Political Prisoner In Canada


~ I love Canada. I really do. Some of my pre-Loyalist ancestors arrived here in the 1760s as pioneers and settlers, in what was then Nova Scotia, but what is now New Brunswick.

Loving the kind of globalist Gulag which Trudeau & minions (and many predecessors) are creating? Not loving that, no not a bit.

Meet Jeremy MacKenzie

He’s a YouTuber, blogger, Canadian combat veteran (combat injured, PTSD) who is irritated and outspoken on the state of Canada, C0VID, the world. He names names and researches the rest of the story. He can be a bit rough & ready, but no more so than a lot of other people online. He made up a joke/ meme about a country called Diagolon, stretching from Alaska to Florida– for this, he’s on a no-fly list as a terrorist, and one of the greatest current threats to Canada.

Examples Must Be Made!

Corrupt cruel official Canada is conducting it’s own secretive Jan6-style political persecution/ imprisonment of dissenters and loud protesters & critics of the Trudeau regime. Legal, political, and police harassment is out of control in this country– but only if you’re of the wrong political stripe.

The Canadian government is dogpiling Mr. MacKenzie with legal wrangling & “experts”, leaving him to rot in prison without bail because… uh… #Wrongthink #BigLies #CorruptTrudeau #FreedomConvoy #MemeCountryDiagolon.

That Canadian AntiFa-guy who tried to run over and kill Freedom Convoy people in his truck? Out on bail 4 days after.

Just for posting this information, your humble host may be surveilled by the RCMP, CISIS, CSEC, the Liberal Party of Canada, and be considered a Very Dangerous Threat to Canada.. maybe deserving of harassment & jail. Well, truth must be told, and it’s MY Canada, and OUR Canada, not just THEIR Canada.

Learn Up

Please repost, and pass this along. Some links to learn up about his situation:

Who Is Jeremy Mackenzie, and Why Is He In Jail Right Now?

The Truth About Jeremy Mackenzie– “The facts are just so much more complicated than they seemed. For his sake and ours, I really think they need correction.”

Live with Jeremy Mackenzie, Founder of Diagolon – Memeist, or Extremist? Viva Frei Live!

Official Jeremy news & links: https://t.me/s/ragingdissidentII

Support Jeremy & his children: https://www.givesendgo.com/jeremymackenzie

Grumpily yours,

Binks, Elf Of Web


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