#FreeJeremyMacKenzie — Update

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Canadian combat vet & YouTube comedian/ commentator Jeremy MacKenzie is being persecuted by the Federal & several provincial governments, plus the RCMP & other police forces. He’s been held in jail without bail for nearly 2 months. He sends the message below from his jail cell in Saskatchewan to all his fans, supporters, and concerned people.

“Phillip” is one of his comedy characters, a goat statuette who he says is drug-addicted, evil, psychic, and who interferes in world affairs. It’s a JOKE. A MEME, just like “Diagolon”, which the hateful Canadian Anti-Hate Network spun up into a terrorist cabal.

Contrast Jeremy’s treatment with that of a Canadian woman who recently committed an actual murder on camera.. and is now out on bail.


Here’s his note.