How Much Worse?


~ ITEM: Belgium Fears Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable; plans in the works– Brussels attacks bombers DID plan to attack nuclear power plant; plus, Jihadis filmed 12 hours of footage of power chief’s home amid kidnap plan

~ ITEM: Belgian nuclear plant guard shot dead amid fears Isis wants to build ‘dirty bomb’

BBC Documentary The Dirty Bomb

+ + +

~ IT VERY MUCH APPEARS that the Belgian airport bombers wanted radioactive material for a dirty bomb, or even (possibly) to cause a Chernobyl-style meltdown at a Belgian reactor complex only an hour’s drive South-East from Brussels.

Observant officials got suspicious, so the terrorists scattered, and ran with the airport plan, but it also looks like they had inside help at the nuclear plant. Police found the surveillance video of the nuclear plant on a raid of one of the terrorist’s flats.

Just For Example


It wouldn’t take much for terrorists to wreak untold havoc, say, in London – with just basic explosives and some nuclear waste. Such is the gruesome reality of the dirty bomb. It’s a non-nuclear bomb which invisibly spreads deadly radioactive particles over everything nearby, via wind and explosive forces. Says the BBC:

“It would wreak panic in built-up areas, see large areas contaminated and closed off and result in long-term illnesses such as cancer, caused by the dispersed radioactive material attacking living cells.”

Cancer and radiation poisoning are the longer-term (days and months) effects– shorter term, utter panic & chaos, people fleeing the region, refugee problems, looting, opportunistic violence and Jihad, overwhelmed emergency and medical services, local martial law, and contaminated parts of the city cordoned off for months, even years, until remediation and reconstruction could take place.

Multiply By..  1000?

Of course, setting off an entire reactor into a nuclear melt down is a horror and disaster of Biblical proportions. Whole regions, thousands of square miles, could become unlivable, and radioactively quarantined for decades, like Chernobyl, or the exclusion zone around Fukushima. The wind currents of the atmosphere carry the fallout from there, all over the local regions, then around the world.

Japanese_second_explosion Fukushima 1
What A Meltdown Looks Like

Just how many opportunities exist for such demonic mass-slaughter schemes by radicalized terrorists, for either dirty bombs or melt-downs? Wait for it.

“As of February 2016 there are a total of 185 nuclear power plant units with an installed  electric net capacity of 162,507 MWe in operation in Europe.” 

The Jihadi-hated United States?

There are 61 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 99 nuclear reactors in 30 states in the United States. Thirty-five of these plants have two or more reactors.

And many many many more all around the industrial world. Even worse, the internets is still innocently, carelessly, and naïvely full of immense amounts of potentially dangerous and revealing information about many such matters. I won’t link to any of it, but it’s all out there for the evil-minded and malevolent web-surfer.

And no, dear authorities, I’m not a terrorist. I’m trying to be one of the good guys in this war, mmmkay?


Time To Wake Up

In a mostly peaceful, old-fashioned warfare world, you can have nuclear plants for power generation all over the place, because the battlefront is usually far away. This is no longer that world. Welcome to the skin-crawlingly unpredictable world of asymmetrical guerrilla warfare, where no matter how evil or murderous or unthinkable your plan, you’ll do it for ‘the cause’.

Even this. And something nuclear-related almost took place in Belgium just last week, only if the authorities been less vigilant.

Get Busy, Folks

Let’s write to our elected officials, local and regional governments, and make sure that all our reactors around the world– big, small, research/ university, whatever– are all properly manned, supervised, securely protected, and kept safe from inside or exterior ideological threats, given just how horrible the alternative could be.

Also, consider being radiologically prepped (Google or YouTube search it), especially if you live near, or downwind of a nuclear plant. ~

Radioactively mutated daisies, found near nuclear disaster area of Fukushima, 2015.

So warneth,

The Binks


For Maundy Thursday, 2016


+ Saith Teh Binks— I’m already sick of it all, this dark 2016. War and bad news (and, for me, personal troubles) are around us and with us in this new year of the same old. But we cannot only look into darkness, and the malice of our enemies, and the treachery of our leaders, and the hollowness of our failing societies. To stare into the abyss is not spiritually nurturing, or wholesome, or life-giving. To observe Holy Week is to join ourselves with the eternity of God come into our human neighbourhood in Jesus; to know what love, and truth, and goodness, and suffering, and redemption truly is. To ponder and feed upon goodness, for ourselves, our souls, and bodies. +




AS A SMART-ALECKY KID, I heard the name for today, but had no idea what it meant, being only slightly churched.. ‘Monday Thursday’? Tuesday Friday!

Hurr hurr! Yes, I was indeed just that clever, mocking things I was clueless about.

Hurry up already! Bring on Sick From Chocolate Eggs Day!


Today is the day of the Last Supper, and of Christ’s commandment– or mandatum (Latin, englished as Maundy)– that we love one another, even as he loves us.

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

After the supper, he kneels, like a lowly and humble servant, and washes his disciple’s feet.


This is soon the next day, as the Jews accounted it– for at sundown, Good Friday begins: in the darkness and mist of Gethsemane, Jesus is tested to the breaking point, willing the cup which is his to pass from him. This is the prayer of nature, but finding he cannot pray it, he submits himself to the Father’s will for all that will come soon, and later, and upon the Cross, and apparently ending in the tomb.


This is the night of bitter betrayal– for nearby him, Peter James and John doze instead of praying with and for him, and across the valley in the Temple courts Judas schemes with the powers that be perhaps to try and force Messiah’s hand, to bring in the kingdom by sword and Roman blood and rebel cry.

In the Passover supper, Jesus offered himself in the bread and wine his body and blood as the true sacrifice. As Judas and the troop of soldiers approach, so Jesus offers himself truly, the spotless Lamb of God, for the greater good that will be accomplished for us, his beloved and wayward flock.


This is love; that he died for us, while we were yet sinners. His patient and suffering love does not give way to self-pity, surrender, unbelief, or curses– he forgives all, to save all. He suffers perfectly; he dies perfectly; he loves and forgives perfectly. Once for all.

Jesus the Lord does not set us some unattainable superhuman example, but sends the Holy Spirit, the Strengthener, the Rememberer, the Lord and giver of new life, God himself poured into us, so we may begin to love one another, as he has loved us. Baby steps at first.

Shroud of Turin: Highlighted scourge marks, made by a Roman flagrum.

The Upper Room.. Gethsemane Garden.. The Dungeon.. The Whipping Post.. The Cross.. The stone-cold borrowed Tomb: this is what we and our sin and our fickle rejection does to him: but it is engulfed and burnt away in the fire of his human and divine love, as the true and only-begotten Son, the Messiah.

Divine Time Travel 


Out of time, by his grace, we really are there and then, if we follow in his footsteps by faith. That holy time and this holy time can be one, united in his eternal love, so that those old things become our new and now things, ever-present mercy and salvation for those who call upon the Name above every other name, Jesus the Lord.

Love him, as he has first loved us. Love one another, even as he loves us. Pray especially for those Christians around the world living their Maundy Thursdays and Good Fridays on many days of the year, as they suffer, and are persecuted, raped, and even killed for the name of Jesus.

And on the Third Day….

So Saith,

Teh Binks

For even to this were you called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow his steps….

(1 Peter 2:21)

Christ Patiently Suffering – by Pedro FERNÁNDEZ – from Museo de Arte, Gerona


Blood Of The Martyrs

“The Conversion of Saint Paul”, Caravaggio, 1601

UPDATE Gruesome Details Emerge of Islamic State Slaughter of Four Nuns in Yemen; also Canada: What Is PM Useful Idiot Doing About ISIL’s Genocide Against Christians?

~ ITEM: Is Christianity being wiped out of the Middle East and Africa? Is Europe next?; John Rhys-Davies: Christians are under attack

~ ITEM: Adam Carolla Podcast– John Rhys-Davies and Peter Spencer

~ ITEM: YouTube: “isis christian persecution

+ + +

LONG AGO, a zealous interrogator and his death-squad are riding to their next big destination: a large city, reportedly ripe with the new extremists. Oh, yes, the scum will suffer!

Out of nowhere, the interrogator is blasted by a blinding light; his horse rears, and he’s thrown down to the dusty road.

A booming voice outside and yet inside his head, too: “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?”

“Wh-who are you, Lord?” His vision is now gone entirely.

Then the voice says, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

Sometimes you have to be flat on your back before you can look upwards, and towards God.

The interrogator’s life shatters into countless pieces.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

That Jesus in whom he disbelieved, whose followers he persecuted and against who he breathed threats and murder– He is in fact the Risen Lord, The only-begotten Son of the Father, the true promised Messiah of the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets.

Soon, Saul of Tarsus is baptized, and from being a persecutor and rounder up of Christians for trial and execution, he becomes Paul The Apostle to the Gentiles, ultimately dying by execution-sword outside Rome, having travelled much of the Roman world for Jesus.

An Astonishing Thing

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

Those are astonishing words, if you ponder them. In the suffering of his faithful sheep, it is Jesus himself who is being persecuted. It brings new light to his teaching “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”

A White Robed Army

Around the world, Christians are at this very moment suffering for their faith. Death, assault, torture, rape, trial, arson, destruction of churches and holy books, imprisonment.

Right now, part of what the U.S. supported ISIL is doing is rounding up young Christian women and girls for rape by their troops; beheading and crucifying other Christians; converting churches into mosques; burning Christian libraries and thousands of priceless ancient documents.

Recent News:

UN Must Recognize Genocide, By Olivia Summers; U.S. House Passes Unanimous Genocide Bill

ISIS burns hundreds of Christian books in Mosul in its latest attempt to wipe the religion from civilisation

ISIS Rapes, Crucifies, and Beheads Syrian Christian Missionaries, Including a 12 Year-Old Boy

Elsewhere: “We are making major progress in the heartbreaking case of a Christian who was tortured to death by local police in Pakistan

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

That’s not including the sufferings of Christians for their faith in China, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and via increasing repression and exclusion in the West. The 20th century– under Communism, Nazism, and a resurgent Islam, saw more Christians tortured and martyred simply for being Christians than in the previous 20 centuries combined. Most people don’t know the scale of this historic evil, and many just don’t care.

Where are we in 2016?

Right here:

“The Islamic State (ISIS) is committing evil. ISIS is purposefully and methodically slaughtering Christians and other religious minorities to eradicate them.”

The response of international human rights groups? The UN? The heads of most Western governments, including “Christians” like Obama, or Junior Trudeau? Major media outlets? Virtual silence, or else only minor, belated, and muted concern.


Politically correct & Muslim-pandering Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is wrong: Prioritizing refugee claimants isn’t “disgusting.” Anti-Christian genocide is. And he’s cancelled the prioritizing.. just open the floodgates for the “migrants”.

Even worse? In the manufactured “Migrant Crisis”, both Turkey and Western governments are not sending actually persecuted and suffering Christians, refugee camp dwellers, and other faith groups first of all to the West– but Muslims currently dwelling in Turkey. It’s a genocide we’re aiding and abetting.

Actual Christians


The average Christian is not a rich white TV evangelist or millionaire mega-pastor, but an impoverished woman from the third world. Sadly, most Western elites are lapsed or cultural Christians, who imagine that the church and thus most Christians are rich, white, safe, comfortable, and rather narrow-minded and unpleasant about.. certain sensitive topics.

What ancient and mdoern dictators and extremists know, even if soft and gelatinous Western elites don’t, is that faithful Christians can be tough, hard-working, resilient, faithful, unyielding in important matters, supporters of human rights & freedoms, speakers against injustice and misrule, aiders of the poor and needy, and peaceful enemies of brutal regimes.

The Fight Back

Thankfully, groups like the ACLJ and others are fighting for their brothers and sisters in Christ in practical, legal, and political venues.

“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

If He is who He said He was; and if we either help, or instead stand by doing nothing, our everything could hang in the eternal balance.

Donate to groups like the ACLJ (click here); pray for the persecuted church; get educated on persecution in the past and present; write letters to your local, regional, and national representatives; write letters ans speak out to international governments; and in all of it, persist until you make a difference, and help those who cannot now help themselves, and who will be encouraged by knowing people care.

“Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me…. Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.”


Saith Teh


Look! A Real Rape Culture! Here?


UPDATE— ITEM: Speech by Hungarian PM Orban puts nation on a war footing vs. random migrants

UPDATE— ITEM: MIGRANT “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES” – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe

~ ITEM: Cologne is a shocking wake up call that Europe is importing a real rape culture; Cologne NYE assaults 31 suspects identified, 18 of them refugees; The 2015 New Years Eve Attacks in Cologne; Leaked Police Report: Cologne-like New Year’s Eve attacks in 12 German states

~ ITEM: Sargon: Aftermath of the #Cologne New Years Eve Attacks; and, Dissecting Rape Apologetics from The Young Turks

~ ITEM: Swedish Cops Covered Up Refugee Sex Assaults; Police need bullet proof station in crime-ridden Muslim majority Malmo, Sweden

~ ITEM: Rebel TV– Ezra: What happens when Muslims in Cologne are asked about New Year’s rape riot? And, Rebel Media SPECIAL REPORT: Does Ezra’s fact-finding trip to Europe reveal Canada’s future?

+ + +

~ POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, or progressivism in words & thoughts & actions, is mass-delusion, and mass-denial. This is not that; things are not as they are, or seem; it is true that there is no truth; it is good that there is no good or evil. Logic says contradictories cannot both be true: but round squares, or living dead people, are nothing compared to the contradictions of the politically correct mind.


Cologne Germany had a very, um.. complicated.. New Year’s 2016, with some of their refugees. It got a little violent, and a little.. well, rapey, along with the partying and fireworks. Between 80-100 women were assaulted by between 800-1000 young men in organized groups, using fireworks as ground-attack and panic weapons, there in the shadow of the world-famous Kölner Dom cathedral of Saints Peter & Mary.

What-now? Rape? Muslims? Refugees? Organized groups?

Ruh-roh! Nothing to see here, move along. All is well. What’s a few rumpled fraus & frauleins, ja? Can’t be accusing anybody of anything! Don’t want any hate or anything.

Eventually the police in Cologne got around to, well, a little actual policing.


Big Scary Ideas

So: for reasons known to the U.N., George Soros, Turkey, and other malevolent forces, various parts of the Western world are being filled with refugees from one of America’s destabilizing wars. Never waste a crisis? Heck! MAKE a crisis, then don’t waste it. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Except, these chickens are predominantly Muslims, with some actual refugees, but also a high percentage of unmarried men, and a small but dangerous minority of ISIS-Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood name of the week bad guys, who’d happily like to bring mayhem, rape, pedophilia, plunder, and jihad to a little town possibly near you.

Beasts Sniffing For Blood

Back to Cologne & European refugee-dumping. Ever since the first waves of Muslims &  Muslim Syrians arrived– some refugees, some not, some terror-minded, some opportunists and criminals, some not even from Syria, some affiliated with Jihadist terror-groups– there’s been a purely coincidental crime-wave. Theft, assault, harassment, rape, vandalism, mobs, and even a little game called ‘Taharrush’, or in English, mob acts of opportunistic mass sexual assault & theft against a chosen non-Muslim woman. Or, a thousand.

Bitches had it coming, though. Cologne imam Sami Abu-Yusuf: Women provoked sex attacks by ‘wearing perfume’ and being ‘half-naked’. Then he said he didn’t say it, but it remains said, and is probably his real opinion. So: German women raped for not acting & dressing like Middle Eastern women. Gotcha. SUBMIT!, says Islamo-Mafia. Nice women you gots there– same if anything wuz to happen to them.

Taharrush! Fun for the whole gang! She had it coming, right?

In Canada, Supreme Overlord & Emperor Justin I has decreed it will be so here in the Great White North Of Justin, though his dictate was slowed up by reality, calls for background-checks, and a Canadian public not willing to undergo what they’ve seen in Italy, Germany, Britain, Greece, Sweden, and most other other places where the Refugee Storm has come ashore, and begun to wreck everything (I think, quite deliberately— so we will all need & demand more ‘Peace & Security’, surveillance, law and order, less freedom, more cops and big government). Globalism has cool ideas for our futures.

Magical Thinking


The politically correct deeply and irrationally presuppose that things and people and events are not what they are, such are actually what political correctness SAYS they are. If you see a penguin, but political correctness disbelieves in penguins, so you are not seeing a penguin. It’s as simple and obvious as that, stupid. Look! A Penguin! No it isn’t!

The response of the authorities, from police on up to Prime Ministers? Denial. Weasel-words. Looking the other way. Laughable and bizarre make-believe. Warnings about ‘backlashes’. Blaming the victims (the real kind, not the feminist kind)– just like in 2013 when Swedish authorities were photographed ticketing cars which had been torched en masse in a giant car-b-que by non-specified generic ‘Youths’ the previous night. Why tickets? For the expired meter-readings, of course.


Just Listen And Believe!

The Christmas 2015 refugee narrative (according to one TV spot I saw): “So, you know, Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus were refugees” (they weren’t); “and the imported ‘Syrians’ are all holy and special refugees” (they’re not), “and they are downtrodden and victimized and you should feel guilty if you don’t open your home to 50 of them right away, you privileged white Western hypocrites.” (we aren’t) And if that’s not a mile-high teetering house of cards and lies and half-truths, I don’t know what is.

Binky’s free advice, worth every penny: Trust, but verify. Assume the best, always prepare for the worst. Trust in the Lord, but lock up your house. Protect yourself, loved ones, community. If someone turns out to be the real deal, welcome them. If not, report them, and call for their deportation, after suitable imprisonment. You may well have to fight the authorities for justice to be done.

Canada’s Big Heart


Most people are willing to help actual refugees– especially Syrian & Iraqi Christians, and the Yazidi group, who have suffered real persecution, rapes, and mass-murders due to the current cycle of American War Without End & profiteering in the Middle East, and the open support of Jihad by the Obama Administration.

What people don’t want, and I hope will eventually fight back against, is the importation of who knows what, with heaven knows what actual ID and actual motivations, into our small towns and cities, where some of may them choose to get their Cologne on, like wolves amongst sheep because we live in mostly peaceful and orderly societies, where threatening to randomly decapitate other people is mostly frowned upon, however Muslim it may be.

Canada Obeys.. Turkey?

Finally, as Ezra Levant asks, exactly what kind of tin-plated doofus is our Prime Minister Selfie to allow an Islamofascist and anti-Christian like Turkish leader Erdogan to export Syrian refugees (previously living safely in Turkey) to Canada and elsewhere, according to his say-so, and selection? A very special kind.

This 2015-16 refugee rush is a violation of our sovereignty, safety, due process, and an insult to all the actual refugees and honest immigrants who have waited years, even decades, for the process to grind along, and approve their cases. Whoever is running this refugee circus seems to have found an obedient lapdog in Mr. Trudeau, who doesn’t ask questions, and who seems to resent Canadians questioning his inspiring decisions.

Why didn’t Trudeau’s Liberals rescue REAL refugees from camps in Jordan? None of your d*mn business, peasant! Don’t ask those awkward questions– what are you, disloyal? hateful? anti-Canadian? KKK?

Pundit and doom-watcher Mark Steyn has asked before, and it’s worth repeating again: are we willing to stand– let alone suffer or die– for our society, our civilization, our friends & family & children, ourselves? Or will we huddle around our glowing screens as the wolves outside howl  and prowl ever closer.. while we seek a few more morsels of infotainment and distraction and false comfort, no matter the cost to the future? ~

So Saith

Teh Binks

Jesus The Unexpected


EVER SINCE 2001, we have been surrounded by ‘The War On Terror™’. We hardly even notice it any more.

Going to the airport? You leave extra time for the intrusive searches of ‘security theatre’. Got internet-connected electronics or social media? You just know someone could be watching or listening or recording you. Heck, NSA (or the UK’s GCHQ) spyware might even be built into your game apps, like Angry Birds or Candy Crush. For your own good. Shrug.

What to do? The neo-Con Hawks tell us to bomb & war & nuke; moderates tell us to fight, but have a deadline; leftists tell us to surrender our culture and faith to Islam, to accept waves of ‘refugees’– and all sides tell us to surrender our freedom and rights for “Peace And Security™”.


I’m not for surrender, and will live, speak, and die– if need be– for the best of my civilization, and for my Christian faith. Not much for the Security State, or permanent “War On Terror’ Industrial War Inc.™, either.

Something else may well be happening in the Muslim world which will seriously aggravate Muslim and Secular Western regimes, since both love, above all else, to exercise power and control.

Who Is What-Now?


Jesus Christ is appearing to Muslims in visions, dreams, and near-death experiences.

Yes, that Jesus. The one in the Creeds & the Bible. People in the Muslim world over the past 20 years and more are meeting Jesus and being changed and converted by vision & dreams of the Risen Lord.


Along with this, millions more Muslims are being quietly converted to Christianity, at risk of social or family exclusion, in countries where Christianity is illegal, or a secret minority, where there may be few or no churches, or where ISIS and other Western-sponsored terror-groups are actively persecuting Christians (and other faith groups).

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the leader of Hamas, has become a Christian, and despite all the death-threats, gone on to preach and talk and write about his total change of life.

Likewise in China, Christian churches are growing to such a point that within a few years, over 200 million Chinese may be Christians, despite government torture, persecution, and concentration camps.


Crucify Silence Him!

Jesus & Muslims.. this is huge, world-changing news. CNN? BBC? MSNBC? New York Times? Obama? Trudeau? Crickets.

Can’t be having any of that religious stuff interfere with our march to social justice, group-think soft fascism, and secular paradise. Don’t want God interfering with things which we have decided are our business, thank you very much, and please remember the legal separation of Heaven and Earth, God and Man, Believer & State.


Unlike Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, or any other great philosopher or religious leader, Christians proclaim that Jesus rose again from the dead, and is alive forevermore. He’s the Lord of the dead, and the living, says the Bible.

If he really is appearing in visions and dreams to Muslim people, and calling them to salvation– and to forsake Islamic War Without End, terrorism, suicide bombing, and cultural and social stagnation– then here’s a real opportunity for whole peoples and lands to be made new.

On The Other Hand

In the West, we’re religiously nuts, really. Heck, our teflon Prime Minister Selfie can even go to hate-mosques and still somehow pretend to be a Catholic AND a secularist in good standing at the same time– and then to tell people to conform to his views, no matter their religious faith. As Rex Murphy pithily puts it– “In Justin Trudeau’s world, Christians need not apply .”


The risen Christ being a busybody doesn’t fit with the various master-plans of the global and political elites, let alone the U.S. State Department, and the CIA-NSA-FBI Industrial complex– but Jesus has always been troublesome like that. When he speaks, the foundations tremble, the graves are broken open, the dead arise, the blind can see, the possessed are set free, the sick are healed, and people are brought to salvation and new hope, and resurrection.

Renewing The World

This mysterious happening in the Muslim world may also undercut some of the racism behind the anti-refugee & anti-Muslim rhetoric found in social media: they’re not subhuman rag-heads, Mud-slimes, and machine-gunning or nuking them all is not the actual answer.

The conversion of a single individual heart begins the transformation of the world. It’s bigger than an earthquake, a volcanic explosion, a level 5 hurricane.

Muslims are already children of God; and if saved in Christ, they become brothers and sisters in him with Christians around the world, in whom there is no Jew or Gentile, Male or Female, Slave or Free– caught up in unconditional love. There’s the lasting foundation of true & new ‘humanity’, without political correctness, mob-rule, or group-think.

But it involves the living God Himself: and while we may love his gifts of life, and love, and the good things of this world, we’d rather do without the giver. Such a busy-body, minding all the business, and changing all the things.

And the truth is this: we– along with Muslims– need a spiritual and personal renewal, a religious rebirth, a renovation of our tired and stagnant and shallow governments and denominations, and their practical atheism and cold heartedness– through a love of the risen and living Jesus Christ.

So Saith

Teh Binks


This News, Justin


~ OK, SO MY political tribe lost the national election. Grrr. Monkey-hoot. Sour grapes. Wah.

But– Justin. Justin?! Such “Anybody But Harper-Dad!” politics will not end well. And for the record, I have never had any political use or patience for Mr. Trudeau Jr., election or no.

Justin is not old soft-Commie Pierre, his Dad; nor is he Barack (or, is Barack times 10); these are not the post-war decades of growth and decent birth-rates and large government tax-surpluses. And Justin is no messiah, however much the scary ‘glorious leader’ theme seems first in so many voters’ minds, in spite of his utter lack of skills, experience, and political mojo. Canada stands poised to start a crazy flaming roller-coaster ride run by an insane clown.

All you folks who voted for the crown prince will– secretly, as Ezra Levant says— start to miss Harper (as you puff your legal and government-taxed weed), just like Ontario voters under the Liberals miss business, jobs, balanced budgets, accountability, and the money which used to be in their wallets & purses. Or, like Alberta voters are starting to miss the oil boom, low tax, business-friendly high-employment engine that used to be the Albertan economy before the Orange people recently took over the government and drove things ditch-wards.

Winners & Losers

Progressive or angry voters won. Stoners won. The mostly leftward bureaucracy party won. The media party won. The Chretienite cronies, crooks, and bagmen won. The global caliphate won. The progressive globalists/ world trade/ world government folks won. The gun-banners and speech-controllers won. The taxman won. Spin-doctors, liars, and empty appearances over reality & truth won. “Change” won.


The losers? Canadian businesses lose. The oil industry loses. The shrinking sector of the economy represented by taxpayers will lose and lose and lose. The middle-class and families with children will lose. Free speech– online and in public– loses (watch for it). Canadian sovereignty loses. Actual religious people (especially serious Christians) lose. The dignity of difference and political & ideological diversity loses.  Our children & grandchildren lose. Unborn Canadians lose. Non-government/ police civilian gun-owners lose.  Canada loses, as a newly active Trudeaupia crawls from the grave, and staggers back to Ottawa. This is a day to mourn.

Slip the The Slippery Slide

Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!
Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!

And all you “Mean Old Harper” critics? Anybody who dares disagree with the new Prime Minister-designate loses (he’s demonstrated this repeatedly as opposition leader). Like President Obama, I confidently predict Justin will have a very hard time being the leader of ALL Canadians, including the loyal opposition, social conservatives, and people who don’t get ‘onside’ with his doings. Justin is correct, after all– you could only disagree if you were ignorant, or if you are malicious (or maliciously ignorant).

And do you actually believe Justin will roll back C-51, or push back against the global surveillance regime, or the sweet temptations of imposing a polite police state? Pass me the bong, man.

Even more & faster than under Harper, Canada will quickly realign itself against Israel, and toward the United Nations; towards secret and overarching international sovereignty-copyright-internet-trade agreements not to be voted on by our Parliament or Legislatures (like the TPP-TPIP); towards American & European bankers and their dictates; towards the demands of Global Islamic Supremacists that all submit in law & practice to dictates curbing freedom of speech, religion, media, and the like. With America in financial geopolitical and political free-fall, I suspect Prince Justin follow a dual-track in cuddling up to Obama, and yet will be happy to pander more and more to the rising powers, China and Russia, including a blind eye to Communist Chinese spies and influence in Canada, as Prime Minister Chretien had in years past.

Check The Record


Attentive people can learn from the actual record of Justin’s father (read this book), and the administrations of Bush 2 and Barack Obama just how fast nations can surrender their freedoms and privacy in seeking “peace and security”; and just how fast determined radicals can derail, mutate, and tear apart a nation’s political inheritance, economy, and identity. Canada is not a nation apart, some special case. For all his many faults, Harper held the castle walls against the insanity that is engulfing the world. Justin will embrace that insanity, and represent it as positive change. Meanwhile, the wreckers can and will try to wreck us as seems good to them, remaking us and our institutions in their image, just as they did under Trudeau 1.0.

This is not 1968, and Justin Trudeau, his advisors and minions and puppetmasters, will very quickly show the kind of Canada they want, and– this time– seek to make it stick once and for all. This will be done in the now-usual way, with fine-sounding words, some good intentions, a cluelessness about how money actually works, rising debt, but with lots of pelvic activity & “free” goodies for everyone.. as long as you pay your taxes, and love glorious leader. Plus carbon taxes.

O Canada! This is nice Canada, smug Canada, clueless Canada: our fascism will come softly, all friendly-like, creeping like a mist or a chill over us and over everything, until suddenly it’s all different. Smile, Canadians, and bite your tongues: or else you may be thought not sufficiently enthusiastic about your new masters, and that just wouldn’t do at all, would it? ~

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Behind The Headline

You can no have.

~ ITEM: Surrendering to Islam in America

~ ITEM: Washington National Cathedral will host a Muslim prayer service this Friday

~ ITEM: Episcopalians Lend D.C. Cathedral to Islamists, Gratis

~ ITEM: Faith J. H. McDonnell, Anglican– “A Letter to Global South Anglicans“; and National Cathedral Hosts Muslim Friday Prayers

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~ ITEM: UPDATE— Rev. Franklin Graham: Muslim Prayer Service at National Cathedral ‘Sad to See’

~ ITEM: UPDATE— No Church For You!! Woman proclaiming Christ ejected from Muslim prayers at National Cathedral

~ ITEM: UPDATEIslam Comes to the National Cathedral

~ ITEM: UPDATE— Thank Allah It’s “Jum’ah Friday” (TAIJF) at The National Cathedral— A Guide For Perplexed Non-Muslims: “Genocidal jihadism is the ugly living legacy of this bigoted Islamic doctrine, not “ecumenism.”


~ TODAY’S LESSON— The classical Muslim theory of ownership is fairly simple. There are 4 rules:

  1. If it was ever ours, it’s still ours.
  2. If it is ours, it’s totally ours (and should be);
  3. If we mark it as ours, it’s ours.
  4. Everything should be ours, God said so.

It’s a dog-like theory of ‘mine’, but they claim that God agrees, so it’s pretty important to understand what and how they think about such matters: we own all the things. It’s all about the dominance.


Bringing The Naïve

Hence, the witless sitting ducks of the Anglican/ Episcopal Entity are letting some Imams pray in the National Cathedral (kind of a Generic American Prayer Barn for state funerals and stuff, but also an Episcopal Church) in Washington DC. No big, you say, Jews & other kinds of Christians have prayed there. Yes, but.

Islam is a territorial conquest/ dominance cult. Once it’s been prayed in (see rule #3) , they think it’s theirs. For eternity. Like the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople? Even if somehow the Christian world got it back as a working cathedral, we’d only be borrowing it, according to Islam.

Islam, AD732.. Note Spain & France, The Byzantines lost 1/2 their Empire.

So, from this day foward, when Muslim Friday Prayers bray forth mocking Christians and the Trinity and Jesus, the National Cathedral is a mosque, and belongs to Islam (see Rule #3). They will claim it officially, if they can, just like they are trying to ‘get back’ the former mosque in Cordoba, from back before the 1400s when most of Spain was theirs– and it still is, according to Muslim law & custom along with most of Spain– (see Rule #1).

Mine, Allah Mine!

Islam, AD1580, Once Byzantium Fell

Technically, an aggressive Turkey owns all that the Safavid/ Ottoman Empire used to dominate, including Israel, the Balkans, most of the Middle East, parts of Southern France, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria; also most of Spain, and including bits of Italy, most of the Mediterranean, all of North Africa (see Rule # 3, and Rule #4)…..

I cannot go back to Scotland, Moldova, England, or Eastern Germany and claim land and rights just because some of my ancestors lived there once. If I were Muslim, that’s exactly what I could do; and every place with a mosque is also a territorial outpost and claim on that land and area in the name of Allah, and the Dar Al-Islam (lands or house of Islam). Think: opportunistic infection; or, The Borg, from Star Trek.

Clue In, Fools

A Jolly Nice Place For Tea!

Remember: there is no secular law, international law, human rights law, or non-Islamic law for authentic Islam– such laws are evil, or irrelevant. That’s Islam 101, which most Western Christian clergy have not learned. The wiffle-brained folks in DC having the Imams over for tea think it’s a jolly nice thing showing brotherhood, dialogue, caring & sharing, cuddly-wuddly whatnot.

Guess Who’s Coming For Tea

Awwww.. cuddles!.. they came for tea! (and claimed the place forever). Who’s coming over for tea, exactly?

The Islamists expected at the cathedral include representatives from theIslamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In 2009, both groups were confirmed as co-conspirators in a conspiracy to deliver funds to the Gaza-based Hamas jihad group, which regularly launches attacks to kill Jews in Israel.

How nice. What an insulting smack in the face to Christians, and Anglicans, in parts of the world who are dying and being persecuted by Islam.

They Want What-Now?

That’s only if you stick to the surface, and stupidly or arrogantly assume that all people think alike, and that what Islam has been doing to the world for 1400 years, at the cost of 270 000 000 deaths is all about caring and sharing. Remember: they actually believe that world is theirs, and if we will not surrender & convert, then we will be plundered, either beheaded or enslaved (2014: like the Yazidis & Christian Iraqis and Syrians), or made pay the special punishment tax and various humiliations as 4th class citizens, (2014: like the Egyptian Copts).  Ask yourself: how many church buildings are there in Saudi Arabia? Zero.



This is territorial, symbolic and religious claim to the largest religious building in the heart of The Great Satan, America (Israel being “The Little Satan”). Imagine a group of Pentecostals (somehow) allowed to pray in Mecca, and “claiming” the Ka’aba Mosque for Jesus.

Our own ignorance, good intentions, fear, desire to placate, and multicultural arrogance is the greatest part of the problem with invasive aggressive Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas Islam (fronted across America by activist-style groups like CAIR, ISNA, and the other alphabet soup of cover-names and double-faces).

Be Vigilant, Learn Up

Says Andrew Bieszad over at One Peter 5,

“My advice to fellow Catholics is twofold: First, do all in your power to prevent your local church from being used for Muslim prayers, because it is about domination, not dialogue. Second, prepare spiritually, mentally, and yes, even physically to combat an increasingly aggressive Islam. While this may be a “historic event,” seen only for its spiritual significance, it may well be the hallmark of much more.”

They Muslims are at war, stealth & otherwise; they are deadly serious, and they know we are mostly clueless. THIS– this is what happens to people who ignore or mis-learn (or dreamily wish otherwise) than the actual lessons of history. ~

America fighting piratical Islam.. at the Shores Of Tripoli, (1801–1805)
America vs. piratical Islam .. at the Shores Of Tripoli… like in the song.