.

Don’t get me wrong– I’m not a creationist or anti-intellectual. But modern atheism lazily and smugly claims to have all the toys and all the truth, and I really think that’s not the case.


Not sure if I expressed that really well, but I think my point is sound. Only agnosticism ( I don’t know if there’s a God) is possible. Atheism (We know all the things, and there is no God, ever anywhere) is just too crazy-big and impossible a claim for a finite mortal (i.e., an ordinary limited person) to make.

Binks will let you know if there’s any response from either party. I did my best to be a decent human being first, no screaming, and no crap logic.

So Saith,

Teh Binks




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