Oy, Canada…

~ 2010: WHERE WE ARE NOWA Machete attack by Canucki Muslim on Jew & his buddy.. 36 Google stories… vs. Machete (played by the hispanic B-actor Danny Trejo) and his new movie: 58 Google stories.

I think my reversed headline yesterday would have had at least 2000 stories. Plus all sorts of public statements. And international riots/ protests.

Just Imagine….

Also.. anybody out there got a machete in the trunk of their cars? Emergency kit? Sure. Car jack.. spare tire (with rim & inflated).. umbrella.. window brush.. old pop bottles.. air pump thingy.. blanket..  a mini-shovel thing.. empty Tim’s cup.. flashlight.. nope, no machete, boar spear, or harpoons.

That would take, you know– oh, what’s that special technical legal-ish word– premeditation.. in case of a  Jihadi confronted with a JewBot outbreak or summat.. just in case, right? ~


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