The Twitter-Police Rising, 2016



SHE IS A Canadian-educated daughter of immigrant Armenian parents, who has recently attained some interweb & UN fame and fortune.

He is a gay conservative gadfly who engages and enrages feminists and social justice warriors in Britain and abroad, via Twitter, a wide range of articles, and social media. He is  writing a book on the Gamergate controversy.


Only this. He just got ‘de-verified’ by an increasingly irrelevant and unprofitable Twitter, and she’s just been hired by Twitter as part of their 1984-ish council of grievance a.k.a. “trust and safety council” for ‘ensuring safe spaces’– i.e., Twitter Speech Police (their official statement). Oh goody.

Will Nanny ALL Your Twitter Things!

She: Anita Sarkeesian is a Canadian-raised feminist ‘media critic’ currently residing in the U.S. She  launched her Feminist Frequency blog in Canada, but later presided over part of the #GamerGate controversy, by weighing in against critics of ethical problems & political correctness in game journalism. As a graduate of the infamously hyper-progressive York University in Toronto (an MA in ‘Social and Political Thought‘) as well as California State University, she knows all the tropes and tricks in the social justice warrior playbook, and parlayed that into a cool million dollars of income over the past several years.

The Dark Lord Milo! Most ‘Dangerous Faggot’!

He: Milo Yiannopolis is an Englishman of Greek background, a homosexual, irreverent, and chatty conservative controversialist and ‘cultural libertarian’ who appears on Twitter, Breitbart, TV shows and media platforms to disassemble feminism, defend free speech, demonstrating that hard-Leftist progressive politics and culture are not mandatory for self-identified gay men.

Now, he’s declared an all-out war on Social Justice Warriors.. in a “fun and provocative” way. Grab the popcorn.

Shut Up! They Argued


As part of his Dangerous Faggot” 2016 World Tour (dates & details here), Milo spoke on the Rutgers University campus on February 9th, to the usual attempts to shut down his speech by aggrieved “Black Lives Matter” activists. Some protesters had smeared their faces with red paint (which they left splattered on chairs, floors, and doors for the cleaning staff to deal with, no doubt). Tantrums, mess, and incivility matter!

The speech went ahead, after the rest of the crowd started chanting back at the disruptive BLM people “Trump! Trump! Trump!”, i.e., stuff your political correctness, we’re hear to listen to Milo, agree with him or not, so shut-up.

Some Rutgers Wah-Babies, February 2016

Behold typical neo-progressive campus activism: mischievous and disruptive bomb & death-threats, pulled fire alarms, angry mobs, screaming youth, and some cancelled events have become the new normal. This is just as most campuses in Europe and North America (such as Sarkeesian’s YorkU, Toronto) have become left-leaning toxic monocultures of progressivism, anti-semitism, soft-fascism, anti-Christianity, and a remarkable touchiness about even allowing words and ideas they dislike to be spoken on campus by students or profs, let alone at big events self-described by uppity and ‘Dangerous Faggots’.

Ideas? Thoughts? Discussion? Learning? Not so much. Hence Milo’s Ezra-esque and Steynian cheerful troublesomeness.

You can listen to Milo’s actual words & ideas at the Rutgers on “How the Progressive Left Is Destroying Education” by clicking the link, or on other topics via many YouTube videos.


Grab That Muzzle

Yiannopolous started out as the ‘Breitbart Tech editor‘, but his fame (and the hatred directed toward him) grew as he journalistically took apart #GamerGate and feminist claims in various venues, to the point that his enemies recently protested his ‘Verified’ status on Twitter.. so the anti-free-speech Twits obediently de-verified him. Can’t have a ‘dangerous faggot’ interfering with the one-message Progressivist signal, can we?

The direction Twitter (and FaceBook) are trending in 2016 is uniformly progressive– towards editing, blocking, deleting, de-verifying, and otherwise interfering with non-Progressive groups, messages, and individuals. Of course, Mr. Yiannopolous has not stopped twittering, but the deverification means that his many online fans don’t automatically receive his tweets in their regular news-feed.

Thus Miss Sarkeesian’s invite to the Twitter Muzzle & Ban club fits where that social media platform wants to go: less dissent, less upsetting ideas, less free speech, less contrarian troublemaking– less stupid evil Milo & company. These are sad and alarming developments: some speech is freer than others; some ideas are more equal than others.

Soft-Fascism Rising

Ever since the fact-checking and talking back to establishment radicals hit with the invention of the public internet, various kinds of speech police have been working double-overtime to stuff the genie back into the bottle. Uncontrollable thought, open discussion, debunking, actual debate and disagreement?– it must be stopped.

So Miss Sarkeesian has chosen to be the poster-girl for Big Brother and Big Muzzle, via social media giants; and a thoughtful gay pest has stood up one of the latest poster-boys for the fightback, for freedom and rational debate in media, culture, on campuses, and no sacred cows allowed. Pay attention to his reasoned ideas now, before someone shoots him.


Oh, Canada?

Dare we hope some less-than-soft-fascistic Canadian university invites Milo Yiannopolous to speak here, to fight back against the creeping morbidity of mind and politics which is even now re-freezing the Canadian mind and spirit? We could invite Sarkeesian, too, but we already have thousands upon thousands of copies of her in Women’s Studies Departments, feminist groups, and in government and bureaucracy (plus the Prime Minister’s Office) to think she’d really bring anything interesting or new. We helped inflict her on the world– surely we owe the world some balanced fact-checking?

I know whose side I’m standing on. How about you?

My name is Binks WebElf, and I self-identify as a cis-gendered male elf, except on Wombat Wednesdays, and “I’m A Tree, So Hug Me” month.


Jesus The Unexpected


EVER SINCE 2001, we have been surrounded by ‘The War On Terror™’. We hardly even notice it any more.

Going to the airport? You leave extra time for the intrusive searches of ‘security theatre’. Got internet-connected electronics or social media? You just know someone could be watching or listening or recording you. Heck, NSA (or the UK’s GCHQ) spyware might even be built into your game apps, like Angry Birds or Candy Crush. For your own good. Shrug.

What to do? The neo-Con Hawks tell us to bomb & war & nuke; moderates tell us to fight, but have a deadline; leftists tell us to surrender our culture and faith to Islam, to accept waves of ‘refugees’– and all sides tell us to surrender our freedom and rights for “Peace And Security™”.


I’m not for surrender, and will live, speak, and die– if need be– for the best of my civilization, and for my Christian faith. Not much for the Security State, or permanent “War On Terror’ Industrial War Inc.™, either.

Something else may well be happening in the Muslim world which will seriously aggravate Muslim and Secular Western regimes, since both love, above all else, to exercise power and control.

Who Is What-Now?


Jesus Christ is appearing to Muslims in visions, dreams, and near-death experiences.

Yes, that Jesus. The one in the Creeds & the Bible. People in the Muslim world over the past 20 years and more are meeting Jesus and being changed and converted by vision & dreams of the Risen Lord.


Along with this, millions more Muslims are being quietly converted to Christianity, at risk of social or family exclusion, in countries where Christianity is illegal, or a secret minority, where there may be few or no churches, or where ISIS and other Western-sponsored terror-groups are actively persecuting Christians (and other faith groups).

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the leader of Hamas, has become a Christian, and despite all the death-threats, gone on to preach and talk and write about his total change of life.

Likewise in China, Christian churches are growing to such a point that within 1 few years, over 200 million Chinese may be Christians, despite government torture, persecution, and concentration camps.


Crucify Silence Him!

Jesus & Muslims.. this is huge, world-changing news. CNN? BBC? MSNBC? New York Times? Obama? Trudeau? Crickets.

Can’t be having any of that religious stuff interfere with our march to social justice, group-think soft fascism, and secular paradise. Don’t want God interfering with things which we have decided are our business, thank you very much, and please remember the legal separation of Heaven and Earth, God and Man, Believer & State.


Unlike Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, or any other great philosopher or religious leader, Christians proclaim that Jesus rose again from the dead, and is alive forevermore. He’s the Lord of the dead, and the living, says the Bible.

If he really is appearing in visions and dreams to Muslim people, and calling them to salvation– and to forsake Islamic War Without End, terrorism, suicide bombing, and cultural and social stagnation– then here’s a real opportunity for whole peoples and lands to be made new.

On The Other Hand

In the West, we’re religiously nuts, really. Heck, our teflon Prime Minister Selfie can even go to hate-mosques and still somehow pretend to be a Catholic AND a secularist in good standing at the same time– and then to tell people to conform to his views, no matter their religious faith. As Rex Murphy pithily puts it– “In Justin Trudeau’s world, Christians need not apply .”


The risen Christ being a busybody doesn’t fit with the various master-plans of the global and political elites, let alone the U.S. State Department, and the CIA-NSA-FBI Industrial complex– but Jesus has always been troublesome like that. When he speaks, the foundations tremble, the graves are broken open, the dead arise, the blind can see, the possessed are set free, the sick are healed, and people are brought to salvation and new hope, and resurrection.

Renewing The World

This mysterious happening in the Muslim world may also undercut some of the racism behind the anti-refugee & anti-Muslim rhetoric found in social media: they’re not subhuman rag-heads, Mud-slimes, and machine-gunning or nuking them all is not the actual answer.

The conversion of a single individual heart begins the transformation of the world. It’s bigger than an earthquake, a volcanic explosion, a level 5 hurricane.

Muslims are already children of God; and if saved in Christ, they become brothers and sisters in him with Christians around the world, in whom there is no Jew or Gentile, Male or Female, Slave or Free– caught up in unconditional love. There’s the lasting foundation of true & new ‘humanity’, without political correctness, mob-rule, or group-think.

But it involves the living God Himself: and while we may love his gifts of life, and love, and the good things of this world, we’d rather do without the giver.

And the truth is this: we– along with Muslims– need a spiritual and personal renewal, a religious rebirth, a renovation of our tired and stagnant and shallow governments and denominations, and their practical atheism and cold heartedness– through a love of the risen and living Jesus Christ.

So Saith

Teh Binks


Look At Me!.. But Not Too Closely…


‘Truuuust Me!’ Says Binky



PLEASE IGNORE all that follows.. after all, I’m merely a privileged white male cisgendered Canadian elf. As a white male of my species, I’m no doubt a patriarchy racists sexism, and one of the micro-causes of endless micro-aggressions. Stupid fat elf. Boo, me!

Attention-seeking is a complex thing. What happens when you mix toxic ideology with deeply damaged or nasty people?

Serious fireworks ensue.. and perhaps some insights.

Doubting The Doubters


Me Spong! You Bigot! No awkward questions, please.

An Anglican philosopher friend of mine once took on the notoriously attention-seeking (but question avoiding) controversialist Bishop and writer John “Look At Meee” Spong. The crowd were mostly Spong-devotees, but my friend took his shot.

My friend said:

(1) You (Spong) assert that much of religion (& Christianity in particular) is actually a Freudian-style projection of father-issues into universal truth claims about God. (My Dad In The Sky).

(2) So your (Spong’s) view of God is essentially a projection of your (Spong’s) own interior father-issues (Spong had a bad relationship with his father, he reports) into universal truth-claims about God.

(3) Therefore: if you’re right, why should anyone believe what you (Spong) claim to be true or not true about God & religion, if it’s all ‘actually’ about your projected personal fatherhood issues, and not truth claims about what is actually real and true? Why should anybody care about that?

Spong’s religion = how he feels about his dead Dad. Right up there with his opinions on knitting, and eggrolls.

Wait for it. Booooooooooooooooooom.


In that flash of simple logic, my friend demolished mitred narcissist Spong’s clever 50-year schtick of ‘trust me’ doubting, deconstruction, and the flawed thinking behind his ‘because Freud’ agnosticism.

Then It Got Really Weird

What happened next? Nothing sensible.

Bp. Spong wiffled, waffled, and then attacked (as usual). My gregarious & thoughtful friend was ‘judgmental’ and ‘narrow-minded’ and unpleasant and ‘fundamentalist’. That is, Spong The Famous Doubter could not– or would not– answer reasonable questions doubting Spong’s own doubt. Question ME? Name-calling, you bigot!

Here’s where it gets.. even weirder.

During a break after question-time, a Spongite woman came up to my friend, asking him to back off, and ‘be nicer’ to Spong, because he was a deeply damaged man, who spoke on behalf of so many other damaged people. Er, what-now?

Or, “Please lay off on the facts & logic and truth stuff, or any holding our hero accountable for his wreckifying via ideas, lectures, words, debates, books, ‘sermons’, TV appearances, and wealth & fame as a very public doubter and agnostic about Christianity, because.. feelings!” Leave Crazy Spong Alo-o-o-one!, cry the other crazy people.

How Very 21st Century


Public personas are just that: a public face-mask presented to the world. Anything can be behind the mask. What about the human toothaches, who enjoy making trouble? The deeply troubled but obnoxious, who are banging around injuring people and screeching about causes? Or the criminal, presenting themselves as heroes, whilst hiding dark secrets?

Even when we present questions, arguments, fact-checking and real data to the debate, we may be just scratching the surface of what’s going on.


Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos wonders just how many troublesome ‘radical’ attention-seeking public figures on the Left are not simply voices for some progressive position, but underneath may be deeply damaged, malignant narcissists, drama-seekers, or hurting/ hurtful people flailing about injuring innocent people and breaking things, under the guise of activism, feminism, social justice, or whatever other excuse for being sad, bad, or bat-spit mad. He says (29:20 and forward):

“Very often you’ll discover deep dysfunction in their private lives, and my supposition, my guess, is that very often the business of engaging in social justice, of bullying of other people, the engaging in the Oppression Olympics  is quite often a sort of therapy for people who are suffering. It’s a sort of learned response to trauma.

Because after a while, you realize that so many of the ringleaders in this incredibly.. off-the-wall movement have such checkered, dark, you know, ugly pasts, of lies, drug-taking…. Very often because they are attention-seekers, they are desperate for affirmation, and for “Victimhood Bucks”….”

Strategic Butt Coverings!


Recently, internets feminist saint Anita Sarkeesian told her supporters (US$170K on Kickstarter, another US$700K from various other sources 2014-present) that all her Feminist Frequency work is just too much (3 hours & 40 minutes of video, and related research, plus some articles, including her latest civilization-saving YouTube vid on, um, “Strategic Butt Coverings“). Pixel-bums. Not joking.

Mz. Anita’s easing back because– note this– she now tells us she’s suffered a life-long battle with depression & now burnout, plus some mean critics & anti-feminists on the internets are making her feel bad. But no refunds.


Depressions! Burnouts! Get my good side!

Who said what-now?! Anita: many people have depression, or burnout– such runs in my own family– but we’re not all swanning about with a cool mil, showing up on magazine covers & whinging at UN committees, getting riches & fame by preachily pissing on Men’s Rights, gamer culture, and men in general… all whilst having an undisclosed distorted and distorting mental illness. Publicity and followers and free money is not helping you get better, if you’re actually telling the truth about all this.

No, not all depressed people are unfit or ‘nuts’– but depending on the details, depression-things can make things appear much darker, more dramatic & ‘conspiratorial’, self-centred, scary or overwhelming than they really are. Hidden physical or mental suffering can be a circus-funhouse of unhappy, and not necessarily an accurate place from which to view the world, yourself, or others.

Binks For Rent!

For Rent Key Means Lease Or Rental.

‘Reeeeent Me!’ Says Binky

By the way, if anybody offers me a million dollars to regurgitate super-simplistic sophomore summaries of black Commie SJW Feminist Bell Hooks, I will also shave the Binky-pits, wear the Sarkeesian giant hoop-earrings, bright lipstick, plaid shirts and dyed side-locks. I promise to silence and mock anybody who disagrees with me, Bell Hooks, or Zoe Quinn, because Reasons. I will not plead burnout after my choice to spend 18 months in the public eye.

Anyone? Anyone?

Into The Bedlam?


Pro Damsel Mz. Chelsea Van Valkenburg, and her feline fur-baby.

Other hardcore Social Justice Warriors– like ‘Zoe Quinn‘ (a.k.a. Chelsea Van Valkenburg), or Randi Harper, or Shanley Kane— have more than proven themselves unethical, dishonest, troubled, and unstable people. They conceal their dark and crazy from their audience & opponents, and act out in various ways via ‘justice issues’, almost as a kind of avoidance of looking at themselves, finding treatment, or owning up to serious sins, crimes, or crises behind the public/ internet false mask.

Look over here! And over there!! Injustices!! Run! Hurry! Do what I say!! Self-awareness? Answering critics? Not so much.

The Unusual Suspects

Some ‘social justice’ progressives even turn out to be stalkers, male and female rapists, pedophiles, sociopaths, fraud artists and scammers, petty criminals, or compulsive liars, perhaps punishing others and society because malice, issues, or injuries in their lives. Not good.

Or, are you a well-connected and vengeful feminist bully (name rhymes with ‘Stephanie Guthrie’) who thinks they have a right to silence and lie about lowly non-feminist male scum who dare disagree via Twitter? Why not persecute him online, then drag Gregory Alan Elliott to court for three long years of frivilous misery, where the ‘due process’ is the bankrupting punishment? That’s here in Trudeau’s NeoCanada, but thankfully she lost (until the inevitable weepy legal appeal). This damaged chick should pay all his court costs, and for wasting taxpayer’s time & money. Ms. Guthrie can never give back his lost years. Nope, no issues or ideology there!


Utopian Ideology + deep personal problems = The Patriarchy is out to get me! I was Twitter-raped! They’re trying to kill me! All men are evil! Believe everything I say, or else! I’m being triggered! Intersectional micro-aggressions! Silence my critics! I have internet PTSD!! Kill all men! Help me, love me, cuddle me, give me a blankie and a teddy-bear, cuz I’m scared and sad and bad and lonely!!

It can get awfully ugly, when egotism, disease, disorder, evil, malice, and guilt is running the show.

Physician, Heal Thyself?

OK: Whoa now– first things first. This is not about dogpiling anyone. These people are people, and some of them really need help, or to get offline, and to shut up until they are better.

It’s simple, but not easy. Be healed if you would heal. Turn to God, and be made new.

This is at least part of what Jesus was teaching when he warned about being hastily judgmental (St. Luke 6:41-42). He was not in fact against judging– i.e., assessing something or someone correctly, in order to rebuke and/ or help them.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Blinded by a huge plank, O sinful bossy hypocrite? Then don’t rush into performing expert eye-surgery on others. Or: got am aster-plan to fix all the things, SJW? How about starting the fix-up with yourself, first?


If we are moved by love and mercy, and a desire to save & heal– and if we have seen, repented of, and confessed our sins & bad attitudes and mistaken ideas– then we have de-planked our own eye, stepped out of hypocrisy and blinding sin and harsh judgement, and become someone able to help others with their specks. We’re not moved by proving how wise and awesome and self-important we are, but by a healing which we humbly wish to share.

The Zombie Way

On the other hand, feeding off our badness and miseries to make others miserable and bad, is a destructive zombie-life. So is choosing to become creepy and more troubled, revelling in our depression, anxiety, sins, and hurts, and living a double life of public righteousness and ranting, and inward evil and sorrow. Why heal up from that broken leg? Keep limping along, and hit it with a hammer once in a while– and hey! Why not break other people’s legs with a hammer, too? Then, find all sorts of people to blame for it, make some videos and get a loyal following, then see if you can raise a hundred thousand bucks on Patreon in sympathy?

Not for this elf. Don’t listen to SJW celebrities– or anyone for that matter– without wondering who they really are, what motivates them, and what kind of fruit they bear in the public square and their personal lives. ~


Feminist Lies Unmasked


The rapey Viking Bjorn Tried To Remember: Rape THEN Kill.

+ + +

~ ONCE AND FOR all, let’s crush the cornerstones of modern 3rd Wave Feminism, shall we? Repeating a lie does not make it true, even if I wish it was so, or think it should be true.

1 in 4!! Rape Culture!

As Rebel Media reporter & alleged actual woman Lauren Southern notes, there is no anti-woman rape culture in the Western world. Unless you mean criminals, or certain refugees/ immigrants of a generally Muslim & male persuasion, who can be very rapey for various nasty reasons.

Otherwise, the actual non-feminist textbook statistics– on-campus and off campus– don’t show anything like the “1 in 4” mantra– oops.

“From the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division within DOJ, – Rather than one in five female college students becoming victims of sexual assault, the actual rate is 6.1 per 1,000 students, or 0.61 percent (instead of 1-in-5, the real number is 0.03-in-5). For non-students, the rate of sexual assault is 7.6 per 1,000 people.”

Feminist Barbie says “Math is hard!” That’s in any given year, statistically. Where did 1 in 4 come from? Don’t know, don’t care, it’s wrong.

Life is complicated. The false rape-claims made by a minority of women just hurt everybody. Hook-up culture is a nasty place for everybody. Drunk-sex is about drinking; regret sex is about mistakes; post-hook up abortion may involve both, but we cannot have both the older special snowflake status for women, alongside “I’m a Slut And Proud, and want no consequences for how I live and conduct myself” and not expect complicated reality to intrude.


The 70% PayGap!

Once you actually look at men and women in the modern workplace, there is no actual gender pay gap. More men are willing to sacrifice everything to slave away for decades at work– most women are (or have been) saner than that. Older patterns of higher pay for men were a Victorian invention, to prevent everybody out of diapers in a family from having to slave 14 hours a day in the nearest dark satanic mill. “Here’s an idea: one man, one wage enough for a healthy family!” Yay!

Both Binklings currently work at local fast food joints alongside other teen men, and teen wimmins. All are paid exactly the same minimum wage, equally being eaten away by inflation and taxation, with no benefits. Same with the male and female managers. Gender Pay Gap? Not really, in 2016, possibly unless you live in a third world country making things for WalMart and 1st world shoppers. Don’t know– but Western feminists don’t care about them.


What we do know: many women choose different careers than men, who seek higher paying professions with higher requirements & skills; women tend not to overwork, they want family-time, weekends, flex-time, and maternity-leave; women mostly don’t choose dangerous & labour-intensive work; women are less likely to negotiate for higher pay, promotions, or new jobs– and men are better at the negotiation game.

The alternative? Looks like feminists want women not to be allowed to choose their work; or else, they should get paid exactly the same as men, for work of different or lesser value. I.E. government taking money from men to give to woman because 70%.

Lying Feminist Crapweasels

Yet it gets worse than misinterpretation and bad stats. Much worse.

Facts & truth never stopped a good propagandist, right? Witness feminist comedienne Sarah Silverman, who fabricated & then lied loud and long about her alleged feminist pay-gap experience [ Sarah Silverman: Women get paid less and it’s ‘sh***y’, CNN, April 9, 2015 ]. The guy who allegedly underpaid her for the same job as a man brings the facts in this video. Buuuuurn.


Lying Liars And The Lies They Lie

Don’t let reality trip up a good narrative– it should have been true, right? ‘We All Know’, and lame generalizing tells us, that there IS a feminist pay gap, so just “listen & believe”. Make stuff up for the cause! Ignore those crumbling narratives and tissue-paper cornerstones of our feminist grievance culture! Or as the ever-charming Chanty Binx (no relation) a.k.a “Big Red” might put it (her words, not mine):


Facts Are Hate!

One might think that the countless fact-checks and actual studies and bringing the fembot talking heads up short by disproving their lies and generalizations and misunderstandings might clear things up– but this is a PR and social radical movement, which garners a lot of money, attention, media-attention, books, Sarkeesian-style Patreon loot, publicity, publishing, academic positions and courses, and victimhood goodies. Facts don’t enter into it.

Oddly enough, the corrective facts I’ve presented above are widely available on the internet, but not in academia, politics, or the media. Perhaps this is why the freedom and fact-checking of the internet is so irritating to would-be fascists and totalitarians selling a false narrative?

Next Time with Teh Binks: But, but, #GamerGate!, and Those Male-Mostly STEM Jobs, plus THE PATRIARCHAL!, and finally, The Violent War On Women! ~


The Fempire Strikes Back

Judge By The Cover: Not-Star Wars


~ AND WHY NOT judge books by the cover? They spend millions on cover art, right? If I ever see the new Star Wars movie, I’ll tell you in a new review how right I was in this review. Anticipatory ITYS, and you’re welcome.

Star Wars VII: The Fempire Strikes Back (SW:FU) is a fun two hours of pretty 3D, but– it is not Star Wars. Yes, I went there.

Now, I’m one of the neandersexual hopelessly-lost-cause dinosaurs the fembots have given up on: I’m a Summer of ’77 thirteen-timer at the Casino theatre in Halifax, seeing The Amazing. Star Wars? GOOSE BUMPS of joy and awe, EVERY time!


Ungh! Binks Computers Good!

Along with the Lord of The Rings books, and the Narnia series, SW:77 shaped my young life. I gave the Dark Lord George’s merchandise empire a ton of my hard-earned paper-boy money. The sequels were cultural events, eagerly awaited, without an internet or spoiler trailers. This was not soft-fascistic Star Trek: it was gritty and dangerous and real. Geek out!

Luke Is A Girl

“Anything She Can Do, You Can’t Do Better. You’re A Sexism.”

Then versus now– this is post-#GamerGate, when Identity politics and Social Justice Warrior dictates run amuck. No more geeking out: just being told off about teh evil mens. Again and again.

The new Luke? Nooby super-girl. The new Yoda? A 1000 year old female bartender. The new Leia? The wimpy black guy. The new Han Solo? Also the girl, but the old Han is now a sensitive mangina.. before he gets murdered by his nasty father-hating son. Chewie? A few cheap cameo-scenes. R2D2? Mostly unplugged.. i.e., won’t sell the toys, so there’s a new beach-ball robot BB-8. Villains? Nothing too serious… just a Darth Emo named Kylo Ren, who eventually gets his arse kicked by the nooby super-girl, after killing his dad.. Han Solo.

It’s SW:FU— dear male geeks & nerds, and all hard-core fan-boys and fangirls, original trilogy or prequel-lovers– FU! You will watch and love this, or you’re a sexist!

Begone archetypes, literature, the muses, and grand tales. Depart ye non-self-rescuing princesses in metal bikinis, young male heroes, and rogueish space captains who shot first. Let us sit and tell smirking tales of the drinking of male tears. SW:FU!

Star Wars The Feminist Force Awakens Spoiler Review Overview

Behold the Dark Ladies of the Sith, who exert malevolent control over the minds of the masses. We must to empower teh wimmins, and put teh mens in their place. Because reasons, and Patriarchals. Hence, The Farce Awakens. The Dark Ladies have a right– nay, the duty!– to break all the things and fix them in their form and image. Nothing must make us uncomfortable, or ask awkward questions, or bring our current all-knowingness into doubt.

Oh No You Don’t


Dear derivative director Dark Lord Jar Jar Abrams, and the writers of SW:FU– hands off. Star Wars is not yours, any more. It’s not even George Lucas’ any more, not to mention EvilMouseCorp. It belongs to the fans. Remember them? ALL the fans, especially we first ones.

Hence the rising tide of backlash to this movie and the mentality behind it on Twitter, The YouTubes, blogs, and other free (dare we say Rebel?) forms of media. Hands off our stuff, you crazy people.

Artistic Hubris

Fiddling and erasing and– in the case of this movie– jettisoning the whole meaning, and point of the original trilogy? Just no. Why bother– except for ideology?

Recall: Vader repented, and killed the Emperor. Luke & the former Rebels won. This is not some dreary university where the academic radicals keep pissing and whining at the old books and wrong-think profs and uppity students until everybody falls into line, forgets the wrong-think, and a sleepy Marxist victory is won, where the answer to all the questions becomes ‘Feminism’, or whatever the old Imperial bullies happen say it is.


Authentic art– even derivative Hollywood art like Star Wars (movie Westerns, Swashbucklers, Flash Gordon, Akira Kurosawa, WW2 War movies)– has a kind of integrity of its own. It is our hubris to imagine that we can make the muses into sockpuppets for propaganda; to mine the past for incorrect messages, and unwrite them. Even Lucas himself couldn’t respect his own past efforts, with his tweaks and fiddling and digital interference with the original trilogy, not to mention the green-screen blandness of the three regrettable ‘Prequels’.

Baaa Baaa Baaa

The worst comment I’ve heard reported was that for some movie-goers, this rehash of the first Star Wars and bits of the original trilogy is “even better than the original“. Let despair commence!

Why so serious? Because this horrid sheep-like approval is what the mind-controllers of academia, culture, the media, politics, and movies want: for people to become so accustomed to the permitted perimeter fence of allowable ideas and feelings, that their response is “New non-awkward non-micro-agressing Star Wars! I can stay in my intellectual baby-blanket! Yaaaaaay!”


What next after Star Wars VII: The Fempire Strikes Back? Maybe Star Wars VIII: The Trans Arises. Or perhaps Star Wars IX: Non-Triggering Safe Spaces. Followed by Star Wars X: Kill Teh Patriarchals! And the grand finale?– why, Star Wars XI: Return Of The Slut Walkers. The mind boggles.

This is a serious war by non-military means: a political and a culture war. If you will not sit up and take notice and comment and talk back and demand better (or refuse to see the latest brainwash), then this becomes the new normal for your kids, grand-kids, Hollywood, and our society.

Be a true rebel. ~

Saith teh


Clementine Ford: Bully


~ IN THE ONLINE WAR for ‘safe spaces’ (nobody say anything incorrect) and ‘dialogue’ (everybody say the same approved things), there’s a lot of boo-hoo bullying going on by progressive women and their boy-pets. Especially about being ‘silenced’.

Take the No Holds Barred blog in Australia, which faced a dog-piling by down under media and feminist blogs for calling out a particular feminist as a silencing bully towards those she disagreed with. Remember: in the new gender wars, only Evil Sexist Mens can be sexist, and women the hapless weepy victims thereof– there’s no concept of true equality, no human or person any more, only various stages of ever-noiser and entitled victimhood, versus the bad people.

So.. she said, then he said, then screeching harpy dogpile on the sexister, and some guy gets fired from his job… and she-bully threatens to silence No Holds Barred’s YouTube channel. Because opinions. Bearly, another men’s rights blogger in Oz, posted the following in a YouTube vid.

Man: Silence!


Since only Feminists can be silenced, says the new illogic, the attempted silencing or firing of an Evil Sexism Man is not censorship, thought control, bullying, domination, or cruel interference with his right to freely have and express opinions. It’s the new fairness, and get used to it.

The retreat from real faith does not lead to unchained freedom, but horrid illogic, hilariously nasty bigotries, fresh new chains, and the despairing fever of progressives trying to crush all the bad things and bad people now now now, because paradise soon depends on it.

All The Rapey

Mz. Ford trots out the usual 3rd Wave feminist talking-points (ALL of which are either not proven, or are actually wrong given real studies, and not sloppy guesstimating and passing such on as ‘established fact’), such as in this video about the widespread horrors of ‘rape culture’.

Please pardon me while I head out for a bit. Haven’t raped anybody since this morning.

Why not drop a line of support to No Holds Barred, and remember: the front line in this culture war is literally everywhere. ~

Saith Teh






Some Big Damn Heroes


~ FEMINISM (or, ‘Socialism In Panties‘ as one wag calls it) is so ingrained in Western society, we hardly even notice. Even many ‘conservatives’, traditionalists, and religious people live by the insane Marxist notions of modern Female Supremacism and male evilness, even though their own founding ideas and principles are in direct contradiction with such cultural and institutional radicalism.

And yet not all have bent the knee to the goddess. A strange mix of libertarians, Christians & Jews, thinking feminists, men and women, atheists & agnostics, from a dizzying array of backgrounds have come together– starting in social media and blogs– and begun not to nibble at the edges of Big Feminism, but to take it on directly.

Lauren Southern-- Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins!

Lauren Southern– Evillist hatey hater of teh wimmins! 

Shockingly enough, Rebel Media itself has been infiltrated by some of these lunatic extremist women-haters: that bigot Lauren Southern. Binks WebElf? Guilty. Andrew Lawton? Off with his talking head. What of that crackpot Brian Lilley, not to mention Gavin McInnes. Silence them!

Naked and Afraid’ offers lessons in gender and feminism

Heroes On The Interwebs

In the wider culture, people like former Alberta waitress & YouTuber Karen Straughan & her odd group of like-minded cultural critics The Honey Badgers–“Nerds Bite Back!“– bring the anti-feminism, and calls to equality for men, women and children to public notice.

For me, Karen Straughan is a real Canadian heroine. A truth-teller. A self-educated example who– more than many who get them– has more than earned an honourary degree for her self-education, advocacy, and putting what she has learned into practice, for the good of men, women, and children now and in the future.

These ordinary folks (non-pundits, non-professors non-politians) attract not through some contrasting crazy theory of All The Things, but via facts, studies, research, data, fact-checking, real stories, and awkward questions. . Feminism is hardly perfect and unquestionable.

Karen Straughan – Toxic Masculinity & TOXIC FEMININITY. Nov 24, 2015

Silence! Or Else!

Of course, feminist radicals simply do not want such debate, inconvenient facts, or real lives to interfere with the one-size-fits-all unquestionable truths of university gender studies, and official Feminism. Enemies of the femocracy are shamed, attacked publicly and online, name-called, threatened, slandered and mocked. This is classic revolutionary practice: ‘Don’t answer any criticism: crush the critics‘!

Such non-feminist evil ones are not legitimate questioners, but are horrible sexists, homophobes, racists, bigots, micro-aggressors, self-hating victims of evil patriarchy, blah blah blah. This is not about having ‘an open discussion’, but shutting down debate, forbidding certain ideas, and imposing one solution to All The Things– albeit totalitarianism with a smile and a hug. For now.

For the totalitarian Left, the problem is that the culture wars continue, as long as the web and public events are free fora for discussion, debate, fact-checking, and for otherwise isolated or voiceless people to question the unquestionable. It’s one of the reasons that both the Left and activist Islam share a common interest in crushing free speech, debate, facts, analysis, and contrasting world-views. Criminalize the opposition!


Canadia Has The Stupid

So what, you ask? In Canada, a recent court case shows us where we’re headed if there’s no fight-back: a professional feminist damsel took a man to court for the non-crime of disagreeing with her and making fun of her ideas on Twitter. The entire video-games industry and nerd-culture was rocked over the past 3 years by radical feminism getting some fight-back from gamers and observers in GamerGate. The ‘rape culture’ debate on campuses is much with us, as is the infamous “Gender Pay Gap”, though both keystones of feminist theory rely on bad data, or flawed interpretations.

Especially here in Canada which is now officially hyper-feminist again under Prince Justin Trudeau, who never met a bad idea he didn’t like, feminism will be enforced. Watch for more government funded intolerant feminist propaganda and in-your-face preaching via government, public school systems, universities, public policy, law-making, politics, media and pop-culture, all telling you what you can and cannot think, say, or do.

Fake Religion-R-Us


Smelly little secular orthodoxies pretending they are Noah coming down from the mountain or Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount must be challenged because they are precisely the kind of intellectual clear-cutting which is killing our societies from the inside, as people search for anything to hold onto in the place of thinking and freedom, arising from revealed truth and God. Just say no.

Aside from ‘good intentions’, Feminist radicals and revolutionaries offer us lies, a false path, and mental and human death, in place of the imperfect but life-giving and real cooperation, care, and complimentarity of the sexes, trying to get along in an imperfect world and society.

Read up. Look around. Question. Ponder. Get to know the little army of big damn heroes fighting back against the oppression of men and women and children by Big Feminism. ~


Heart The Rebel Scum!

Canada's Hard-headed Tough-As-Nails Media Party Stands Vigilant, And Ready... to cuddle in Justin Trudeau's adorable lap.

Canada’s Hard-headed Tough-As-Nails Media Party Stands Vigilant, And Ready… to cuddle in Justin Trudeau’s adorable lap. Skweeeeeee!

~ THERE NEVER was a Time Of Pure Journalism, and as the 21st century schemes along, it’s clear there never will be.

In Canada, along with the Unelected Bureaucracy Party and the Robed Judicial Activist Front, is our collection of talking heads of the Unelected Media Party. A few journalists hidden in the mix– the rest are typist and hair for rent, expert at recycling the zeitgeist moment by moment. Journalling? Discerning? Warning & praising? Not so much, akshully.

Now, the collection of odd cats (including Binks) herded together by Ezra Levant and other survivors of the Sun TV wasteful experiment are no such thing as “objective”. But nobody really is. But we are now an important, honest, largely unpaid alternative for anyone seeking real news & opinion in Justinistan.. along with expat Mark Steyn and a handful of others.

Rebel Media: what we are is a rag-bag of people from all sorts of backgrounds, some journalists, some bloggers-become-media sorts, some free speech warriors, some religious, some not, all with a mild conservative or libertarian streak, and contrariness with the almighty status quo. Some of us are even former lefties and liberals and progressives, who have awoken from our fever-dreams and yelled “Stop! Wake up!!”


The alarm clock is ringing: Obamaland is a warning for what comes next in Canada. The false North weak and enslaved has just become Trudeaupistan 2.0— the train-wreck will unfold slowly, expensively, and with all the usual suspects behind the scenes (The Strongs a.k.a. Canada’s George Soros & family, the Liberal Establishment, former PM Bugsy Chretien, and Justin’s collection of fails and ideologues) imposing every new bad idea out there on Canadians as if we were a collection of lab rats in a box, and not a nation with a proud history, some good qualities, and a bunch of adults formerly in control. It will be horrible, like watching someone you love being tortured to death… or watching the last 15 years in Ontario governance.

Use this. Let’s learn all the lessons, fight back, and hope for a better day on the other side of this four– or eight– year-long colonoscopy. It’s not all bad news, after all.


How much more important than ever is the Rebel Media idea– a Drudge Report Collective, if you will, with some folks with real media chops and political awareness, shining a spotlight on our new Glorious Leader and his court, as all the other unelected Parties in our land cover, fudge, lie, ignore, and describe in loving detail how very fine the new emperor’s new clothes are; how colourful, how finely sewn, how he wears them with class and– Oh!– that hair!

So tell your friends, your enemies, your family, your neighbours, and anybody who actually cares about “News news” as opposed to bulletins from the palace or puff pieces or The Crimes Of He-Devil-Man Harper, Part XXXIV— tell them about Rebel Media.

Conservative people of all stripes are still the majority in Canada, as in the U.S., but progressives like the Obama electoral crew and others who helped Justin Trudeau before, during, and likely after the 2015 watershed election know all about how to marginalize majorities, dividing and conquering, distraction, denial, dragging things out, hating on their enemies, being lawless, and waging unapologetic warfare on society as it is.

Kangaroo courts.. show-trials.. judgement by media.. activist judges ruling us directly.. government versus groups and individuals… everything is the government’s business.. all is ideology… a silencing of dissent or honest disagreement. The new unCanada cometh.


Thus, Trudeau 2.0 is very very far from harmless. The progressives are crusaders minus a cross or a Christ: without hope of heaven, they must make heaven on earth now, no matter the cost, the waste, or the sacrificial crushing of the lives & hopes of the little people, and especially their enemies. There are now going to be two classes of Canadian: the loyal ones, and the traitorous unbelievers. Watch for it.

I, for one, along with many millions of Canadians, and all the crew of rebel scum over at Rebel Media, am proud to stand against the goody-filled tide of soft smiley-faced fascism which is sweeping the West, and now seriously engulfing Canada under the new regime of the smug doofus son of a devilish Communist wrecker.

As always, I am proud to stand with those who love liberty under law, embracing neither anarchy or slavery, even if we face a long defeat in the current phase of the slow suicidal death of the West. Or as Sir William Wallace learned it from his uncle in a different time of conflict and oppression:

Dico Tibi Verum,
Libertas Optima Rerum:
Nunquam Servili
Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili

“My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.”

This is the Rebel Media‘s time. Let’s support them, as Canada’s actual free media– cough up those loonies and twonies and more. And by the way, thank you Mr. Harper: in so many ways, you did us proud.

So saith

Teh Binks

This Is Why…


We Won’t Have Any Nice Things

This News, Justin


~ OK, SO MY political tribe lost the national election. Grrr. Monkey-hoot. Sour grapes. Wah.

But– Justin. Justin?! Such “Anybody But Harper-Dad!” politics will not end well. And for the record, I have never had any political use or patience for Mr. Trudeau Jr., election or no.

Justin is not old soft-Commie Pierre, his Dad; nor is he Barack (or, is Barack times 10); these are not the post-war decades of growth and decent birth-rates and large government tax-surpluses. And Justin is no messiah, however much the scary ‘glorious leader’ theme seems first in so many voters’ minds, in spite of his utter lack of skills, experience, and political mojo. Canada stands poised to start a crazy flaming roller-coaster ride run by an insane clown.

All you folks who voted for the crown prince will– secretly, as Ezra Levant says— start to miss Harper (as you puff your legal and government-taxed weed), just like Ontario voters under the Liberals miss business, jobs, balanced budgets, accountability, and the money which used to be in their wallets & purses. Or, like Alberta voters are starting to miss the oil boom, low tax, business-friendly high-employment engine that used to be the Albertan economy before the Orange people recently took over the government and drove things ditch-wards.

Winners & Losers

Progressive or angry voters won. Stoners won. The mostly leftward bureaucracy party won. The media party won. The Chretienite cronies, crooks, and bagmen won. The global caliphate won. The progressive globalists/ world trade/ world government folks won. The gun-banners and speech-controllers won. The taxman won. Spin-doctors, liars, and empty appearances over reality & truth won. “Change” won.


The losers? Canadian businesses lose. The oil industry loses. The shrinking sector of the economy represented by taxpayers will lose and lose and lose. The middle-class and families with children will lose. Free speech– online and in public– loses (watch for it). Canadian sovereignty loses. Actual religious people (especially serious Christians) lose. The dignity of difference and political & ideological diversity loses.  Our children & grandchildren lose. Unborn Canadians lose. Non-government/ police civilian gun-owners lose.  Canada loses, as a newly active Trudeaupia crawls from the grave, and staggers back to Ottawa. This is a day to mourn.

Slip the The Slippery Slide

Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!

Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!

And all you “Mean Old Harper” critics? Anybody who dares disagree with the new Prime Minister-designate loses (he’s demonstrated this repeatedly as opposition leader). Like President Obama, I confidently predict Justin will have a very hard time being the leader of ALL Canadians, including the loyal opposition, social conservatives, and people who don’t get ‘onside’ with his doings. Justin is correct, after all– you could only disagree if you were ignorant, or if you are malicious (or maliciously ignorant).

And do you actually believe Justin will roll back C-51, or push back against the global surveillance regime, or the sweet temptations of imposing a polite police state? Pass me the bong, man.

Even more & faster than under Harper, Canada will quickly realign itself against Israel, and toward the United Nations; towards secret and overarching international sovereignty-copyright-internet-trade agreements not to be voted on by our Parliament or Legislatures (like the TPP-TPIP); towards American & European bankers and their dictates; towards the demands of Global Islamic Supremacists that all submit in law & practice to dictates curbing freedom of speech, religion, media, and the like. With America in financial geopolitical and political free-fall, I suspect Prince Justin follow a dual-track in cuddling up to Obama, and yet will be happy to pander more and more to the rising powers, China and Russia, including a blind eye to Communist Chinese spies and influence in Canada, as Prime Minister Chretien had in years past.

Check The Record


Attentive people can learn from the actual record of Justin’s father (read this book), and the administrations of Bush 2 and Barack Obama just how fast nations can surrender their freedoms and privacy in seeking “peace and security”; and just how fast determined radicals can derail, mutate, and tear apart a nation’s political inheritance, economy, and identity. Canada is not a nation apart, some special case. For all his many faults, Harper held the castle walls against the insanity that is engulfing the world. Justin will embrace that insanity, and represent it as positive change. Meanwhile, the wreckers can and will try to wreck us as seems good to them, remaking us and our institutions in their image, just as they did under Trudeau 1.0.

This is not 1968, and Justin Trudeau, his advisors and minions and puppetmasters, will very quickly show the kind of Canada they want, and– this time– seek to make it stick once and for all. This will be done in the now-usual way, with fine-sounding words, some good intentions, a cluelessness about how money actually works, rising debt, but with lots of pelvic activity & “free” goodies for everyone.. as long as you pay your taxes, and love glorious leader. Plus carbon taxes.

O Canada! This is nice Canada, smug Canada, clueless Canada: our fascism will come softly, all friendly-like, creeping like a mist or a chill over us and over everything, until suddenly it’s all different. Smile, Canadians, and bite your tongues: or else you may be thought not sufficiently enthusiastic about your new masters, and that just wouldn’t do at all, would it? ~

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

The NewsLord Speaks



~ ITEM: The Drudge Report; wiki on the guy

~ ITEM: Matt Drudge Visits the Alex Jones Show: Full Video Interview, Oct 6, 2015

~ ITEM: The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday October 7 2015.. Jones discusses interview for first portion of show.

~ ITEM: Google: “Drudge = Jones


~ ITEM:  Cracked: 7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened

~ MATT DRUDGE is The Internet News-Man, and now, he’s making news.

The other day, Mr. Drudge made a bombshell appearance on the Alex Jones show (technically, he was offscreen with a microphone). The global news-sifter has himself become newsworthy by saying what he thinks, what the U.S. elites don’t want you to know or think about– especially in the current election cycle.

Like any good news aggregator, Drudge scans the web and online newspapers and sniffs out the trends, the buried stories, and whatever the sockpuppet media and their political masters don’t want people to ponder– the news which peeps out and then gets spiked, or lost in the newsalanche which surrounds us 24/7.

Listen to the whole interview yourself– it’s news gold– whether you are interested in the American scene or not, it is very interested in us, and will shape our present and future. For example, the giant still-secret Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement even now being trumpeted by current Prime Minister Harper, and would-be national leader Prince Justin, is a world-sized globalist sovereignty, privacy, copyright & internet control conspiracy, alongside the trade provisions. Shhh.

In any case, the notoriously reclusive Drudge has made national headlines as well as Alex Jones stories galore with this latest interview. The usual Progressive suspects (Salon, HuffPo, Soros’ minions @ Media Matters, and others) immediately started casting aspersions, deflections, and name-calling. Hmm, says Binks (a former [church] news-aggregator)– this must be something worth paying attention to if the Manure-Flinging Hooting Monkey Brigade are hooting and flinging monkey manure.


What Him Say?


* Obama, Hillary, Give Up Your Guns First

* They Are Going To Shut Down Online Free Speech (especially for dissidents)

* The American public is “sick” and easily exploited by homogeneous corporate media

* On the future of digital copyright: “I had a Supreme Court justice tell me to my face it’s over for me. Said, ‘Matt, it’s over for you. They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law. You’re out of there. They’re gonna make it so headlines–you can’t even use headlines.’”

* Hillary is old and sick– and the media needs to talk about her lesbian affairs

* Facebook and Twitter are ‘Internet ghettos’ designed to eradicate the open range of independent thought that was once the Internet

* Obama could have easily been impeached following the IRS targeting scandal

If you don’t watch the video, here’s a good summary of the interview.

We Conspire

A postscript on conspiracy theorists: the biggest conspiracy propagated by behemoth-sized government and our politicians, their media servants, and foisted upon a trusting public, is that there are no conspiracies– Truuuust Uuuuus!— and anyone who says that there is must be a nut, an extremist, and off their meds. I’d reply that “It’s a conspiracy to say there are no conspiracies.” Bam.


Humans constantly conspire– it’s there in the Bible. We talk secretly together, manage affairs and events to their benefit, betray one another, set up ways of getting money, power, things, pleasures, whatever the goal is. Some conspiracies may be good, but most are not. History is largely made up of conspiracies– secrets kept secret by those in power, until their goals are reached or until everybody involved is dead and learning what happened doesn’t matter any more.

After all, many conspiracies turn out to be true. If you dismiss them all, you are not paying attention to history, current affairs, reality, or the way people actually are. Further, you will only understand the surface of things as they are presented to you, and not the deeper inner working of yourself, others, history, and our current life. Having said that, some conspiracies are more about being in love with conspiracies, secret ‘insider’ knowledge, and wearing tinfoil hats.

A Little List

Take a deep breath. Here a few devices and desires of men and women down the centuries.

How about– Central banking as a massive fraudulent conspiracy (including The U.S. Federal Reserve) since the founding of The Bank of England in the late 17th century. The Dreyfus Affair in France. The Mafia in America. The Gunpowder Plot. King David Versus Uriah The Hittite. The 1917 Russian Revolution. The current U.S. proxy-war in Syria. The CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control testing on people (which also took place in part at McGill University in Montreal, on Canadian mental patients). Facebook/ Twitter censorship programs. The secret Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Judas Versus Jesus. Area 51, DARPA, and The NSA. The French Revolution. The U.S. Secret Smuggling Ops in Benghazi.   The ‘Military Industrial Complex‘ (Eisenhower). The international interest rate & inflation conspiracy. Operation Ajax coup in Iran (1953). The American IRS versus conservatives Conspiracy. The Business Plot against FDR in 1933. The terror-supporting Operation Gladio in Europe. The Tuskeegee Syphilis Experiments on Blacks, 1933-1972. Political assassinations in America. The Iran-Contra-Cocaine Affair. The Gulf Of Tonkin fraud. The 1944 Plot Against Hitler. Operation Snow White— Scientology versus Washington DC, 1970s. Most of what Henry Kissinger ever did. Operation Paperclip ( smuggling Nazi scientists into the U.S. after World War 2). Conspiring in the Bible. Those are just the really big ones. I could write a very very large book.

Of course, the best real conspiracies are the ones we won’t know about until Judgement Day, before the Throne of Almighty God, unto who all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid. Gulp. ~

So Saith Teh..



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