In Error

~ MULTICULTURALISM = A few more dishes at folkfest, as Hate-Kate @ Small Dead Animals puts it? Not so much.

A few years ago, a parishioner showed up at the church office with his passport application: turns out clergy could serve alongside lawyers, judges and notary public for certifying the documents and pictures and such.

Now, ten years later? Not so much. Notaries and official types only, it seems.

I said to myself “Hmm– more of Leviathan shoving religious people out of the public square? Persecution!” After all, marriage licenses and suchlike used to be done by clergy– after the 1950s, the government (cha-ching) took over that and other such functions. Bureaucracy must grow, after all, plus extra paperwork fees. This might be more of that, I considered.

Then I though of our new and unimproved situation, with Sikh and Tamil and Militant Islamic religious figures– do we really want them signing off on passports for their– um– religiously enthusiastic congregants to take that special trip to the healthsome resorts of Waziristan? To be making up identities for people with reasons to be incognito? To make their local religious building a convenient passport factory for religious or cultural reasons, and thereby circumventing the implied safeguards of having community leaders and people with a commitment to a nation and its institutions, and to truth, be the gate-keepers on the passport thing?


Say you’re a militant Imam in Canada. You believe Allah’s Law supercedes all Infidel law, not just theoretically, but in all practical and immediate ways, as well. You believe that ‘taqqiyya’– or lying to infidels for religious reasons or the good of Islam or Muslims– is not only allowable, but a virtuous thing. Reputable-looking Canadian passports– say, to Pakistan or to the USA, or wherever– can usefully serve the various causes of militant Islam. So there you are…

If it’s the second option, I understand and agree. Christian or Jewish clergy– who serve a God who Is Truth, and who forbids and punishes bearing false witness– are theoretically some of the more reputable and honest members of society, however much a few individuals may not be. However, non-Christians who serve various militant causes as central to their faith, and who feel the rules of their new country are evil obstacles to the cause, and who may even consider deliberate falsehood and lawbreaking a good thing? Not so much.

Sadly, not all religions or societies are created equally. Most modern Christians and Jews don’t burn widows, hang homosexuals, stone women, firebomb competing congregations, cheer for bombers as heroes, donate to terrorists, or massacre and persecute religious minorities on a semi-constant basis. We just don’t. And when such things have broken out, we spend generations of sorrow, introspection, and remaking our societies to try and prevent such things recurring. Mind you, our modern record via the UN of preventing such outbreaks in other places is pretty poor, but that’s another matter. Just imagine: a load of fanatical Baptists flew a 747 into the crowded Ka’aba Mosque during Ramadan. Even the Pope would be apologizing.

Anyhow, that’s a tidbit of how MultiCulti is taking things and eroding trust, because our differences are more than skin-deep or linguistic. To prevent Aly Hindy or some radical Motreal Mosque from abusing a process that had been safely in place for many generations, it’s quietly neatened up to close a loophole which could be easily abused. Sadly, lots of immigrants bring their festering hates with them, and use our nation’s wealth, laws, and opportunities to stoke up the misery back at home, and to keep the fights going here, too.

Multiculturalism, like so many liberal experiments, is yet another manifestation of the law of unintended consequences. Our current fragmentation is also a sign that Canada– like other Western nations– has done a poor job of integrating immigrants, insisting on a facility in English, and making sure the whole enclave/ ghetto/ no-go zone thing wasn’t springing up, especially amongst non-Western new Canadians. Of course, for the PC-brigade, that would be “racist”, whereas letting Canada fall into racial and religious pieces is just fine. Moderates and people who do integrate are then seen by their other co-religionists or fellow immigrants as traitors, watered down, or white wannabees. Racism and internal struggle is far more prevalent within and between other racial groups than it is presently in Western democracies.

Of course, the passport policy change could be about Leviathan, AND terror-prevention, but it’s still a shame. ~

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