Buh-Bye For Now?

~ SO ANYHOW.. after the 7-day block, then a mysterious out-of-the-blue 90-day block (not yet ended, by my calculations), the other day I went to check on the status of my FB page and… it’s disabled. Perma-ban. Enemy Of The Narrative Status: CONFIRMED.

“Just make another account!” Well, you mean after the previous effort to make 3-4 previous accounts which were banned by FaceBook? I only have so much energy in a given day.

So, yeah. Just follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/binkswebelf

A blessed Advent to any of you out there still trying to follow The WebElf. I miss you all, every day.


Teh Binks

8 thoughts on “Buh-Bye For Now?

  1. Let me guess. You got a bunch of ‘friend requests’ recently. One of the ‘friends’ is a sock puppet of the Gestapo, mass denouncing your posts. It is a loophole so that FB WokeCommand is not tarred with the censor tag; instead, valiant employees do it!

    1. Very likely. FB banned me last year for about 6 months, sequentially. There’s been some moles/ snitches hounding my stuff. Tired of it, though I’m very lonely without the daily give-and-take over there, with my friends & acquaintances. 😦

      1. Binks!! I couldn’t find you on facebook and became concerned. Jane helped me remember your blog name. Glad to find you. Need to stay connected! God bless you my dear friend. ❤

  2. Binks! I tried to post a link to your blog in the comments on jane’s post she put up after i asked her where you are, asking if anyone’s heard from you…and someone asked for a link to your blog.. so I tried posting it and facebook lost it’s mind!!! “you can’t post this URL because it goes against our community standards”. Just wanted to know you’re missed and I’d like to get in touch via email or ?? God bless you!!

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