Conversion Is The Key

Sunday Preachment.. Only A Day Late


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FORMER HARD-CASE feminist brain-washer, SJW Cheerleader & Special Snowflake Laci Green has converted from her former religion (versus her former former religion of Mormonism) to.. well.. something on the way.

Ideally, of course, she would not just stop at alt-right Red Pillism, and seek the fullness of reality in Catholic Christianity. One thing at a time.

It has been said before (by me and others) that Cultural Marxism is a false religion, and a brain-disease. Pleasantly presenting facts, real people, contrary evidence is not the key to saving people from such delusions– it requires a total conversion of mind, heart, and will, a painful death of delusion, and awakening to the Real.

Equally, people willing to kill & die for Allah don’t want to hear about milk-water diversity and lukewarm “Don’t Care Too Much” inclusion, which is the food of ghosts and dessicated half-souls, and people who don’t believe in the Real anymore. Jihadis are people craving serious crusade (remember those?), committed to their deity, and offering everything– you know like pre-asteroid Catholicism represented.

The new stuff? “Hurray us, God!” Yawn. Or “Be nice? Pleeeeease?”, between booms.


Many Muslim converts to Christianity report not being converted by sock-puppets, wince-worthy worship, or endless rounds of ‘Kumbayah‘– but by overwhelming meetings & visions with the real & risen Lord Jesus himself.

Supernature hates a vacuum– if we are empty, Something will replace God in us and for us. The answer to Feminism, the Alt-Right, and Islam is that we and they need to meet Jesus anew– and in the conversion of each one, find the world has been redeemed as it always has been, one soul at a time. ~




When They Remember…


~ ITEM: Son And Dad with Alzheimer’s Sing Together.. Quando Quando Quando (1968)

~ ITEM: Astonishing YouTube Vids– Alzheimer’s & Music Therapy; and visit to learn more.. OR DONATE AN iPOD!! Speak to your local nursing homes & health care politicians about this, if it’s not in your area.

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~ DO YOU HAVE you have a friend or loved one with Alzheimer’s?

I’ve seen the amazing musical memory of such people over and over and over in nursing homes, in the ‘quiet’ wards.

The soul is still there, but a veil has fallen in the brain, and ‘Now’ is just a jumble. The past? Still very present and alive for many. That’s why they often won’t recognize close loved ones– you didn’t look like that 30 years ago. Make of them what can be made, and rejoice with them when they can.

How Do I Even..?

Bring music. Hymns (old ones); music from the time of their youth (when were they 15-30?). Sing to them and with them when they click in. Read to them form the old version of the Bible– familiar Psalms and Gospel stories, and familiar prayers. Learn up and talk to them about old news, events of past days, interests they had when younger.

I remember one dear lady in Cape Breton who was suffering from this– but she still played the organ every week for the nursing home chapel services, and almost never missed a beat. Likewise, a dear lady in a wheelchair who recognized almost nobody, and did not respond to mostly anything– except tapes of old-timey hymns, which she remembered completely, and sang along with her husband, who would bring the tape-player in three times a week. She didn’t know him any more– but she knew love, and the music and the words.

A Battle For Life

And in the face of increasing pressure & laws to kill the sick & old– here’s a pretty specific way to help, to show love, and redemption of the time, and to fight for each creature of God, and the dignity of every human being as made in the image of God.

The main problem with helping such folks is us– it feels weird, and awkward, and we wouldn’t like to be like that. Get over yourself. +


Teh Binks


There Are Days….


~ ITEM: How the spoon theory helps those suffering chronic pain and fatigue, by
Emily Band

N.B.: Please read the very helpful comment below by Pete B.


~ YOU KNOW PEOPLE who live with chronic pain, and some of them you don’t even suspect of it. We can look fine; sound fine; but behind the tight smile and the subtle tension in our body lies the reality.

I have been in some form of chronic or recurrent pain & various diseases since I was a teen. It’s gotten worse since then.

Another Life

Any of us get little bruises, cuts, headache, a broken bone, minor surgery, sore throats and the like. We then have a swift return to our normal largely pain-free life. We forget what the pain was even like, glad to be well again.

That’s not the life of someone with chronic pain, disabling, or disease– whatever the cause. Pain is the norm, relief the occasional thing.


Sometimes, it keeps you awake at night, trying to find a position where the break-through pain does not ruin whatever sleep you can manage (chronic pain can push away deep, restorative, dream-sleep).

Often, it blights an entire day if you don’t manage to distract yourself with video or audio or busy-work, and the sweet embrace of pain-management. It ranges from aches and throbs, stings and stiffness (think the morning after a really hard exercise day) all the way to– well– pondering suicide to just make it stop. And no, I’d never make a nurse or doctor or clinic co-guilty with my self-murder.

Meaning Well


Loved ones try to sympathize, understand, help us– but after a while, it gets exhausting for them, too. Just Get Better! Man Up! Rub Some Dirt On It! Is It Really That Bad? Get Over Yourself! Might this be a cure? Oh, What Now?!

Or, with the vultures hovering about in the euthanasiac movement: Surely Death Is Better Than This! It’s the very voice of Satan, promising false peace.. for a moment. “Did God really say….?

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quwiet


People in chronic disabling pain get used to keeping secrets, forcing smiles, not wanting to bother or burden others, keeping everything to themselves– it’s like a double-punishment sundae with a cactus on top: (1) the pain, (2) then the feeling bad for being in pain, and (3) the stress and depression and anxiety and disappointment of a pain-filled life, then– (4) keeping most of it to yourself, and not wanting to be a bother.

Sometimes, it’s just easier not to say anything much.

Blessed Distractions

If it were not for my wife, reading, prayers, my dear dog Dr. Wee Wallace, some blogging and some online friends, and video/ movies/ computer games, my life would be immeasurably more unpleasant than it is. I have blessings.

It’s one of the reasons I object to Social Justice Warriors trying to rewrite, forbid, whitewash and fiddle with pop culture, literature, the gaming world, and whatever else they can toxify with ideology. Or the euthanasiac death-merchants, selling damnation and suicide in one fell swoop.

As I’ve remarked before, for me that’s a lot like asking how much poop I’d like in my soup. None please, and Go The Eff Away, Thank you very much.

Take It Up


Until I die, apparently I have some suffering to do. Some offering up of prayer, pain, joy, peace, all of it, until all my sins are burnt away, and I am refined in the furnace of eternal love.

This is my cross and burden, to bear with love. This is the cross burning into my flesh, crucifying me to My Saviour, and Him to me.

This is my cross and calling, and I will not shrug it off, or run away, nor seek to set it down until He tells me that it’s time to do so. ~

take up your cross 001


Lance That Boil

SJW “Programs” Are Like Countless Infected Boils

~ ITEM: Friend of Trigglypuff is mad about Trigglypuff being Trigglypuff… Angry SJW Demands Student Journalist Be Punished for Filming #Trigglypuff

~ ITEM– AMERICAN DIGEST– #TrigglyPuff: This is What a Social Justice Warrior Looks Like; and don’t forget: What #TrigglyPuff Means : The Other McCain

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DISCOUNT COMMUNISM– otherwise known as ‘social justice’– is a raging infection in the Western body academic and body politic. It’s been around since the 1930s, but has broken out afresh on the campuses of 2016, after the previous fevers of the 80s and 90s.

Let’s be clear: “social justice” is sneaky communist talk for a communist revolution in thought , society, and politics. Period.

Social justice is not about ‘seeking justice in society’, but about utopian violence, barbarism, fanaticism, irrationality, cult-like behaviours, and “being outraged” on behalf of victims of real or imagined injustice. In short, “Western society is imperfect, therefore it must be wrecked and replaced (and no, we’re not kidding), and don’t remind us of the 20th century record of Communism, thanks very much!


The shelving of post-secondary education as academic learning and mastering various topics? Bah! Instead, we must be cheerleader advocates and activists of said topic! Disasterous for students, the universities, the job market, for having a well-educated populace, for racial and political peace– well, pretty much for everything. Don’t just study the history of Nazism, become a Nazi.. er.. Communist revolutionary!

Enprovening It

Sargon of Akkad’s recent video on “What Is A Social Justice Course?” goes into the sort of thing happening in many North American and some European universities. Sargon even has a cheeky Change.Org petition up, “Petitioning UNIVERSITIES: Suspend Social Justice Courses“. I’ve also had several recent blog-posts up about the current state of whackademia.


SO– screams of censorship, raisinism, sectism, homophonia, no-platforming, fake hate-crimes, social media lynching gangs.. rage.. threaten.. throw.. mob.. bite.. scream. Yeah, SJWs, you’ve made your kind of politics plenty clear in recent psycho-rages against non-SJW talkers on various campuses. You’ve not actually proven any points, but you’ve demonstrated the kind and quality of people you are: middle & upper middle-class fascists.

We Built This

If the alternative online media had just reported dry facts, lotsa shrugs and “Who says?” would have resulted– but actual video of the people, the tactics, the brain-insane results of SJW-style courses and activist professors? Priceless!

Take this admirable young scholar of the class of 2018ish, for example, from a recent talk at an American university. Mz. Cora Segal is the future.


So: SJWs and radicalized profs are wreckifying colleges, wasting tax-dollars on miseducation, threatening free speech, and turning education into revolutionary programs advocating political and societal ideology and radicalism? Right, then. Regarding all social-justice oriented/ womens or gender studies/ etc. and similar fraudulent & ideological university “programs” and the professors & ‘educators’ of the same?



Radical enough for ya?

So saith

Teh Binks


Blood Of The Martyrs

“The Conversion of Saint Paul”, Caravaggio, 1601

UPDATE Gruesome Details Emerge of Islamic State Slaughter of Four Nuns in Yemen; also Canada: What Is PM Useful Idiot Doing About ISIL’s Genocide Against Christians?

~ ITEM: Is Christianity being wiped out of the Middle East and Africa? Is Europe next?; John Rhys-Davies: Christians are under attack

~ ITEM: Adam Carolla Podcast– John Rhys-Davies and Peter Spencer

~ ITEM: YouTube: “isis christian persecution

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LONG AGO, a zealous interrogator and his death-squad are riding to their next big destination: a large city, reportedly ripe with the new extremists. Oh, yes, the scum will suffer!

Out of nowhere, the interrogator is blasted by a blinding light; his horse rears, and he’s thrown down to the dusty road.

A booming voice outside and yet inside his head, too: “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?”

“Wh-who are you, Lord?” His vision is now gone entirely.

Then the voice says, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

Sometimes you have to be flat on your back before you can look upwards, and towards God.

The interrogator’s life shatters into countless pieces.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

That Jesus in whom he disbelieved, whose followers he persecuted and against who he breathed threats and murder– He is in fact the Risen Lord, The only-begotten Son of the Father, the true promised Messiah of the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets.

Soon, Saul of Tarsus is baptized, and from being a persecutor and rounder up of Christians for trial and execution, he becomes Paul The Apostle to the Gentiles, ultimately dying by execution-sword outside Rome, having travelled much of the Roman world for Jesus.

An Astonishing Thing

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

Those are astonishing words, if you ponder them. In the suffering of his faithful sheep, it is Jesus himself who is being persecuted. It brings new light to his teaching “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”

A White Robed Army

Around the world, Christians are at this very moment suffering for their faith. Death, assault, torture, rape, trial, arson, destruction of churches and holy books, imprisonment.

Right now, part of what the U.S. supported ISIL is doing is rounding up young Christian women and girls for rape by their troops; beheading and crucifying other Christians; converting churches into mosques; burning Christian libraries and thousands of priceless ancient documents.

Recent News:

UN Must Recognize Genocide, By Olivia Summers; U.S. House Passes Unanimous Genocide Bill

ISIS burns hundreds of Christian books in Mosul in its latest attempt to wipe the religion from civilisation

ISIS Rapes, Crucifies, and Beheads Syrian Christian Missionaries, Including a 12 Year-Old Boy

Elsewhere: “We are making major progress in the heartbreaking case of a Christian who was tortured to death by local police in Pakistan

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

That’s not including the sufferings of Christians for their faith in China, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and via increasing repression and exclusion in the West. The 20th century– under Communism, Nazism, and a resurgent Islam, saw more Christians tortured and martyred simply for being Christians than in the previous 20 centuries combined. Most people don’t know the scale of this historic evil, and many just don’t care.

Where are we in 2016?

Right here:

“The Islamic State (ISIS) is committing evil. ISIS is purposefully and methodically slaughtering Christians and other religious minorities to eradicate them.”

The response of international human rights groups? The UN? The heads of most Western governments, including “Christians” like Obama, or Junior Trudeau? Major media outlets? Virtual silence, or else only minor, belated, and muted concern.


Politically correct & Muslim-pandering Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is wrong: Prioritizing refugee claimants isn’t “disgusting.” Anti-Christian genocide is. And he’s cancelled the prioritizing.. just open the floodgates for the “migrants”.

Even worse? In the manufactured “Migrant Crisis”, both Turkey and Western governments are not sending actually persecuted and suffering Christians, refugee camp dwellers, and other faith groups first of all to the West– but Muslims currently dwelling in Turkey. It’s a genocide we’re aiding and abetting.

Actual Christians


The average Christian is not a rich white TV evangelist or millionaire mega-pastor, but an impoverished woman from the third world. Sadly, most Western elites are lapsed or cultural Christians, who imagine that the church and thus most Christians are rich, white, safe, comfortable, and rather narrow-minded and unpleasant about.. certain sensitive topics.

What ancient and mdoern dictators and extremists know, even if soft and gelatinous Western elites don’t, is that faithful Christians can be tough, hard-working, resilient, faithful, unyielding in important matters, supporters of human rights & freedoms, speakers against injustice and misrule, aiders of the poor and needy, and peaceful enemies of brutal regimes.

The Fight Back

Thankfully, groups like the ACLJ and others are fighting for their brothers and sisters in Christ in practical, legal, and political venues.

“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

If He is who He said He was; and if we either help, or instead stand by doing nothing, our everything could hang in the eternal balance.

Donate to groups like the ACLJ (click here); pray for the persecuted church; get educated on persecution in the past and present; write letters to your local, regional, and national representatives; write letters ans speak out to international governments; and in all of it, persist until you make a difference, and help those who cannot now help themselves, and who will be encouraged by knowing people care.

“Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me…. Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.”


Saith Teh


Death To Granny.. For A Start


~ CANADA IS about to join the ranks of tax-funded medical murderers. The slope has never been more slippery, and now it’s being greased up even more.

The 20th century witnessed an unprecedented intrusion and invasion of the state into more and more areas of basic human existence– conception, birth, youth, education, speech, thought, marriage, reproduction & child-rearing, middle age, doctoring, sickness, old age, and death. Progressives have short-sightedly celebrated their ‘victories’ over the older moral, legal, and religious consensus, at the same time as a giant shadow grows higher behind them: the all-powerful dehumanizing über-state.

As a former parish pastor, I’ve attended hundreds of deathbeds, done hundreds of funerals, counseled and comforted the dying, their families, friends, and loved ones. Death can be scary– so is suffering, and uncertainty, and the fear of dying alone, or in great pain, or uncomforted, or being kept alive by machines just because machines can do it. Believe me, I really do get it.

RIP, My Father

My own father was a doctor, researcher, and pathologist. He’d made it clear he wanted nophoto-2-e1379607467530-150x150 heroic measures whilst dying. Unfortunately, he actually died entering the local ER, so they did what they should have done, and brought him back, and filled him with tubes and IVs and all the life-saving things.

Once revived, he made clear by weakly tugging on the tubes what his wishes were. After some long-distance talk amongst his sons, there was a meeting with the doctors as to his express wishes. He’d had a chain of strokes. His body was weak, and massively infected. The special drugs he needed for lung enzymes were barely working anymore. He’d already died once– this was his time to return to God.

Out came the tubes. He’d lost his speech with the last stroke, but his relief was evident in smiles and glad looks. He had a chance to hold hands with everybody who could be there. My little brother shaved him up, put him in one of his beloved famous Hawai’ian shirts (his mother was born & raised there), and in his glory, he had his happy farewell, with love and prayers all around him.

The lung enzyme medication was gradually withdrawn, and he fell into a deepening sleep, then into death. RIP.


Danger, Will Robinson!

He’d always said to me that for modern medicine, death was seen as a failure, as something defeating medical powers, so extreme measures were often not about the person, but about the medico-technological imperative to fight death as if it was a disease, as if people should never die, and medicine was the answer to that age-old and abiding question-mark hovering over death. Now, we’re hastening towards forcing death hand. What, progress?

Humans are flawed beings, with great powers, mixed motives, and a nearly comical blindness for results and consequences. If we let healthcare bean-counters and committees of the well meaning– or ill meaning– in Canada gang up with people who just want to be rid of themselves or of people who are nuisances, then we will surely and tragically follow the inhuman path of the medical murderers in Belgium, Holland, and many of our own Canadian hospitals– only it will be official, and, increasingly, taken out of the hands of the patient, or their family. ITYS.

itysometer (2)

Adolf Told Us So

Playing God never ends well, even if we think the law of regrettable and ‘unseen’ consequences won’t apply to us, not this time, only all those other times. The many many dead and silenced victims of euthanasia in Europe over the last 40+ years have fulfilled Hitler’s dream that only the strong (and medically inexpensive) deserve life. The rest are useless eaters, and untermenschen— or in the case of Chinese medical totalitarianism, a rather profitable source of fresh organs.

Even more tragically, every new case of medical suicide/ murder in the news by someone trying to ease their pain or death plays right into the hands of (a) the managers, who want death to be as easy as modern abortion, and (b) those who want to think that death is a final end, that there is no God– or, that he forgives anything, even unrepented suicide or medical murder, because He’s a nice old dude. Kill away! Killy kill killy kill kill!

We Are The Supers

No worries– it’s all good. We know better. We’re so very smart, and powerful. We will fix all the problems, and, quite frankly, God and his merciful rules and whiny followers be damned.

You well-meaners and bean-counters and death-dealers and lawyers and medical murderers promoting “Good Death” are worse than the totalitarians and compromised medical people of the Third Reich or The Glorious Soviet Revolution– or of Belgium and Holland over the last generation and a half. Only this– we already have their horrible example documented & set plainly before us, and yet we have chosen evil: to ignore all limits and warnings and dangerous precedents, to follow that dark path of mercilessness and slaughter and innocents silenced.

For the dark gods of ‘progress’ will demand ever more sacrifices.. even you, or your friends & family. Watch for it.


Attention Please, Useless Eaters!..

So: all you cripples, feebs, gimps, cretins, geezers, disabled, depressoids, expensively ill, retards, comatoids, disgruntled, end-stage illness, politically awkward, too-slowly-dying: they’ll have a little list. Alongside the Boomers making a hash out of choosing ‘good’ deaths as much as they’ve made a mess out of life and everything else over the last 70+ years. Thus, we who live with chronic health problems, disability or the weaknesses of old age may well end up as living sacrifices to our bold new world of managing everything, handy organ harvesting, big state everywhere, and playing God– even though we are not divine, or good, or infallible, and yet think we can exercise coercive and death-dealing powers over the weak and innocent and dying.

It used to be said that the true measure of any society was how it treated the most vulnerable; the Bible enjoined mercy and charity towards the widows and fatherless and hungry, and the stranger in the land. It was easy to be kind when the world economy was booming– but how much more important now that our world financial bust threatens everything– including our over-burdened health-care, and the aging Baby-Boomer wave now approaching it.


Heavenly Speaking

Suicide via medical murder puts all the immortal souls involved at risk of mortal sin and eternal consequences not to be imagined. Suffering, uncertainty, need, and fear– even death itself– are not the worst things possible, after all.

Medical suicide/ medical murder is ultimately our crisis of faith in a God who redeems life, suffering, and death, through his divine Son. Suffering in love and patience and prayer is a lesson we need very much to relearn, in the reconversion to God which our rotting society needs, lest the lights go down in the West in unbelief and death and ignorance.

Saith Teh Binks: No!


As for me? Dear Euthanasiacs: Mind Your Own Damned Business, and hands off with your deadly and bloodthirsty and false ‘compassion’. You bastards.

Don’t even try to tell me that my life– or that of any suffering or sick person– is just not worth living, that our quality of life is too low, or that I’ve lived a good long life, or that some illnesses are rather costly, or that you can’t imagine how terribly miserable I might be, and you’d not want to suffer any of it. Go Wah yourself somewhere else.

I was born and will live and die a free man of the West, and my God-given life and destined God-given death are between me and my suffering and Risen Lord, and my loved ones and friends. How about you? ~

Saith Teh