T R A N S Horror Show, Canada




~ THIS HEROIC Canadian woman is risking her finances, her future– even possibly her freedom– to make sure the story of the t r a n s horror-show in Canada gets told.

What’s at stake? Permanent mutilation & hormonal mistreatment of children & youth, denial of parental rights, & legal & media harassment is being used to silence critics, questioners, journalists, and people asking why this bizarre activity is being allowed across the country.

SHARE this video & links, write your MLA, MP, the PMO, and cc: the letter to your local newspaper & TV news outlets.

It’s time to stand up, face the bullies & crazy ideologues, and to say “THIS far, and no farther!”


Intro Video

Her forbidden video:


Use the following link to download & save (in case it’s deleted): jsut copy the BitChute link above, drop it into the url spot, and save as mp3.



Mehta: Guilty Until Proven Guilty?


~ JUST WOW. Pretty much speaks for itself, eh? Soviet tactics at a Canadian university. Here are my past Mehta stories.

Here’s recent coverage of the story by Andrew Lawton, and his copy of the statement below. Andrew is a Canadian treasure.

IMHO, the AU President should be sacked. And what will CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers) say?

I expect NOTHING from Glorious Leader Justin in Ottawa, because Prof. Rick is a thought-criminal. They’re barely human, let alone Canadian, dontcha know.




Rick Mehta
44 mins · 2018 09 09

Statement by Rick Mehta Regarding His Dismissal from Acadia University


On August 31, 2018, President Peter Ricketts fired me from my position of Associate Professor of Psychology at Acadia University. In the letter that he gave me at my dismissal hearing, he stated that he was firing me on the basis of issues that “were wide ranging and include failure to fufill [my] academic responsibilities, unprofessional conduct, breach of privacy, and harassment and intimidation of students and other members of the University community.”

President Ricketts’ letter of dismissal states only broad categories of misconduct instead of providing any specific examples of misconduct on my part. The university hid behind vague accusations and opaque investigations, while refusing to spell out their concerns – which were based on filtered complaints. I believe that their stealth charges were pretexts to get rid of me at any cost. The real reason for my dismissal has to do with a culture war that is taking place in universities all over Canada and much of the Western world.

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Steynian 483nd

A Very Useful Idiot


~ ITEM: Conservatives slam Trudeau over marijuana legalization stance, saying drugs have ‘harmful effect’

~ ITEM: Teenagers who smoke cannabis damage their brains for LIFE and may be more likely to develop schizophrenia

~ ITEM: Muslim Canadian Congress slams Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for appeasing Islamists

~ ITEM: Tarek Fatah speaks with David Menzies about Justin’s relationship with ISNA, a group with ties to Islamists

~ ITEM: CAIR-Canada changes name to cover links with Hamas-linked CAIR.. Islamo-Jihad is here in Canada, people.. Binks has noted some details over here; in utterly related news, Government Audit finds Canadian Islamic “charity” ISNA may have funded terrorists. “This is the same ISNA to which Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau pandered last week, flouting the warning that the Muslim Canadian Congress gave him for appearing at one of their events

~ ITEM: Jello Justin will take the position of whatever surrounds him. Brian Lilley exposes his latest flip flops

~ IN ONE WAY, HE’S A GIFT that keeps on giving, is our Canucki Clown Crown-Prince.

Now, sometime weed-smoker Prince Justin panders to the hippies, the kids, and the libertarians.. even though modern pot is 20 times stronger than Woodstock-era bud, and proven to damage brains, induce schizophrenia, promote emotional immaturity and escapism, and (of course) support the mafia, the Taliban, and organized crime. Yay, Prince Justin.

Lots of people like to laugh at Justin– his foot-in-mouth disease, his smug presumption, his manure-eating-grin, his lack of actual accomplishment or political experience. Sound like someone we know, south of the border, down District of Columbia way?

Danger, Will Robinson!

I’ve said it before, and it deserves repeating, that Justin Is Not A Joke, however much he deserves mocking and slighting. He is a useful idiot. He is ready to be (and very well will be) Canada’s Second Obama. His horrid father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, dragged Canada into big government, social radicalism, nationalization, multiculturalism, official bilingualism, easy divorce & promoting homosexuality, severe debt-budgeting, and aligning Canada with China, Cuba, and anybody radical he could find. He created a powerful crony-fied Liberal party that continued his radical ways for decades.

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Binks’ Special Report

FRESH UPDATE– meeting with municipal bullies is ‘disappointing’.. looks like it’s time to get even more busy on this, folks 28.08.AD2010

UPDATE– Forget elections and party politics: go after bureaucrats.. Shaidle & Levant on the matter

Evil Bureaucratical Lawfare

~ ITEM: Jaworski Family News Blog

~ ITEM: A press release Peter Jaworski put together

~ ITEM: What price liberty? Up to $50K

~ ITEM: Kevin Libin: Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat

~ ITEM: National Post editorial board: Save the Liberty Summer Seminar

~ ITEM: Oshawa This Week: Pro-freedom group runs up against Clarington property rights rules

~ ITEM: Toronto Sun: Bureaucracy stomps on liberty seminar, by Brian Lilley

~ ITEM: ReasonMag– Hit & Run: Sorry, But Our Zoning Regulations Forbid You From Celebrating Your Freedom

~ I DO LOVE CANADA, but sometimes my fellow Canuckis really burn my biscuits. Read on, if you dare.

An ordinary family home.. targeted by municipal bureaucrats. Surely it must be a house of ill repute; maybe a mafia HQ; or a crack-house; possibly a terror-cell den; perhaps a Hell’s Angel hideout; a pot grow-op, perhaps? WRONG.

Worse than any of those: it’s a nest of ordinary freedom-loving immigrant Polish-Canadian libertarians who have like-minded friends over yearly to their 40 acres for BBQ, beverages, and bold chat about freedom and liberty and free speech. It’s called The Institute for Liberal Studies. Here’s actual proof of the kind of extremism, free-thinking, and mob-mentality they host:

More here

Get Barb Hall on the line! Call the exterminators! Call the Toronto PD G-20 innocent civilian harassment squad! Get the SWAT ready!


The Renegade Perps

Teh Binks Is Steaming

Back in mid-December ’07 I first head about the attempted silencing of Mark Steyn. Outrage ensued, this website resulted.

This new needless politically correct pestering of the Jaworski family should warn all Canadians that our freedoms exist– according to some officials and intolerant Canadians– at the whim and permission of The Authorities.

It gets even more worser.

Turns out the Jaworskis are actually immigrants to this land from violently former-Communist Poland:

“Our family escaped Poland for fear of reprisals in 1984 after my mom and dad handed out pro-democracy and pro-freedom literature from under my baby carriage,” said Peter Jaworski. “It’s ironic and upsetting that they may now be facing charges in Canada for allowing me to host an event in support of those very same principles.”

Ironic. Sputter, twitch. Dad Jaworski says:

“I will always let my son use our property for what he believes in, and for the freedom we came to Canada to find. If he wants to host a seminar to support more liberty in Canada, we’re not just happy, but proud to let him do that. That’s what you do as parents.”

How horrible and unCanadian, huh?

We’re Not Going To take It!

So, the Binks has some suggestions for freedom-loving folks everywhere (after you read the links above to get all the details correctly, and to get yourself properly worked up).

(1) Read, link, and pass on the link for their news-blog far and wide ASAP. Other blogs, talk-radio, family, e-mail, whomsoever.

(b) The Clarington municipality contact info: The municipality’s main switchboard phone number is 905-623-3379. The mayor is Jim Abernethy. The councillor is Gord Robinson. The contact webpage. Be detailed, polite, and determined: let’s get this municipal harassment stopped. Plus:

Human Resources
Municipality of Clarington
40 Temperance Street
Bowmanville, ON
L1C 3A6


Fax: (905) 623-0608

Telephone Inquiries: 905-623-3379 Extension 258

Be sure to CC your emails to:

Mayor Jim Abernethy

Patti Barrie, in charge of bylaw enforcement

(iii) Donate to support the Jaworski Legal Defence Fund. Period.

(4) Write to your Provincial representative, Member of Parliament, Prime Minister, and newspapers. The local paper is the Orono Weekly Times, P.O. Box 209. Orono, ON L0B 1M0.. oronotimes@rogers.com.

(e) If you’re in the area, call ahead & stay at the Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast. Show your support of freedom & democracy-loving newcomers and hard-working refugees to this country. Orono, Ontario, is a small village about an hour’s drive East from Toronto, between Oshawa and Peterborough. View Large Map

(vi) This is now a frontline in the freedom-war, and fighting for ordinary sensible decent Canadianism, versus the petty bureaucracy and politically incorrect Big Brother stifling the voice of liberty-loving people in this land. Do something about it. That some other local hotelier might have called the red-tape police is only a secondary cause.

Unapproved by the government‘? Then petty bureaucrats and pettier rules and red tape get stuffed.



Steynian 414rd

Binks Gets Results!

DHS drops deportation case against Mosab Hassan Yousef: Son of Hamas. Asylum granted

H/t via Pointe De Veille

Here’s what Mosab himself has to say:

Honestly, I am still in shock. I was sitting beside my attorney, focused on how I would answer the questions that were coming. Gonen ben Itzhak, my dear friend and former Shin Bet handler, had flown in from Israel to testify on my behalf and waited with a security guard in the empty courtroom next door.

Judge Rico Bartolomei was entering into the record all the documents and motions that had been introduced since my last hearing, getting everybody on the same page before we started.

That done, he called for Gonen.

That’s when DHS senior attorney Kerri Calcador dropped the bombshell. The Department of Homeland Security, she said, no longer opposes the asylum petition of Mosab Hassan Yousef.

No one in the courtroom could get hold of what had just happened. Not me, not the judge, not my attorney. We were prepared for several hours of testimony and defense. But 15 minutes after we walked into the courtroom, it was over.

There was nothing left to do. Judge Bartolomei granted me political asylum, pending a routine background check, rose and left the courtroom. Then the security guards efficiently led all of us out of the courtroom, down the halls, through the razor-wired fences and out into the parking lot, where a crowd of well-wishers applauded and cheered and network cameras rolled.

As we drove home through San Diego, we thanked God for his grace and for all those he used to make this happen.

For countless people around the world who prayed for me.

For FOX News, which is a lot more than just a conservative voice. Over the past year and a half, I have come to know and respect the professionals at FOX who have become much more to me than reporters, producers and camera crews. They are good people who had the courage to cover a story that others rejected and/or did not understand. Special thanks to chief correspondent Jonathan Hunt.

For U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), who circulated a letter through the House of Representatives that was co-sponsored by 21 other congressmen, asking DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to give “full consideration . . . to Mr. Yousef’s views and conduct in recent years, particularly his cooperation with Shin Bet at significant risk to his own safety and life.” Signatories include Representatives Frank Wolf (VA), Trent Franks (AZ), Cynthia Lummis (WY), Bill Posey (FL), Kenny Marchant (TX), John Kline (MN), John Shadegg (AZ), Joe Wilson (SC), Daniel Lungren (CA), John Boozman (AK), Michele Bachmann (MN), Marsha Blackburn (TN), Bill Shuster (PA), Joseph Pitts (PA), Lynn Jenkins (KS), Rob Bishop (UT), Jeff Fortenberry (NE), Dan Rohrabacher (CA), Robert Aderholt (AL), Mike Pence (IN) and Aaron Schock (IL).

For Tzachi Hanegbi, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of The Knesset (Israeli Parliament), MK Einat Wilf and other committee members for their very kind letter thanking me for my “actions to strengthen the security of Israeli citizens and Palestinian residents from 1998 to 2007.”

For the wisdom and integrity of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

I am especially grateful to Sarah Stern, president of the Endowment for Middle Eastern Truth. Today’s blessings would not have happened without her and this amazing organization.


Save Mousab Yousef: A True Hero

~ ITEM: Save Mosab Yousef

~ ITEM: “With the new American administration, we seem to be sharply turning from the mish-mash of Bush suspicion and compromise, towards active cooperation with Muslim groups and individuals connected directly and indirectly with the Muslim Brotherhood

~ ITEM: TORONTO JDL Rally in Support Of “Son of Hamas” Mousab Yousef June 29 7:30 PM

~ ITEM: GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn Leading Congressional Effort to Stop Obama Admin From Deporting Son of Hamas Founder Who Spied for Israel, Converted to Christianity

~ ITEM: Homeland Security focusing on the big threats

~ ITEM: Obama’s Islamic Envoy: Obama Dropping References to Islamic Terrorism, Jihadism has Made Him America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam”

~ ITEM: White House welcomes Shariah finance specialist; Obama scholar linked to ‘Ground Zero’ imam

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Steynian 408nd

The long overdue charity web-project Teh Binks was working on is now complete, and Yer Fave Elf is now back on the blog-trail. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

~ B ~

O, We Mighty Masters Of Nature!

~ ITEM: Volcano’s reputation getting hotter

~ ITEM: Good and bad news about new Iceland volcano eruption

~ ITEM: Does God Hate Iceland?

~ ITEM: Cap All Volcanoes – Save the Planet!

~ IT WAS A TIRED old circus, and the most excitement to be had was when Char-LOTTE The Wonder Elephant™ paused a kiddy-ride for a prodigious release of her bowels. Truly elephantine waterfalls and avalanche ensued.

Famous modern circuses– like the old Roman animal spectaculars– were all about showing the domination of man over nature. Dancing animals, tamed tigers, lions through hoops, all the rest: unsinkable ships.. the march of progress.. the bright sunshine of the future and all that– man has conquered!

Except we haven’t: ask Siegfried & Roy.

Kaboom. Urp.

Or ask the people of Europe right now.

The eruption of a volcano is a regular event, most often in ‘foreign’ places, or Hawaii or something. But Europe has Iceland (a bit of the spreading mid-Atlantic ridge above the waves), plus volcanoes in Italy & Greece and elsewhere, and the remnants of extinct or dormant ones all over the place.

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Steynicle 405nd

Shaidle on the HRCs:

“If they fine you, don’t pay;
If they come for you, don’t go;
If they take your computer,
let them have it.. encased in
a freshly poured block of cement.
We have to stop only looking up to people,
and try
being those people.”

Section 13: Radical Rock-Throwing

A Rotten LEAF

~ ITEM: LEAF SubmissionJUST Committee Section 13.pdf

~ ITEM: LEAF, is a Canadian legal organization

~ ITEM: GOOGLE: Leaf & funding

~ ITEM: www.leaf.ca

~ THE STATUS QUO-ITES are coming out fighting, in a new submission to the parliamentary Commission reviewing Section 13 of the Human Rights thing.

So now LEAF– or, The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund– is a radical busy-body group who’ve minded business in many court cases, including some notable human rights debacles.

Their latest intervention is interesting for two reasons.

(1) It’s legally pretty, with all the proper footnotes, citations, and precedent-speak which is part of our legal tradition, even when radical things are being done. The equivalent is a scholar’s paper loaded with the right terminology, bits of Greek, Latin, German, and piled high with footnotes. It’s black tail and tie, with bells on, and partly a comfortable appeal to the lawyerly sort who largely populate parliament and her committee ranks. It shows the nanny-squads are getting worried, and bringing out their big words, and clearest case.

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Steynite 402rd

Happy Hanukkah– Another Jewish Plot!

~ ITEM: Hanukkah and history you can use

~ ITEM: Catching a gimel on the river

A very happy Hanukkah to all our Jew-ite readers, our conspiracy of Hebe bloggers and online friends, and may all the blessings of heaven be upon you. ~

~ GLOBAL FREAKIN’ WARMING?!? It’s blowing a NorWester minus-25C wind chill here, 50kmh+ gusts.. for the second week of three. It’s February already, wood-stove working overtime. Coldest December in years. ~

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Steyniac 401th

Canadian Free Speech Hero

Winner Boissoin & Whiner Lund

~ ITEM: Canadian Minister Appeals Hate Crime Sanctions

~ TO HONOUR THE RECENT victory for Stephen Boissoin against the insane and arbitrary nastiness of the Alberta HRC, and the malice of non-gay bully scumbag Darren Lund, who was cheerfully willing to throw a Christian to the modern bureaucratic lions, no matter the cost or effect on the individual so accused– here’s a link to the infamous letter. Come and get me, ya Nazis.

The process IS the punishment, as many have noted– but more than that, the punishment is the modern equivalent of Pontius Pilate’s “let him off after a good whipping”. Only militant Muslims are crass enough to actually objectify and crucify their enemies– but that we do so with words in the public forum does not reduce the damage done to reputation, job, peace of mind, family life, financial well-being, and all the rest.

Further, Stephen Boissoin is another sign of ‘The Steyn-Levant” effect.. enough noise and notoriety and bad press, and you too can (eventually) get out of the marsupial court rigamarole. That this “proves” the HRC process is peachy-keen? that’s just gravy for the bully speech-coders.

Net effect? Stephen Boissoin is both a warning and chilly example for those who might disagree with same-sex orthodoxy; his 2002 letter is now world-famous (note the resulting world-wide hate-riots and massacres of gays); his life was nearly crushed, his life bankrupted, his former work derailed. We may gather (not least from his picture) that Mr. Boissoin is a man of some character and courage and damn the torpedoes.. for this same brutalizing SEVEN+ YEAR process could ruin a weak, sick, or less determined person.

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Steynian 385


~ PLEASE SUPPORT UN Watch: As a bonus, you’ll piss off tyrants …. (mooseandsquirrel.ca)


~ WHEN YOU THROW AWAY THE REAL COMMANDMENTS, it’s not like you got rid of them, but you’ll be replacing them with other ordinances. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery? Hmm.. Draconian Smoking Bylaws cover that. No Bearing False Witness?.. how’s about mandatory curly-bulbs to save the earth? Never mind all the diets & food rules, speech-codes, politically forbidden topics of conversation or disagreement. We gots commandments aplenty.

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