SwissAir 111, 1998– A Terror Bombing?



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I CANNOT FORGET the gawd-awful BOOOOOOOOM. The rectory office windows rattled a bit; I felt the shake through the floor as well as in the air. September 2, 1998, 9:31pm.

Rushing outside, I peered in the direction of the Tim Hortons.. had their propane gone up? Nothing. The night was dark. No alarums or excursions or bright lights, but I felt deep in my bones this noise was bad.  Bad bad.

Hmm. As a chaplain to the local fire department, I headed over there.. just next door. The doors were open, some members were milling about with coffee, and the TVs were on the news…

Word began to come in.. a Swiss airliner flying from New York to Switzerland had crashed somewhere near us… possibly inland, they thought. The alarm went off, cars raced up, the members were still hauling on gear as the trucks raced off with them, leaving a small crew behind to man the radio, and monitor the news. Tom the fire chief told me later that they’d even beaten the Hubbard’s Volunteer Fire Department to the scene.. only.. there was no scene.


Cell Phones: Not Useless

I called all the local clergy I could.. the Pentecostal guy on Tancook, the Anglican rectors along the coast in Blandford and elsewhere; the local Baptist guy. Local & area fishermen were heading out for some basic search and rescue, if possible.. they found only wreckage of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11.. luggage.. shredded body parts.. everywhere, the stench of aircraft fuel. 229 men women and children went into the water, but none were now alive to rescue.


In Halifax, my Anglican bishop called some clergy to come to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to wait for possible survivors. No survivors ever came. The clergy– from as far as an hour and a half out from Halifax– drove home in the early hours, as the scope of the disaster became clear.

As then-rector of the nearby Chester Parish, I helped out as I was able, including holding an internationally reported-on church service which filled the main parish church to the rafters, partly recorded for PBS. I gave interviews, made a small blog for news, tried to help my fire-fighters and other local clergy in the aftermath.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Chester, Nova Scotia

Fast Forward

As a typical Canadian, I assume the best about “order and good government”; and that people are, on the whole, not too bad. Assume– or hope for– the best.

Of course, Canadians had served, fought, and died in many 20th century wars: World Wars 1 & 2, The Korean “Police Action”; Vietnam; the Balkans & Somalia; the Bush Family Iraq Wars; Afghanistan; and even the illegal attacks on Libya in support of the terrorist-backed “Arab Spring” being engineered out of NATO & Washington and other Western capitals.

Still, it doesn’t happen here, eh? We’re nice. Mostly harmless. Nobody would think to– directly or indirectly– exploit, abuse, or harm us, would they? This deliberate niavete continues to 2017, and our widespread official non-response to the realities of Jihad, Islamic culture, and Muslim Supremacist activities in our country.

Opening My Eyes

The last I knew– after the ridiculous official Mourning Show & Hug In put on by Liberal then-Prime Minister Chretien and his bullying PMO, which actually forbade all the Christian clergy attending from naming Jesus Christ in the ‘ecumenical service’– was that the official report blamed the onboard entertainment service for causing a fire, etc. etc., loss of power, crash, all lives lost. Very sad, all over except the crying.

Until about 10 days ago.

Must Pee The Dog

Wee Wallace The Wonder Poodle has his routine, and I like to stick to it. His latter walk includes going up the hill to be snarled at by a neighbor-dog ‘Coco’; and then hoping to see his darling poochy-love Bella.. a small Lassie-type dog.

I was chatting with Bella’s owner, and she said her husband had come across an eye-opening book by a retired RCMP investigator for the SwissAir 111 case. The book said that the crash was due to a bomb, but the authorities– including the RCMP, and the powers that be in Ottawa, had been part of a cover-up.

So I told her a little of my involvement in the matter, and she left me outside for a second– with Bella & Wallace doing their doggy-waltz– and got the book to lend. I just finished reading it yesterday.

Given what we all thought we knew, this was a revelation. I could be no more shocked than if I heard that ground-shaking BOOOOM all over again at this very moment.

The Book

Swissair 111 crashed in 1998. Now, 19 years later, the leading RCMP forensic investigator for the Swissair, RCMP Sgt. Tom Juby, has tried to connect the dots, and set the record straight. He has paid personally, professionally and humanly for his due diligence in research, expertise, identifying remains, the recording & photographing the wreckage of the crashed airline after it was recovered from the sea-floor by divers and huge grapple-salvage barges and the help of other ships.


It’s dense; well-written; factual; I’m not going to give a review except to say it possibly reveals fraud, criminal conspiracy, interference in police investigation and forensic evidence gathering, a massive cover-up, and blatant lying and falsifying the truth to America, Canada, the Swiss, and the world– all in line with the likewise covered-up crash of TWA800, and other terror attacks which have blighted our world since the original Twin Towers Bombing of 1993.

Long story short: an incendiary device of some sort appears to have been deliberately inserted in the “attic space” of Swissair 111, where it would do the most damage to the electrical system. The resulting fire burnt at 1700C, melting aluminum and sealing in tell-tale chemical traces into the nearby wires. Whether this was terrorism, or has to do with the missing cargo of diamonds and paintings, and a hope that the plane would have crashed deep in the ocean remains unclear. The recipe for the bomb-type used was (and still is) readily available on the internet.

Make It Worse? OK.


Worse, leading figures and their intermediaries in the the RCMP and the TSB (Canadian Transportation Safety Board) appear to have lied and concealed the truth of what happened to the 229 homicide victims of Swissair 111, as well as from the U.S government and investigators, the FAA, the FBI, and the US, Canadian, and Swiss public.

Good old (Liberal) Canadian officialdom. Lies, cover-ups, collusion, pre-determined reports counter to evidence; top-down bullying & incompetence and illegal threat-making. Blame the lower-downs. Hide the stuff. Don’t make important people look bad. Don’t let the media know, or the public suspect. It’s all settled– “Accident”– so keep on message. Or else.

While Justin Trudeau is in power, there will be no re-opening or proper criminal investigation of the crash or the cover-up of this shameful episode in Canadian history, given that it took place on the Liberal Party watch. Sunny days.

Bomb, fraud & criminal cover-up. Mind blown.

Thus saith,

The Binks



The Pope’s Science Is Settled?



~ ITEM: Robert P. George: LAUDATO SII: CLOSE YOUR EYES, EMPTY YOUR HEART, AND PIN DOWN YOUR BRAIN, OH CATHOLIC!; and “Al Gore Moment: When Peter Fails, Look to the Church“; also, The Pope’s High Water Mark

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“A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. In recent decades this warming has been accompanied by a constant rise in the sea level and, it would appear, by an increase of extreme weather events, even if a scientifically determinable cause cannot be assigned to each particular phenomenon.”

copied and pasted from pdf of LAUDATO SI (23)

+ + +

~ SO THERE’S A NEW— giant– Encyclical from the current Pope just released today, (partly) on The Environment.

Given who the Pope’s “climate” advisors were, we can rejoice that Laudate Sii is not much worse in that respect– parts of it are simply excellent, parts, predictable South American Liberation Theology. The MSM obviously cannot puzzle out the God bits, only the leading story elements.

Binky’s Red Pen

If I were editing it, I would have put the last sections (on God) right after the introduction, as primary theological (Papal) business; then, the crisis of sinful man with huge technical power as a theological problem, not to be solved by more power; then, the controversial bits, stated with a hugely balanced “some say, and yet others say” on the controversial global warming/ overpopulation/ evil oil/ giant supernational government thing. Then the prayers, stewardship, education thing.

Sadly, the “GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL” parts are as if Francis was blaming unicorns and robotic bananas for the problems of the world. They steal the thunder and cred from the rest– and the fact that the theological sections are waaaaay down near the bottom like an afterthought? Makes it look embarrassed about the things Catholics can all be certain of (God’s revealed truth & nature), versus the stuff in the early sections (environmental lunacy) which no Catholic can be certain of, because it’s all ideological global governance/ tax-grab fraud.

Allowed To Think?

Global warming, overpopulation, global government, energy issues– these are matters over which Catholics, Christians, and people of good will may legitimately differ, and in some cases, in which the Pope’s advisors were laughably one-sided and partisan, and failed in their duty to actually present a balanced view for the Pope to consider– this is typical progressivism, which can admit no plausibility or elements of truth in opposing views (even and especially if such views are based on better science).

Biased and wrong-headed Progressivism IS balance, right? No, it is not– in fact, progressive economics, science, and social engineering is notably based on lies, bad ideas, and time-tested failure.


In fact, it could be argued, that this move to use the Vatican as an overwhelming bullhorn to bulwark the failing panic-project of Global Warming/ Taxing/ Government is a sign that the truth about the weather is actually breaking through, and the ‘overwhelming consensus’ of scientists is actually not– most actual non-paid-for climate and related scientists do not believe in Global Warming.

Thus, the Pope is putting his spiritual authority on the line for scientific uncertainties; and alienating everyone (including most actual climate scientists) who dare not agree with horrible Warmists like effing Hans Joachim “Get Rid Of 6 Billions!” Schellnhuber and his apocalyptic ilk. Well done, then.

Needless Silly

It brings scandal and bias into the Pope’s teaching office, and fraudulently bad science is bad science, no matter who supports it. After all, things do not become true because this or any Pope says it– Popes and all of us must learn & believe in truth and true things because they are true.

The Pope has stuck his foot into a global war for global governance, global environmental and economic dictatorship, and a cull of the surplus population to a billion or even 500 million (10% rich powerful rulers, the rest their servants). Herr Schellnhuber and his allies at the U.N. (like would be global governor Christian Figueres) have big, big plans for you and me and the future.


Finally, In Concluded

Read the whole thing, ponder, pray, digest it, and where there is truth, rejoice and think and look around you at the way we use Mother Nature (and other people) as ‘resource’ to be exploited and consumed, and not as God’s property, of which we are the caretakers and keepers, until we hand it back to him when we are done our offices of stewarding.

And if in any of the above I am terribly, terribly wrong, or unfair, or partial, then show me (you know, facts, evidence, science, credible experts, non-skewed studies), and I will rewrite, with apologies. ~

Saith Teh Binks