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Unauthorized medieval history! An online course with Professor Rachel Fulton Brown (UChicago). Don’t miss out!


The professor’s course is not to be missed. Unlike too many modern Medievalists, she believes in God, and in the true, the good, and the beautiful. This is important.

Such things are not museum exhibits– stuffed, pinned like insects, and rendered harmless. They are dangerous & alive, just like God Himself. Reality-bombs, just waiting to go off, and wake us up.

TIMOTHY WILLARD– C.S. Lewis & The Unsafe God

The Course

This first episode is free. After that, it’s only $5 per month for subscription & access to future Medieval History course episodes, and the entire video-catalogue at Unauthorized.tv: https://www.unauthorized.tv

First Episode:
Medieval History

The Study Guide


Rachel Fulton Brown’s excellent blog:

Fencing Bear at Prayer— Musings of an Entish Presby-Catholic medievalist on training the soul in virtue in the postmodern West.

The good professor also writes books, available via Amazon.com.

Rachel Fulton Brown April 2017
Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown

Trump: Very Distraction, Much Spoofing

angelwing flares

ANOTHER UPDATE: ITEM: Just FYI.. Soros’ board member chairs firm running Utah’s online voting. What could possibly go wrong? COUGHVotingFraudCOUGH.. mind you, the entire U.S. online & e-voting system is completely and totally corrupt, ridiculous, unverifiable, and transparently defraudable at every stage. The pretense of American democracy has been subverted for all future elections. 

In unrelated news, LEAD ORGANIZER Jacinta Gonzalez Who Shut Down Hwy to TRUMP RALLY Is.. wait for it… a Soros-trained “Soros Fellow” from New Orleans.

UPDATE— ITEM: Nothing To See Here– SHOCK VIDEO: Protester beheads Trump effigy hanging from noose

~ ITEM: Bush ’43’s RINO Consultant– Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump‘.

~ ITEM: Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: ‘Don’t Be Fooled,’ Anti-Trump Protest Movement Really ‘Professional Agitators’; Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century isn’t Anti-Trump, It’s Pro-Democracy; plus MoveOn.Org-Backed Protest Movement: Breitbart Readers ‘Are With Us’. Snort. 

~ ITEM: HUMOUR– Secret Republican blueprint for stopping Donald Trump revealed. Shhhh! Be vewwy, vewwy qwiet! It’s Twump hunting season!

~ ITEM: Protesters clashed with supporters of Donald Trump after he gave a speech in Utah on Friday

~ ITEM: Conservative movement professionals in Washington, D.C. are plotting to form possible “blacklist” of Donald Trump supporters to be shunned by the conservative movement, never to return?

+ + +

THAT’S A GLORIOUS sight above– a C-130 doing an emergency maneuver called ‘Angel Wings’ (for obvious reasons). It’s cool-looking, but very serious– the plane is practice-dropping flares meant to distract & deflect deadly heat-seeking missiles from ground or air. To make the missiles mis-track as if one of the flares is the actual target.

Our modern life is full of deliberate disinformation, and large-scale distraction from events, truth, facts. One way to tell what’s really going on is to pay attention for more than four seconds– to look past the chaff, the distraction, the misinformation.

Track-back. Dig deep. Screen-cap. Fact-check. Check twice, and thrice. Verify. And check out the enemies-list, too.

Comb-Over Rising


Love him or hate him, the super-polarizing Donald Trump seems to be a Yuge pounding migraine headache to all the various establishments, secret groups, and master-planners. Why?

He’s not in the plan– unless it’s some secret double-cross where he IS the plan, but is made to look not so, but then we’re so far into the rabbit hole that Bugs Bunny himself stopped digging a while back. Not going there….

As far as horrid scumbags go, I’d be honoured to have Big Mama Hillary and her mafia of drones, the NYC Banking clan, the Bush dynasty, the Bilderbergs, George Soros, the Republican backroom, the rental mobs of faux protesters, and the entire American political establishment flipping out and having a stroke at the sound of my name. Fraud! Literally Hitler! Clown! Devil! A cancer! Disaster! Racist! The Destructor! Stupid hair!

It’s not about politics– it’s about control, power, money, and the future. This is the biggest election since the incompetent fraud known as Obama was foisted on the world in 2008.

I Have No Idea

Perhaps, just maybe, The Donald is what he says he is— an outsider, someone who is politically awake, someone who sees a West being bankrupted, flooded with Muslims, ideologically brainwashed, and he’s not having it. Just maybe.

After all, what if he kept some of his promises? Opened all the archives? What if he called out Goldman Sachs, international criminal and election-fixer George Soros, or the secret U.S. government founded by the Dulles brothers and others, post WW2? Exposed the ongoing election fraud over the past 70 years and more? The whole 911 story? Revealed the guilty behind the 2008 market crashes? Horrors!

Shrugging Businessman --- Image by © Bob Jacobson/Corbis
Free Shrugs All ‘Round

What if he told the truth about American thieving and warmongering in Central America, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, ‘The Arab Spring’, Benghazi, Syria, and Ukraine? Or allowed journalists and bloggers and citizens to know ALL about the CIA? Really listened to & responded to the angry American people? Can’t have any of that.

Then again, maybe he’s just another American political fraud in a long line of criminals, conspirators, put-up men, and dirty politics. Dunno.

Nice Hair Ya Got There…

Either way, America has a long tradition of political murder, ‘accidents’, strange coincidences, conspiracies and cover-ups. Especially since the early days of the 1900s, things have become weirder and more secretive and more treacherous in terms of what is propagated as news & reality, versus all the busy people behind the scenes doing all sorts of other things.


Hopefully all the malice and threats against Trump are just hot air and hyperbole. Pray for him and the other candidates, love them or not.

America has a messy recent history– the killing of JFK (and a lot of people connected to his political assassination) and Lee Harvey Oswald, then MLK, then RFK,  Malcom X, then Reagan (he inconveniently survived), then Clinton & Obama’s ‘usefully dead’ corpse lists, possibly Justice Scalia, and others. Teddy Kennedy at least had the sense to survive, and zipped his lips on touchy topics.

Speculation is worth every penny. I dunno: I sincerely hope nothing like this were ever to happen to Trump, or anybody else for that matter.

Finally, In Conclusion

If I were in the States, I’d be voting Trump, or, more likely, None Of The Above– or some dark horse candidate with the chops (NO, not Ted “Bought & Paid For” Cruz).

Mind you, if I were in the States, I’d also be looking at the ticking doom of the debt clocks, the tiny dollar, the negative interest rate scam, the bubble economy, the mass unemployment, and realize all that soaring mountain range of engineered disaster is not going to be easily fixed, especially not by Hitllery Clinton, or Burn It Sanders. ~

Steynian 446

Binks is now on Book Of Face!

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Geert Wilders & Ezra Levant in Ottawa May 10!

An Huzzah! & Bravo!

“Fenris Badwulf is a man of the people. His prune mush has nourished the less fortunate souls of Mitchieville (soon to be renamed Fenrisville). His devotion to Set, The Snake God, has provided a spiritual example for us all. He provides shelter and canned salmon to our homeless raccoon Canadians. Fenris cares. Most importantly of all: Fenris Badwulf is mighty!”

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Steynian 422nth

A Big Event: Cartoonist Incoming

Philadelphia: Thursday, September 30th
Ottawa: Saturday, October 2nd
Toronto: Sunday, October 3rd
Boston: Monday, October 4th

Go here for details.

Fight For The Little Guy

~ THE JAWORSKI FAMILY— Help a small, libertarian family business fight City Hall; Janet Neilson: “A bummer for Liberty Summer”; Orono Weekly Times: “Seminar fallout gives Clarington a bad rap” …. (fivefeetoffury, willowpond.ca)

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Good News For The Maritimes


This month we all endured Hurricane Earl; next month we get to enjoy the lovely & talented theologian & professor Dr. Edith Humphrey @ Acadia University’s Hayward Lectures! (.pdf of the main events).

She brains good, loves God, and is a kickin’ speaker and author.

I’m so there! Come along, and you can even meet The Binks, and bask in his cheerful & inspiring glow! A total two-fer.

In terms of the civ-wars, she helps us to remember and understand what we’ve lost, and how the treasures of faith as handed down to us are the foundation and bulwark of a healthy soul & society.