CONTEST Entry: Re: Neuticles®ULTRAPLUS®


Re: Neuticles®ULTRAPLUS®

Coming soon! Our new `OSMOSIS’ brand will feature 3 delicious flavours..


[Penny] “Hi Honey, I’m home.”

[Me] “Hi.”

[Penny] “Are you sporting your new Neuticles® today?”

[Me] “Yep!”

[Penny] “Can I `feel you’?”

[Me] “No Honey, they’re not `feel yous’. `Felus’ are for pussies.”

[Penny] “Which model did you opt for? The ones we mumbled over talked about last night?”

[Me] “Yep! I went balls out Honey and had the ‘Bull’ model of implants installed.”

[Penny] “Did you order one or a pair?”

[Me] “Actually Honey, I ordered three. I kept a pair for myself and forwarded one Felu to Lucy.”

[Penny] “Ah, that’s nice Honey. It’s wonderful to see you extend a firm, upstanding gesture to your friends.”

[Me] “Yep, I wanted to ensure that he didn’t feel marginalized by not having one for himself.”

[Penny] “What about your friend, Warren? Don’t you think he might feel lefty-ed out?”

[Me] “I can’t locate him. I don’t know where he’s at.

[Penny] “Have you checked the bathroom at the arena? I hear he may be doing another photo-op.”

[Me] “Silly me! Why didn’t I think of that?”

[Penny] “Can I see ‘em? Show me you got BALLS! Show me your SELF ESTEEM! EXPOSE me to a sensuous, sexual, satisfying thought crime! I’m BEGGING you!”

[Me] “Now, be careful Penny. Once you g[l]aze at these gargantuan, good-lookin’, glorified gonads your eyes might start to water.”

[Penny] “Yeah – sure – likely…” […]


Other thoughts:

3.  Hate on the Internet – The Commission has been receiving an increasing number of complaints under section 13 of the Act, which prohibits transmitting hate messages through the Internet.  The Commission’s long-term strategy to deal with this issue will include making the best use possible of the Commission’s own legal powers and working with other groups to encourage a better understanding of the dangers of hate on the Internet.

Gary K.

a “jay currie minion” – sayeth Binks

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