Buh-Bye For Now?

~ SO ANYHOW.. after the 7-day block, then a mysterious out-of-the-blue 90-day block (not yet ended, by my calculations), the other day I went to check on the status of my FB page and… it’s disabled. Perma-ban. Enemy Of The Narrative Status: CONFIRMED.

“Just make another account!” Well, you mean after the previous effort to make 3-4 previous accounts which were banned by FaceBook? I only have so much energy in a given day.

So, yeah. Just follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/binkswebelf

A blessed Advent to any of you out there still trying to follow The WebElf. I miss you all, every day.


Teh Binks

4 thoughts on “Buh-Bye For Now?

  1. Let me guess. You got a bunch of ‘friend requests’ recently. One of the ‘friends’ is a sock puppet of the Gestapo, mass denouncing your posts. It is a loophole so that FB WokeCommand is not tarred with the censor tag; instead, valiant employees do it!

    1. Very likely. FB banned me last year for about 6 months, sequentially. There’s been some moles/ snitches hounding my stuff. Tired of it, though I’m very lonely without the daily give-and-take over there, with my friends & acquaintances. 😦

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