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‘Manchurian President’ #1 on Non-Fiction List at Amazon!!

Amazon bestseller

…and don’t forget Brenda’s world-class blog:

The Real Barack Obama

Brenda J. Elliott and Pundita discuss ‘The Manchurian President

GraniteGrok: The Manchurian President – thoughts on Chapter 1

Editors, reporters trash Obama project as ‘sensational rubbish’

Media Matters smears “Manchurian President.”

The Obama-Ayers Meeting. What You Haven’t Been Told

‘Manchurian President’: Aaron Klein on Hannity

Blog-Post Tomorrow

.. Replete with many links, too much commentary, and lotsa fresh Binksmeister goodness. Pass the word.

It’ll probably be online later tomorrow, the Lord willing, and the EU-crippling viking volcano gods under Eyjafjallajökull permitting.



Binks Says: Let’s Do Some Good

Haiti was struck yesterday by the worst earthquake in 200 years— a massive magnitude 7.0, equivalent to the force of a 32 megaton bomb— followed by powerful aftershocks.

URGENT: Haiti devastated by huge earthquake— World Vision Canada

ANCHORESSRelief Efforts for Haiti; and Pundita: Haiti earthquake

Pundita: Haiti earthquake with numerous updates

We can do some real good in Haiti, because (1) It’s a nominally Catholic country (not a failed Jihad-state), and (2) there are reputable & established aid work programs there (like World Vision).


`Refrain from evil, and do not do it, but do not refrain from good, but do it. For if you refrain from doing good, you do great sin….`

The Shepherd Of Hermas, c. AD 140

Yep, It’s Going Slower Than Molasses..

.. flowing uphill in February.

No, I’ve not hived off due to generous bribes and cases of The GlenLivet to fight on behalf of the jihad, or Iggy, or Obama, mmkay?

For reasons I’m not free to divulge, that’s how fast blogging is going right now in 2010. I’m actually working away it until I’m all but cross-eyed, but the current post is already days in the making, and I’m still at least a day or three away from any blankety-blanking end product.

Apologies, and thanks for your patience,


Yes, He Said

.. of himself in the third-person singular, Teh Binks will in fact stop harping on the Toronto Islamapalooza, and get back to regular too-many-links blogging tomorrow.

Just a reminder as we come up to AD 2010– this is the COMPLETING year  of the decade (10/10, 2001-2010=10 years), not the start of a new decade. Why? Because there was no Year Zero, just -1BC, then AD1.

Of course, for addle-pated nit-picking detail weenies like Teh Binks, explaining any of this during Y2K was a lost cause.. the new millennium actually began on January 1st, 2001, and not New Year’s Day, AD2000.

So there, he said.

To recap after the diversion, regular blogging resumes very soon.


The Last In A Series?

~ YET ANOTHER FRESH Canucki Jihad Toronto 2009 Islamoganza article just posted online by Teh Binks.. it’s Utopia, Ho!

If you missed the two preceding screeds, they are:

I. Have A Holly Jolly, Puny Kuffars!

II. RIS-8? Kumbayah, It Ain’t…

now including

III. Utopia, Ho!

They are all thoughts arising more or less directly on the occasion of a giant Toronto Islamic Conference which started on Christmas Day, hosting 17000 people, and featuring some of the royalty of the stealth and open Jihad, right in the urban heart of Canada. It’s a fist shaken in the face of Canada, and the West.

If I’ve erred in fact or interpretation, I accept the fault, and blame no Jewish conspiracies, nor Jihadi interference. My usual peculiarities of spelling, grammar, and style are– like– just the way I roll, yo.

binks-dot-webelf at gmail-dot-com

Binky’s Terrible Secret…

.. is not so scandalous as you might imagine: I run an anti-Jihad site as well as Free Canuckistan. It’s called Canucki Jihad, and partly because of poor memory, slackitude, and general disorganization, I’ve not promoted all the work I’ve done over there attacking the Jihad in Canada.

That also means I even sometimes forget to post.. anyhow, click on over to the past year of entries, taking on anybody and anything in the target-rich environment that is Jihad-riddled Canucki society & politics.

Right now, this elf is rechecking the site for grammar, mispellings, and infelicitous formatting, to purty it up for y’all.. and being impressed with myself for doing so much work and largely forgetting it had even been written. Duhr.

Please bookmark & pass the word about Binkses’ Canucki Jihad. Let me know what you think, and pass on any worthwhile links or news or tips.


An Happy & An Merry, 2009

~ NEWS, SCHMEWS– Sez this Elf: sometimes, ya just gotta stop staring at the crazy, and take some time away. Thus, any interesting seasonal linkies that snag my short attention-span, including from our regular bloggers, will be part of this bloggy X-Mastravaganza, along with cartoons, music, prayers, and whatever else suits Teh Binks. If you insist on glutting on news during the season, use all the blogroll links.

Oh, and since I celebrate Christmas properly, even unto 12th Night (Epiphany Eve, January 5th), you can keep sending Amazon.com loot this way long after the 25th-Frenzy has turned into Boxing Month.

So grab a hearty mug of elf-nog, and enjoy… and every blessing from The Binkses to all of you, and for 2010, too! ~

More Than Words

O come, all ye faithful

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