About Binks

Random & uninteresting facts about the maker of this blog.

Mind-Mulch: He enjoys the TV-shows NCIS, Malcolm In The Middle, Babylon-5, Scrubs, Futurama, Farscape, The Simpsons, HBO’s Rome, Time Team, House MD, Father Ted, and almost anything and everything on the History, Discovery, or Military channel.

Movies: Lord of the Rings, The Marx Brothers, Hellboy, The Far Side of The World, Aliens, varieties of Beeb comedy, Local Hero, Restless Natives, Jeeves & Wooster, anything Scottish, and anything but chick-flicks (except Austen & anything commanded by matrimonial kindness & cherishing).

Musically, it’s classical, 80s-90s rock, Dire Straits, Bluegrass, Sinatra & the Rat Pack, various sacred musics, some classic 80s-90s rap (sorry), Weird Al, and Organ & Bagpipes. And, plus bagpipes.

Reading: Illiad & Odyssey, Aeneid (Fagles), Dante (Esolen), Nigel Tranter Scots historical fiction, Roman fiction, Patristics, military history, Farside, Calvin & Hobbes, Russian Litt., archaeology, Zombie Fiction, DK Eyewitness Travel books, Margaret George historical fiction. Voracious and promiscuous reader.

Religion: Anglo-Catholic Anglican, half-way across the Tiber.

Computer-Games: (2016) Armored Warfare, World Of warships, Crusader Kings II (plus mods), Steel Ocean, LOTRO, EvoChron Mercenary, Guild Wars 2, Subnautica… several more…

(2007) Silent Hunter 3, Space Empires 4 & 5, Rome Total War, Medieval Total War II, Civilization 4, lots of strategy games. Can’t wait for Empires: Total War.

Odd Facts:

  • The Queen of England has seen my hairy knees. I’ve sat beside one of her scary bodyguards (he decided NOT to kill me), and She Her Ownself & The Prince sat in one of the chairs from one of my churches. My fave cousin ran her security.
  • I’ve eaten whale, alligator, buffalo, octopus, dulse (seaweed), and cornish game hen. Never eaten tofu, nor plan to intentionally do so.
  • I once had tea with one of Winston Churchill’s fill-in bodyguards.
  • A decent IQ score, but not Mensa, thank heavens.
  • I’ve been vetted by CSIS. Passed. Muwahahahaaaa.
  • A dog once ate my face & hands. 50-sh stitches, plastic surgery ensued. Very scars.
  • I’ve stood on the deck of the HMS Surprise, the HMS Bounty, the HMS Sackville, and in the working torpedo-room of a Canadian sub, gone lobster-fishing, and sailed up Halifax harbour in a sloopy-kinda thing.
  • I’ve met Barry Morse, Michael York, Avery Schrieber, Garnet Rogers, Trevor Berbick, and Ezra Levant. Before her death in 2007, my mother had met many many notables in the world of Canadian & U.S. & international music, including Pavarotti (before he was famous), and Stan Rogers.
  • I once spent a weekend in a medium-security prison. Neither dropped, nor picked up any soap.
  • Mr. Hitler tried to kill my Scottish Grandfather with U-124. It didn’t work.
  • I have pencil-lead in my knee. Grade 3 stabbing incident.
  • I’ve saved the life of my wife at least three times, and those of my children three times, thusfar.
  • I don’t see dead people, but the odd angel has shown up. Oh, and visions, and angel-voices.
  • If you’re gonna have bacon, Binks recommends a side order of bacon, with added bacon on it.
  • I have a spinal fusion. They are very sexy, and all manly-like. Grrr.
These and other boring facts and tastes can indulged via the Binks Amazon.com Wishlist.


10 thoughts on “About Binks

  1. Not ‘uninteresting’ facts at all — in fact, rather scary! I didn’t think I was adopted, but now I’m beginning to wonder if we were separated at birth.

    Unlike you,I haven’t spent any time in prison yet, but if the attacks on Beloved Leader, Mark Steyn ,continue, I will be happy to risk incarceration to defend him.

    Keep up the great (and highly unboring) work!

    Regards from ‘Freespeecher’.

  2. binks, the one thing you are not is boring!

    I sent you a book a while back, the one about three fearless human beings, Reagan, Thatcher and well, I can’t remember the third. Hope you enjoyed it.

    I had to stop reading this blog and all the rest for awhile…it was all too much, all I could think about. I was paralyzed with outrage and fear. But I’m back…for as long as I can stand it.

    You are doing an outstanding job of collecting all the latest news and commentary. Every cloud has a silver lining…your blog and all the other Canadian blogs that you link to would not be on my radar, thanks to the sock puppets. They must be kicking themselves…talk about the law of unintended consequences!

    Much thanks to you…


    1. The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister Three Who Changed the World By John O’Sullivan. – a wonderful book.

  3. Ha, ha Binks your bio sounds like my husbands. Except for the knees and what I’m assuming you are alluding to a kilt.

    Bye the way I to was attacked in the face by a dog, three years of plastic surgery ensued. I still love dogs though, even the ankle biters. I have also been vetted by CSIS and I assume I passed the investigation.

    Happy Fathers Day.

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