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Subject:     Human Rights Commission ACTION ALERT
Date:     Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:14:56 -0600
From:     Canada Family Action Coalition <>
To:     CFAC Friends 1 <>

Dear CFAC supporters:

You likely have seen and heard of the very questionable actions of Human Rights Commissions at both provincial and federal level.  (See <> for more information).

The excessive powers and the misuse of human rights legislation are dangerous.

Firstly, human rights are still undefined and unclear. Are hurt or offended feelings grounds for investigation, guilty verdicts and fines?

Secondly the powers and scope of human rights appointees is unclear and unrestricted.

Thirdly appointed people are often more the problem than the legislation.  Some feel they are the keepers of “rights”, so they determine what people can and cannot do or even say. They are agenda driven and therefore not a neutral body to hear complaints.

Recently these appointees have swerved across the white line and are endangering people’s lives. They feel they have the role and the power to make that decision case by case on “hate communication” without ever
divulging what words they deem as OK and “criminal”.

They take these actions based upon one clause in the federal and most provincial Human Rights Acts.

These clauses for the protection of freedom of speech, expression and press must be expunged.  If hateful acts are committed then hate laws apply. If libel laws are violated then real courts should be engaged. Although speech itself may be vile and it may be offensive this bunch of appointees cannot be allowed to be the sole Star Chamber judge, jury and prosecutor of our language.

A Liberal MP, Keith Martin has proposed ridding the federal Act of one section (13.1).  This section is vague and dangerous. One portion reads: communication “that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or
contempt”. Speculation, anticipation or tea leaf reading cannot be the basis for law. This is like finding YOU guilt of something somewhere sometime. Rule of law and codified law cannot be overruled by such nonsensical human rights acts.

CFAC argues that this kind of action by human rights people violates the overriding section 2 of the Charter guaranteeing all of us freedoms of speech, thought, expression and communication.

CFAC is disappointed that Conservative government has so far refused to take action on this matter.  We support Liberal MP Martin’s call for a private member Bill to be brought to the House.

Here is how WE can make known to the government that we want this human rights DANGER removed and the PROBLEM fixed.

Write and call members of the Justice and Human Rights Committee. Ask them to put forward a motion to study and to recommend action to remove the abuses and dangers of the federal Human Rights legislation. This must include removing section 13.1. It might also require reduction in funding of the body, downsizing the bureaucracy and even narrowing the scope of investigation powers by the appointed commission people.

Here is contact information for members of the Committee:


Art Hanger


Réal Ménard

Brian Murphy


Larry Bagnell

Blaine Calkins

Joe Comartin

Rick Dykstra

Carole Freeman

Dominic LeBlanc

Derek Lee

Bob Moore

Daniel Petit

Be kind but blunt (an un-Canadian way, but what is needed).

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