Binky Vs. The Zombies


The Anglican Wars:

The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Binky The WebElf

Whatever the original topic for today, I’d rather chat about zombies.

Zombies– or we might say in this politically correct age ‘metabolically-challenged room-temperature former persons’– zombies are hot in movies, video-games, pop culture, t-shirts, even dress-up parades. Go figure. Zombies: dead people, still walking around, and usually in search of ‘Braaaiiins’– or if they were vegetarians, perhaps ‘Graaaaains’.

That image of something somehow living a destructive and parasitic unlife tells us something about how we think, our spiritual longings, and what’s happening around us. For instance. as one commentator put it about controversial Communist and Obama-advisor Van Jones [1],

Communism, environmentalism, socialism—utopian longings that arise from the God-shaped vacuum that Augustine described lies within every human heart. Van Jones seems to have had those longings. But opted for utopianism. A counterfeit and a substitute.”

After all, what have Communist revolutions done over the past 90 years and more? Copied life, but reduced humanity to zombie-like slaves of an all-powerful state. Or in spiritual terms, made an ugly copy of heaven on earth. So the French Revolution– the model and source of radicalism ever since– promised a rational new earthly paradise, but gave us the guillotine, and the armies of dictator Napoleon crawling around Europe stealing and burning and killing.

Victoria Victorious

Across the English Channel, part of `the response to the French Revolution and Napoleonism was constant warfare around the world, and home, it was the moral and spiritual renewal called Victorianism. Sure, it wasn’t perfect– no heavens on earth-please, that’s zombie-think– but upheld family and moral things, political stability, legitimate growth and invention, spiritual foundations, and all that which we tend to mock as old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy. Or, rather, the radicals mock, because they recognize a successful anti-radical programme that spread around large parts of the world and– on the whole– did a lot of good. We are the children of the revolution, and the Victorian era.

In the 20th century, the radicals went big, and Russia went Communist. Russian imperialism turned into something much worse, and spread- zombie-apocalypse-like– into China, North Korea, Indo China, Central America, Africa, and elsewhere. Spreading the fasle promise of paradise.

That zombie-mindset of destructive radicalism flowed from the USSR into the rest of the West, and around the world. Even within our own society, our churches and universities and political establishments, people fell in love with the promise of a new world, conveniently forgetting the bloodshed, the lies, the prison-camps, and the unfulfillable promise of heaven on earth. While not everyone turned zombie, there were– shall we say– lots of undead wannabes, sympathizers and useful idiots.

The Rot Endures

In zombie-movies you’re never sure when they’re dead. Even when the USSR lost the Cold War, the rot continued in the West, because trendy folk followed the new radicalism, the new secular religion, the way of the zombie. That stuff was originally invented by the Soviets and Communist intellectuals to undermine the West, and make it more susceptible to Soviet ideas and influence.

So-called critical studies (really, Marxist or Communist thinking in a tweed jacket) took over education– if, as the radicals supposed, people and culture and religion and everything is socially conditioned, then we are free to re-make things and people and culture and religion in our own enlightened image. So feminism attacked men and women, marriage and family, childbearing and children, and social order as to be overthrown. So psychology told us to unleash our impulses. So sociology and related studies argued that morality was a hollow social construct, and criminals were the real victims. Criticism of our Western Civilization and religion and philosophy as imperialist, destructive, patriarchal, environmentally unfriendly and all the rest became the rule of the day. We suck.

Thus academic studies changed form a search for truth, beauty and goodness into a pursuit of ideological purity– or political correctness– because we should all be fighting for the revolution, and heaven-on-earth with equality and recycling and stuff. Legitimate debate and discussion and disagreement? Well, if you have the ‘wrong’ opinions, you’re an enemy– you are politically incorrect.

Never mind that the attack on the family, churches, politics, courts, and culture was straight from the Communist subversion play-book of how to infiltrate and undermine our society from within`– bold new academics like to question everything– of course, except themselves, and their right to question everything. Since the 1960s, many of our institutions looks the same on the outside, and have the same names– but the inner content, direction, and purpose has rotted into brain-dead political correctness. That’s the mindset that infects everybody in the Human Rights zombie-cults, and doo-gooder parts of government.

So you might say that the Zombie-Empire died, but brain-dead radical zombieism is still with us.


So What, You Say?

Now, I think my topic had something to do with the church and the internet and fighting back.

Sad to say, much of the established church went bonkers. Radicalism in the Church sapped many of any confidence that we had anything unique or important to say– hence the embrace of politics instead of faith and theology.

On my first day at The Atlantic School of Theology down on the pricey acres of the NorthWest Arm here in Halifax, and the official coffee-time after chapel, there was ideologically-correct Nicaraguan coffee for all, each packet helping to fund the Communist revolution in Nicaragua. Here was the modern not-really-church in a nutshell– the radical religion of the Left: all politics, all the time, but no time for her proper spiritual or redeeming business. A merely worldly organization, serving the spirit of the age, the topic of the moment, the radical demands of the itchy radicals. Zealots-R-Us.

Now, decent people in the pews have felt a lot of effects, but not always known the causes or reasons for the strange spiritual weather. The new minister shows up from the radicalized theology-school, full of weird ideas and puppets and Marxist politics, out to change the world, and the people sigh, and hope they can endure, and some leave and stay home.

In the 1960s and 70s, the churches were confronted with the radical moment in the West– and most chose to go a bit crazy. Hymns and worship were dumbed down (real theology gives you the wrong thoughts), worship tended away from sin and stuff to the community, church structures and meetings became more politicized, Bibles are rewritten to suit feminist critical theory, and not faithfulness to the original sense and languages. Woe to the old-fashioned, the narrow-minded and conservative, the uncooperative in the radical remaking of the church into an instrument for politics, group-think, and radical change.

Ditched was the Word of God; or spiritually challenging and stretching ourselves; humbling ourselves so we might be lifted up and go forth and seek the Kingdom Come, rightly redeeming the world according to God’s will.

That is– even though all of Western Civilization as it has come to us is founded and fed on the Judaeo-Christian understanding of God, man, and reality, indeed as a gift from God himself– for the past two generations, much of the Church herself has been rejecting her own foundations. It’s as if McDonalds and Burger King swore off making hamburgers.

Radicals term this a church ‘more in tune’ with the times.. or , as I might put it, a decreasingly Christian centralizing bureaucracy feeding on the old religion to give it whatever lingering life and credibility it has, even while seeking to follow the voice of the world, the culture of radicalism and death, and thence to declining revenues and attendance. Before long, you’re the United Church, voting to ban plastic water bottles, to boycott Israel, support the Central American Communists, as useful idiots or collaborators in the revolution seeking to break Western Civilization forever.

That’s the situation I found myself in when I joined the Anglican Church, and began seeking ordination as a priest. A traditional Church increasingly hollowed out, and serving political correctness more than God, or her own best interests. Even the church newspapers became party organs, and dissenting views were stuck into the letters to the editor, or stifled. In the pre-internet era, it was intended that no other than ‘approved news and views’ would get a hearing, fair or otherwise. Welcome to Pravda, the officially expurgated Anglican edition.

So there I was, a frustrated conservative convert in a church which was headed in the wrong direction in many respects– how to get the word out about seeking something better, more true to herself and her own roots in the God’s Word written, and the Creeds, and so more faithful to Christ?

You Can’t Stop The Signal

Jesus says: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

In the recent movie Serenity, one of the characters– an internet-nerd like fellow who’s trying to expose government crimes and cover-ups– says “You can’t stop the signal.” Word will get out, sooner or later.

Christians have always adopted and adapted new technology to their Gospel Message– new-fangled books in Roman times, instead of scrolls; or the printing press; radio and TV, computers, and the internet. In the beginning was the Word, says St. John in his Gospel: but that Word may be passed along, articulated, debated, in many ways. The truth will set you free.

New information technology– what former communist and now writer and blogger David Horowitz calls “the liberating potential of the computer-driven revolution” [2] or, “You can’t stop the signal.”

The Binky Arises

I was a late-comer to computers– having written my last school-paper on one, and only buying one myself when seminary was over. Could this be a tool to pass on news and views? I created my first website in 1994, and figured out e-mail and all that. E-mail: free, and it could go anywhere!

In 1995-6 I proposed a website to the head of the Prayerbook Society of Canada to spread our message of classical Anglican renewal cheaply, and far afield.

So arose “The Binky Doctrine”– the information is the important thing: but it can come in many forms. In the digital era, you can take an article or picture or video, and then send it in an e-mail, or make a webpage for it, or print it in a newsletter or magazine or book, or on a DVD or CD-ROM or in all formats. It makes it easier and cheaper to get the message out, in various forms and formats, depending on your audience. Somebody can print that off, clip & paste it into their newsletter or church bulletin or magazine– and voila! — the information revolution. “You can’t stop the signal.”

Suddenly, you’ve got cheap counter-revolution. Official news-sources cost real money– unlike a website. The web could get the word out despite the church paper or official line, to clergy and people who had little clue about why their church had seemingly gone crazy. Now they could see the bigger picture, that local bullying and weird new ideas were part of wider pattern of re-education and top-down enforcement.

Extry, Extry, Read All About It

The international Lambeth Conference of bishops in 1998 was the first such internet-era gathering, and that’s where Binky and the News Elves and regular online news-reporting kicked in. Atheist Bishop John Spong and his like-minded super-liberal American bishops were blind-sided by an African contingent that had been made aware via the internet and American conservative groups just what was going on in the radicalized Anglican West. They were having none of it, and voted the Americans down on a controversial motion on same-sex unions– affirming traditional marriage instead.

The Prayerbook Society website became a huge resource and news-centre for criticism and response and news and classical Anglican Christianity. I morphed that into CaNN, of the Classical Anglican Net News— for 7 years the biggest unofficial Anglican news-site on the planet. At one point, my geek sidekick and I hosted 20+ other blogs and a number other resources for classical Anglicans trying to fight back against the radical revolution in the bosom of their churches in North America, the UK, and elsewhere, as largely funded by the radicalized American Episcopal Church. Archbishops, Bishops, news-makers and ordinary folks world-wide signed on to the news-service: I was no longer just reporting the news, but shaping it, and indirectly making it. “You can’t stop the signal.”

For example: a radical Canadian bishop somewhere might bully his clergy, or do a horribly controversial thing. In the old days, news crawled over weeks and months, and the official papers edit or omit the news-flow cross-country. Now, with e-mail and online news-services, that bishop might see his name and deeds on the internet the next day, and know that thousands of other people– in his own area and around the world– knew what he was really saying and doing, in real-time, not weeks and months later.

We were big enough that we were quoted and criticized and legally threatened by officialdom– and finally illegally hacked offline several times by militant radical Anglican webmasters from the U.S.

Many of the projects and websites I started or inspired or helped are still out there, and lots of Anglican sites keep up that fight– but in 2005-6 I finally moved on from Anglican religious news.

The Binky abides. “You can’t stop the signal.”

Onward And Upwards

Zombieism has spread through our society, in the form of a destructive political correctness. So the Human Rights Bureaucracy has spread to try and take over more and more areas of Canadian’s freedom, speech, and social interaction, as the Good Book and the Golden Rule have been replaced by the Rule Book, and endless little rules.

I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half getting into political and free-speech issues online, using as a springboard the attempted prosecution and shakedown of Mark Steyn by activist Muslims using the Canadian and BC Human Rights system to rebuke and muzzle Steyn for his opinions, as expressed in Maclean’s columns, and his best-selling book America Alone.

Free Mark Steyn was the site, and then I added battling free-speecher Ezra Levant, and all the other online friends I knew who were covering the issue, to try and get at the main sources of threat to our religious and political freedoms in the current situation. That would be threats to free speech itself, via U.S. Politics and the radical President of the moment and his cadres, and via the collision of radical Islam with a politically correct secularity in the West.

So far, I think I’ve done more good than harm, and for my part, I’ve learned a lot about free speech, religious freedom, and all the good work going on out there online, largely by volunteers, like myself. That’s, if you’ve not seen it before.


Our Obligations

What about us? Most of you aren’t webmasters or Internet nerds, nor are you crazy enough to try.

Canadian journalist David Warren says [3] :

“It is crucially important to fight back: to denounce those who try to silence us; to subject their intellectual fashion cults to public ridicule; to show solidarity with those who are being muffled and victimized; to give them encouragement, and prevent their isolation; to defy openly the edicts of the politically correct; to retaliate against every attempt to encroach upon academic freedom. (“Forgive, but retaliate,” was Prof. George’s formula, by analogy to Reagan’s old Cold-War detente formula: “Trust, but verify.”)”

Canada– all of Western civilization– is ours to lose to political correctness, and radicalized Islam. Or as the great medieval poet, warrior, and politicians Dante warned “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.”

We must get off our butts. Furthermore, conservatively-minded people– heck reasonable people of good will, for that matter– cannot and should not sit back and watch the Zombie Apocalypse as if it were a movie. The radical assault on everything is happening all around us: the clear-cutting and burning of what is, to try and get to some imaginary heaven-on-earth just ahead, if we just try hard enough.

We must be grateful. Our society and civilization didn’t drop out of the sky– it’s a gift, earned by sweat, blood, toil and tears of our ancestors here and elsewhere, to make a better world than they received– with the confidence that God would aid and help them do it. It’s a gift to be passed on, not eaten up or thrown away, or lost through fear, uncertainty, or preoccupation.

We must brain-up. It’s time for each and every one of us to learn what is ours– read the books and articles and magazines, take the time to ask questions and understand; put the big picture together, and then teach it to our husbands and wives, our children, our students, our friends and co-workers and whomever. Good ideas are interesting and attractive, if you can discuss them, and not just yell. Use the new technology to understand our world, and shortcut the choke points of information of the mass-media, or the official church media. However, our North American society has become one in which we spend 3/4 of our waking life staring at glowing rectangles. So learn, then turn off the tube, or the computer, and go out and live and fight in the real world.

We must get on the ball. Conservative people tend to be quiet, calm, reasonable, funny, and undestructive people. They can’t imagine why restless busy-bodies are always breaking things and insisting on needless change and doing and saying anything to get it. Too bad– that’s what we’re facing now, and we can’t be nice about it. We must fight back, take the initiative, and reclaim what is ours.

We must speak out, even if we get called nasty names in return– that’s how the radicals work: they don’t want a fair debate, they want you to go away. You may lose friends or the respect of family members or co-workers– but many will also respect you for having a spine, and principles. Oh well.

We must constantly pester our politicians, leaders, media, and whomever else, when we see lies being told, and evil being done, and name it for what it is. Letters to the editors, petitions, protests, whatever it takes. Ranting does not help– persistent sweet reasonableness can and does get results. And you never know who’s watching, or influenced for good by your actions.

We must cough up loot. The times are ever thus– worries, bills, economic whatnot. Donating to church and worthy groups; signing on to conservative magazines, or donating a subscription of such for your local library; hitting the tip-jar on a blogger’s website; buying good books like those by Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant or Kathy Shaidle or all the other fine authors out there for yourself and for people who might benefit from reading them. Civilization costs money– but countless people spent their money and themselves to get us where we are today. Good music, good culture, good things that feed and nourish the soul– let’s make sure we’re alive and enjoying life ourselves, so people will look at us and see we’re more than our political opinions– or that our political opinions are part of a healthy and interesting life.

We must support the heroes, and the grunts on the front lines– often, encouragingly, and helpfully. Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle, Scott Brockie, The Fourniers, MP Keith Martin, MP Jason Kenney & all the rest. Fighting on is often lonely, taxing work, but a crowd donating, thanking, taking on the fight themselves in their own way: that keeps us going.

We need to mock, and make fun of the would-be tyrants, zombies, and silly people. Not cruelly or for the sake of it, but to show what we think of bad ideas and stupid laws. All too often conservatively-minded Christians or concerned citizens think they should walk softly, apologize a lot, and feel bad when the opposition shouts you down, or threatens. Heck, no. That’s why I make cartoons or funny graphics or obnoxious t-shirts– because sometimes a picture or editorial cartoon or funny take on an issue is worth a million words. Liberals take themselves very very seriously, and cannot abide being mocked or taken lightly.

Lastly, we need to keep smiling and laughing. It’s easier and better than crying, and keeps people wondering what you’re up to. Good humour is a strong bulwark against the wearing cost of cultural battles, or looking at the messes we humans make for ourselves.


  1. Deborah Gyapong: Religious underpinnings of utopian longings

  2. David Horowitz, The Politics Of Bad Faith, The Free Press: New York, 1998. P. 24.

  3. Canadian journalist David Warren–

PDF Copy: angliwars.pdf

Copyright 2009-2010, All Rights Reserved. Copying and republishing permitted, with link to original posting.

4 thoughts on “Binky Vs. The Zombies

  1. I am forever grateful to Webelf Binky and his helper(s) for the ministry of truth thus far and – it is to be hoped – going considerably into the future, as the LORD allows!

    His CaNN News somehow I came across after purchasing my first and only computer late in ’98. I believe I got it through a links directory for Anglican/Episcopal sites. Later, I got very fruitful links to David Virtue’s site and Auburn Faber Traycik’s reportage, as well. Binky’s was the first and very cheeky in style, as it remains today, with pungent editorials common. (I left the Episcopal in 2000, been Free Methodist since 2005.)

    His work is vital and well worth as frequent donations as possible and more frequent remembrance in prayer to the Almighty for thanksgiving of his being raised up and for the Binkster’s continuing ability to endure!

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