Of Twigs, Trees, And Forests

~ THERE ARE an awful lot of twigs in a forest. Everywhere on the ground, and on the trees, too. In the recent discussions about Bible verses allegedly mysteriously changing [Mandela Effect], I think we’re missing the trees for the twigs, and then seeing trees but not the whole forest.

All of Isaiah, teaches Jesus, is ultimately about & fulfilled in Him. He applies a reading from Isaiah’s prophecy in 61:1-2 as being fulfilled there and then in Himself, in the famous Gospel scene in his hometown synagogue in Nazareth.

Looking more closely to Isaiah, in Chapters 7 & 9 we have well-known passages:

“Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son” (7:14)

and exactly Who this Child? Further verses elaborate this in chapter 9:6–

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

A child, born of a virgin, who is God, even ‘Emmanuel’, God-With-Us. He is born for us, one of us, to love & save us. “For the Son of God became man so that we might become God,” says St. Athanasius, in his De Incarnatione, 54:3.

Let’s Bible

Therefore, the ‘controversial’ Chapter 11 is properly read in light of these earlier two passages in chapters 7 & 9, as teaching about the coming Messiah, born of a virgin, who is also God, The Prince of Peace. Read Chapter 11 here:

That is, leaving aside the supposed weirdness in 11:6 about wolf/lion & lamb, the ENTIRE first 10 verses are entirely about the character and work of the coming Messiah/ Christ/ anointed one.

V.1 – He comes from David’s line (stem of Jesse of Bethlehem, who was King David’s father).

V. 2 – The spirit of the Lord is upon him, he has wisdom, counsel, knowing and fearing God rightly.

V. 3-4 He will execute perfect judgment, his words will judge and slay the wicked.

V. 5 – He shall be just and righteous in himself, and completely faithful & trustworthy.

V. 6-9a – In His making all things new, even the cruel instincts of nature red in tooth and claw shall be transformed in His new creation.

V. 9b-10 – The Good News of God’s Messiah will go out into the whole earth, the Root of Jesse will be like a battle-standard, visible everywhere, even unto the Gentiles, Whom He will also save.

Got A Point, Binks?

Now, we know Satan is a gamma idiot, but if he’s trying to “confuse the Scriptures”, he’s clearly done a poor job of it, leaving chapters 7-11 intact, which God revealed unto the Hebrews by His servant the prophet Isaiah. I don’t care if verse 11:6 referred to the squid and the pangolin dwelling together, the overall Messianic and Christ-proclaiming message remains, fulfilled in Jesus, by His words and works, his dying, rising again, and ascending into heaven.

I’d rather try and focus on the big picture first– the forest and the trees– and less on the supposed oddness of one twig. What better way to frustrate the Devil than to love the Scriptures more, to really learn them, to give glory and honour unto the Virgin-born Lord, Prince of Peace, the preacher of Good News and healing, even Jesus Christ Our Lord.+



2 thoughts on “Of Twigs, Trees, And Forests

  1. I’ve looked into that allegation. And what I remember is that that passage has always read as it does now. I never memorized it, but I always noted, “Hey, this isn’t the exact phrasing that I have heard in songs and other such things.” I looked further into the matter, and it turns out that the phrase “The lion will lay down with the lamb” appeared in a hymn from the 1800s. It’s pretty clearly implied by the context in the Isaiah passage that such a thing could happen. But that exact phrase, with it’s alliteration, was chosen by the hymn writer because he was writing in English.


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