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Look At Me!.. But Not Too Closely…


‘Truuuust Me!’ Says Binky



PLEASE IGNORE all that follows.. after all, I’m merely a privileged white male cisgendered Canadian elf. As a white male of my species, I’m no doubt a patriarchy racists sexism, and one of the micro-causes of endless micro-aggressions. Stupid fat elf. Boo, me!

Attention-seeking is a complex thing. What happens when you mix toxic ideology with deeply damaged or nasty people?

Serious fireworks ensue.. and perhaps some insights.

Doubting The Doubters


Me Spong! You Bigot! No awkward questions, please.

An Anglican philosopher friend of mine once took on the notoriously attention-seeking (but question avoiding) controversialist Bishop and writer John “Look At Meee” Spong. The crowd were mostly Spong-devotees, but my friend took his shot.

My friend said:

(1) You (Spong) assert that much of religion (& Christianity in particular) is actually a Freudian-style projection of father-issues into universal truth claims about God. (My Dad In The Sky).

(2) So your (Spong’s) view of God is essentially a projection of your (Spong’s) own interior father-issues (Spong had a bad relationship with his father, he reports) into universal truth-claims about God.

(3) Therefore: if you’re right, why should anyone believe what you (Spong) claim to be true or not true about God & religion, if it’s all ‘actually’ about your projected personal fatherhood issues, and not truth claims about what is actually real and true? Why should anybody care about that?

Spong’s religion = how he feels about his dead Dad. Right up there with his opinions on knitting, and eggrolls.

Wait for it. Booooooooooooooooooom.


In that flash of simple logic, my friend demolished mitred narcissist Spong’s clever 50-year schtick of ‘trust me’ doubting, deconstruction, and the flawed thinking behind his ‘because Freud’ agnosticism.

Then It Got Really Weird

What happened next? Nothing sensible.

Bp. Spong wiffled, waffled, and then attacked (as usual). My gregarious & thoughtful friend was ‘judgmental’ and ‘narrow-minded’ and unpleasant and ‘fundamentalist’. That is, Spong The Famous Doubter could not– or would not– answer reasonable questions doubting Spong’s own doubt. Question ME? Name-calling, you bigot!

Here’s where it gets.. even weirder.

During a break after question-time, a Spongite woman came up to my friend, asking him to back off, and ‘be nicer’ to Spong, because he was a deeply damaged man, who spoke on behalf of so many other damaged people. Er, what-now?

Or, “Please lay off on the facts & logic and truth stuff, or any holding our hero accountable for his wreckifying via ideas, lectures, words, debates, books, ‘sermons’, TV appearances, and wealth & fame as a very public doubter and agnostic about Christianity, because.. feelings!” Leave Crazy Spong Alo-o-o-one!, cry the other crazy people.

How Very 21st Century


Public personas are just that: a public face-mask presented to the world. Anything can be behind the mask. What about the human toothaches, who enjoy making trouble? The deeply troubled but obnoxious, who are banging around injuring people and screeching about causes? Or the criminal, presenting themselves as heroes, whilst hiding dark secrets?

Even when we present questions, arguments, fact-checking and real data to the debate, we may be just scratching the surface of what’s going on.


Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos wonders just how many troublesome ‘radical’ attention-seeking public figures on the Left are not simply voices for some progressive position, but underneath may be deeply damaged, malignant narcissists, drama-seekers, or hurting/ hurtful people flailing about injuring innocent people and breaking things, under the guise of activism, feminism, social justice, or whatever other excuse for being sad, bad, or bat-spit mad. He says (29:20 and forward):

“Very often you’ll discover deep dysfunction in their private lives, and my supposition, my guess, is that very often the business of engaging in social justice, of bullying of other people, the engaging in the Oppression Olympics  is quite often a sort of therapy for people who are suffering. It’s a sort of learned response to trauma.

Because after a while, you realize that so many of the ringleaders in this incredibly.. off-the-wall movement have such checkered, dark, you know, ugly pasts, of lies, drug-taking…. Very often because they are attention-seekers, they are desperate for affirmation, and for “Victimhood Bucks”….”

Strategic Butt Coverings!


Recently, internets feminist saint Anita Sarkeesian told her supporters (US$170K on Kickstarter, another US$700K from various other sources 2014-present) that all her Feminist Frequency work is just too much (3 hours & 40 minutes of video, and related research, plus some articles, including her latest civilization-saving YouTube vid on, um, “Strategic Butt Coverings“). Pixel-bums. Not joking.

Mz. Anita’s easing back because– note this– she now tells us she’s suffered a life-long battle with depression & now burnout, plus some mean critics & anti-feminists on the internets are making her feel bad. But no refunds.


Depressions! Burnouts! Get my good side!

Who said what-now?! Anita: many people have depression, or burnout– such runs in my own family– but we’re not all swanning about with a cool mil, showing up on magazine covers & whinging at UN committees, getting riches & fame by preachily pissing on Men’s Rights, gamer culture, and men in general… all whilst having an undisclosed distorted and distorting mental illness. Publicity and followers and free money is not helping you get better, if you’re actually telling the truth about all this.

No, not all depressed people are unfit or ‘nuts’– but depending on the details, depression-things can make things appear much darker, more dramatic & ‘conspiratorial’, self-centred, scary or overwhelming than they really are. Hidden physical or mental suffering can be a circus-funhouse of unhappy, and not necessarily an accurate place from which to view the world, yourself, or others.

Binks For Rent!

For Rent Key Means Lease Or Rental.

‘Reeeeent Me!’ Says Binky

By the way, if anybody offers me a million dollars to regurgitate super-simplistic sophomore summaries of black Commie SJW Feminist Bell Hooks, I will also shave the Binky-pits, wear the Sarkeesian giant hoop-earrings, bright lipstick, plaid shirts and dyed side-locks. I promise to silence and mock anybody who disagrees with me, Bell Hooks, or Zoe Quinn, because Reasons. I will not plead burnout after my choice to spend 18 months in the public eye.

Anyone? Anyone?

Into The Bedlam?


Pro Damsel Mz. Chelsea Van Valkenburg, and her feline fur-baby.

Other hardcore Social Justice Warriors– like ‘Zoe Quinn‘ (a.k.a. Chelsea Van Valkenburg), or Randi Harper, or Shanley Kane— have more than proven themselves unethical, dishonest, troubled, and unstable people. They conceal their dark and crazy from their audience & opponents, and act out in various ways via ‘justice issues’, almost as a kind of avoidance of looking at themselves, finding treatment, or owning up to serious sins, crimes, or crises behind the public/ internet false mask.

Look over here! And over there!! Injustices!! Run! Hurry! Do what I say!! Self-awareness? Answering critics? Not so much.

The Unusual Suspects

Some ‘social justice’ progressives even turn out to be stalkers, male and female rapists, pedophiles, sociopaths, fraud artists and scammers, petty criminals, or compulsive liars, perhaps punishing others and society because malice, issues, or injuries in their lives. Not good.

Or, are you a well-connected and vengeful feminist bully (name rhymes with ‘Stephanie Guthrie’) who thinks they have a right to silence and lie about lowly non-feminist male scum who dare disagree via Twitter? Why not persecute him online, then drag Gregory Alan Elliott to court for three long years of frivilous misery, where the ‘due process’ is the bankrupting punishment? That’s here in Trudeau’s NeoCanada, but thankfully she lost (until the inevitable weepy legal appeal). This damaged chick should pay all his court costs, and for wasting taxpayer’s time & money. Ms. Guthrie can never give back his lost years. Nope, no issues or ideology there!


Utopian Ideology + deep personal problems = The Patriarchy is out to get me! I was Twitter-raped! They’re trying to kill me! All men are evil! Believe everything I say, or else! I’m being triggered! Intersectional micro-aggressions! Silence my critics! I have internet PTSD!! Kill all men! Help me, love me, cuddle me, give me a blankie and a teddy-bear, cuz I’m scared and sad and bad and lonely!!

It can get awfully ugly, when egotism, disease, disorder, evil, malice, and guilt is running the show.

Physician, Heal Thyself?

OK: Whoa now– first things first. This is not about dogpiling anyone. These people are people, and some of them really need help, or to get offline, and to shut up until they are better.

It’s simple, but not easy. Be healed if you would heal. Turn to God, and be made new.

This is at least part of what Jesus was teaching when he warned about being hastily judgmental (St. Luke 6:41-42). He was not in fact against judging– i.e., assessing something or someone correctly, in order to rebuke and/ or help them.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Blinded by a huge plank, O sinful bossy hypocrite? Then don’t rush into performing expert eye-surgery on others. Or: got am aster-plan to fix all the things, SJW? How about starting the fix-up with yourself, first?


If we are moved by love and mercy, and a desire to save & heal– and if we have seen, repented of, and confessed our sins & bad attitudes and mistaken ideas– then we have de-planked our own eye, stepped out of hypocrisy and blinding sin and harsh judgement, and become someone able to help others with their specks. We’re not moved by proving how wise and awesome and self-important we are, but by a healing which we humbly wish to share.

The Zombie Way

On the other hand, feeding off our badness and miseries to make others miserable and bad, is a destructive zombie-life. So is choosing to become creepy and more troubled, revelling in our depression, anxiety, sins, and hurts, and living a double life of public righteousness and ranting, and inward evil and sorrow. Why heal up from that broken leg? Keep limping along, and hit it with a hammer once in a while– and hey! Why not break other people’s legs with a hammer, too? Then, find all sorts of people to blame for it, make some videos and get a loyal following, then see if you can raise a hundred thousand bucks on Patreon in sympathy?

Not for this elf. Don’t listen to SJW celebrities– or anyone for that matter– without wondering who they really are, what motivates them, and what kind of fruit they bear in the public square and their personal lives. ~


Some Big Damn Heroes


~ FEMINISM (or, ‘Socialism In Panties‘ as one wag calls it) is so ingrained in Western society, we hardly even notice. Even many ‘conservatives’, traditionalists, and religious people live by the insane Marxist notions of modern Female Supremacism and male evilness, even though their own founding ideas and principles are in direct contradiction with such cultural and institutional radicalism.

And yet not all have bent the knee to the goddess. A strange mix of libertarians, Christians & Jews, thinking feminists, men and women, atheists & agnostics, from a dizzying array of backgrounds have come together– starting in social media and blogs– and begun not to nibble at the edges of Big Feminism, but to take it on directly.

Lauren Southern-- Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins!

Lauren Southern– Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins! 

Shockingly enough, Rebel Media itself has been infiltrated by some of these lunatic extremist women-haters: that bigot Lauren Southern. Binks WebElf? Guilty. Andrew Lawton? Off with his talking head. What of that crackpot Brian Lilley, not to mention Gavin McInnes. Silence them!

Naked and Afraid’ offers lessons in gender and feminism

Heroes On The Interwebs

In the wider culture, people like former Alberta waitress & YouTuber Karen Straughan & her odd group of like-minded cultural critics The Honey Badgers–“Nerds Bite Back!“– bring the anti-feminism, and calls to equality for men, women and children to public notice.

For me, Karen Straughan is a real Canadian heroine. A truth-teller. A self-educated example who– more than many who get them– has more than earned an honourary degree for her self-education, advocacy, and putting what she has learned into practice, for the good of men, women, and children now and in the future.

These ordinary folks (non-pundits, non-professors non-politians) attract not through some contrasting crazy theory of All The Things, but via facts, studies, research, data, fact-checking, real stories, and awkward questions. . Feminism is hardly perfect and unquestionable.

Karen Straughan – Toxic Masculinity & TOXIC FEMININITY. Nov 24, 2015

Silence! Or Else!

Of course, feminist radicals simply do not want such debate, inconvenient facts, or real lives to interfere with the one-size-fits-all unquestionable truths of university gender studies, and official Feminism. Enemies of the femocracy are shamed, attacked publicly and online, name-called, threatened, slandered and mocked. This is classic revolutionary practice: ‘Don’t answer any criticism: crush the critics‘!

Such non-feminist evil ones are not legitimate questioners, but are horrible sexists, homophobes, racists, bigots, micro-aggressors, self-hating victims of evil patriarchy, blah blah blah. This is not about having ‘an open discussion’, but shutting down debate, forbidding certain ideas, and imposing one solution to All The Things– albeit totalitarianism with a smile and a hug. For now.

For the totalitarian Left, the problem is that the culture wars continue, as long as the web and public events are free fora for discussion, debate, fact-checking, and for otherwise isolated or voiceless people to question the unquestionable. It’s one of the reasons that both the Left and activist Islam share a common interest in crushing free speech, debate, facts, analysis, and contrasting world-views. Criminalize the opposition!


Canadia Has The Stupid

So what, you ask? In Canada, a recent court case shows us where we’re headed if there’s no fight-back: a professional feminist damsel took a man to court for the non-crime of disagreeing with her and making fun of her ideas on Twitter. The entire video-games industry and nerd-culture was rocked over the past 3 years by radical feminism getting some fight-back from gamers and observers in GamerGate. The ‘rape culture’ debate on campuses is much with us, as is the infamous “Gender Pay Gap”, though both keystones of feminist theory rely on bad data, or flawed interpretations.

Especially here in Canada which is now officially hyper-feminist again under Prince Justin Trudeau, who never met a bad idea he didn’t like, feminism will be enforced. Watch for more government funded intolerant feminist propaganda and in-your-face preaching via government, public school systems, universities, public policy, law-making, politics, media and pop-culture, all telling you what you can and cannot think, say, or do.

Fake Religion-R-Us


Smelly little secular orthodoxies pretending they are Noah coming down from the mountain or Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount must be challenged because they are precisely the kind of intellectual clear-cutting which is killing our societies from the inside, as people search for anything to hold onto in the place of thinking and freedom, arising from revealed truth and God. Just say no.

Aside from ‘good intentions’, Feminist radicals and revolutionaries offer us lies, a false path, and mental and human death, in place of the imperfect but life-giving and real cooperation, care, and complimentarity of the sexes, trying to get along in an imperfect world and society.

Read up. Look around. Question. Ponder. Get to know the little army of big damn heroes fighting back against the oppression of men and women and children by Big Feminism. ~


Nazis! Still, More, Again!


LEARN THE wrong lesson and you may get stuck on stupid. Like our endless obsession with Teh Evil Nazis.

In countless thousands of years worth of video-gaming over the past few decades, one enemy is still popular for machine-gunning without restraint. The Nazis.

In the Canadian Free-Speech Wars of the last decade and more– dire warnings of Nazism! It’s bubbling just under the surface of Canadian society, if we allow iffy language or forbidden opinions in blogs and print media. They wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, right?

Prime Minister Harper? A Nazi. Environmental questions? Nazis! Donald Trump? Nazis! Movies? Internet memes? Naaaziiiiis!!

Oddly, a thousand-year Third Reich which lasted a dozen years, is still much with us. The Second World War began.. wait for it.. 76 years ago. In fact, 1945 is just as close to 2015.. as it is to 1869, the year Ghandi, Rasputin, and Neville Chamberlain were all born.

Adolf, Adolf Everywheres!

Why Teh Evil Nazis? It’s the mislearned politics, you see, and an obsession of the political Left.

In the topsy-turvy world of rewritten and deliberately warped history, the socialist-racist-nationalist Nazis were rewritten and recast– by the political Left– as “Right Wing” and evil, in the terms of the French Revolution. Jonah Goldberg has detailed this rewrite in his 2009 Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change.

For the evil Nazi threat is still useful. It’s called externalized evil– Evil is Them, Over There.


Via the chattering classes, Hollywood, internets, the video game industry, and political pundits we’re still Nazi-fighting for political reasons– we do not have equal time or officially approved fascination or contempt for the USSR in the movies or latest XBox 1 or PS4 titles. We’re always fighting and re-fighting hateful “Right Wing” Hitler (not Stalin or Mao or Suleiman The Magnificent) and his successors– it’s a one-sided moralizing tale: and if we’re not the Nazis, then, why, we must be on the side of the angels. Yay us!

So with all this Hitlering and anti-Nazi pop culture, who won that War, exactly? Aside from being cartoonishly ‘evil’, what were some of the features of actual Hitlerism?

I’ve Got A Little List

(1) Hitler wanted lots of ‘free healthcare’.. like abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, eugenics– sorry, ‘family planning’– experimenting on various kinds of helpless ‘subhumans’ because science; depriving others of their legal and human rights preparatory to dehumanizing them, and getting rid of enemies and bothers by any means necessary and ‘legal’. Everything is political, no longer human. Unspeakable, wot?

(2) Hitler the Germanic Messiah hated organized religion, except as it was useful and obedient to his purposes. After the Jews were officially done, Hitler had a Holocaust 2.0 ready in hand to wipe out the European churches, take all the loot, and kill or imprison all the clergy and any Christians who would not bend the knee to him as a political god. No god but Der Caesar, nor any disloyal Christers whining about a Higher Kingdom and allegiance, or ‘Jesus Is Lord’. Thank heavens soft and harder persecution of serious non-‘progressive/ compliant’ Christians isn’t a problem any more. We won, Hitler lost.


(3) Dear old Adolf loved him some gun control. A disarmed and sheepish general populace (except for the military, secret police(s), and militarized police, and the ruling class) is a mostly helpless and compliant populace. As the post-Machiavelli politician Frank Underwood says in HBO’s TV series House Of Cards, “You may have all the money, Raymond, but I have all the men with guns.” Just imagine: deadly force only for the men with guns in service to the state. That will always end well.

(4) What next of Hitler’s unspeakable evil? Following on the lessons of Wilson’s America and late Edwardian Britain, the German regime took up the banner of high-powered propaganda, that most 20th century and demonic retailing of huge lies, half-truths, group-think, politically correct and approved belief. Megaphone Über Alles. The ruling elites are embodied truth-bearers. Frightening stuff, that Hitlerism.

(5) Der Führer was also obsessed about “Total Care”– controlling the population in such minor matters of diet, exercise, the “right foods”, tobacco, body image, art, music, childbearing, reading habits, travel, personal interests and associations, and all other matters. The state minds All The Business.


(6) Intelligent criticism or editorials, or asking questions about– or non-enthusiasm for– the latest changes in culture, society, or politics is automatic disloyalty and treason. All must watch, and inform; all must be ready for the knock at the door in the middle of the night; all are guilty until proven not guilty just yet.. but you’re being watched. ‘If you’re not guilty, you have nothing to worry about‘, as several important American idiots have stated about the all-seeing hyper-totalitarian surveillance state invented since 1945 by the land of the Free and the home of the brave. Asking questions or opting out means you probably have something evil and subversive to hide.

(7) The Nazi Gang believed The Legal = The Right. All the laws of Nazi Germany– including all the anti-Jewish and racial laws– were technically legal. Making it legal and then “just following orders” is all that counts, for superficial legitimacy, no matter the evil or insanity so promoted. Might makes right, since legality is the same as the true, good, and moral.

(8) Show-voting and snout-counting was all well and good when voting and elections and polls got Adolf what he wanted– after a certain point, the pretence was set aside, and the steel fist was revealed. Adolf would have us believe: because you have a regular voting ritual means that you are not nearly, or already, in any kind of political tyranny. All is well. A toothy smile never hides nice slavery, by “our” government, because we voted for it– so we should accept everything it says and does, and get back to the NetFlix and the Doritos and the FaceBook.

Troublesome Questions


Who are we ruled by? What are we to them? Individual souls? Soylent Green? Aryan, Non-Aryan, Jewish, or Untermensch? Consumers? Voters? Taxpayers? Human resources?

We get the society (and the children) we want and ask for, and allow to be created in our name. Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Government and our officialdom reflect us, and is what we are. We value convenience, co-existence, entertainment, ‘progress’, pelvic liberty, free stuff, and– God help us– “peace and security” at almost any price. A comfortable, non-extremist life featuring– colour me shocked– many elements of the allegedly accursed evil Hitlerianism, recycled and repurposed so we don’t notice their origin.

Remind me again– is this 1938, or 2015? Are We Them? Increasingly, it’s hard to tell. ~

Saith The Binks

This Is How The World Ends.. not with a bang, but a veg.

This Is How The World Ends.. not with a bang, but a vegg.

Is This Our Canada?

DALLAS, TX - APRIL 23:  A Dallas Stars ice girl cleans the ice in the second period during Game Four of the First Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center on April 23, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

DALLAS, TX – APRIL 23: A disgusting hockey whore Dallas Stars slut slut slut ice girl wiggles her bum cleans the ice in the second period during Game Four of the First Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center on April 23, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

~ ITEM: Ice Girls, FHRITP and Jets fans’ Katy Perry chants: We need to put a stop to casual sexism in sports

~ ITEMS: Via a Binks-minion– A moral panic is an intense feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order; and Moral panics are business development strategies

~ UPDATE– ITEM: 2014-15 DALLAS STARS ICE GIRLS; A veteran Dallas Stars Ice girl makes $735 per game and appearance fees range from $300 to $1500. And some former Ice Girls complain. Binks wasn’t aware that working for the NHL was mandatory…. ‘Cold’, she says? Ever been Alaska crab fishing? Standing security in a wintry parking lot? Linesman during a blizzard? Sheesh.. men often work cold “boo hoo to you!”; women gets cold, it’s a serious thing, dontcha know.

~ JOYLESS CRANKS tempt me to be joyless and cranky.

I’ll admit it– I’m a contrarian. When Mrs. Binks had a ‘Do Not Touch’ note on a recent birthday cake, part of my brain was egging me on “Touch The Cake!” And so, here goes.

Soviet Canuckistan!

In the inhuman and humourless Social Justice Warrior view of Canada, anybody who makes a swear (gasp!), says what they (objectionably) think (scream!), or like to look at women (swoon!), are stinking testosterone-poisoned man-pigs who will be taught better, or else. And we will mercilessly judge everyone, especially icky men.

Sadly, the politically correct really do believe they can forcibly redeem humanity without God, and with an ever-growing tower of rules. Mob, rage, dox, outrage! And what happens when the victims of SJWs people feel they are voiceless, bullied, silenced? They may shut up.. or keep it amongst friends.. or, tend to say stuff even more extreme than usual.. or (horrors) act like ordinary humans– imperfect, sinners, not polished racists or sexists or perfectionists like the speech-coders and finger-waggers.

Globe Theatre Fire

Puritans, y u no like?

After all, if there’s no more outrage to be had, no more triggering and tantrums and jazz-hands and minding other people’s business, and acting in a way even the 16th & 17th century English Puritans who worked so hard to shut down the theatres, (all entertainments, whatever and wherever people might enjoy something) would find extreme and bossy– why then, the whole grievance industry might shut down, and then where would we be?

Burn It All Down!

Social Justice Warriors and their media-minions– like the NatPost’s Scott Stinson— are never happy, and everything wouldn’t be enough. Without actual glaring and horrific human rights abuses in Canada, with no hordes of Canucki Nazis swarming Canadian Jews (sorry, that’s Muslims.. we can’t threaten their ‘cultural traditions’), or pyres lit for every self-identified grumpy minority.. well, we’ll just have to talk about nothing, right?

Are you also telling those Canadians who describe themselves as homosexual not to be sexist in said manner? And these ‘Ice Girls’– are they, in fact, victims of white slavery, or people employed making a fair wage in an sports entertainment venue? Self-objectifying, or canny? Part of a plot to eliminate the Zamboni? We’d better inform the chicks that they’re being oppressed, and quick.


The FHRITP guys are boors, poor excuses for men, and classless, but then what? Pillory? Duct-taping? Social-media execution? Firing a jerk doesn’t actually help him or change anything, does it? Or was this just some quick and dirty revenge?

What price, Mr. Stinson? How many human freedoms of thought, speech, association, free market, and minding your own business would you be willing to crush and erase for your notion of ‘casual sexism must die’ to triumph? Does this include all objectification of hunky hockey players and male athletes? No more semi-naked calendars featuring either gender for anyone? Human nature must be erased and scolded, not redeemed and transformed?

Cadres Of Harpies

Let’s not pretend, Mr. Stinson: behind your gentle finger wagging lurks whole screeching regiments of Toronto’s unspeakable Mz. Chanty Binx, would-be matrons and malevolent interfering hags minding everybody’s business, a tasteful low-heeled shoe stomping on male faces forever. If you don’t know that, Mr. Stinson, you are– at best– a useful idiot.

She probably won’t fetch you a sammich, men. Nor be an Ice Wench.

Here’s The Thing

We long for perfection.. that’s part of our spiritual nature, and longing for infinity, God, and heaven. Political perfection (let’s call it ‘Utopia’ = no place) cannot and will never exist, except as a horrible illusion built on blood and bones and torture and show-trials and kangaroo courts and concentration camps.

The perfectibility of human nature is a Christian idea, taught by Jesus, and only made possible by revelation of God’s love and law, and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit: God is love, so love like God does, by his life imparted through the Son, by the Holy Spirit. We partake of God’s own life, to be like him, in him: generous, merciful, true, moved by love.


Counterfeits? Not so much. To try and make that perfection (your proper end, or destination, or completeness) is a gift of God, not of committees, yelling feminists, soft-pedalling journalists, speech-codes, rules, edicts, shaming, nagging, or minding everybody else’s business for them. That’s not any kind of love, except in a twisted, ugly, bossy, force-you-to kind of way. A bit rapey, in fact. Perfectionism is not perfection.

What Kind Of Love?

Now that we’re not at a wedding, re-read what St. Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians, and to us:

If I shall speak with every human and Angelic language and have no love in me, I shall be clanging brass or a noise-making cymbal. And if I have prophecy, and I know all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith so that I may remove mountains, and I have no love in me, I would be nothing. And if I should feed everything that I have to the poor, and if I hand over my body to be burned up and I have no love in me, I gain nothing.

Love is patient and sweet; love does not envy; love is not upset neither puffed up. Love does not commit what is shameful, neither does it seek its own; it is not provoked, neither does it entertain evil thoughts, Rejoices not in evil, but rejoices in the truth, Endures all things, believes all things, hopes all, bears all.

Love never fails; for prophecies shall cease, tongues shall be silenced and knowledge will be nothing; For we know partially and we prophesy partially, But when perfection shall come, then that which is partial shall be nothing. When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things. Now we see as in a mirror, in an allegory, but then face-to-face. Now I know partially, but then I shall know as I am known. For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.

The choice about what kind of Canada is rising on the ruins of Emperor Pierre’s Trudeaupia is getting clearer and clearer.. a veritable Soviet Canuckistan teeming with busy-bodies.

Saith Teh Binks


History Is For Stupids


~ ITEM: Birmingham Becomes One of First 6 Test Cities for Obama’s Federal Policing

~ ITEM: The path to tyranny: The Nazi Gestapo and the US police state


~ ITEM: Google– Nazi + police forces 

~ IT WAS JUST a little neatening up, jah?

In 1930s Germany, one of the first real power-grabs made by the Nazis was to take over all local and area police forces, and to unite them administratively under the Nazi party (including a new body, the Gestapo). Very quiet, but essential for social control from the top down. Nobody thought how it might possibly be later abused at that point, because Der Adolf was building roads and jobs and making people feel proud about Germany.

And so what if some of the noisier socialists, communists, newspaper editors and other rabbles ended up ‘under protection’ in the brand-new ‘concentration camps’? It was, as the law & Gestapo & Himmler & Goering promised, for their own protection. Yes, some of them may have disappeared or been mistreated, but accidents happen. Und why are you asking so many questions, exactly?

Your papers, please.

Your papers, please.

So what? Local police are accountable to the actual laws, and real local people & communities– it’s probably this reality that has the lawless White House trying– as ever– to circumvent reality & good things. Newfangled “Federal Police” operating locally are under the direct control of the White House & Czars & radical bureaucrats. Hence, this is a return to lawless ‘political enforcement’, as created under every totalitarian police force and tyranny ever.

Are we really already doomed to repeat this? I do not blame reality-TV or our endless distraction with technology, but the people who choose to look away, and shrug, and hope it won’t get too bad.


As with every other centralizing & totalist-type move made by the Obama Administration & those in the U.S. government and its agencies who seem to admire divide & conquer and obedient and quiet populations under control, such ‘Federal Local Police Forces’ are not only contradictory, but unnecessary. There are already local police, state police, and an ever-multiplying plethora of alphabet-soup Federal police forces in the American political system, post 1900. FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, NSA, FFS, TSA on and on it goes.

This is political, and direct interference in local rights, state rights, and totally circumvents all the protections under law and custom which preserve American freedom and liberty under law. The law & its enforcers must not only be fair & legal, but be seen to be so. And frankly, this trend continues no matter which evil king or queen is on the White House throne.

But that is the point, isn’t it? America The Prison Camp? America the disarmed? America the utopian slave of the grey powers that be? America, that meekly bends the knee to force?

Prototypical USGestapo, anyone?

This will not end well.

~ Binks

Steynian 485nst

John Derbyshire (close up)

“The drift of our own political culture seems to be confirming the Founders’ intuition that representative government can only work in a population possessed of some minimum level of virtue—thrift, restraint, industriousness, stoicism in the face of misfortune, willingness to defer gratification, and concern for the common good.”

~ John Derbyshire ~

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Sign the petition to save Pastor Saeed from torture for his faith in Iran, and write a letter to this courageous American pastor to show him he has not been forgotten.

That’s What They Say


~ WHOEVER THEY™ ARE, They say that it’s always bad to start off with an apology– so I didn’t– I started with this statement.

I must apologize for the recent & relative lack of braining with essays– I’ve been very busy with family stuff, life in general, and braining takes a lot more energy than I currently have. Thus, some essays are observational crap; others vaguer repeats of older essays, and only a few I’m glad to put online.

Derping The Derpy-Derp

For instance, this morning as I’m trying to blodge, I have no notions. None. Sometimes they come from links, books read, movies watched, pattern recognition & discernment of the reality behind the news or matters of the day, and eternity. Wait.. brain is coming online.. MOAR COFFEE!

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Steynian 484st

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~ ITEM: ”Obama’s Stained Legacy” campaign

~ ITEM: Wonderful! Over $25,000 raised to help conservative blogger Caleb Howe’s family

We Rats In A Maze


~ ITEM: YOU WILL OBE-E-E-EY! Straight out of an Orwellian horror novel, a mind control program known as “Nudge” being implemented in at least a dozen of our government agencies and departments to control your actions; Meet Obama’s new ‘nudge’ czar; Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink– Behavioral economics— the governing theory of Obama’s nanny state; First Obama, now Cameron embraces ‘nudge theory’


~ ITEM: The “Window” is simply the defining of a narrow “window” of political ideas that the public will find acceptable

The Century of the Self Documentary

~ SINCE THE EARLY part of the 20th century, “Experts” have been working hard to control everybody through advertising, propaganda, government policies– using Freudian notions at first (see the The Century of the Self Documentary above). Theories based on incomplete understanding of human nature are bound to go wrong, but you have to crush a few chickens to make omlettes.. or something like that.

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~ ITEM: Spencer & Geller– Sign the petition asking that we be allowed into the country here

~ ITEM: Red Cross Canada Calgary Relief

Binks Is Utterly Amazing

~ ITEM: BINKS gets a mention on Sun News, thanks to Brian Lilley.

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Free Mark Steyn 2013!


“What I always objected to in Canada about Section 13 was its casual contempt for the citizenry, the same contempt on display today in Washington and London. Like Theresa May, Justice Kennedy would rather impute motive than engage argument. The need to delegitimize those who disagree does indeed “demean this institution”, and is profoundly disturbing.”

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

~ ITEM: Much needed good news for freedom of speech advocates the world over!

~ ITEM: MAJOR VICTORY FOR CANADIAN FREEDOM OF SPEECH– Hate speech provision in Human Rights Act struck down; Not with a bang But with a whimper

~ ITEM: BRIAN LILLEY– One small win for freedom

~ ITEM: Bill to end ‘hate speech’ portion of human rights law gets mixed reviews but Senate approval

~ ITEM: THE UNDERWHELMED Jonathan Kay: How 9/11 killed Canadians’ appetite for human-rights speech codes, or something

~ ITEM: Slurs force comic to pay $15,000 for ‘tirade of ugly words’ against lesbian patron after appeal falls flat; details of the trial up to 2010

~ ALTHOUGH TEH Binks is a long-time internet news & blog guy (started 1995-6), it wasn’t until the Mark Steyn/ Ezra Levant cases in late 2007 that I turned from the goldfish pond of Anglican news to the sea of Canadian politics, free speech, and all the stuff you see below and in the archives.

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.. For Freedom

~ ITEM: New English Review Taken Down by DDOS Attack— The attack may or may not have been connected with the AFDI rally against sharia, which featured New English Review writers among its speakers.

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.. To Save A Life

~ ITEM: Pastor Saeed’s Wife Pleads His Case, serving as a Voice at the UN for My Imprisoned Husband Saeed Abedini

.. Save Our Civilization & Souls


~ WORD from an elf minion that AHA is rabidly anti-Catholic. Way past Jack Chick hatey. Sorry for the posting of their work… support your local crisis pregnancy centre, LifeSite, and more sensible groups trying to do the good work of saving the unborn, helping mothers in distress, and telling the world.

For Binky… 

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This Is What A Free Person Sounds Like

~ Suffer not the old King under any name!: “I am not here as a serf or vassal. I am not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born free American woman, wife, mother and citizen. And I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place. It’s not your responsibility to look out for my well-being, and to monitor my speech. It’s not your right to assert an agenda. Your post, the post that you occupy, exists to preserve American liberty. You’ve sworn to perform that duty. And you have faltered.”

Becky Gerritson testimony to Ways and Means Committee on IRS Vs. her Tea Party group

Woodman, Woodman…*


Jackyl – The Lumberjack

~ ITEM: Thoughts on how Christians should approach “environmentalism”

~ ITEM: Canticle: Benedicite omnia opera; Wikipedia on origins

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Steynian 471rd

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~ ITEM: Save Saeed– Save an American pastor from Iranian prison-sentence

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Irreconcilables & Contradictories

An uncle and grandparents of Lee Rigby weep after laying a wreath near the scene of his killing outside the barracks of the British Army's 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Woolwich, southeast London

~ ITEM: Woolwich Bloody Beheader Thinks He’s Calling the Shots in the Infidels’ Courtroom; London Jihadist Who Beheaded Soldier Appears In Court Clutching A Koran, Blowing Kisses; As Time Goes By– We Infidels Have Grown More and More Clueless

~ ITEM: Would-Be Train Bridge Bomber– Toronto Via Rail terror suspect wants Qur’an-guided lawyer.. “Esseghaier says the last potential lawyer he dealt with from prison told him in writing that he was unable to change the reference of his judgment “from the criminal code to the holy Qu’ran

~ ITEM: Khomeinist Zafar B. Calls for Islam to Assume “Its Natural Dominant Role”

~ ITEM: How the Boston Bombing Suspect Became a U.S. Citizen

~ IMAGINE, IF you will, that you are a resistance-fighter on trial by the Nazis. You refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the false-messiah Fuhrer, his illegitimate powers, his cooked-up laws and crooked courts, your court-appointed lawyer, who believes you guilty and undeserving of any defence.

That is how the Woolwich Beheader, and the recent Canadian terror-plotter feel. The daily screech from each mosque– “There Is No God But Allah” is not merely a religious statement, but a profoundly political one which affects every aspect of a true Muslim’s life: “There is No God But Allah.. and Sharia is His law”. Islam teaches that the Koran is written directly by Allah; sharia is based on God’s word, and so is divine law.

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