This. Bam!

“Men are evil sexist pigs! Equality for women with men!”

And another one. (Language warning)

THESE UTTERLY awesome videos are reasonable, fair, and crushing responses to this recent sexist cry-bully video from Buzzfeed about exactly how much stupid sucky men suck.

There are lots more response videos all over the YouTubes, so go ahead and fill yer boots*. People seem to have had enough, already, of the uni-directional ‘conversation’ with modern semi-fascist/ Marxist feminist bigots.

The point here? Our right to fight back, as men and women who are non-feminists, or anti-feminists, and not Social Justice Dumbots.

An Eye-Roll, Please.

When the special snowflake SJW crazies are yelling in your face about all the ways you are evil and sexist, it’s a good response to say (after rolling your eyes) “Piss off. No I’m not. In fact, you are the sexist bullies, and here’s why…”

Standing fast catches the screamers off guard because they’re used to apologies, apoplexy, flusterment, or agreement, not calm and factual answers. Best of all, the fragile SJWs and  ‘safe-spaces’ campus radicals aren’t really as certain and strong as they like to appear. Paper-thin slogans and the even thinner thinking behind them do not a castle make.

The worst part of all this? Feminism turns most ordinary well-meaning women into nasty parrots, who mindlessly repeat doubtful studies, simplistic statistics, and lying slogans about.. well, everything: slut-shaming, wage gaps, rape culture, patriarchy, ‘Listen & Believe’, and more generally repeating the ridiculous and tired ideas uttered by rich white feminists, sometimes from 50 years ago and more.

Feminist fact-checking? Reason? Fair-mindedness? It is to laugh. Or cry.

I’m gonna let the saucily hilarious ShoeOnHead (an actual woman), wrap this up. Enjoy:

Fight the good fight, my ever-growing army of pre-dead minions!.

So Saith,

The Binks

*NB: “A boot” in this context is not footware, but a reusable leather mug, commonly used on shipboard, and more generally 300+ years ago. The inside was treated with beeswax, or pitch to make it less leaky and leathery-tasting. Because sexism, no doubt.





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