NewCanada Sucks: M-103 Edition

>> BACKGROUNDERS: Rex Murphy: M-103 has passed. And what today has changed for the better?; also MPs pass M-103 Thursday even as new poll says most Canadians would vote down anti-Islamophobia motion

>> Vagueness of ‘Islamophobia’ is what makes it troublingly all-inclusive, by Farzana Hassan

>> Canada: Muslim judge jails man for 5 months for “no more Muslims” scrawl on bench – Geller Report

Muslim Judge makes sure everybody sees bench scrawl. Idiot. No doubt millions of Muslims to die in Canada, due to heinous bench scrawl.

~ OY, CANADA! With Bill M-103 now passed (and the “after-process” of defining crimes, punishments, and all the rest, in the newly unfree Shariafied Canadia), there is:

(1) What they double-pinky-swear will never happen, nothing to see here, all is well, it’s all harmless, you sillies;

(2) what they plan will happen, NOT the same as (1);

(3) What will develop from what they did & planned, and:

(4) how it will be all abusively mis-applied in the real world.

Progressives are stupid like that– there are no unintended consequences, human nature, sin or Satan or God in their carefully planned magical utopias. That’s why their schemes fail, get horrible, and why they never learn, or care to learn from any mistaks, reality-checks, or reflection. They say X, some magic happens, thus, it is so. Ta-da!

How We Got Here

Here’s how. Oil!! The West fiddled in the Middle East in the last century, after the Turkish Empire fell apart (WWI), for oil & suchlike. The Progressive Left hates the West, and serious Christianity; the newly aggravated Middle East hates the West, and serious Christianity.

Her is a match made in hell, kills two birds with one stone, to crush & divide nations using smelly little progressive pieties and manipulative politics, aided and abetted by soft-Jihad, squishy liberalized churches, with smiles all ’round. Because? Tolerance (enslavement to novel or toxic ideology & religion, for subversive purposes)! This is all subversion.

Militant cultural supremacist Muslims love such useful idiocy, and talk all pretty about rights & freedoms and burning issues and unity and fellowship (watch Iqra Khalid in vid). Liberal Party voters mostly, useful idiots all. ~


BOHIC, 2017

Bend over, cuz here it comes. The all-but open Sharia (Islamic Law on Blasphemy* = anti-Islamic statements, even based on truth & facts, and statements by Muslims) has officially become law in stupid Canada. Let’s give a big welcome to the ridiculous & unjust New UnFreeSpeech Sharia-police Kangaroo Kourts, even worse than the old ridiculous & unjust Human Rights Commission Gestapo Kangaroo Kourts.

This is progress, suicidal Leftist-style. The process will be the punishment, O kuffar infidels! Let the chill, the silencing, the mutual surveillance and tattling and untold suffering and injustice begin!!

Come and get me, Ya damned Islamo-Supremacist faerie fucksticks!

So saith.

Teh Binks**



* Logically, one can only blaspheme (religiously insult) one’s own particular faith. Islam claims to be the one true faith whether you like it or not, with universal insultability by atheists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and whoever else, so shut up, they explained, and cough up $$$. “Logic”, truth, evidence, applicability are not Muslim Supremacist essentials. In a different time and place, this would be “Insulting the Fuhrer”, or “Counter-Revolutionary activity” under Mao, Stalin, or the North Korean or Cambodian or current Chinese regimes. Guilty until  the fair trial, then imprisoned, or shot.

** Just FYI: It was for blogging on such topics that my own dear sainted NDP-Is-Kinda-Right-Wing hyper-Progressive Mother used to call me a racist Nazi, amongst other things. 


Homemade Barbarians


~ ITEM: CAMPUS SJWs Threaten, Assault Attendees at Milo Yiannopoulos Speech at American University (vid)

~ ITEM: Milo Mocks Student Protesters Who Claim His Presence Is a ‘Threat to Their Physical Safety’ at UMass speech; and UMass Amherst students throw temper tantrum at free speech event

Steven Crowder and Christina Hoff Sommers at UMass

+ + +

“GNOTHI SEAUTON!” (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν), said the ancient Greeks (we’re not sure which one, exactly)– Know Thyself! To this general idea, Socrates added: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

That is, true wisdom (true authenticity with self, and others, and ultimately, God & reality), requires time, maturity, and effort– and a mirror. Some introspection. Some self-knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, fixable and unfixable, light & shadows, good and evil– OF YOURSELF. FIRST. With humility, and good humour.

Believe it or not, things like that Greek saying used to be taught on undiversity campuses. The Western way of knowing, of deliberation, moral action, of self-criticism and criticism of a society, of beauty, truth, goodness and right behaviour. Not so much in some sectors of the 21st Century modern college, though.


OK, so 2016– whither ‘Know Thyself’? The examined life? AWOL. Tantrums? Awesome!!


For many current and recent miseducatees, their radicalized professors fill them up with gross lies and half-truths and disproven faerie-tales and propaganda, get them all wound up and passionate, and release them like flying monkeys to accuse, judge, attack, grief, and mock– and even physically assaultThe Evil Other. Look outwards! Look over there! No mirrors needed! Smite!

For unreflective SJWism, all that is imperfect & evil is externalized: know thyself know the enemy! Blame & shame! Attack the ignorants! Down with the evil & wrong-thinks! Juden Raus!  Credere, obbedire, combattere! Smash the four olds! (破四旧). No think, just hate.

Know Thyself, Dude


Put down the bong, the feminist sociology textbook, and your smart-clickety– and grab a mirror, dear rads. Got mirror yet?

Dear SJWs, Campus radicals, progressives– you are the violent and dangerous ones. You are the assaulters, the silencers, the haters, the threateners, the fraud-artists, the no-platformers, the fanatics, the screamers, the interruptors.  The bullies who ignore the right of all to have a say.

Your ignorance-fueled moral fervor does not make you actual  heroes– it’s turning you into 1930s-style Leftist/ Socialist thugs. The fact that you may have nose-rings and tie-dye clothes and purple hair is utterly superficial– you are the Black, Brown, Green shirted barbarians you are claiming to warn everybody else about. You.


A Word To Students

Your radical profs are using, abusing, misusing, and cheating you. ‘Friendly’ and ‘cool’? Whatevs. You are expendable tools in their master-plan utopian games.

Truth– They are only teaching you 1/10th of 1% of the intellectual, philosophical, artistic, literary, and other facets of knowledge which are rightly your inheritance. What dribs and drabs of truth they ration out?  All bent and twisted through circus-clown mirrors of radical distortion.

Bad Radical Prof– Mizzou Extremist & Tuition-Gobbler Mz. Click

Moreover, these con-artists and their costly scam is stealing the formative years of your life, rewarding you with fools gold for your effort and money, and not preparing you for life, heaven & hell, work, adulthood & parenthood & citizenship.. nada.

How about… fact & truth based learning? The books your profs forbid?  Reading? Thinking & debate? Religion & faith? Uniting the passion of youth with the wisdom of the West? Unstoppable! World-changing!!

A Word To The Grown-Ups

Choose very carefully.. or you get a graduated job-free lunatic.

Parents, before you send your kid to college, find out what college will give you in return on your investment of life in the kid, and your investment of time and money for a college. You want a smart, educated, work-ready, well-read life-long learner and adult, not a lazy stoned propaganda-spewing basement commie being bitter on social media for the next 10 years.

Parents and prospective students– Does your proposed place of study have an active Women’s Centre? Safe spaces? Gender Studies Program? Black Lives Matters? Lots of radical campus groups? RED ALERT! No world-class or national-class scholars (or scholar-authors), or well-spoken of programs in real studies areas? RED ALERT! Learn the warning signs of SJW-brain-cancer growth places, and avoid them, as you would steer clear of live cancer soup, or a Nazi-decorated university setting.


Colleges? Take the hint from the Mizzou fallout. No more pandering.

Shut the radical ‘departments’ down, realize that pandering to the Radical Leftards will crush your school as word gets out, and parents wake up. Do what the awesome OSU leadership did— they told cry-bullies “No, you can’t trespass and harass our staff. Get out or get arrested and get completely off campus.” A tiny start.

So Saith,

Teh Binks

Death To Granny.. For A Start


~ CANADA IS about to join the ranks of tax-funded medical murderers. The slope has never been more slippery, and now it’s being greased up even more.

The 20th century witnessed an unprecedented intrusion and invasion of the state into more and more areas of basic human existence– conception, birth, youth, education, speech, thought, marriage, reproduction & child-rearing, middle age, doctoring, sickness, old age, and death. Progressives have short-sightedly celebrated their ‘victories’ over the older moral, legal, and religious consensus, at the same time as a giant shadow grows higher behind them: the all-powerful dehumanizing über-state.

As a former parish pastor, I’ve attended hundreds of deathbeds, done hundreds of funerals, counseled and comforted the dying, their families, friends, and loved ones. Death can be scary– so is suffering, and uncertainty, and the fear of dying alone, or in great pain, or uncomforted, or being kept alive by machines just because machines can do it. Believe me, I really do get it.

RIP, My Father

My own father was a doctor, researcher, and pathologist. He’d made it clear he wanted nophoto-2-e1379607467530-150x150 heroic measures whilst dying. Unfortunately, he actually died entering the local ER, so they did what they should have done, and brought him back, and filled him with tubes and IVs and all the life-saving things.

Once revived, he made clear by weakly tugging on the tubes what his wishes were. After some long-distance talk amongst his sons, there was a meeting with the doctors as to his express wishes. He’d had a chain of strokes. His body was weak, and massively infected. The special drugs he needed for lung enzymes were barely working anymore. He’d already died once– this was his time to return to God.

Out came the tubes. He’d lost his speech with the last stroke, but his relief was evident in smiles and glad looks. He had a chance to hold hands with everybody who could be there. My little brother shaved him up, put him in one of his beloved famous Hawai’ian shirts (his mother was born & raised there), and in his glory, he had his happy farewell, with love and prayers all around him.

The lung enzyme medication was gradually withdrawn, and he fell into a deepening sleep, then into death. RIP.


Danger, Will Robinson!

He’d always said to me that for modern medicine, death was seen as a failure, as something defeating medical powers, so extreme measures were often not about the person, but about the medico-technological imperative to fight death as if it was a disease, as if people should never die, and medicine was the answer to that age-old and abiding question-mark hovering over death. Now, we’re hastening towards forcing death hand. What, progress?

Humans are flawed beings, with great powers, mixed motives, and a nearly comical blindness for results and consequences. If we let healthcare bean-counters and committees of the well meaning– or ill meaning– in Canada gang up with people who just want to be rid of themselves or of people who are nuisances, then we will surely and tragically follow the inhuman path of the medical murderers in Belgium, Holland, and many of our own Canadian hospitals– only it will be official, and, increasingly, taken out of the hands of the patient, or their family. ITYS.

itysometer (2)

Adolf Told Us So

Playing God never ends well, even if we think the law of regrettable and ‘unseen’ consequences won’t apply to us, not this time, only all those other times. The many many dead and silenced victims of euthanasia in Europe over the last 40+ years have fulfilled Hitler’s dream that only the strong (and medically inexpensive) deserve life. The rest are useless eaters, and untermenschen— or in the case of Chinese medical totalitarianism, a rather profitable source of fresh organs.

Even more tragically, every new case of medical suicide/ murder in the news by someone trying to ease their pain or death plays right into the hands of (a) the managers, who want death to be as easy as modern abortion, and (b) those who want to think that death is a final end, that there is no God– or, that he forgives anything, even unrepented suicide or medical murder, because He’s a nice old dude. Kill away! Killy kill killy kill kill!

We Are The Supers

No worries– it’s all good. We know better. We’re so very smart, and powerful. We will fix all the problems, and, quite frankly, God and his merciful rules and whiny followers be damned.

You well-meaners and bean-counters and death-dealers and lawyers and medical murderers promoting “Good Death” are worse than the totalitarians and compromised medical people of the Third Reich or The Glorious Soviet Revolution– or of Belgium and Holland over the last generation and a half. Only this– we already have their horrible example documented & set plainly before us, and yet we have chosen evil: to ignore all limits and warnings and dangerous precedents, to follow that dark path of mercilessness and slaughter and innocents silenced.

For the dark gods of ‘progress’ will demand ever more sacrifices.. even you, or your friends & family. Watch for it.


Attention Please, Useless Eaters!..

So: all you cripples, feebs, gimps, cretins, geezers, disabled, depressoids, expensively ill, retards, comatoids, disgruntled, end-stage illness, politically awkward, too-slowly-dying: they’ll have a little list. Alongside the Boomers making a hash out of choosing ‘good’ deaths as much as they’ve made a mess out of life and everything else over the last 70+ years. Thus, we who live with chronic health problems, disability or the weaknesses of old age may well end up as living sacrifices to our bold new world of managing everything, handy organ harvesting, big state everywhere, and playing God– even though we are not divine, or good, or infallible, and yet think we can exercise coercive and death-dealing powers over the weak and innocent and dying.

It used to be said that the true measure of any society was how it treated the most vulnerable; the Bible enjoined mercy and charity towards the widows and fatherless and hungry, and the stranger in the land. It was easy to be kind when the world economy was booming– but how much more important now that our world financial bust threatens everything– including our over-burdened health-care, and the aging Baby-Boomer wave now approaching it.


Heavenly Speaking

Suicide via medical murder puts all the immortal souls involved at risk of mortal sin and eternal consequences not to be imagined. Suffering, uncertainty, need, and fear– even death itself– are not the worst things possible, after all.

Medical suicide/ medical murder is ultimately our crisis of faith in a God who redeems life, suffering, and death, through his divine Son. Suffering in love and patience and prayer is a lesson we need very much to relearn, in the reconversion to God which our rotting society needs, lest the lights go down in the West in unbelief and death and ignorance.

Saith Teh Binks: No!


As for me? Dear Euthanasiacs: Mind Your Own Damned Business, and hands off with your deadly and bloodthirsty and false ‘compassion’. You bastards.

Don’t even try to tell me that my life– or that of any suffering or sick person– is just not worth living, that our quality of life is too low, or that I’ve lived a good long life, or that some illnesses are rather costly, or that you can’t imagine how terribly miserable I might be, and you’d not want to suffer any of it. Go Wah yourself somewhere else.

I was born and will live and die a free man of the West, and my God-given life and destined God-given death are between me and my suffering and Risen Lord, and my loved ones and friends. How about you? ~

Saith Teh


Eat Up Your Supper, Because…..


~ ITEM: Madman who starved 60 million to death: Devastating book reveals how Mao’s megalomania turned China into a madhouse

~ ITEM: Epic history of Chinese famine in which 45 million starved to death wins £20,000 book award

~ ITEM: The Book Itself— Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962, by Frank Dikötter

~ ITEM: Interview: China’s great famine years ‘were an era of cannibalism’

~ ITEM: Another book– Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962, by Yang Jisheng

+ + +

~ DID YOU EVER KNOW? For those of you of a certain age, being told to finish your beets and asparagus and table-scraps because “there were starving kids in China” will ring a bell. I never knew what it meant, or why my mother said it, exactly.

This man-made famine was widely misunderstood at the time; in modern China it is glossed over as “the three years of natural disaster”; and in the Western history books it is all but forgotten, because Leftism & Marxism. Still, it’s a cultural artifact for people who were kids in the 1960s.

My smart-ass response at the time was: “Well OK, can we send this to them, then?”  The previous era of starving Chinese children was the mid-1930s, under Japanese misrule. The slightly later version changed the starving children to Africa (particularly Eastern Africa), in the great to-and-fro of the Cold War.


The Horror: 1958-1963

Back to my era. Did you ever ask (or were you ever told, or did your parents even know) why in China– a net exporter of food– there were such conditions in the late 50s into the mid-60s? Probably not.

Communism. Mao Tse Tung wanted to hasten agricultural reform, and was greedy for hard currency from the Soviets, and so sold them most of the food China produced. He sold almost all Chinese crops, even if that meant the peasant farmers themselves had nothing left to eat. That, and crazy schemes like shutting down small farms, and making giant collective farms. Which didn’t work.

Mao Starved Them

Communism + lack of reality? = 70 MILLION direct & indirect Chinese deaths.

Mass starvation, eating grass and bark, cannibalism, and upwards of 60-70 million deaths ensued, because Communism can’t science good, and what’s a few millions dead for the progress of the Revolution, blah blah blah.

Truth is, there’s more than enough food in the world to prevent starvation, but as in 1930s Ukraine, Mao’s China or Ethiopia in the We Are The World 1980s, politics (especially progressive politics) are often found at the root of such crises. Entirely avoidable, predictable, and horrible.

Death by starvation– for ideological purposes– has proven quite convenient for human monsters of the 20th century. We’re only ever told half of the story, and well after the fact, by the useful idiots of the Western mass media, who served and still serve all too often as the willing mouthpieces of Lenin, Stalin, Che & Fidel, Mao, and their horrible policies and evil minions.

Read it, and weep: ‘Mao’s Great Famine‘. ~