FaceBastards, Redux


UPDATE: Had to borrow somebody’s mobile number to get back on FB. Then, deleted said number from FB account. It makes total sense. Could have been anybody’s phone, as long as I knew them. Bizarro-world.


> 2015: “FaceBook, You Suck.” The last time Zuck’s bots messed with my stuff.

~ AS I’VE NO DOUBT mentioned before, I hate FaceBook. It is intrusive advertising nanny-state social media, run by a progressive petty tyrant.

Last time around (2015), they locked me out of not one but TWO versions of my FaceBook account, because hidden trolls who did not like my political views registered complaints about my “real name”. I lost access to family pictures, articles, my friends-list, and a whole chunk of my digital life.

Never give control of your things to people you only think you know or trust. ALWAYS HAVE BACKUPS.

Yay, bullying, with a digital edge. Very hip, much now.

But Wait, There’s More!

Today– around 1:30pm– allegedly because my account has been “unusually” active (and because they care very very much) they require me to enter a mobile phone number (I don’t have a mobile phone) “for added security”. Until then, I have no access whatsoever to my FB account.

This is all I can see just now:


No, I don’t share holiday snaps and cake recipes and high school reunion pictures (much), or share pictures of my current meal, or update you all on every facet of my boring life. Yes, Binks love politics, religion, culture, and especially the non-progressive and mainstream sewage that passes for “What We All Know”.

Mostly, I throw some links online, and do a lot of chatting and counselling with friends & family & people who have questions. I get names for my prayer list, and meet people across the country and around the world. As a disabled person, it’s a real part of “getting out”, getting in touch, and doing Christ’s work. As I said in 2015:

… I’m an ill guy living at home, alone much of the time, and FaceBook– despite all the privacy and other issues– is a major part of my chance to reach out, hear back, counsel, preach, build a wide variety of friendships around the world, communicate on matters I consider important or topical or timely. Minus FaceBook, I will be even more lonely, alone, and prone to the Black Dog, and that really sucks. Thanks, Zuckerberg, you heinous power-mad twerp.

So. Here we are. Again.

Is it worth my fighting with them over this, or creating yet ANOTHER FB identity, only to probably get more of the same from FaceBorg?

Please comment. ~


The Binks





6 thoughts on “FaceBastards, Redux

  1. Like they say…
    On Facebook… Nothing is for free…the users just don’t get it because they don’t realize what they were paying with …until they have to re-negotiate on Facebook’s terms to get back on.
    Zuckerberg is no petty tyrant – in his current form he is just a benign Joseph Gobbels.
    As long as you “do what is approved or tolerated” you are OK. OK until they discover you or you until you discover what is not approved.
    It’s that Liberal Fascist thing the controllers of Facebook and Google do.
    You need to spend some serious time with the works of Jordan B. Peterson https://jordanbpeterson.com/
    I see he is not on your side-bar.
    Peterson is really good https://www.youtube.com/user/JordanPetersonVideos/
    So good that the pro Antifa SJW’ who run You tube have recently demonitized him.

  2. Hey Binks. Sorry to hear you’re being jerked around by Zuck & Co., Inc. You’ve succeeded in confirming (once again) for me that I made the right choice many years ago when I refused to join Facebook (although my wife is an active and proficient FB user, I’m the “ideologue” in our home – she’s the dear sweet better-half of my soul who loves keeping up with friends and family). If it weren’t for my wife’s FB account, I’d certainly feel more conflicted about missing out on the contact and information exchange which we both find to be greatly rewarding, and which certainly adds to our quality of life.

    I’ve always seen opening a FB account as putting one’s self in inventory with the Zuck for he and his customers to buy and sell. You nailed it with your characterization as being “intrusive advertising”. And the nanny-state nature of social media in general, but FB in particular is reason enough to stay away from it.

    As I say, my wife’s FB account makes it much easier for me not to place myself in inventory with Zuck & Co., Inc. In your case, it may (since I don’t know your household situation) be worth getting an inexpensive prepaid cell phone just to maintain contact with your substantial network of friends, family, and acquaintances (while at the same time giving Zuck & Co., Inc. the perpetual bird in the process of so doing).

    Pete B.
    Charlotte, N.C.

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