The War Is Here. NOW. Wake up.


~ A BINKS BLAST FROM THE past (2016), about how forced immigration is war upon a nation’s own people by her elites, and globalist master-plans. It’s where we really are, thanks to Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Obama, Pope Francis, May, Soros.. and all the other evil masterminds & busy-bodies trying to rule the world– and using Muslims as their weapon against the West.

Canada is bad, and must be abolished. Now.

This is 4th Generation War, where the battlefield is everywhere, and right in front of you. That’s on TOP of the unfolding insane ‘ clown world’ dystopia all around us.

>> Guerrillas In The Midst

This is best read with my other connected piece, about getting you & your loved ones ready for this, and prepared ahead of time for disasters, bad weather, and unexpected trouble.

>> Thank You, Ye Rat-Bastards!

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Teh Binks

ITYS Expert, 2007-2019

Küng Met The Binks, Once!

Look! A Wunderkind!

>> Hans Küng: an ageing enfant terrible going nowhere

>> Samuel Gregg: Benedict XVI, Hans Kung and Catholicism’s Future


~ HANS KÜNG used to be a very big deal. I was wondering the other day if he was still alive. He is.

Younger Hans was the say-anything unorthodox enfant terrible of the mid-20th century Catholic Church revolution. He and his ilk were going to remake everything in sight: Church, society, culture, thought, truth itself. Utopia now: just one more change!

Now, the young radical celebrity is almost 90. I got his autograph once, in the mid-’80s. “Hans Kung, Not Infallible” it read. Daring.

Just Phone It In, Hans


His speech that day was a disappointing rehash of Thomas Kuhn’s “Paradigm Shift” theories.. from a book published in 1962, almost 25 years before he spoke to us at Acadia. Count me underwhelmed.

He brought nothing recent, relevant, nothing about Catholicism or post-1960s developments in theology, philosophy… just rehash. Regurge. Leftovers. Could’ve just sent along a polite note saying “Read this book. I like it.”

Yet he was a big deal, back in the day,  truly one of the 20th century modernist tsunami-riders, wreaking havoc on the Catholic Church as she was torn from her true self and made a puppet for the passing Zeitgeist and radical politics. In 2018, we are still floating amidst the wreckage, corpses, dirt, pollution and chaos of that time.

It’s all good. Exciting & dynamic things are happening all around us! Embrace The Now. Don’t be narrow-minded and afraid of change.

A Band Of Busy Clevers

There was a whole cadre of such clever modernizers as Küng, who had schemed amongst themselves and with the modernist Pope John XXIII and his protege Montini (later Pope Paul VI) to subvert the original plans for the ecumenical council which became known as Vatican II. You can even read some of what was supposed to be discussed in the Council that was never allowed to take place, now that the revolution was rolling.

That crucial moment was all about power: seizing it, keeping it, imposing it, and remaking the Church in their image. The book-series and TV-show Game Of Thrones looks mild by comparison.

The break was with the past, personified by a ‘Medieval’ Pius XII: as he aged, he was minimized, mocked, dismissed, even shown in newspaper photos on his death-bed, and displayed at the funeral after a (deliberately?) bungled embalming. Pius was then all but  erased & forgotten in the predestined scheme to elect the stealth-modernist, progressive socialist, & likely freemason Roncalli (John XXIII) to the papal throne.

Pope John XXIII

They Didn’t Start The Arson

From the 1750s onwards, a spirit of revolution, change, utopianism, and anti-Christianity arose in Europe. Promoted by the Masonic Lodges, “new-thinking” intellectuals in France and England and elsewhere, that idea of suddenly remaking everything broke out in France in that blood-soaked Revolution; less catastrophically in English legal and political reforms in the early 1800s, yet again in the Communist-inspired 1840s and 1850s, and on into the 20th century.

Bad things happen; we’re the ones who can & will fix it! We will do things to others for their own good, and throw down the bad people, and make a better future for mankind! Away with priests and superstition and kings and old ways!” Hence Robespierre, Marx, and all the others. Revolution now, then utopia!


Striking The Roots, Replacing The Tree

The Vatican II Council  was the mature fruit of that revolutionary spirit, and– within the Church– of over 80 years and more of bubbling ferment and subversion, promotions and mutual protection, denial and deceit, of the restless gnostic Catholic progressive modernists– the superior special ones who know the special things– planning to overthrow both the substance and appearance of the great enemy of Europe’s turbulent revolutionary spirit– the Catholic Church.

Once, perhaps, Hans Küng thought a glorious future lay just ahead, a churchly utopia of spirit and world cooperating to make a bright New Age for humanity. Surely this was the true motion of the Holy Spirit!


Sadly, such revolutionized ‘Christian’ leaders forgot the basic truth: don’t immanentize the eschaton. That is, don’t try and make heaven on earth in man’s image, for it will be hell. Such Marxism is a shallow shadow-faith leading to lies, gulags, and bleak fields of broken bones.

A Sad Shallow Failed Utopia

Pope Benedict XVI

Sadly, and in retrospect, the brief pause in the revolution represented by Benedict XVI now leaves us in 2018 with the spectacle of two popes, one bullied out of office by nefarious means and whispered threats, and the other bent on remaking everything in his own image, and according to a singular and imposed modernist interpretation of both Vatican II, and his own ideas. Oh yeah– and Pope Benedict XVI was pushed. He did not jump.


The glorious revolution in the Church has– by its own internal logic– collapsed into mere power, a cult of personality, a marginalizing and dividing force, not a unifying and building principle, in which the “winners” endlessly repeat themselves, cheating the Church into fresh compromises and radical lies, collecting power and fame and money and more control. Doing things To people, and not For them, as Christ’s own precious flock, for whom he died.  Even, helping souls onward to Hell, and not Heaven.

Not a very inspiring utopia. Not exactly a very healthy or happy Church. The more they ‘succeed’, the more they fail– failing God, and his people, and the true Kingdom.

Hans, still banging the same old drum– “We’re gonna party like it’s 1963!” Yawn.

Turn Or Burn, Buddy

I do hope Hans repents and recants before he dies, though it will take long years before ever the horrid festering wounds and terrible damage he and his ilk did to the Church will be healed or repaired. Surely 1789 to 2018 is enough time to observe that revolutions go rogue: once things start falling apart, there’s no easy way to say “Whoa! That’s enough, and no further!” Surely the arrogance and pride of the long line of revolters is from Lucifer The Lying Proud Murderer, and not of Him Who came to serve, and not be served?

The way forward is not more revolution, but rather remembrance, rebuilding, rebuke, repentance, re-commitment, resistance, contemplative and prayerful obedience to Christ The King, and not to the spirit of the world, or the dark gods of worldly power, control, and proud sin.

Sorry Hans.

So Saith,

Teh Binks

“Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang. / In me thou seest the twilight of such day. / As after sunset fadeth in the west, / Which by and by black night doth take away….”




Finger-Wagging, Backwards


“After things are over, it is easy to choose the fine

mental and moral positions which

one should adopt.”

~ Winston Churchill ~

~ ITEM: Pope Francis: World powers did nothing when Jews were taken to Auschwitz

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~ BACK SOMEWHERE in the 1950’s, George Bergoglio (b. 1936) got a vocational-school degree in chemistry technicianing. However these days, he talks freely on world politics, economics, climatology, environmentalism, saving the planet, the evils of Latin, weapon manufacturing, guns, air conditioners– why, anything he turns his mind to. Just recently, he’s ruminated on World War II & The Holocaust!

Dude got mad skillz, yo.

Stupid Elf Think


Now, I’ve been reading, learning, pondering, and studying the big wars of the last century for (give or take) 42 years. I have a history degree with an emphasis on military history. GPA 4.1. I still read about the wars, Hitler, Canadian warmaking, historical battles, and the Holocaust (since my family lost cousins in Moldova under Einsatzgruppe D, under Otto Ohlendorf).

Thus, in addition to vexing questions about the Auschwitz-Birkenau work/ death camps, and the 13 million people imprisoned and killed in the huge network of hundreds of camps across Nazi-occupied Europe, we remember the 12 million+ slave-labourers on Nazi defence-works, factories, underground projects, from Norway to North Africa, and from the Island of Jersey to Western Russia.

As of 2015, we have not really solved the question of what to do about rising anti-semitism, slavery, international human rights, sex-trafficking of women girls and boys, nor the ‘internal security’ of Communist nations where death-camps and slave-labour are still very much part of the political system, and hold far more people than were ever held in Nazi camps. The Soviet gulag system likewise held upwards of 25 million mostly political prisoners 1930-1965.

All so simple to fix, in hindsight? Guess we’ll just have to wait until 2090 to have all the perfect answers to the problems of 2015.


The Specific Issue

Could the Allies have done more and better to somehow stop the Nazi death-camp systems? Yes. Could they have seriously degraded or stopped Hitler’s final solution through bombing raids on all the camps and railways and vehicles being used for this purpose, and all the Einsatzgruppen operating in Europe and Russia? Very unlikely.

This may be a fail of the Allied leaders & war-planners, but to replay what-might-have-been is an iffy and speculative and risky/ judgmental sport for a pope to play, given what was actually done, in the reality of those past moments. Armchair generalling, hindsight 20/20 always puts you in the awesome position of supposedly knowing everything, actually changing nothing, and a toasty and uplifting moral superiority over the stupid losers who actually fought, died, decided, messed up, and lived the events of the time.

Wisdom and insight– borrowing and learning from the past, thus gaining foresight and clarity about current problems– is a hard-won and rare gift, and is usually ignored by those in power, in the church and in the world. Everybody ‘knows better’ at the time.


What Was Done

(1) In part, the Allies launched the biggest war ever to recover the freedom of Europe (including those of Jews). Countless war-graves testify to this. World powers allowed their diplomats to issue hundreds of thousands of passports to Jews and other refugees during WW2. Even German and Japanese diplomats did the same. Many pre-war Jewish and other refugees flooded westwards to escape the coming darkness.

(2) The Pope & priests and religious and laypeople spoke out, and also helped to hide, save, or aided to escape upwards of half a million people. Golda Meir and other world Jewish leaders honoured Pope Pius XII (slandered by some as ‘Hitler’s Pope’) as a hero who did more to save Europe’s Jews than anybody else. Holy Father, have you even read about what your predecessors did in the face of such unspeakable evils as Nazism and Communism?

(3) When you talk of ‘World Powers’, sir, you actually mean Winston Churchill and President FDR. Which specific choices (or failures to choose) are you concerned with?  Have you read Churchill’s 5-volume history of World War 2?

(4) Western anti-Semitism cannot be denied in many aspects of 1930s-1940s society. Still, nobody then had any conception of fighting a ‘Holocaust’, partly because they did not read Hitler’s ideas and threats, and partly because it was unthinkable. Why would any sane nation at war deflect resources, transport, troops, and construction to do something like this? Post-war, allied nations allowed mass-migration of surviving Jews, and backed a new Jewish Homeland in a rebuilt Israel– and defended her and provided weapons until the Obama Regime took over.

(5) World War I German atrocities, war-crimes, and– as it were– practice holocausting were reported, sometimes exaggerated, but covered up and pooh-poohed by pacifists in particular, who wanted to hold as morally equivalent the two sides of the conflict. Thus, the Germans learned that they could get away with much, given the well-meaning but ultimately disastrous naivete of British politicians and anti-war leaders. G.K. Chesterton tried to warn England about this, but to no avail. The seeds of Auschwitz were laid in Berlin, Belgium, Holland, Northern France.. and London, in the 19-teens and 1920s.

But, super-geniuses should already know all this.


We The Super-Awesomes!

Isn’t it is lovely and lofty for us to look smugly backwards from our moral high-ground and judge the failings and evils and hard choices of others– in the face of the biggest world-wide war to this date– three or four generations after.

After all, in 2015 there’s zero anti-semitism and little persecution of Jews anywhere, no wars threatening the world,  no slavery to worry about anymore, no threats to political freedom and freedom of speech in the West or in the world; no death-camps and work camps anywhere in the world to liberate; no Christians dying daily for their faith, and certainly no look-the-other-way lazy contentment in the West. Phew.

I sure hope that 75 years from now, people will judge our mistakes, failures, glaring blind-spots, avoidable evils, and misconceptions without coming across all smug about it.


Saith The Binks