BEWARE– The Big Game Begins

~ ITEM: DHS gears up for civil unrest prior to presidential elections

~ ITEM: DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment

~ ITEM: Scalia: Guns May be Regulated

~ ITEM: Cybersecurity bill includes gun control measure – The Hill’s Floor Action

~ ITEM: CRAZY GIANT DHS SWAT vehicles by the hundreds?

~ SEE THE LINKS above– this is a warning. Here’s the thing: Obama & Co./ Globalists want America weak, compliant, and no longer able to interfere or resist The Agendae. Further, as we all heard on the hot mike when Obama was sending messages to Vladimir Putin about “more flexibility”.

Obama loves himself, uses his minions, and has contempt for the populace. In the news-links above, we see the clearest signal ever of the master-plan. There’s no ACTUAL verifiable threat of riots– he’s calling for them, and by predicting them he’sexcusing his own coming heavy hand, and provoking ordinary people who have no particular intention of violence.. unless he first mandates a massive breach of Second Amendment rights before November.

Why So Serious?

The sad crazy evil clown in Aurora wasn’t the Joker– it’s Obama, and he’s not threatening Gotham, but the real America and the real world, and he will do everything and anything to have his way now until November, and God help America if you actually get to vote, and if he actually steps down.. or if by hook, crook, bribe, lie, executive privilege and lawless bullying he wins.

Legions Of Napolitano

The DHS (call them ‘The Legions Of Napolitano’) & many police forces are arming-up for crushing civilian unrest. Obviously because of the thousands of riots raging across the U.S., the hundreds of thousands killed daily, property destroyed, the lawless out-of-control civilians– oh wait, that’s Detroit & Chicago & Occupy.. never mind.

Why the parallel-army DHS Legions Of Napolitano? I’m guessing that Obama knows he cannot entirely rely on the armed forces, so he will keep them busy elsewhere or whatever it takes to make sure he can use his forces against “innocent” civilians (remember, that new NDAA law now says there are no such people in America), as well as crushing armed resistance by civilians or ‘mutinous’ police & military. What’s that? He double-pinkie swored he’d not use such arbitrary, unlawful, unconstitional, and inherently unjust laws against Americans? Well, that’s a relief.. him being so honest and law-abiding and transparent and all.


One almost-final thought bears pondering in such a possible crisis. Any effective resistance to tyranny depends on communication– too much of that is now web-based, which may explain why Obama has been pushing for an internet kill-switch.

Imagine: (1) Some useful crisis, (2) the internet goes black, except for government messages, and civilian cell-phones go down, (3) people over-used to e-mail, FaceBook, Drudge, YouTube, etc. cannot communicate or coordinate news, action, legal action, protests, or military responses. Americans are completely unused and unprepared for such eventualities– resistance movements around the world have much to teach people who may– and I am praying I am grossly mistaken here– be facing a crackdown which will make the events of the Revolutionary Wars look like a kindergarten playground.

Rest Of The Planet

Hey, world– bashing the U.S. is totally fun– but would you help if she was under attack from within? Mock? Angle to profit or invade? As for this Canadian, I will be doing what I can to pass on news & info any way I can, if any of what I speculate comes to pass, and if the non-American web is still operational.

And Finally, In Conclusion

Let’s pretend the Obamageddon scenario above is an Alex Jones fever-dream. Peachy.

Hardly less destructive if undramatic is the very likely Obama agenda if all proceeds peacefully in November and January, and Most Glorious Leader wins re-election. Co-Author Brenda J. Elliot kindly sent me* a copy of her & Aaron Klein’s latest and most scary book, Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed. Buy it, via Kindle or dead-tree, buy copies for friends, and pass them around. This research details what the current U.S. President will do AT VERY LEAST.. never can tell how bad things can get, and how very very fast, when evil has the throne. ~

* P.S. As someone whose soul, principles, and blog-entries can be bought with stale candy, clearly an actual book obliges me, slave-like, to only say good things about said book just received free in the mail from a friend. Dear Mark Steyn, and Ezra Levant– my soul (formerly yours) belongs to Brenda now.. make sure to send me free copies of your latest, to buy me back. I’m easy, but not cheap. ~

2 thoughts on “BEWARE– The Big Game Begins

  1. Good to see others are awake to the game. You are not alone. America has its most divisive POTUS since Lincoln. He certainly is deliberately provoking his political opponents to lash out and using the fear of that backlash to construct an American socialist police state.

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