Tell your MP to stop the transsexual “Bathroom Bill”

Tell your MP to stop the transsexual “Bathroom Bill”

Our government has come one step closer to passing the ultra-radical, private members bill C-389. If passed, it would add “gender identity” and “gender expression” as a protected class within the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.  In the U.S., these “gender identity” bills have been dubbed “bathroom bills” for reasons we will explain.

Creating a right to “gender identity” and “gender expression” will result in male cross-dressers and drag queens having the legal right to use girls bathrooms. Besides cross-dressers, this bill would also give special rights to those who consider themselves to be “transgendered”. Transgenderism is the belief that one can be a man on the outside, but a woman on the inside, or vice versa.

The NDP private members bill by homosexual activist Bill Siksay (Burnaby-Douglas, BC), sailed through the Committee on Justice and Human Rights on November 3 by a vote of 9-2.

This bathroom bill not only flies in the face of common sense, but is also potentially dangerous by creating the legitimized access that sexual predators often seek.  Imagine a young girl – your daughter or granddaughter – goes into a washroom and finds a man there. How is the young girl to determine whether or not the man in the bathroom is a “peeping tom,” a rapist or a pedophile? It is unconscionable for any legislator to purposefully place her in such a compromising position. Furthermore, if the young girl reacts negatively to the man’s presence and he turns out to be a transsexual, she could potentially be charged with a “hate crime”.

Proponents of C-389 will downplay or even deny the impact on public washrooms, but cases in the USA have already arisen on the basis of “gender identity” rights, such as those which C-389 seeks to enshrine in Canadian law.

This bill would also create a legal nightmare for businesses. It is foreseeable that companies would be forced to allow cross-dressing in the work place. Imagine the predicament of employers who hire for a job that requires contact with clients who would be disturbed by dealing with somebody that has taken up the “gender identity” of the opposite sex.  The employer who fires, refuses to hire, or moves the person into a position with no customer contact, would certainly face human rights complaints of “discrimination”.

Please find your MP’s contact info on our special “Find your MP” web page, here. Then email, phone and visit them. Respectfully request that they vote against this radical private members bill or else, you will vote against them in the next election.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jim Hughes
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

6 thoughts on “Tell your MP to stop the transsexual “Bathroom Bill”

  1. I’m a transsexual woman.
    I’m legally a woman in Canada. It says “F” on my birth certificate.
    Therefore, I can use the woman’s washroom, a legal right given to me, along with all other women.
    Anyone who tries to take that right away from me, will find out just how fast I can use existing Ontario and Canadian law to file a harassment/discrimination complaint against them. It really doesn’t fly too well to try and take away post-operative trans women’s rights to use the correct room just
    because you’re a complete bigot. Most universities these days
    protect the rights of trans women (and men) explicitly.
    Bill C-389 is a clarification of already existant rights, such as the freedom to discrimination based on sex.

  2. This is incredibly unnerving that we as a society are even considering this. As a woman, I have shared a public washroom with a drag queen or two in my day, which doesn’t really bother me too much since they seem to legitimately identify as women. But these “women” have been using whatever washroom they choose for years. And for those who feel uncomfortable selecting either gendered washroom, there are family washrooms and one-stall handicapped washrooms they could easily make use of.

    The issue here is the fact that this bill gives pedophiles, predators and perverts a very convenient scapegoat – the transgendered community. Not only are we essentially handing these criminals a “get out of jail free” card, but the transgendered crowd are going to become associated with the scum of society, which isn’t fair to them either.

    I think we need to scrap this bill and allow things to continue on as they were. No one is going to question an individual who is expressing their gender (at least I’ve never witnessed that), but as I woman, I want the right to demand to know what the hell that man is doing in a washroom that I, my mother, or (someday) my daughters are using.

    1. You idiots.

      Pedophilia is still a crime regardless of this bill and has nothing to do with transgenderism. You are equating transgender people with pedophiles, and that is why you’re idiots.

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