#TheTriggering? Eeeeeek!

evil girl

~ BINKS MISSED the  big politically incorrect festival on Twitter, the brainchild of Lauren Southern, of Rebel Media. March 9th, right between International Day Of The Wimminz, and the birthday of Osama Bin Laden. #TheTriggering!

The usual subjects pitched fits, whined incessantly, had tantrums, flung scare-words, and otherwise failed to shut it down– though the supremacists @ Twitter managed to fiddle their program to try and minimize it.

Way to fail free speech, Twits. We must muzzle free speech to save free speech. Gotcha.

An Biggish Deal?

This little moment in the culture wars may seem like a blip on the radar, but I think it fits in with #GamerGate, Fab Milo-ism, and a wider tide, part of a successful push-back towards reality and consequences. This is an important thing.


Free-speechers are fighting totalitarianism, silencing, and the resulting speech & thought control of the elites & the media, and the SJW megaphonies and cry bullies. A lot of people are quietly watching and cheering, and I’m guessing those who are with us are far more than those who are against us. Pushback!


#TheTriggering! Lots of brave folks cheerfully and fearlessly stood their ground, spoke the forbidden things, and we’re not currently facing the prophesied societal apocalypse, or the Fourth Reich. You know, yet.

Most importantly, as both Milo Yiannapoulos and Ben Shapiro* say about Campus tyrants, stand up, listen politely, then tell them off and tell them where they’re terribly, terribly wrong– and above all,  don’t try to make nice, or compromise your principles or the truth when confronting rabid progressives. The time for retreat is over, and the politically correctoids are not as tough or irresistible as they seem.

Saith Teh Binks!


Without posting any Trigger warnings**, even… here’s my little list, just for starters:

#TheTriggering – Equal pay and equal lifetime earnings are not the same thing.

#TheTriggering – Men and women, boys and girls, are different.

#TheTriggering – Truth is truth, like it or not. No ‘your’ truth, or ‘my’ truth madness, thanks.

#TheTriggering – There is not and can never be a heaven on earth. Utopia is a mental illness.

#TheTriggering – SJWs are crazy, deceived, and dangerous.

#TheTriggering – Prime Minister Selfie of Canada is deliberately going to wreck the country, the provinces, and each county and community, if he can. For ever.

#TheTriggering – Political Correctness is totalitarian rubbish.

#TheTriggering – Hate crime laws are hateful, and make things worse.

#TheTriggering – Islam is an evil false religion founded by a demon-possessed pedophile, liar, rapist, false prophet & antiChrist, and mass murderer. Still, many people inside that cult are decent human beings, despite it all.

#TheTriggering – Dear SJWs/ Progressives: you are not the centre of this or any reality, or  universe.

#TheTriggering – Militant Western homosexuals can be the biggest of bullies, and supremacists.

#TheTriggering – Kangaroo courts and unjust courts and activist are evil, and destructive.

#TheTriggering – There are two human genders.

#TheTriggering – SLAPP & cry-bully charges & lawsuits should be crimes.

#TheTriggering – Anti-racists are sometimes the most racist people around.

#TheTriggering – Except for the sinless Christ, every other human being ever is sinful, tempted, silly, self-centred, and clueless. That’s the bad news.

#TheTriggering – 3rd Wave Feminism is oppressively sexist, and toxic.

#TheTriggering – There are a lot of lying, crazy, nasty fraud-artists opposed to #GamerGate.

#TheTriggering – God exists, like it or not. We all got some ‘splainin’ to do.

#TheTriggering – Christianity is the one true religion.  That’s the good news.

** Warning, some of the preceding may be upsetting to people who prefer propaganda, unreality, lies, mass delusion, groupthink, following the herd, being sheep lining up for the wolves, and jumping on bandwagons. ITYS.

Oh, and BTW, here’s your Safe Space –> [ ]. One at a time, please.

Hugs & kisses,



*P.S. This is one of the few times I’ve mentioned Ben Shapiro on this blog. I’m no longer a fan, due to his bought & paid for status as a Trump-basher. No, I’m not a Trumper, either. Why is so much olden-tyme journalism of all stripes so corrupt? #BinksNotForSale!


3 thoughts on “#TheTriggering? Eeeeeek!

    1. Fair enough. But I’ve been jostled worse at church supper line-ups. Perhaps it was as she said it was. Dunno.

      Mr. Shapiro being payrolled by anti-Trump millionaires. Please, give me a fair & balanced reportage. If that’s impossible, then don’t pretend it is possible, or that you’re doing it. I’ve listened to several weeks of Shapiro attack-pieces on his UToob channel, and it’s pretty vicious stuff. So is American politics. I’ve previously stood up for Shapiro when he was unfairly attacked, and was willing to give him a fair shake– as with my links on his UCal speech riot event.

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