Oh, Ye Silly Binks


~ TURNS OUT the recent Rutgers cry-bullies were polite as auntie’s tea-time compared to the racist fascist Social Justice Warriors over at Cal State University Los Angeles on Feb. 25 , when conservative speaker Ben Shapiro was scheduled to appear.

Multiple assaults? Crimes against free speech, freedom of assembly, mob-violence & pre-planned riotous behaviour? It’s all good at State & federally funded collijes in 2016 America, where the Grand Racist Obama presides. Just a big adventure game, from the smirks on some of the folks in the video.


And that’s the problem. Wearing superhero pajamas and jumping on your bed when you are four having super-exciting fights against evil is all well and good. Too many bored modern twits have been miseducated by their Marxist profs and cultural leaders that they are– in fact– the Rebel Alliance fighting the evil Empire. It’s all a horrid fake drama, where the villains unreflectively think they are the good guys, because they’ve been lied to, miseducated, and radicalized by the traitorous professoriate, political class, and evil President.

It’s a phony story, but what fun! After all, what’s tens of millions of dead young men fighting wars for profit and propaganda over the last century and more? Vorwärts, Kommeraden! Or, Forvardy Tovarishchi!

It’s The Dark Lord Ben Shapiro!

It’s a war out there, and these hallway-blocking heroes are the only thing standing between us and the Fourth Reich itself!! If we allow diminutive Jewish guy say his evil death-dealing racist words ( here they are ), then the very world as we know it is doomed, there will be blood in the streets, death-camps, and other Very Bad Things!

And plus, if we silence the evil ones, Utopia is in our grasp, in our own lifetimes!! What could possibly go wrong?

Off With Someone’s Head!

Hey hey! Ho ho! Someone’s Head Has GOT To Go!

Now, the waffling CSULA President Bill Covino is the new chosen sacrifice for the racialist Black Lies Matter crowd. Because Social Justice War is an equal-opportunity wrecking machine:

“Covino’s cowardice and lack of tolerance has come full-circle. The same “spoiled brat snowflakes” the administrator tried to appease are now asking for his head on a platter…. Students staged a sit-in outside of the president’s office demanding his resignation immediately following Shapiro’s inspiring and fact-based speech concerning diversity, because it hurt their feelings.”

A speech they tried to silence— and which most of them refused to listen to anyway– hurt their widdle fee-fees? Easy to mock, and not unfairly, but there’s more to it than that.

Stabbing The Old Wounds

America still has a real race-problem, and reverse-KKK leader Obama has poured gas and tossed TNT on racial politics every time he can. The stupid (if well-meaning) experiments of the 1950-60s liberals destroyed the black family, began a flood of 17 million aborted black children, created a huge fatherlessness problem. Democrats were left in charge of the failed experiments, absentee fathers, welfare-mothers, ghettoes, inner city decline, and  yet buying & pandering to the dysfunctional black community for votes.

This, while both parties profiteer and politick over black men in for-profit prison, and black kids shooting one another. If all of this did not benefit the powers that be, it would not be so.

Useful Idiocy Loses

Dear BLM: this is not the way forward. Obama is using you.

Black Pantherism is racist, fascist, supremacist, and makes everything worse. Those who play by fascist rules may will get a fascist boot in the face in return when their usefulness is over– because they are being played by greater forces in society and the establishment and DC. Like the gay marriage issue, big government gets bigger, freedom gets smaller, and the individual gets steamrolled by infinite rules and laws for everything.

The war for free speech, for campuses, and for the public square is getting ugly. Is this the shape of the future?

This is America now. Frenzied mobs, lied to and whipped up, blind servants of their cynical and progressive masters. Canada? Not far behind.

Never mind. Tune out. OMG, did you see the Oscars? ~



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