Mark Steyn on TVO, SockPuppets

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 1

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 2

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 3

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 4

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 5

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 6

Mark Steyn on TVO – part 7

Islamophobia, debate on TVO.Org

10 thoughts on “Mark Steyn on TVO, SockPuppets

  1. Is this the best that the CIC can offer? Nevermind this woeful issue of our law schools, where is Elmo? And why do these wet-behind-the-ears pettifoggers get off thinking that Muslims have the exclusive right not to be offended.

    Steyn made mincemeat out of them.

  2. Steyn never fails to impress. I do wish that Paikin had the balls to really do a 50/50 equal time split, though. Still, he wasn’t bad and teh sox were certainly shown for what they really are.

  3. I was quite prepared to be let down by the episode, but Paikin did a solid job and let Steyn argue his position. I remember seeing an episode dealing with free speech and Islam previously when one panelist raised the question ‘why do we like free speech so much, anyway?’. This time, the outspoken critics of western society’s fundamental principles got a proper dressing-down.

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