Springtime For Hitler?


ITEMS: York University Anti-Israel TA Forbids Student From Wearing IDF T-Shirt To Class; further, Antisemitism at Canadian Universities Gets Noticed in Israel.

Smug & Dangerous Canada

~ “GO @#$%! YOURSELF– WE’RE #$%& TOLERANT!” Uh, yeah.

Canada has a typically socialist delusional self-image: part smug, part better-than-thou, part dwelling in the past, part utterly ignorant of reality. Plus a side-order of denial.

This Elf speaks as a true son of Canada, at one remove from recent Scots and American Immigrants on one side, and via Dutch pre-loyalists and Loyalists on the other: 1942 and 1763. Beat that, ya snotty recent immigrant Toronto Airport Security Attendants. Deep & new Canada met together in this elf-mutt.


Juden raus!

Anyhow– look at what’s happening in the liberal and increasingly Islamified bits of smug Canada. Anti-Jew protests. Sure, it’s clothed in ‘social justice’ (Marxism) and Paleostinian refugeeism (hateful terror-loving Jew-hating ideology), but it’s the old hatred risen again, zombie-like. Kindly Muhammad hated the Jews, and his version of the apocalypse includes a giant Jew-killing spree by Muslims to rid the world of them forever. Interesting how racialist left-fascism and Islamist radicalism agree on that and many other points.

That vile sewer-stream is pouring out here– and not just via the bald gits in boots muttering about ZOG and playing dress-up SS doofus. Now, it’s increasingly campus orthodoxy, and liberal-Islamist common currency to hate perfidious Israel as the root of all evil. If only they’d die and/or go away, the world would be fine. Protests, thug-behaviour, and general human rights abuse ensues! Yay!

Post-War Canada

It’s past ironic that Canada– major player on all the post-holocaust Human Rights work at the UN— should become a hotbed no longer of genteel gentile prejudice, but the more super-flammable kind. Terrible, too, that our self-appointed guardians of human rights forget the whole Human Rights Convention was originally a big deal precisely because of the Final Solution; and yet now we tremble in fear of offending the easily-offended Militant Muslim and Palestinian communities in Canada. Let’s go attack a protestant minister, or a writer, or a teacher or something, instead! They don’t bite back, mostly.

This is not about Israel, with all her sins and peregrinations and politics; this is about Jew-hatred. It is now acceptable in Canada at supposedly sophisticated and enlightened liberal universities to get your Brown-shirt on. You will not have the human rights commissions after you.

York University Glee Club

liberal_fascism_bookAs a student of military history, I wonder: perhaps it’s our own fault? In a culture where movies are reality, we’ve seen literally hundreds of flicks with Nazis, leering and being guttural and committing atrocities. It’s perhaps a superficial lesson we’ve learnt too well. We’ve not got so many about communist butchery or Islamic slaughter– those get kid-glove treatment, as in the beautiful but nonsensical Kingdom Of Heaven (shame on Ridley Scott.. were Alien, Bladerunner, and Black Hawk Down his only great films?).

It’s all a nasty trick of history– the Nazis were actually nationalist-racist  LEFTISTS– big-gov socialist fascists– and yet get labelled Right-Wing by a trick of liberal historiography.. and then hammered for 60 years as some sort of political lesson that you must only and ever be left-wing, or you just might be a Nazi! Go read Jonah Goldberg’s essential Liberal Fascism to see how the labels got switched, and where we actually are in terms of soft-fascism all around us.

Getting Our Vile On

Canada: 2009. All the fundamental warnings about left-wing tyranny and anti-semitism get lost in the politics, and here we are in Canada, with fresh socialist soft-fascism at universities, and new antisemitism, but since it’s not in jackboots speaking German (like all those films tell us, right?), it’s unpleasant, but necessary. Or something.

Islam hates Jews; radical Islamism really really hates Jews. Western progressives hate Israel. The Left & Islamists?– both hate the West.  Hate-crimes, hate-speech and the suffering of their enemies ensues.

Everything is Extra-Normal.. Right?

Just because it’s not Berlin in 1935 with red swastika banners draping everything in sight doesn’t excuse the rest of us for looking the other way. We must see what is there to be seen; stand for equality for all; and speak out against racist progressivism and fanatical Islamist antisemitism when and where they burble up from dark places.

Otherwise, standing on guard and having veterans come to schools and all that Remembrance Day stuff?  An empty, mocking show, whilst the nation they fought for loses the very freedom and courage and principle that make it worthwhile defending and living for.

University Death-Watch

They™ do say: fish rot from the head down. Hence, our universities are full of ideology, intellectual decomposition, sharia-supremacism & politically correct Marxism (soft-fascism), and increasing amounts of ugliness. SMU? University of Calgary? McGill? Simon Fraser? York? All the others where this stuff is rotting just under the radar?

You’re on notice: double-secret probation.



P.S. For Nazi-hunters like Indiana Kinsella, or Doc Marten Eejits, please note (1) Got dead Jewish relatives, thanks to Herr Hitler. Shuddup. (2) Got live Jewish friends. So shuddup more. (3) Got a history degree, and know more about WW2, and real Nazis than you ever will. So just… Shuddup, mmkay?

P.P.S. Remember: get your Israel Scarf here, and your IDF and other t-shirts here. Why not a few hundred folks show up at York in IDF tees? Just for fun, type thing.


4 thoughts on “Springtime For Hitler?

  1. Several years ago I stopped providing any financial support to our local universities because the campuses have become such centres of politically correct group think and leftist indoctrination. I would never consider endowing scholarships or including universities in my will – perhaps with the exception of direct support to schools of medicine or engineering. If more people withheld support – and explained why, when contacted by the fundraisers – the universities might begin to get the message.

    If one is fortunate enough to be able to consider philanthropy, there are many worthy organizations that provide so much more value for the contributions.

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