The PEN Canada/Paul Kidd Courage Prize

The PEN Canada/Paul Kidd Courage Prize: Call for Nominations

The PEN Canada/Paul Kidd Courage Prize recognizes writers and journalists who have displayed exceptional courage and integrity in the interest of freedom of expression.

The prize is administered by PEN Canada. The winner is chosen annually by an independent panel of judges who determine the criteria for the award within the following broad parameters:

Eligible nominees are Canadian authors, journalists, photo-journalists, newspaper editors or publishers who freelance or are employees of a Canadian publishing company, newspaper, magazine, or broadcast outlet who have met at least two of the following criteria:

  • Made a significant impact through writing or broadcasting by challenging the status quo
  • Demonstrated through work a willingness to put his/her career on the line in the tenacious pursuit of a story
  • Displayed courage and taken an independent viewpoint

Submissions must include a cover letter that outlines how the candidate meets the above-mentioned criteria. Relevant supporting material is also requested.

Previous winners:

2007 – Stephanie Nolen, The Globe and Mail correspondent in South Africa, for her ongoing coverage of the AIDS crisis in Africa.

2006 – Kim Bolan, who has devoted much of her career to the Air India affair and is the author of Loss of Faith: How the Air India Bombers Got Away with Murder.

2005 – Paul William Roberts, whose books include A War Against Truth and The Demonic Comedy, which deal with his time covering both wars in Iraq.

The deadline for submissions is July 28, 2008. Please forward them to:

PEN Canada

24 Ryerson Avenue, suite 301

Toronto ON M5T 2P3

Fax: 416 703 3870


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