Worth Ponderment



~ THESE DAYS (and since WW2, especially) railing away at politicians and various national leaders may feel good, but misses the point. The bullseyes lie elsewhere.

Prime Ministers Brain Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Evil Steve Harper, and “Just Watch Me” Trudeau Jr. all had or have a certain amount of power, but long ago sold their souls to the powers behind them– of globalist, banking, and political elites, and the lies and half-truths and toxic tales they tell. Most world leaders that matter are on a leash, albeit of gold and studded diamonds.

Nonetheless, a lot of modern political leadership– like Blair, Obama, Trudeau, the unelected Eurocracy, and others, seem to be a specific hollow and unpleasant type. Perhaps it makes them more prone to be bullies, and sockpuppets, I dunno.

Got A Point, Binky?

A recent take-no-prisoners article by American Catholic flamethrower Ann Barnhardt (Diabolical Narcissism: GASLIGHTING) certainly seems to have the current pope down to a nicety– and the same inward evil seems present in a lot of other leaders, politicians, celebrities, and Social Justice Warriors and progressives in The Year Of Our Lord 2016.

Give her a read, and feel free to agree or disagree or differ– it was recently a free country after all, so the police won’t be by to round you up quite yet. Soon, perhaps.

And of course, anyone, no matter own ‘ordinary’ can be a malignant narcissist. They just get a lot worse the more power they have, and the more people they can hurt.

So Saith

Teh Binks



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