Steynianism 91.5


~ DEBORAH GYAPONG: The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal so far …. (

~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT— Court is only exciting on TV; Maclean’s Almost Live Blogging. Here’s the official link. Binks: To be fair to Kady O’Malley, the Maclean’s blogger, she’s done a good job for someone thrown in the deep end.. and who hasn’t paid much attention to the larger controversy. Liveblogging is very VERY hard, and even harder to do well …. (girlontheright, dailybayonet)

~ TIME IMMORTAL: Cross-examining the CHRC …. (

~ KATE @ SDA: “Jews Get All The Best Hate Mail”; many comments on today’s live-blogging the lemire trial …. (

~ BE VEWWY, VEWWY QUIET! Nursing Association Attempts to Silence Christian Activist, Fellow Nurse at Supreme Court .. why? “ silence his objections to abortion, “sex education” and Planned Parenthood” …. (lifesitenews)

pointy object ~ UPDATE on Abdullah Delancy: “Remember: Islam is the only religion that says it’s ok to lie”.. to infidels, of course. You can even lie about whether you’re lying or not, which is why it always makes sense to assume a Jihadi-minded Muslim is a liar …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ STEACY of the Pre-Crime Unite– “The phrase you’re looking for is… “Caught with his pants down.” …. (

~ KRAALSPACE: “Snatching the human rights football away” …. (

~ HUMAN RIGHTS and the Bible; Christians appeal “disorderly conduct” fines …. (

~ CAT FUR— “Unrepentant Islamists continue to chastise poor Mubin for being slightly less crazy than they are” …. (

~ DR. SANITY— “The Western left, especially of the chattering class variety, generally believes that foreign hostility including but not limited to jihadism is an understandable reaction to one or more Western sins, whether capitalism, materialism, cultural or actual “imperialism,” or Zionism, and that it will end only if we stop sinning” …. (

~ TIM BLOEDOW— Hate Crime Laws and the Right to Own Guns …. (

~ MOONBATS Celebrate Easter by Squirting Blood on Christians …. (

~ BC CATHOLICS told to “resist, counter, and protest” new curriculum …. (

~ HAVING SPREAD OIL-$$$$$$ around for nastily Islamist books, schools, and foundations, “Saudi King calls for interfaith dialogue” …. (gledhill)

~ PAJAMAS MEDIA— Magdi, Ayaan, Salman, and Us. “My friend Magdi Allam, the deputy editor of the Italian newspaper il Corriere della Sera, has converted from Islam to Catholicism and was baptized the night before Easter in a service conducted by the pope in St. Peter’s in Rome. It’s a courageous act, but then Magdi Allam is a brave man” …. (

~ THE MUSLIM ZIONIST— a.k.a. The Man Islamists Cannot Silence, By Richard L. Benkin …. (americanthinker)

~ REMEMBER: it doesn’t involve strapping dynamite to yourself: “Iraq’s Christians are Being Martyred” …. (

~ LIBYAN THINKER on Archdhimmi of Canterbury: “Such statements by some Anglican clerics are nothing less than support for the ideas of Islamist extremists”; in other news, Two held over Canterbury Cathedral protest …. (JiWa, AOL)

Ezra Linkery

~ COMMENTS ENSUE on the Jew-hating Canada-despising switchblade-loving Abdullah DeLancey; The artist now known as Abdullah DeLancey (he used to be a Bob) …. (ezralevant)

~ FRESH WHACK-A-JEW— Israeli attacked by Arab youth in NY …. (

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