All. The. Things.

This is how utopia is furthered– by assaulting someone with noxious liquids.

~ REPORTER LAUREN SOUTHERN recently had a liquid– possibly urine– poured on her head while chatting with some protesty-types. Yes, it’s assault, but she was really begging for it, because she did not surrender to their outrage or propaganda or questions. And because patriarchy.

Also via here. And don’t miss: Lauren Southern speaks with Paul Joseph Watson about online censorship and being attacked with a bottle of urine.

I mean, what deeply delightful people (a fascistic anti-fascist group called VANATIFA, who are also big into banning & no-platforming). Must invite them over for a wee cuppa pee. I meant, tea. They write, about their fearless and life-riskingly bold act of fighting for freedom banning and empeement and stuff:

About 5 or 10 minutes later, another smaller crowd of wing-nut conspiracy theorists, and other right-wing weirdo’s including the men’s rights activist, our local Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern, with multiple expensive cameras show up across the street on Dunsmuir. Frothing at the mouth with the gravest concern for free speech, and no concern whatsoever for white-supremacy, or the possibility of fascist organizing taking place in the city, they begin their live streaming and internet reporting. At some point, a bottle of piss is dumped on Lauren.

Blathering Elf

Opinionated Binks commented on a Lauren Southern vid via Tube Of You, in response to someone saying “Feminism is not Pro woman, it is anti man.” Saith teh Binks:

Frankfurt School Feminism is to women (and all other humans) what clear-cutting and paving everything is to a forest.

When the Glorious political Revolution didn’t take over all of Europe in the 1920s & 30s, the leader revoltings realized they’d have to slowly Tear It All Down. All of it. [ ]

Church, state, education, national identity, freedom, politics as usual, the courts & laws, marriage & childbearing, all male-female relations, learning, books, media, entertainment, thought itself, getting along with your neighbour. All must be undercut, radicalized, subverted and torn down, until the naked and defenceless individual lies naked before the brutal dehumanized power of the state, like someone tied down in the desert under the burning sun. Then, utopia, or something.

Lauren Southern somehow mostly escaped The Machine, and the prog-SJW bots cannot compute, only hate and make loud noises. When she interrupted a slutwalk, the sluts tried to accuse her of undue interest in the young just-teen women who were there in their underwear. Thankfully, there was video of everything, and so the destroy-narrative did not go off.

Get To Da Choppah! Naow!

I, for one, agree with Miss. Southern, and the hilarious anti-SJW meme:

I personally self-identify as an attack-helicopter,” she said in the vid, not long before the empeement assault.  Guess that makes us both.. helisexuals? Don’t oppress us with your heliphobia! You must accept our vehicle privilege.


Back To Reality

Keep laughing, fact-checking, and standing firm against the tide of political and popular manure which now passes for ‘Progressivism’ and ‘Social Justice Warriorism’. These cry-bullies are deadly serious, and they have broken and subverted many things, institutions and people. But in the process of fighting, resisting, deflecting, and truth-telling, don’t become like them– a joyless, childish, self-indulgent, piss-lobbing and hate-spewing, and menacing rad-bot. We must take breaks in these battles to laugh at ourselves, laugh at them, and to laugh at our silly sad humanity, so easily mislead and misleading.


Cough Up, Naow!*

This is why I hope some of you will be moved to cough up the $8 monthly ($1.54 a week, or $80 a year) to support the new subscription version of Rebel Media (you can find all the deets here).

I know, I know– pennies are tight, jobs are at risk, Canada is being swamped with big government and dumb and debt and SJW ideas from our political class. All the more reason to support a freedom-loving truth-telling news group like Rebel Media. Social media like this is worth it, and the Gliberals in power won’t be supporting it any time soon.

Canada has nothing else like Rebel Media; we need nothing more urgently than exactly this  free and open news source to combat the mainscream sockpuppet media outlets, in our increasingly troubled and propagandized world. So whether via subbing, or passing on the word to others if you can’t provide financial support just now, every little bit helps, right? What are you waiting for?

Show the SJW piss-babies what you stand for! Helisexualism! Rebel Media, and press freedom! ~

Full disclosure: I’m one of the volunteer bloggers on The Rebel’s Megaphone blog site. This obviously means that Ezra owns my soul, and that I worship Lauren Southern, and want to have babies with Brian Lilley. Or something like that.




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