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Friendly Fire


~ THE BINKS RECENTLY had a much-loved online friend who has known some illness, but not my heap of things, try to warn me  that my soul was rotting away because I wasn’t trying to work for money while on disability. It was a unintended– and well-meant– kick in the throat.

I’ve been sharing a little more about ‘How I Am Doing’ now and again on The FB over the past few months, and this was (I was told) whinging and pity-seeking. Well, I’m alone at home most of the time, and sad as it is to say, you all are my friends, and extended fambly (even you, horrid Steve Skojec). Friends don’t go on and on 24-7, but a little info now and again (especially in the context of asking for prayers) is surely not verboten.

Looking Backwards


I worked sick & faked ‘being well’ throughout the 90s and 00s, until the body & mind quit, pretty much simultaneously. Crash landing: nearly deaded.

Never assume of your friends, family, and those you know to be ill or chronically ill with various things that (a) they just need to buck up, and (b) that you know what they are battling, and how bad can it really be anyway? I had a headache once, and that turned out fine….

Redeem The Time

And if you are yourself sick, or sorrowing, or chronically ill, or looking after someone who is unwell, or otherwise suffering, offer it up to God on behalf of others; ask for friends to pray for you and to help you where possible (our self-sufficient pride often keeps things bottled up), and so the blessings which God will give you, you can in turn share with others. Yes, that’s Bible. It’s a little version of what Jesus did on the cross.

2 Corinthians 1. 3-6.

BLESSED be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound unto us, even so our comfort also aboundeth through Christ.”

Or in modern language:

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.”

Pass it on. Be the Christ-like Good Samaritan. Redeem the time.

Thank you, and amen. ~


O all ye Beasts and Cattle, bless ye the Lord


“What? I’m supposed to look where? At Da? At Mama?”

O ye Whales, and all that move in the Waters, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O all ye Fowls of the Air, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O all ye Beasts and Cattle, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O ye Children of Men, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.


~ ITEM: FEELING MORAL, by J. Budziszewski

~ ITEM: BOOK– How Dogs Think: What the World Looks Like to Them and Why They Act the Way They Do, by Stanley Coren

~ ITEM: How Dogs Learn, How Dogs Think

+ + +

~ TRUTH BE TOLD, I do love ma wee doggie, Wee Wallace*. But, he’s a dog.

A creature of God, undoubtedly; a great companion; a funny little social being in his own way; a tiny wolf living in my home, who has literally saved my life. In 2009 when we got him (at the clamour of suddenly dog-loving twin Binklings), I’d been largely couch-bound for 6 years. Then, walkies.

Still and all, he’s a dog— nothing more, and nothing less. Not a human; not a fur-child (both options are lazy and wrong-headed and sentimental); not superior in the order of being; unlike my wife or kids, if he gets super-expensively sick, it’s the needle, not the bankloan. Treating him doggily is fair & proper– it is reality, not the often confusing mirage of feelings by which I seek to know him — then, all the feelings may follow the reality of his awesome little life as it really is.

Pitchforks & Torches!


Go ahead– I’m horrid, heartless, ungrateful, crool, I don’t deserve him, blah blah blah. Well, nature is not constructed according to my human feelings, possible confusions, or popular misunderstandings. He’s a dog– so I should doggedly learn about him, doggy nature, doggy social life, general dogginess.

If I mistreat him as if he were a little child, or member of the family with an equal say, he– being a wolfish critter, i.e. dog– will assume that he’s the Alpha or Alpha-Beta in the ‘pack’, with serious doggie wolf-pack social duties including endlessly giving orders, bossing people around, getting food ahead of others, yapping and nipping and biting to get his orders obeyed, and much more.

That’s what happens with dogs, especially the small yappy nippy surly and demanding ones. Their humans have done them the huge and, to the actual pooches, confusing injustice of not letting them know their place, so they can operate happily there. We often treat our kids & young people the same way: unreal lack of limits or rules or place in the family life.



Pity Thy Neighbour

There’s a nice man up the street who has one of these miserably confused beasts: part Bichon Frise, part Shih Tzu. I call her a Sh*tty-Frise.

He met me the other day walking his Precious Little Darling, who (of course) ignores Wee Wallace because he’s just a hairy smelly little DOG (whereas she, it seems, is a three or four year old human of some sort). Surreal.

“I was just out for a short walk”, says he, “but she decided different.” So, he continues to describe a nearly two mile trek he was dragged along, because the dog (clearly the boss in the relationship) decided the hairless monkey was going to follow her as long as she felt inclined to walk wherever she wanted. Alpha-dog attitude.

I said to the Missus after: it’s.. a.. Jeezly DOG!! Or, in our day, a cat, or-a-whatever pet. I’m the Alpha, Missus is the Alpha-Beta (dogs are not feminists, obviously), Wee Wallace is a whatever comes next down the line. NOT a fur-child. We did not ‘adopt’ him. D.O.G.


It is part of our insanity, malaise, and confusion in this age that we have many many laws against cruelty to animals, but (in Canada, say) none regarding our own pre-born offspring. We have astonishing medical advances in doggy chemo & doggy radiation treatment and doggy medicines– and yet cannot be honest with actual women about the horrid effects of birth control, of abortion, and endlessly delaying childbearing. We will sentimentally treat little fluffikins like a human, a surrogate child, a full ‘member of the family’, and do not feel horror at the encroaching culture of death & medicalized murder called euthanasia, threatening the sick, the suffering, the imperfect, the elderly.

He’s a dog. No more, and certainly no less. ~

Saith Teh Binks


“Hooza Gooddog? I think I know, Dad….”

* Following on my family habit, Wee Wallace has endless odd nick-names, not including ‘Nick’. He responds to most of the following: Wall, Wally, Walbert, Woglet, Wally Magoo, Weebles, Wobbles, Wobs, Woggitt, Dancin’ Dave, Dingus, Stink, Fungus, Craphound, Dog, Beast, Poodle, Killer, Wee Doggins, Destructor, Puppy, Pupper. Pupper-Doo, Pooch, Football, Evil Dog, Dementor, and Crazy-Bob. The latter two are for when he ferociously digs in his blankets as if tunnelling to the centre of the earth, or when he repeatedly races up and down the hallway as fast as mini-poodlishly possible. 

Broken Clown


~ ITEM: Love the comedian: hate the act that took him from us, by Hilary White

~ ITEM: Shaidle: Everything people are saying about Robin Williams is right— and wrong— at the same time

~ ITEM: Matt Walsh: “Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice”

~ ITEM: Just Before He Died Robin Williams Sent a Terminal Cancer Patient This Heartfelt Video

~ ITEM: The Truth About Robin Williams, by Stefan Molyneux

~ ITEM: Please Let Robin Williams’ Depression Be His Real Legacy

~ ITEM: What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come Official Trailer

~ PONTIFICATING on Robin Williams’ suicide is presumptuous, predictable, and reveals more about us than about him. The fact that the manic comedian had developed Parkinson’s (which boosts emotions) may explain why his already painful life became too much.. brilliant and driven, lonely and painful, as Stefan Molyneaux explains, from his childhood on up.

Some people live life like a raw nerve; they feel ten times more, suffer ten times more, rejoice ten times more, and find life wearing and wearying. Robin Williams lived his life in the public eye, and we saw his inside-out life and it entertained us.


We Need The Eggs

Who wants to cure the jester? Or as the old joke has it, the husband asks the doctor about his wife, who thinks she’s a chicken. “so you want to cure here?’ asks the doctor. “No!” says the husband, “we need the eggs.” Make us laugh, comedy-monkey!

Of all the movies which reveal the skills, and inner life of Robin Williams, it’s 1998’s What Dreams May Come which shows the most. It starts out as an afterlifey happy shiney magical land– but as William’s character searches for his wife (who committed suicide) she’s nowhere to be found. All of a sudden the shiney happy vanishes, and we end up on a Dantean quest through horrors and hell to save the wife from her self-murder.


For me, it’s a classic case of a screenwriter whose talent exceeds the bounds of the story; or, of a spiritual universe which is much larger and deeper and brighter and darker than it first appears.

Word is that Robin Williams was nominally an Episcopalian (Anglican), and I have no idea what he made of that, or of his relationship with God. The sad thing for those in such spiritual need that squishy liberal Protestantism has nothing strong enough to comfort or save or hang onto. The empty & smug elitism of much of mainline denominationalism leaves you spiritually like someone on the Titanic after the boats have gone.

In The End


Wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

I cannot say, with Disney or whomever “Genie, you’re free.” Suicide, like homicide, is about murder. It’s horrid and messy and cruel and leaves the victims angry with and grieving the same person. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

Robin Williams now stands before God, his judge and Savior, as each of us shall, come death’s door. I do not know Mr. William’s spiritual state, nor if– with the last milliseconds of his life– he repented and wished to undo his doom. Let us, instead, look to our own souls, visit and help sick & depressed people (they are all around us, and I am one of them). ~


Do Some Good: Help Alisha


Binks Action Alert

A blogger-friend of mine, Alisha De Freitas, is a young married smart chick with a wonderful husband, Keiron, and a dear little daughter, Zoe.

She also nearly died this month.

Sadly, her U.S. insurance company is insisting that the treatment recommended by her doctors so her life-crippling disease to go into remission is ‘exploratory’ and so medically optional. While her body attacks itself, slowly destroying her nervous system. CDIP is a bit like Multiple Sclerosis in the effects, and progression.

Prayers, wisdom, and any suggestions of how to make her case more public gladly will be all received.

~ Binks


Awesome New Toy

Green swirls attack the British Isles in the latest wind-storm there.

Green swirls attack the British Isles in the latest wind-storm there.

~ FOR THOSE of you who like science, and green swirls, the new Earth Wind Map is a very cool thing to check out. It gives you a pretty clear idea of cyclones & anti-cyclones (those are complicated weather-terminologies right there) and what storms look like in terms of wind, and how interconnected everything is.

Like the US-specific wind map created by designers Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg earlier this year, Earth Wind Map is interactive. Click and drag the globe and you’ll spin it in place, then wait a few seconds before the data appears in the form of snaking lines. Gentle breezes are thin strands of green, strong winds are long streaks of bright yellow, while the strongest currents are an angry red. Take a trip around Earth Wind Map’s globe now and you’ll be able to compare the light summer winds currently wafting across northern Brazil with the swirling gusts off the north-east coast of Japan, a hypnotic and colorful reminder of our planet’s wildly changing weather.

It’s zoomable, you can turn the globe around.. it’s Google Earth for wind. enjoy! ~

And Now, This Breaking Story….


~ (LONDON) AN OXFORD academic researcher digging deep into the archived papers of alleged author and teacher J.R.R. Tolkien has discovered what could be one of the most shocking literary frauds of the 20th century. Ph.D Candidate Giovanni DelSarto claims that Tolkien stole the entire idea of Middle Earth from Walt Disney.

Disney Tolkien

Originally, Tolkien’s ‘Gimli the Dwarf’ was to be played by an amalgam of ‘Dopey’ and ‘Grumpy’ from Snow White. Of course, Mickey Mouse had the Frodo role, and his nephews Morty & Ferdy were the other ‘little people’ of the Ring-Quest, along with Pluto the dog. ‘Aragorn’ was to have been none other than that beloved character Goofy; Peter Pan was lost behind ‘Legolas’; ‘Gandalf’ would have been performed by Pinnochio, or possibly an early cartoon studio-version of the one-eyed Mike Wizowski from ‘Monsters Inc.’. Winnie The Pooh was ditched by Tolkien in favour of ‘Boromir’, and so the revisionism and plagiarism went on and on. Thus it was the world was deprived of a musical-filled ‘Walt Disney’s Lord Of The Rings: An Animated Fun Time’, replete with dancing orcs.


One Disney executive spoke with us on condition of anonymity. “Tolkien cooked up this image of the cuddly old Oxford prof, smoking a pipe and drinking strange beer and toddling about the garden. No way. He was a hard man, stone cold, the head of the Oxford Mafia. He had a group of fixers he called ‘The Elves’. I’m not allowed to name names, but Disney lost a lot of good people in the Tolkien wars: Walt himself was captured and tortured three times with small kitchen appliances. JRR? An horrible, horrible man. That Peter Jackson has been part of the cover-up, too.”

Tolkien’s literary heir and reputed consigliare “Bloody Pen” Christopher could not be reached for comment.

– 30 –


Stupid Hilary


Stupid Hilary over at that dum blog says I should get blogging again. She’s a girl, with cooties.

She points out that I am in fact blogging to a tiny audience on FaceBook. It makes no sense whatsoever. So I’m back. With essays, shorter posts, and no more giant onerous mind-bendingly tedious mega-piles of links which nobody reads.  It just crushes all the joy out of writing.

So, I will write every couple of days– sometimes cross-posting tidbits on Book Of Face. I will seek to discern the truth of things, events, God & man, and post various amusing pictures and videos on the interwebs. I will no longer seek to out-Drudge Matt Drudge, since that’s his job, and I’m just this guy, you know?

I’m Blaming Hilary.

Saith Teh Binks



Maybe it’s time.




Resting A Week Or So

.. not gone AWOL again. Please remember, there’s 900+ posts & pages online here, so browse, remember, enjoy!



An Query

~ OK, SO ARE YOU pre-dead minions still out there?

Are the essays any worth? Are you waiting until the heap-o-linkies returns?

Any and all comments, suggestions, essay ideas, and/ or niggling notions most welcome.

Your unworthy web-servant, and chief of sinners,


P.S. Yes, I have some new essays underway, probly incoming tomorrer– as long as the weather permits and the crick don’t rise.

Steynian 460rth

Watching Through The Looking Glass

 Somebody Nice May (or May Not)
Be Watching You

~ ITEM: Google of  ‘utah nsa data center

General Keith Alexander

~ ITEM: NSA Utah ‘Data Center’: Biggest-ever domestic spying lab?; and National Security Agency Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance

~ ITEM: NSA Boss Says Agency Does Not Monitor Your Email; Whistleblower: The NSA is Lying–U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails

~ ITEM: Save The Internet— The federal government and big companies want limitless new powers to “friend” you, to “follow” you, to spy on your every online move. And they plan to get them via legislation called CISPA — the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act” (HR 3523).

~ COMES THE INEVITABLE.. ever-smaller drones to be used to spy on America. You know, because all those tacky CCTVs littering the cities of the former United Kingdom are so snoopy and obvious, whereas a little modest hover-bot above our easy sight just makes it so easy. To watch.

You know, for catching drug-dealers and smugglers and lost kids and widdle wandered kitties and bitter racist Bible-Gun-clingers and bloggers and dissidents of all stripes and… and, like the ever-spreading tentacles of the American National Security Agency (whose boss is NSA & Cyber Command honcho, and supervisor of the new Utah mega-cyber-swamp a-building, to sweep up all data ever anywheres. So easy).

What’s that? You’ve never heard of General Keith Alexander? Well, the world is awash in powerful unelected people minding your business, ordering your life, and collecting data galores. If you’ve been online, most sites data-mine, leave cookies on your hard-drive, and (in the case of FaceBook & Google) mind your business to try and sell you things. It’s a compromise we make (sometimes unknowingly) for the modern interwebs.

Pat The Doggie!

I’m sure Mr. Alexander is a nice man who pays his taxes, loves his wife, pats his dog, and puts his pants on one leg at a time. Thing is– and this is aside from whoever’s in the White House– so much power in the hands of one man is inherently dangerous, and open to abuse, secret government, and a kind and scale of data-gathering (video-cell-computer-credit/ banking-shopping) on people which the world has never seen before.

1984? Stalin could only wish for a surveillance-state so potentially all-pervading, detailed, and intrusive. The nearly omnipresent 2-way video-screens in Orwell’s dystopic vision were child’s-play compared to the power technology increasingly has over most of us in the Western world. This will be ‘for our own good’.

No Thank’ee

Although the Binky is wise and all-seeing, he would not for his soul nor all the Keurig k-cups in the world take on such a position of power– even if (like Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring) I might do so, at first, because I meant to do good. Such means hold within themselves the power of abuse, the temptation to mind business and intrude and expand the powers of the state and the military into the lives of ordinary citizens. In the books, Gandalf had a secret ring, meant to help him oppose Sauron, which was his divinely-given calling.

Photo by Pierre Vinet/New Line Cinema

Fool Us Twice?

In one sense, such cyber-schemery is also a grand illusion & joke on the powers that be– yet another misbegotten human attempt for certain powerful people to play God (over other people, and the future), trying to create a system so perfect that no-one will need to be good. Ain’t no such thing, There’s crime & sinners & saints & virtue in the strictest jailhouse.

The Lord God Almighty will (as always) laugh them to scorn– but the many questions remains.. how many laws will be broken, lives ruined, privacies invaded, governments become prison-guard states, and how much increased will be the sum total of human misery and degradation increased by the ever-deadly good intentions and unintended consequences of the mastery of technology over free peoples and the future? Nothing to see here: shrugs all ’round.. go back to your 400 channels and online puppies and pursuit of ever-staler pleasures.

At what price this notion of ‘security’? Too high, but the buying & paying for it is increasingly out of our hands. ~


~ ITEM: Macbeth, King of Scotland Wiki

~ BEEN WATCHING lotsa Shaky Bill The Bard.. and loving it all, new, old, Branagh, Connery, Stewart, modern setting or old or otherwise.

Thing is, Shakespeare wrote on many levels, historical and metaphorical, tragical and comedical, to court and groundlings– and with all the subtlest layers to do with his recusant Catholicism, and the tides of England’s divided life in his times. This way of understandng was the way the Bible had been read since Jewish times; many levels of meaning in the same words and ideas. That reading and thinking was the root of the great thinking & poetry and philosophy and faith of the West– our own roots, if we know it or not.

The Scottish Play

I just wish that Shakespeare had gotten his Scots history correctly. MacBheatha mac Fhionnlaigh was a good guy, generally– a talented general and king in ever-warsome Scotland, a generous and pious man given to helping the poor.  Writers in the 1300s upended history, to make it dramatic thereby creating the legend which Shakespeare used as the basis of his play– the later version meant to flatter the ancestry of then-king James 5.0 of Scotland (10 April 1512 – 14 December 1542). So much for historicity.

Yet all is not lost

“In modern times, Dorothy Dunnett’s novel King Hereafter aims to portray a historical Macbeth, but proposes that Macbeth and his rival and sometime ally Thorfinn of Orkney are one and the same (Thorfinn is his birth name and Macbeth his baptismal name). John Cargill Thompson’s play Macbeth Speaks 1997, a reworking of his earlier Macbeth Speaks, is a monologue delivered by the historical Macbeth, aware of what Shakespeare and posterity have done to him. Scottish author Nigel Tranter based one of his historical novels on the historical figure, MacBeth the King. David Greig’s 2010 play Dunsinane takes Macbeth’s downfall at Dunsinane as its starting point, with his just-ended reign portrayed as long and stable in contrast to Malcolm’s.”

Of course, Shakespeare’s royal plays were not only about about the history of Scotland or England, but of current royal matters under Elizabeth Tudor and James I & VI, and the spiritual crisis of the Reformation as imposed in blood and coercion and censorship by the Welsh-English junta against Catholic England.

So Shakespeare, via MacBeth, spoke immediately to King James, who had been the new hope for Catholic toleraton before his crowning– until he found out just how many English Catholics there still were; how the Puritans and the court establishment would prove most awkward; and how much money might be freshly torn from the recusants in fines, extortions, and blackmail.

More on this theme later. ~

Stinking Unto To High Heaven

~ BARRYACK SOETEROBAMA, the felonious fraudulent fake-IDed foriegner, who is currently eviscerating his adopted country, is a most scary and dangerous guy.

I’d love to know who all has died ‘suddenly’ around this character (including Andrew Breitbart, and other critics and investigators of this regime), from family-members on up.

Where and when was he born, and who were the parents?

What is his actual citizenship?

Why has cipher-man still not released all his background docs, transcripts, and medical records, or a fact-based CV/ biography?

What were his Russian connections? What do extant Soviet records report about him?

How many names or aliases has this character used in his life?

Who paid for his $1 million education? Why are there no records or memories of him at Columbia U, EXCEPT HIS DIPLOMA?

Why were he and his mother in Lahore Pakistan for ages?

Why is he allowed to use an 1890s-era social security number of a dead person from Connecticut?

What do the KGB, CIA, FBI, NSA, and Secret Service know, and when did they know it?

Has he ever met a Communist he didn’t like?

Why is he still in office, and not in maximum security prison?

America: wake up– you are at war. Expose & depose this imposter, before it’s too late, which I’d dare to predict is after the 2012 election, if he is allowed to run, and if he wins (or steals the victory, or overrules the results). ~

One Of My Heroes

Spring 2012 Lecture On Faith and Reason:
Dr. Anthony Esolen, “The Person as Gift.”

Scary Bad Man

~ ITEM: Some articles by Anthoney Esolen, and lots more here.

~ WHEN THIS same talk above was given at the formerly liberal arts college of Yale, it nearly caused a riot. Well done, then.

Dr. Anthony Esolen is an actual professor– i.e., One Who Professes– the fullness of the great tradition of Western Civilization and Christianity, founded upon Judaeo-Christian Greco-Roman truth. That sounds very staid and safe and stale, but in these days of political correctness, when professors can be fired, sidelined, and unpublished for straying off the intellectual and spiritual gulag that is What Everyone Must Think, behold his courage and wisdom in the face of it.

And unlike leftists provocateurs and smart-alecks and sneerers, Prof. Tony isn’t all “Yay me!” about himself. He just seems happy to say what is true and good and beautiful, and let the chips fall where they may.

Read his books & articles, watch his vids, and consider seriously what he says.

The Binks hath spoken! ~

Faith & Answers

~ ITEM: Twenty questions atheists struggle to answer

~ GO READ the article above first, and the many comments. It’s good stuff, if a little simplistic on both sides.

You Can’t Think It

There are several issues at play here– the deepest is the pretense that ‘Science™’ (taken as scientific materialism) is somehow a pure form of knowledge that does not depend upon axioms or a philosophy of science prior to it; that it is a self-sufficiently complete system of knowledge and truth; in short, that if you pull hard enough on your suspenders you can lift yourself into the air.

NOTE: The idea of “Scientific Proof™” as the test of true knowledge is not itself capable of being scientifically proven— that is, it cannot be measured by weight, volume, colour, material analysis, nor reproduced experimentally nor hypothetically, by any of the intellectual or scientific tools of proper scientific enquiry. It can’t be that simple–except it is. Modern scientific materialism is illogical, and claims too much.

You Can’t Live It

Equally, scientific materialism as applied to human life is an absurdity, since nobody actually lives, acts, or conducts themselves that way– or should be committed to a psychiatric hospital if they do. Such materialism does provide a scope for self-importance, selfishness, tyranny, and keeping God’s nose bloody well out of our business, which surely is a motive for believing it– as Sartre found when playing with matches as a child (look it up).

Old Dead White Guys

Neither the Greek fathers of the sciences, nor the long train of thinkers and inventors down the ages who were Christian, would think very much of atheistic materialism– they would rightly warn that power without conscience (or only such conscience as allowed by convenience or current fashion) is the very power of chaos and leviathan turned loose upon the world, and ultimately, upon humanity itself by those who use our powers of knowing and making to control the world, and other people, and the future.

The cautionary tale of Frankenstein and his Monster (best movie-version here) is a warning we do not want to hear. The full title is “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus“– reminding us that modern science, like the fire which the mythical titan Prometheus stole from the Greek gods to give to men, is a dangerous force.  Further, in the old tale, in addition to fire, humans were filled with blind hopes: huge power, and crippling blindness. Unintended consequences. “We never meant for that to happen” over and over and over.. but it does.

Most of Dr. Saunders’ legitimate questions remain unanswered by the attempts above, because mere description, or yelling “Science!” does not answer the “Why does anything exists at all?” question, any more than you can explain away Shakespeare by analysing marks upon paper, or quills and ink, or the composition of the wood used in The Globe Theatre.

Thou Shalt Panic!

Sad to say, a lot of what passes for Science today is groupthink-politics, and panic. Well-intentioned but sincerely wrong celebrities like Al Gore (Climatechangeomigodweresodoomed) or Parkinson’s-afflicted Michael J. Fox or Christopher Reeve (eat babies, whatever it takes! Embryonic Stem Cell Research– ESCR– will save us!) are just two examples of how misrepresented or just plain unscientific ideas get popular, pushed on us, as a kind of ideological test of sincerity & goodness.


Gore is famously wrong, whatever global temperatures may be doing (might have something to do with that giant flaming fusion reactor up in the sky); Chris Reeve & Michael J. Fox are less famously wrong, because (SHHH!) despite billions upon billions wasted, ESCR has produced nothing, versus Adult Stem Cell Research, which has nothing but successes. You know, scientific proof and reproducible experiments and actual health-benefits and all that picky stuff.

And shut up to them what will say “You’re Against Science!”; or “you hate progress” or “you’re a fundamentalistical!” Answer my arguments, first.

Just sayin’, is all. ~

An Movie Review

Vanessa Redgrave stars in Columbia Pictures’ “Anonymous.”

~ ITEM: Anonymous (2011)

~ ITEM: Saints, Sacrilege and Sedition: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations [Kindle Edition]

~ ITEM: Anonymous, the new movie about Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford

Anonymous (2011) International Trailer – HD

~ IT IS A VERY MIXED movie, well-filmed & acted, but based on the theory that Shakespeare wasn’t himself. Apparently aging Shakespearian Derek Jacobi thinks so, for what that’s worth.

Here’s the thing: watch the movie, but ignore the endless theories. It’s amazingly well depicted– the costume & art department deserve an Oscar. So do the actors, like Vanessa Redgrave as  an ancient Queen Betty 1.0– and the vividness of gritty stinking Elizabethan London alone is worth the viewing.

Further, the screenplay-writer gets it.. the plays were political, with many levels of meaning, and topical beyond our belated understanding– however, since we don’t live in the times, know the personalities and headlines, and the punchy relevance, all sorts of goofy theories breed like mushrooms.

Proto-KGB In Frilly Collars

Central to Elizabeth’s reign were the horrid and grasping spymaster Cecils, father and son, wonderfully acted by David Thewlis and Edward Hogg. The greedy & social-climbing Cecils turned England into a police-state.. and Cecil the Elder got pilloried for it eternally by Shakespeare as the garrulous cold-hearted busybody Polonius, and Cecil The Younger as the hunch-backed schemer Richard III.

Mysterious Shakespeare

The “Shakespeare Was Somebody Else and/or A Committee” argument is irrelevant.  If not him, then a genius just like him did it. You might as well claim that ancient aliens probably made us, so there’s no God. You know, because if there IS a God, he couldn’t possibly have made the ancient aliens who may have made us. Gerp.

The lost history of the Reformation is the key. That many Elizabethan playwrights and poets were Catholic, or thoroughly soaked in that intellectual and culutral and imaginative world, despite the grim and literalist radicalism of the Puritan left. Shakespeare is a a puzzle to much scholarship (1) because of the later whitewashing of English history into the triumphant march of whiggery; and (2) because his interior world was illegal and treasonous according to the Tudor state, but truth must out. Hence the coded language, ever-moving loyalties, and people trying to speak out about what was true and good, and current events, and what it all meant through literary and dramatic means.

Watch, avoid the theorizing (sorry, Roland Emmerich & Derek Jacobi, but you’re terribly, terribly wrong), and enjoy the amazing acting and staging and special FX. ~

Anonymous, 2011: 4 Binky-hats out of 5.

Chris Navin

Classical Liberal...Conservatarian...Libertarian...Constitutionalist? What Is This Thing? Where Is It Headed?

Mundabor's Blog

Tradidi quod et accepi: Catholicism without Compromise

Scott Silverii

Dad, Husband, Cop & Author

The Matt Walsh Blog

Absolute Truths (and alpaca grooming tips)

The Woman and the Dragon

Taking aim at feminism in the Church and family.

Joffre The Giant

Excursions in Christian virility.

Haley's Halo

Giving the manosphere a friendly Christian sidehug since 2010


Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world.

Blogging for a free world

Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither (Benjamin Franklin)

The Prophet Of Wrath

The writings of Sidney Allen Johnson


Christianity & Bike Travel


Just another site

Catherine Wheels

Just another weblog

Tea and Politics

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored (A. Huxley)

The WebElf Report

We Started It is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Free Canuckistan!

.. "They'll Have To Kill Us All!" ~ Mark Steyn


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