Disgraced bureaucrat to crash Remembrance Day ceremony


Attention News Editors:

Disgraced bureaucrat to crash Remembrance Day ceremony

    OTTAWA, Nov. 11 /CNW/ - In a cheap publicity stunt, the chief
commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission has announced that she
will crash today's National Ceremony for Remembrance Day.
    Jennifer Lynch was not invited by the government, according to the
Department of Veterans Affairs. But that didn't stop her from issuing a crass
press release boasting of her intentions to use fallen soldiers as a political
photo op.
    "It's disgusting that Lynch is politicizing Remembrance Day," said Ezra
Levant, a free speech advocate. "Remembrance Day is about the sacrifice of our
fallen soldiers. It's not about some glad-handing bureaucrat giving out
business cards and mugging for the cameras."
    "But it's worse," added Levant. "For a censor like Lynch to crash
Remembrance Day shows she doesn't understand the sacrifice our soldiers made
for freedom of speech."
    Lynch's brief tenure at the CHRC has been marked by scandal. This spring,
the RCMP and the Privacy Commissioner both launched investigations into the
conduct of Lynch's staff who hacked into a private citizen's Internet account.
Lynch's staff have also admitted under oath to joining neo-Nazi organizations,
and publishing hundreds of bigoted remarks on the Internet.
    "It's grotesque that the woman who approved of neo-Nazi memberships for
her staff would show her face when we give thanks to the men and women who
liberated us from Nazism."
    In her bizarre press release, Lynch doesn't mention the First or Second
World Wars, the Boer War or Korea. But she has plenty of praise for herself,
the CHRC and the United Nations.
    "Jennifer Lynch just doesn't get it. Remembrance Day isn't about her, or
her pathetic attempt to rehabilitate the discredited CHRC. It's about our
fallen soldiers. Greg Thompson, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, should order
her to keep away from the ceremony," concluded Levant.

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