Blue Shirt Alert! ‘Hate Calls’

Obama for America

Binky —

Voters in key battleground states are receiving automated phone calls from John McCain’s campaign that are spreading some of the most vile smears of this election.

But these “robocalls” — and the hate-filled mailers that usually accompany them — say more about John McCain than they do about Barack.

After all, McCain himself denounced these underhanded and cowardly tactics as “hate calls” after a rash of them sunk his primary campaign in 2000. The perpetrator behind that slimy attack: George W. Bush. Now, not only has John McCain embraced these sleazy tactics, he’s hired the same firm that Bush used against him to orchestrate them.

Your voice is the most powerful tool to help fight back against this tide of lies and spread the truth.

If you or your family and friends have received one of these sleazy calls or mailings, help us keep track of them by reporting it.

It’s clear John McCain would rather lose his honor than lose this election.

While there’s nothing new about these scare tactics, McCain has signaled he’ll stoop to any level to win.

There’s too much at stake to let the politics of the past derail this campaign. And with just 17 days to go before Election Day, the need to take a stand couldn’t be greater.

Reports from folks like you are the only way the full extent of these hateful calls and mailers will ever be known by voters across the country.

Expose John McCain’s slimy tactics — forward this email to everyone you know and make sure McCain’s “hate call” tactics get reported:

Together, we’ll turn the page on McCain’s low road tactics.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Obama Action Wire

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