Smugtard For The Win!

Yes, it’s a real thing. Via

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~ HIS DAD WAS FAMOUS and important and rich and a nasty pro-communist soft-dictator. And a noted wreckifier of Canada.

Now, Junior Justin is Boss Of All The Things™ in Canada, as our newly elected Prime Minister. So shut up, peasants! Bend the knee! Love The Hair! Obey his commands! Abort your pre-borns! Jack up the debts! Wink at Allah! Smooch with Globalisms! Goggle at his girl-quotas, because it was 2015, or something.

Higher And Higher

Now, according to noted internets irritant and Binks-fave anti-feminits Sargon Of Akkad, our very own million dollar trust-fund baby Justin The Mighty™ has now been elected….

The Pope Of Feminism!* Yay us! Or something.

You know, cuz the hapless and helpless womens are apparently inferior to men, and need a Justin to save & help them, and promote them into Cabinet whether they have the experience or the chops or not– only because they are loyal Liberal Party minions, agree with his infallible notions, and have the required ovaries.

His cabinet election process? This complicated:

“Ovaries, good.. no ovaries, bad.. ovaries, ovaries.. no ovaries.. whew! This is hard!.. Ovaries, no ovaries….”

Got Ovaries? Justin worships teh ovaries. Do you not love them, too?

As for why women don’t tend to run for office, O PM of Greatness? ‘Cuz it’s overworking horrible endless busyness, dirty back-roomery, media attack-squads, public adoration & vilification, back-stabbing, all of which which wrecks your family time, and can not only wreck you personally, but cost you your immortal soul. There’s a good reason why public opinion polls list politicians near the bottom of all ‘Trustworthiness’ polls.

So: Pope Justin I?

50% girl quota? Because sexism, patronizing, and white-knighting, and reasons, and 2015, and JUSTIN IS SMARTER THAN YOU, SO SHUT THE #@$%*&! UP!!

Yes, dear world, he really is just this ‘clever’, dumb, brainwashed, SJW-progressive, preachy, and bound and determined to remake Canada, and all his victims her citizens in his own hyper-narcissistic image.. i.e., soft-tyrannically break all the things– for your own good.

Sargon’s awesome vid nails completely this butterfly to the board. Watch, like, pass on.

Ovaries Über Alles!

And Binky Wepted.



* I’m not claiming to have any inside info or anything, but I’d like to lay odds that His High Smugness, Lord & Holy Mother Justin Trudeau might, in fact, be revealed later as The  Actual AntiChrist, so fulfilling the ancient prophecies of the dark enemy of humanity and the Lord Jesus Christ, as Satan incarnate, type thing.

You heard it here first. Ya never know, eh?…. “Like, OMG! Satan incarnate has the BEST hair! I’m so totally into him! TAKE MY SOUL, JUSTI-I-I-IN!!” ~


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