COLLIJ 2016: Land Of Unicorns


NEW UPDATE— ITEM: “Students For Justice In Palestine” Anti-Semitism Costs CUNY $485 Million.. Collij SJW cry-bullies and anti-Semites.. living the dream, and killing universities one at a time….

~ ITEM: UPDATE.. In related news, SJW-crazy UMizzou gets reality-slapped by reality. Was it worth it, Professor Von Clicken, and your muscle & thugs?

Mizzou Protests Lead to Plunge In Freshmen, Massive Budget Deficits. (“..the university will enroll 1500 [20%] less students than projected and faces a budget shortfall of $32 million this year….”May the same happen to all SJW-afflicted colleges, until student protests get back in line with reality, law, and reason. This is messing up the lives of actual students with plans and goals, as well as the cry-bullies. Via

~ ITEM: Pitt Student’s Family Harassed over Milo Yiannopoulos Event

~ ITEM:  Why the New ‘One in Four’ Campus Rape Statistic Is Misleading

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SO I’M PART SCOTTISH— We Scots love the unicorn so much that it’s actually in our coat of arms. Twice! It’s where Britain & Canada got it. Plus, it’s medieval, therefore, it rocks.

But unicorns don’t have any rights; they aren’t seriously endangered; we don’t need to manage their herds to prevent poaching. Put down your “Save The Unicorns!” signs.

Unicorns. Aren’t. Real.

It’s True Cuz We Want It To Be!

Sadly, on modern SJW-infected campuses, reality is just not enough any more. You can attack, threaten, harrass, mob up, and try to ruin a fellow human being because of things that are not true.

So: professional gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos recently spoke at a protest-filled gathering at the Super-Duper School For Special Snowflakes University of Pittsburgh, on his usual topics– and he mostly was interested in Q & A. Here’s the speech itself.

UPitts student Doug Steeber tweeted about Milo’s visit, therefore he’s been unpersonned since Milo’s visit– a vicious campaign of posters, late-night calls to his parents, his FaceBook hacked & replaced, and posters “accusing him of making fun of sexual assault survivors”, and feature contact information for his home. What could possibly go wrong with attacking a guilty thought-criminal?

Evil Infidel!

A Fair Trial, Then Execution

What facts, what denials, what horrible things could Steeber Of Evil possibly have said to deserved this hellstorm of malice, harassment, and botheration? Unicorn facts, i.e., crap statistics.

I’ve written over here about the sacred pillars of SJW/ Progressivism in the West, including the faux factoid that “1 in 4 (or 5) college women have been sexually assaulted”. Rapes galore. Must be true, a study said so.. and since it makes things look totally serious, let’s just keep repeating it as Gospel.

Betcha $20 They’ve Not Read It

The study in question was a squishy soft-science informal survey of students in 2007. Here’s the study itself. From the look of the thing, a real statistician would have a field-day in such a target-rich environment of muddy social science.

The authors even admit an unrepresentative, small, & anonymous survey, lumping together different kinds of assaults, ranging from being grabbed or touched, all the way to full rape; and there are other serious questions about the applicability, and claims made in the study.

“The researchers made clear that the study consisted of students from just two universities…. The CSA study was actually an online survey that took 15 minutes to complete, and the 5,446 undergraduate women who participated were provided a $10 Amazon gift card. Men participated too, but their answers weren’t included in the one-in-five statistic.”

Okily-dokily: 15 minutes. Online. No names. No details, or fact-checking, or comparing apples to apples, or verification that the claims were true, or that the interpretation of the events was fair. Plus, you get an Amazon card?

There’s your infamous 1 in 5– widely derided by Milo Yiannopoulos and other online pundits, in light of a 2013 Department of Justice report that puts the number closer to 6 or 7 in 1000, not 25 in 100. Or again,

“Bureau of Justice Statistics data indicate that in 2012 the rate of rapes and sexual assaults was 1.3 per 1,000 Americans ages 12 and up.”

Clear Away The Smoke

People can be evil. Is modern society rapey? Are colleges rapey?

Well, drunk/ stoned sex, random hooking up, regret-sex, abortion, under-age sex, and the chaos resulting in the collapse of dating rules and role expectations make it clear all is not well. The older dating and relationship and marriage rules were there for a reason, the accumulated wisdom of many generations to try and prevent stupid, fatherless babies, abortions, broken hearts, and exploitation. But we’re so much smart than thems, and you’re not the boss of me!


It’s a great time for broken or evil people, sexual predators, and manipulative women– all within a society of fearful, unsettled divorced kids who don’t know who they are, or what they want, or what is true, except their feelings. The past century has been one of people experimenting on other people by tearing down all the rules and the complementarity between the sexes for political reasons, to polarize society into fragments.

We have a generation of frantic, broken, hurting, hurtful, uncertain, angry kids– and society makes the kids it deserves. Point fingers, and remember to point at all of us, too.

Some of that fragmenting and polarization is now breaking out on our 2016 campuses. And on Mr. Steeber’s young head. And into our present and future.

Still UnAnswered

Fact is, the various real studies peg the number of rapes/ sexual assaults on campus as slightly lower than in general society. However, with the hooking up culture, the drug and booze culture, and the feminist absolution of all women from responsibility for their bad choices, it’s hard to know (a) what the facts actually are, and (2) what is being covered up or hidden by women (and men) for whatever reasons, and (iii) Why such things may be happening, and (d) What to do about said problems.

One thing I know? More polarization, feminist claptrap & shaky stats, screaming & threats & no-platforming is a fever symptom, nor anything like a cure. But some people just want to watch the world burn.



A Prayer For Steeber

No matter what, ideology makes for bad science. Bad science makes for propaganda, mobs, threats, and the politics of personal destruction, as against Mr. Steeber, student at UPitts. This is tribal Marxism, not civil society.

BlackLies and Campus Feminists versus Milo is all very entertaining, and shows the level of male & conservative frustration with the mini-police-state now in force on many college campuses. Thinking and asking is verboten: difficult ideas and debate & academic principles are merely ‘sexist’ if they don’t support the various victim-groups.

And the uncertain or phony radical factoids are taken for granted– almost as a test of your being “In” group– even if the data does not support the conclusions, or the tricks in interpretation. Results? Rape Culture! 1 in 4! Pay Gap! The Evil Patriarchy! Listen And Believe!

Thus, if Mr. Steeber questions all-holy 1 in 4 factoid, he’s not a student in an academic environment of learning, evidence, study, footnotes and research: he’s an enemy of the women-people, he hates teh women, and despises women who have been raped or sexually assaulted! Smite him!

In other words, he doesn’t believe in Unicorns. Well: nobody should. ~



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