“The Commish” ..Contributed


Barbara Hall’s “personal pony?”

“Bronkin’ Barb” from the OHRC just can’t wait to wrap her legs around that “Stallion Steyn” character. She must be chompin’ at the bit and whetting herself with anticipation to have those new mandible mandates enacted. Sound plausible?

A word of advice for both:

Barbara, don’t feel offended if you happen to get tossed from this magnificent beast. Bring lots of Rodeo Commission Clowns to help break your fall.

Mark/Maclean’s, cover your backs with a nice, thick “legalize blanket” for your personal and industry protection.

Now that’s what I call “Entertainment!” Let the “Rodeo” begin!

Looking Forward

“Starting July 2008, human rights complaints will no longer be filed with the Commission but will be made directly to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. At the same time, the role of the Commission in preventing discrimination and promoting and advancing human rights in Ontario will be strengthened. The Commission will expand its work in promoting a culture of human rights in the province. This will include taking a leadership role in fostering constructive debate and dialogue among concerned individuals and organizations regarding the issues raised by Islamophobia in the media and the ways in which the Commission, the media and others can begin to address them.”

Update: [from the Commish]

Hell, we have absolutely no idea what we’re doin’.

We’ve caused so much of a flap over this “labiaplasty” issue and our disease rendering “hand washing” policies that Health Canada has entered our buildings and replaced the sinks with “Wet Ones” dispensers. I am so upset that my “self applied, un-doctored cosmetic” is streaming down my face and has puddled on the floor. Where’s my [fill-in-the-bank] – Canadian Custodian when you need one?

We are also takin’ a bit of shellacking over this on-going “free speech” debate. Even Alan Borovoy from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and many others have decided to give us a little spanking . Not to mention our flagrant use of pseudonyms, entrapment, allegations of actual law-breaking, 100% conviction rates, serial complainants, etc. My tummy’s crampin’ – I don’t feel well – I need my Mommy. Where’s my Milk Of Magnesia!

Now, “the Commish” may have to deal with minority v. minority issues. Uh, oh. We might have some spainin’ to do. We have sealed ourselves in a glass jar for [All] – Canadians to see and to scrutinize our beleaguered behavior. Yep, we’re in a “pickle” and managed to marginalize our myopic selves! Go figure, eh? Who gonna trump who?

Let’s make something quite clear. We (the Commish) don’t want to return to the pre-Trudeupian era of Canadian laws and Canadian values or social cohesion.  We (the Commish) want division diversity, “hyphenated” stereotypes, and the ability to foster and promote social-engineering. Don’t you see, this type of mentality “bio-fuels” our over-bearing, over-reaching, over-compensated, over-staffed, over-funded, bungling, badgering, intrusive bureaucracy – Have it our way or we *keel you! (*keel – the underside of the over-inflated ego zodiac that was commissioned by the Commission and rubby-dubbed the H.M.C.S. Glacial Pace during the commissioning by the Commissioner) – at taxpayer expense, of course.

Yes, fellow Canucks, we have ploughed and pummeled through stormy “Constitutional” waters and abandoned the “human rights” of many individual citizens in our massive, over-breaking wake during the last few decades. Who cares baby – We got mandate!

Any hoot, some “knuckle-draggin’ bloggers” are calling for a massive cutback of our over-bearing, over-reaching, over-compensated, over-staffed, over-funded, bungling, badgering, intrusive bureaucracy. They want us to focus in only two areas which would be “Housing” and “Limited Education”.  We (the Commish) are very familiar with limited education.

So what does this entail, one should ask? Well, these “bloggers” want us meet with certain “groups” to learn readin’, writin’, and basic comprehension. We (the Commish) are not familiar with the term “basic comprehension” so we need to have one of our staff members “logon” to one of our pseudo-accounts through someone else’s internet connection to check it out at Wiki. Hey, if it means more mullah moola for our government kafirs coffers, we’re all for it!

..and don’t forget our motto:

Simply file and take a well deserved rest –

Taxpaying-Canadians will accommodate our feathered nests-

Remember, baby – We got mandate!

The Commish

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