Look! A Real Rape Culture! Here?


UPDATE— ITEM: Speech by Hungarian PM Orban puts nation on a war footing vs. random migrants

UPDATE— ITEM: MIGRANT “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES” – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe

~ ITEM: Cologne is a shocking wake up call that Europe is importing a real rape culture; Cologne NYE assaults 31 suspects identified, 18 of them refugees; The 2015 New Years Eve Attacks in Cologne; Leaked Police Report: Cologne-like New Year’s Eve attacks in 12 German states

~ ITEM: Sargon: Aftermath of the #Cologne New Years Eve Attacks; and, Dissecting Rape Apologetics from The Young Turks

~ ITEM: Swedish Cops Covered Up Refugee Sex Assaults; Police need bullet proof station in crime-ridden Muslim majority Malmo, Sweden

~ ITEM: Rebel TV– Ezra: What happens when Muslims in Cologne are asked about New Year’s rape riot? And, Rebel Media SPECIAL REPORT: Does Ezra’s fact-finding trip to Europe reveal Canada’s future?

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~ POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, or progressivism in words & thoughts & actions, is mass-delusion, and mass-denial. This is not that; things are not as they are, or seem; it is true that there is no truth; it is good that there is no good or evil. Logic says contradictories cannot both be true: but round squares, or living dead people, are nothing compared to the contradictions of the politically correct mind.


Cologne Germany had a very, um.. complicated.. New Year’s 2016, with some of their refugees. It got a little violent, and a little.. well, rapey, along with the partying and fireworks. Between 80-100 women were assaulted by between 800-1000 young men in organized groups, using fireworks as ground-attack and panic weapons, there in the shadow of the world-famous Kölner Dom cathedral of Saints Peter & Mary.

What-now? Rape? Muslims? Refugees? Organized groups?

Ruh-roh! Nothing to see here, move along. All is well. What’s a few rumpled fraus & frauleins, ja? Can’t be accusing anybody of anything! Don’t want any hate or anything.

Eventually the police in Cologne got around to, well, a little actual policing.


Big Scary Ideas

So: for reasons known to the U.N., George Soros, Turkey, and other malevolent forces, various parts of the Western world are being filled with refugees from one of America’s destabilizing wars. Never waste a crisis? Heck! MAKE a crisis, then don’t waste it. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Except, these chickens are predominantly Muslims, with some actual refugees, but also a high percentage of unmarried men, and a small but dangerous minority of ISIS-Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood name of the week bad guys, who’d happily like to bring mayhem, rape, pedophilia, plunder, and jihad to a little town possibly near you.

Beasts Sniffing For Blood

Back to Cologne & European refugee-dumping. Ever since the first waves of Muslims &  Muslim Syrians arrived– some refugees, some not, some terror-minded, some opportunists and criminals, some not even from Syria, some affiliated with Jihadist terror-groups– there’s been a purely coincidental crime-wave. Theft, assault, harassment, rape, vandalism, mobs, and even a little game called ‘Taharrush’, or in English, mob acts of opportunistic mass sexual assault & theft against a chosen non-Muslim woman. Or, a thousand.

Bitches had it coming, though. Cologne imam Sami Abu-Yusuf: Women provoked sex attacks by ‘wearing perfume’ and being ‘half-naked’. Then he said he didn’t say it, but it remains said, and is probably his real opinion. So: German women raped for not acting & dressing like Middle Eastern women. Gotcha. SUBMIT!, says Islamo-Mafia. Nice women you gots there– same if anything wuz to happen to them.

Taharrush! Fun for the whole gang! She had it coming, right?

In Canada, Supreme Overlord & Emperor Justin I has decreed it will be so here in the Great White North Of Justin, though his dictate was slowed up by reality, calls for background-checks, and a Canadian public not willing to undergo what they’ve seen in Italy, Germany, Britain, Greece, Sweden, and most other other places where the Refugee Storm has come ashore, and begun to wreck everything (I think, quite deliberately— so we will all need & demand more ‘Peace & Security’, surveillance, law and order, less freedom, more cops and big government). Globalism has cool ideas for our futures.

Magical Thinking


The politically correct deeply and irrationally presuppose that things and people and events are not what they are, such are actually what political correctness SAYS they are. If you see a penguin, but political correctness disbelieves in penguins, so you are not seeing a penguin. It’s as simple and obvious as that, stupid. Look! A Penguin! No it isn’t!

The response of the authorities, from police on up to Prime Ministers? Denial. Weasel-words. Looking the other way. Laughable and bizarre make-believe. Warnings about ‘backlashes’. Blaming the victims (the real kind, not the feminist kind)– just like in 2013 when Swedish authorities were photographed ticketing cars which had been torched en masse in a giant car-b-que by non-specified generic ‘Youths’ the previous night. Why tickets? For the expired meter-readings, of course.


Just Listen And Believe!

The Christmas 2015 refugee narrative (according to one TV spot I saw): “So, you know, Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus were refugees” (they weren’t); “and the imported ‘Syrians’ are all holy and special refugees” (they’re not), “and they are downtrodden and victimized and you should feel guilty if you don’t open your home to 50 of them right away, you privileged white Western hypocrites.” (we aren’t) And if that’s not a mile-high teetering house of cards and lies and half-truths, I don’t know what is.

Binky’s free advice, worth every penny: Trust, but verify. Assume the best, always prepare for the worst. Trust in the Lord, but lock up your house. Protect yourself, loved ones, community. If someone turns out to be the real deal, welcome them. If not, report them, and call for their deportation, after suitable imprisonment. You may well have to fight the authorities for justice to be done.

Canada’s Big Heart


Most people are willing to help actual refugees– especially Syrian & Iraqi Christians, and the Yazidi group, who have suffered real persecution, rapes, and mass-murders due to the current cycle of American War Without End & profiteering in the Middle East, and the open support of Jihad by the Obama Administration.

What people don’t want, and I hope will eventually fight back against, is the importation of who knows what, with heaven knows what actual ID and actual motivations, into our small towns and cities, where some of may them choose to get their Cologne on, like wolves amongst sheep because we live in mostly peaceful and orderly societies, where threatening to randomly decapitate other people is mostly frowned upon, however Muslim it may be.

Canada Obeys.. Turkey?

Finally, as Ezra Levant asks, exactly what kind of tin-plated doofus is our Prime Minister Selfie to allow an Islamofascist and anti-Christian like Turkish leader Erdogan to export Syrian refugees (previously living safely in Turkey) to Canada and elsewhere, according to his say-so, and selection? A very special kind.

This 2015-16 refugee rush is a violation of our sovereignty, safety, due process, and an insult to all the actual refugees and honest immigrants who have waited years, even decades, for the process to grind along, and approve their cases. Whoever is running this refugee circus seems to have found an obedient lapdog in Mr. Trudeau, who doesn’t ask questions, and who seems to resent Canadians questioning his inspiring decisions.

Why didn’t Trudeau’s Liberals rescue REAL refugees from camps in Jordan? None of your d*mn business, peasant! Don’t ask those awkward questions– what are you, disloyal? hateful? anti-Canadian? KKK?

Pundit and doom-watcher Mark Steyn has asked before, and it’s worth repeating again: are we willing to stand– let alone suffer or die– for our society, our civilization, our friends & family & children, ourselves? Or will we huddle around our glowing screens as the wolves outside howl  and prowl ever closer.. while we seek a few more morsels of infotainment and distraction and false comfort, no matter the cost to the future? ~

So Saith

Teh Binks


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