Thank You, Ye Rat-Bastards!


Three explosions rocked Brussels on Tuesday morning, March 22nd, a massacre killing at least 33 people and injuring hundreds of others.

THE POINT OF TERRORISM is.. terror: submission, paralysis, fear, to control & change you inside. Politics, warfare, & conquest by other means.

You acquiesce to increasing levels of “peace and security” fascism at home, to supposedly prevent internet & mosque made Islamofascists from home and abroad. And you’re never allowed to forget or think otherwise than: You. Are. Helpless.

So, welcome to the new normal, and the atypical and strange form of war, where you are on the front line of the Jihad. Your ordinary life– but suddenly with added machine guns, bombs, soldiers & police, and ever more safety-rape at security checkpoints. This is, of course, daily life in much of the world, now coming home to roost.

These terror attacks are not going to stop, although thankfully some are prevented by the authorities, despite themselves— though one does wonder if such terrorism isn’t found useful by advocates of a disarmed populace in a prison-state. You know, “useful crises” for the dark powers within the West, and the Jihadi threat-makers, too.

Choices, Choices…

You can be safe, but not free. Or, you can be free, but not safe.

This truism is our life in 2016, and we made it. It’s founded on the fact that Baby Boomers and later could not did not or would not have replacement levels of children; that we imported people to replace our own missing kids; BUT (and thus the Canadian & more general problem) after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau removed the educated-immigrant requirement, we increasingly allowed in welfare-ready, criminal, and under-educated people, including non-Westernized Muslims (and others) who brought their radical problems and ideas from home to here.


Canada In The Bullseye?

So far, useful-idiot Canada has been part safe-house, and part money-bags for radical terror groups. Our naive and well-intentioned “Multiculturalism” was supposed to mean cool new restaurant menus, and neighbours with exotic outfits and recipes at FolkFest. That’s because to us, faith and politics and Big Ideas and even our entire society are no longer to die for.. that’s the government’s job, now. Yet we import (or create) serious radicals who can operate well below our mental and political radar, people who are gladly misusing Canada’s nice reputation and passports and smug cluelessness.


Moreover, the informal hawala banking system which allows money to be brokered all over the world from Canada? It means that some families are getting extra money from their Canadian relatives.. and so are some groups who like killing, bombing, raping, and decapitation. Terror gets saddle-bags of cash sent to them from Western supporters and mosques, and there’s no easy way to track it. It might– just might– mean that Canada will only be targeted by homegrown solo or small-group Jihadis, and not ISIS bombing a major airport, big city, or some mass gathering of people.

Who To The Rescue?

Since we’re all unofficially evil & dangerous, even law-abiding peaceful citizens in Canada can go to jail if they shoot or stab a home invader, or, one presumes, a bomb-strapped terrorist. Don’t worry! we’re told, polices will protect you!

This is a fraudulent promise, in the case of Jihadi-suicide terrorism, since the moment the scumtards start shooting or/ and then explode is the moment you’d like really some protection. When seconds count.. the police are only minutes away! I’m not saying that a gun-toting citizenry can solve everything, but nobody really can– even a total police state, overflowing with “Pe-E-e-eace  &  Se-E-e-ecurity“, and where everybody gets lightly raped at the airport.

Just Give Up Then?


Oh look. More flowers and candles. And the “Je Suis..” thing. OK, I feel better.. I guess… Let’s go home now.

What’s to be done? Oh, many and wonderful things!

How about some ineffective ‘stern statements’.. then wreath-laying by terror-enabling suicidal immigration policy-supporting world ‘leaders’ like Canada’s own nitwit millionaire Justin Trudeau (who sent out a mighty terror-defying.. tweet)? Or– wait, I’ve got it!– maybe crowded candle-lit “Je Suis Charlie.. Paris.. Brussels.. [insert next target here]”  , along with chalk drawings and sad comics and feel-good but empty gestures! Lots of magical & emotional displays of ‘solidarity’, in lieu of doing nothing and cowering under the bed! Yay!

Never forgets (until next time)! Roll out the fraidy-cat hashtags, avatars and animated GIFs! Signal that virtue! Lower the flags and light the monuments! Much sads! So feels! Tweet your defiances! SHHHTerror-nausea risingSHHHH….

I.E., kill us with Jihad, and we will cower, and praise your religion, and apologize and cower some more.

Not So Much, Akshully

Bah. Saith the defiant Mark Steyn (a semi-Belgian himself) on the latest entirely predictable atrocity:

“The bloodbath in Brussels? As I said to Hugh Hewitt on a previous occasion, all the stories are different, and yet they’re all the same. And, alas, it becomes harder to mourn the dead when we never avenge them. No doubt that narcissist wanker who plays “Imagine” is already dragging his piano to the airport or the metro.”

Where is our rage? Our defiance? Our holding the terrorists & political cultural aiders & abettors in our own ranks accountable? Where is our readiness to do something actually, you know, useful?



Got Angry? Get Ready!

What’s to be done, Binks? Be proactive, prepared, and not a victim. Because I said so, dammit! You. Are. NOT. Helpless.

In Canada, and gun-lite Europe, everybody CAN and SHOULD have (1) An Every Day Carry (EDC) kit, (2) An Emergency Plan, (3) A Way To Help, and (4) Some Self-Defence Skills. Even if our modern airport faux-security theatre undercuts some weapon-options, you don’t have to be totally helpless if dangerous, terrorist, weather crisis, or other emergency situations arise.

1. Your Very Own EDC


For Starters….

(1) Google or YouTube search for ‘Every Day Carry’ (EDC)– and most items are detailed on, so you can buy them more affordably on eBay. Every responsible, mature, and  thus safety/ self-defence minded person from 8-year old on up should have some basic daily carry items.

Your EDC, for example? A rescue knife, keychain, good flashlight, a paracord bracelet, a mini-BIC lighter, a tiny Swiss Army knife (with tweezers & a pen), emergency whistle, small multitool, a smartphone, a watch or other time-piece, pen and paper (you can even get self-defence pens), some water, an LED micro-light, a firesteel. In the U.S., you should also have a punchy small gun (.40 or 45ACP), and your concealed-carry license, where possible.

Then.. there’s yer plastic raincoats, emergency mylar blankets, a compass, power-bars, a small backpack, tissues, some Ibuprofen, a bandana (for slings, wounds, and many other uses)….

Frequent flyer worried about TSA-approval? How To Build a TSA-Approved EDC Kit is for you– the verboten stuff goes into your checked-in luggage, for later. A walking stick or cane, a tightly-wrapped magazine, a self-defence or ‘Tactical’ pen— countless cool ways to be ready, even in the crazy disarming-people-air-travel loonyverse of 2016 where you might get bombed anyway.. or even arrested and charged for defending yourself. Yes, really..

Just Start Small.. And Now

There’s an EDC out there for every budget, level of readiness and complexity, and you can even colour-coordinate if you wish, ladies and gentlemen. Make an EDC keychain for each person in your family, and one for the car. Start small, build up, and switch items depending on your daily needs and travel.

Don’t forget your SmartPhone as an emergency helper: there are countless tools, from maps, emergency flashlight apps, first aid apps, and more out there– prep that iPad, and phone now! For instance, here’s a U.S.-made 50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device!, via the Prepared Housewives.. because being ready is for men and women, moms and dads alike.


Well Go Ahead, Ask!

Ask yourself: if you were ditched in a snowstorm, on a sinking ship, or caught by a hurricane, or some other emergency, how happy would you be to have these items? How much would you be willing to pay to have them on your belt, in your coat, or stocked in your purse?


2. Get Me Outta Here!

(2) Fun With Escapism. Play this video game in your head, wherever you are. If a bad guy or group of them were to come from this or that direction around me, where could I and my loved ones escape/ run to/ hide from bullets or other violence? Practice this mentally at home, the mall, supermarket, parking lot, airport, tourist location, nightclub, school or university, wherever.

Always try to have a plan A, B, and C– such options keep you from just panicking, and freezing in place. Think: I must be where the danger ISN’T.. and move away if it’s coming close. Don’t be conspicuous, or needlessly heroic– be bland and grey and unremarkable.


Americans: if you have your conceal carry license, use it and carry your sidearm, at very least to create a safe-zone or an escape route for yourself and others. Usually, the police will not be rushing in to save you any time soon. That’s not their job.

3 & 4. Help Out, Self Defence

(3) Do you have a basic First Aid/ CPR course? Could you operate one of those emergency Defibrillator machines you’ll sometimes see around? Could you stanch a wound, secure a broken neck, or use a tourniquet? Get those skills, now, when it’s not urgent. Sign up the office, or the whole family, or the whole school.

Re: helping– Beware that rushing right in after a bombing may be super-dangerous, because some bombers will plant delayed secondary explosives, for when they think the ambulance, police, and firemen have arrived– for even more horrible and costly collateral damage. Do what you can, be cautious, but a dead or wounded you is no use to anybody in need of help.

(4) Basic men or women’s self defence courses are available almost anywhere. MMA/ Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Krav Maga clubs are all over the place, and give you health, confidence, and some self-defence skills at the same time. A little weapon-training will help you fight with various weapons, or improvise, or know how to defend yourself (and others) against different attacks.


Almost Done, Ye Windbag Elf?

The middle class and upwards in Western Europe and much of North America have been generally safe, soft, and peaceful for almost three generations. We’ve enjoyed an extended local vacation from readiness, preparedness, living on the edge, thinking in an emergency.. because we’ve been mistakenly taught in the nanny state mental universe we live in that The World Is Safe, and if not, that Somebody Else Will Always Come Along To Save And Help Us.

A helpless, needy, compliant, disarmed & sheepish populace is ideal for those in power– but not the people themselves. Especially in emergencies.


This is naive at best, and grossly negligent and irresponsible at worst. The world isn’t really like that, so thank emergencies and bad people in this at least: we must be prepared as a minimum level of responsible adulthood. Sure it will cost some time and money and learning– but how much is your life or my life worth? That of our kids, grandkids, or neighbours?

Please keep learning up on those four starter-topics, via Google, YouTube, even Pinterest (and more here)– and pass the word on to others. We don’t have to either live in fear and terror, or in a prison-state.

Be free, and brave, and responsible with that freedom.

Binky saves lives: because he care! ~

So saith,

Teh Binks

Long Version

Awesome New Toy

Green swirls attack the British Isles in the latest wind-storm there.

Green swirls attack the British Isles in the latest wind-storm there.

~ FOR THOSE of you who like science, and green swirls, the new Earth Wind Map is a very cool thing to check out. It gives you a pretty clear idea of cyclones & anti-cyclones (those are complicated weather-terminologies right there) and what storms look like in terms of wind, and how interconnected everything is.

Like the US-specific wind map created by designers Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg earlier this year, Earth Wind Map is interactive. Click and drag the globe and you’ll spin it in place, then wait a few seconds before the data appears in the form of snaking lines. Gentle breezes are thin strands of green, strong winds are long streaks of bright yellow, while the strongest currents are an angry red. Take a trip around Earth Wind Map’s globe now and you’ll be able to compare the light summer winds currently wafting across northern Brazil with the swirling gusts off the north-east coast of Japan, a hypnotic and colorful reminder of our planet’s wildly changing weather.

It’s zoomable, you can turn the globe around.. it’s Google Earth for wind. enjoy! ~

Steynian 471rd

Do Some Good


~ ITEM: Save Saeed– Save an American pastor from Iranian prison-sentence

blogGo & donate to– and drop an encouraging note to– your favourite blog.

Irreconcilables & Contradictories

An uncle and grandparents of Lee Rigby weep after laying a wreath near the scene of his killing outside the barracks of the British Army's 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Woolwich, southeast London

~ ITEM: Woolwich Bloody Beheader Thinks He’s Calling the Shots in the Infidels’ Courtroom; London Jihadist Who Beheaded Soldier Appears In Court Clutching A Koran, Blowing Kisses; As Time Goes By– We Infidels Have Grown More and More Clueless

~ ITEM: Would-Be Train Bridge Bomber– Toronto Via Rail terror suspect wants Qur’an-guided lawyer.. “Esseghaier says the last potential lawyer he dealt with from prison told him in writing that he was unable to change the reference of his judgment “from the criminal code to the holy Qu’ran

~ ITEM: Khomeinist Zafar B. Calls for Islam to Assume “Its Natural Dominant Role”

~ ITEM: How the Boston Bombing Suspect Became a U.S. Citizen

~ IMAGINE, IF you will, that you are a resistance-fighter on trial by the Nazis. You refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the false-messiah Fuhrer, his illegitimate powers, his cooked-up laws and crooked courts, your court-appointed lawyer, who believes you guilty and undeserving of any defence.

That is how the Woolwich Beheader, and the recent Canadian terror-plotter feel. The daily screech from each mosque– “There Is No God But Allah” is not merely a religious statement, but a profoundly political one which affects every aspect of a true Muslim’s life: “There is No God But Allah.. and Sharia is His law”. Islam teaches that the Koran is written directly by Allah; sharia is based on God’s word, and so is divine law.

Continue reading

Steynian 467nd

Pray For Oklahoma


God bless the rescuers, helpers, medical workers, and the injured and mourning.


~ At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured after two-mile wide tornado pulverizes Oklahoma City

~ 43 PICTURES OF THE JAW-DROPPING DESTRUCTION IN OKLAHOMA; Out of the Rubble, the Children of Moore, Oklahoma

~ Donate to Mercury One— The Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund exists to help people whose lives have been torn apart by disaster.

~ Convoy of hope: Glenn Beck arrives in Okla. with two truckloads of food, water and diapers, broadcasts from Oklahoma

~ If you care to help: Americans, Text STORM to 80888 for Salvation Army, REDCROSS to 90999 or FOOD to 32333 for $10 donations.

~ Pray for Oklahoma

~ Scumbags will politicize– Glenn Thrush notes Okla. senators are ‘spending skeptic’ and ‘global warming denier’. Cuz, you know, tornadoes never hit Oklahoma before the GorbalWarmings got talked about; and Daily Show Co-Creator: Oklahoma Tornado ‘Ordered to Only Target Conservatives’; and “Democratic Senator uses Okla. tornado for anti-GOP rant over global warming.” ~

The Long Defeat

~ ITEM: Eucatastrophe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Eucatastrophe – Tolkien Gateway

~ ITEM: A Long Defeat, A Final Victory

~ ITEM: More on Tolkien and the “Long Defeat”

~ ITEM: Pamela Geller struck back at the Toronto Board of Rabbis (TBR) for a critical statement it issued just hours before her appearance Monday night at the Zionist Centre

~ ITEM: Word From The Orcs– Hypocrite Khomeinist Gloats Over Pamela Geller Dust Up

~ HE’S A FRIEND, and an Anglican bishop– he looked at me and said “Cheerup: it’s going to get much worse.” He meant the Anglican world & the dying Anglican sect in Canada a dozen years ago (he was right), but I think I would apply it to the wider world.

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Steynian 462 Part IV, Subsection ii

Present Remembrance

~ ITEM: Remember Your Friend.. Gren

~ ITEM: War and Remembrance, by Mark Steyn; The Non-Victory Parade

~ ITEM: The Declaration of Arbroath (AD1320)

~ ITEM: Sir William Wallace; Wallace Quotes

~ ITEM: Saint Andrew & Scotland

~ THIS YEAR, BINKY was unwell on Remembrance Day 2012, and didn’t repost “Your Friend, Gren“. Please re-read it.

Now, after The Day itself, I would use the freedom and civilization fought for by all those young men and women long ago– and more recently– to speak clearly of these times.

Everywhere you look, freedom is under attack. Ever has it been thus, but now, it is whole societies of the free West which seem content with shackle and muzzle.

Not So Very Long Ago

King Robert The Bruce

Almost 700 years ago, King Robert The Bruce and his Scots spoke with one voice & mind to articulate why they fought against the seemingly inevitable and inexorable advance of English rule over Scotland forever. The Declaration of Arbroath– written as a plea to the Pope for Scots liberty– concludes with the ringing words:

“…for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

William Wallace (below), who showed Robert The Bruce how to fight & resist military domination, learned & lived these words, taught by his father and uncle:

Dico Tibi Verum,
Libertas Optima Rerum:
Nunquam Servili
Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili.


My Son, Freedom is best,
I tell thee true,
of all things to be won.
Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.

Ever Restless Scotses

No, Teh Binks is not throwing his considerable international reputation behind either side in the current Scottish Independence issue– it is not 1300, and Scotland, undefended against the soft evil EUmpire, would become even more a puppet of political correctness, micromanagement, and utopian corruption than England already is. She survives better as the motherland of Scots worldwide, and behind the shield of Great Britain, which may yet stand against the freedom-quenching currents of tyranny belching forth from Belgium and Brussells.

Rather, the battle spoken of by Wallace and Bruce is now everywhere, and in the hand of every man and woman who still loves the free West, and the fate of countless people now, and yet unborn.

This freedom is freedom under law, not mere license; it is freedom for each other, not selfish cafeteria individualism; it is freedom to do good, and be restrained from doing evil; freedom from bad government and tyrants, but ever seeking good rule, and just rulers. In that sense, the bureaucratic petty tyrant and the libertarian are twins, not opposites: they’re merely arguing over who makes the absolute rules– self or state.

Christus Rex

In the West, behind every such declaration as Arbroath or the Wallace family stands another, in whose name, and by whose conferred life and freedom we are free indeed. This is what both secularist and super-statist (and comfy populaces) have forgotten. The Scots Saltire is the cross of the martyred Saint Andrew, First-Called Apostle of Jesus, patron saint after the Irish prince and missionary Saint Columba, evangelist to the Picts.

Words Of Freedom

To the ancient world, ripe for his arival and message, came Jesus Christ, by whom each one of us may be free of sin, and death, and hell– and slavery to self or to external power. “I am come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly”; and “Greater love has no man than this, than that he lay down his life for his friends”; and “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” St. Paul declares:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” [ Galatians 5:1 ]

Our Heavy Burdens

“Free indeed”– a terrible burden indeed. Seriously.

Slavery can be soft and safe– witness the state of most people ever, and Islam, and dictatorships– and people yearning for such when they lose them. How many utopians and progressives wish a perfect world, even if it means losing real intellectual, spiritual, and political freedom. How many feminists, same-sex militants, and political radicals cheerfully fight and impose real oppression on the minds & spirits of others, in the name of their own imaginings of ‘liberation’? We may not see literal shackles, but with CCTV, online surveillance, drones, freedom of speech curtailed, government goodies, and other forms of electronic power employed to sheepify the masses to worhip and serve the wolves.

Actual freedom takes actual men and women, actual virtue, actual courage and choosing, actual consequences, and ever and always serving the Kingdom of God as a present reality, and loving our neighbour as we would have ourselves loved. Even unto the cost of our lives. In Christ, ours is a perfect freedom, not the tempting worship of the self as god, nor the imposition of this or that heaven on earth.

Rest In Peace?

It would be a sad epitaph of this stage in human civilization to say

“They fell in love with slavery again,
bribed with false peace,
and most forgot how to be honest men.” ~

Binks, WebElf

Steynian 462st

A Second Revolution?

Whittle: A New Beginning

~ ITEM: Glenn Beck: Blaze TV

~ AS NOTED GENERALLY on the interwebs, President Obama deserves salesman of the year awards for weapons & ammo in America.

Post election, some call for a new American Revolution, a second civil war, armed resistance against a dishonest, greedy, destructive regime. War is always the last choice, and civil wars are horrible.

Dreaming Dreams

Long-time conservative commentator (and former liberal) Bill Whittle is pondering another way, and what he has to say is well worth considering. Glenn Beck is also dreaming large.

Their words and ideas may well be part of answering the U.S. King of Free Candy Forever, his supporters, and the depraved & debt-doomed new America born– by electoral fraud most likely– on November 6th 2012.

A healthy republic, a reborn America, will come via faith, and basic virtue reborn in the bosoms of many millions of her citizens– not by more free candy, or candidates liberal and more liberaller, nor by the customary conservative circular firing-squads.

Just sayin’ is all. ~

The WebElf, Raging Food Heretic!

~ ITEM: “We Have You Surrounded. Drop the Big Gulp and Come Out with Your Hands Up

~ BINKY HAS BEEN on a food-journey: a kind of Atkins Diet (less sugar, bread, etc., lots of meat, veg, etc.). He has conclusions, and some of them may upset your universe.

Salt Is Good

(1) Ever taste your tears or sweat? Salty, right? You’re 2/3 made of seawater. Salt is good for you. If you have too much salt, your body excretes it. If you don’t have enough, your body fluids are utterly out of balance, and you get all sorts of health-problems.

Women? Not enough salt = less capacity for your body to keep & employ calcium = osteoporosis, heart-problems,stroke, and other health issues.

(2) Fats Are Good

Low-fat diets can kill you. Why? Your body needs fat, is made of fat, burns fat for fuel, your very cell-membranes are made of fat. What most of us have too much of is bad fat– maade when our bodies run on sugars and carbs, yet telling our bodies we are starving, so to store more, and worse types of fat throughout the abdomen, blood systems, heart, everywhere. A vicious cycle.

Too much sugar, carbs and suchlike are toxic. Eat less breads & grains, more fish, meats, salads and veggies, as in the food-plan laid out in It Starts With Food.

That is, the food industry, diet industry, and well-meaning nutrituion studies we’ve been taught for 50 and more years are simply mistaken. Low salt & low fat are ruinous.

I’ve dieted down the years, with the same result as most people… failure within 5 years, yo-yo weight, worse health.

Me, Myself, Personally

On the low carb system, I’ve de-toxed, lost 25+ pounds, and keep losing & burning fat– while eating literally all the meat and eggs and butter and eggs and salad and veg I can. My cholesterol is dropping quickly, and sugars are coming into a healthier range. The proof is in the pudding.

Come and arrest me, ya fairy food nazis. ~

Can’t Stop The Signal

~ ITEM: Wikipedia– Joss Whedon; TV- Firefly; Movie- Serenity

~ ITEM: Oh No, Not Joss Whedon

~ ITEM: Must-See Metaphysics; the Sky-Bully

~ ITEM: Joss Whedon Is A Bully And A Coward

~ IN INTERVIEWS, director/ writer/ producer and nerd-deity Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy, Toy Story, and many other projects) says that he does not believe in any ‘divine bully’ in the sky. Okily dokily, then.

Saith Teh Binks: look at what Whedon writes, and you may ask yourself whether his fictional universes do not clash with his professed atheism. I say they do.

Bigger On The Inside

I’ve mentioned before the examples of movies like Practical Magic, or What Dreams May Come: the universe presented in these movies initially does not account for all that happens– in the first, the witches have all sorts of power, yet are nearly overcome by a demon; in the second, the bright & happy afterlife hides a purgatory, and a hell through which the protagonist must travel to save his wife.

Whedon’s universes all presume and take for granted a real right and wrong; clear moral ideas; that struggle to defend the right and good.. well, that it is right and good. The same can be said of his passion for his cancelled 2002 show Firefly, an internet crusade on the part of the fandom (The Browncoats), which became a personal crusade of his own, leading to the 2005 movie Serenity.

He recently said that the popularity of Firefly 10 years on is a vindication– that he was right, and the fans were right, and the FOX suits who canned the show after only 14 episodes were terribly, terribly wrong.

Note: not terribly wrong because they defied his taste, or a popular movement; or because they wanted something more flashy & Star Trek-y; but because it was wrong, as such, to not allow great stories and a talented crew & stable of actors some time to find their feet, and prove the value of something truly new, interesting, and of abiding worth in television history.

Non-Absolute Absolutes?

Right & wrong, good and evil, universes in story which help us know and see ourselves more truly– simply put, atheism or scientific materialism cannot account for itself, for good and evil, for objective truth (beyond “science”), for accounting for all we are, all we experience, all we struggle with in ourselves, the universe, one another. You know, the rest of reality outside rocks and beakers and such claims to absolute knowledge.

Thank God for it– and as a better storyteller than he is believer, he allows his characters to have faith, minus atheistical hysteria or too much religion-bashing; he allows the battle of actual good and evil, with the consequences thereof; that individuals matter, that the fight for goodness, truth, loyalty, and courage is beyond value, even when in the minority, or against impossible odds.

Children Lost in A Dark Wood

This faith at one remove: the modern fear of metaphysical commitment on the one hand, with the shining forth of good things in spite of yourself– imagining them to arise solely from the self, or us alone. The old pagan argument against Christianity is still with us: that it is arrogant to claim one way only, when there are many ways up the mountain to the divine. The Christian answer remains true, if not lived out or shown forth by our modern cowardly Western churches– it is not arrogance, but humility to witness to the ladder which God let down from heaven, the way not imagined by so many ancient faiths and longings, but completed in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

The human soul, as redeemed by Christ the Word, is full of treasures, and palaces, and kingdoms, the borderlands of heaven itself– and all the riches of the Kingdom of heaven.

Finally, And In Conclusion

To that extent, although socially and politically progressive, I admire Joss Whedon’s boyish wonder, his fairness, gifts, determination, and true story-telling capacities. One day, may he come to know and love the storyteller above, the Word incarnate, from whom all the best stories come, and in whom the best story of all is eternally true.

Mind you, celebrity metaphysics and bully pulpiteering are not the last word– after all, I don’t believe in the ‘Sky Bully’ rejected by Whedon and others, either. Like reality, God is both more complicated and more simple than such teen-aged throw-away cleverness.

As for claiming pro-Nazi & pro-Palestinian Satre and absurdist wreckers Monty Python as his ‘authorities’? Again, his stories are better than some of his inspirations. ~

A Great Blog

The Woman and the Dragon

.. so you will bookmark, read, consider, and enjoy. ~