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happy hunnerdth

Sucks To Be You

So here we are.. posting #100+, and 109 000 visits from a bunch of countries. Thank you very much.

However, if you happen to be a Sock-Puppet, Jihadi, Kinsella or Warman minion, liberal media-type, HRC tribunalist– well then, to borrow a phrase from the younger persons, it Sucks To Be You. It started as a blip, and now you’re left wishing the pounding headache would just go away.

The Steyn-Levant thing has morphed into a full-scale not-going-to-blow-over situation, and blogs have finally begun to play the part in Canada that they have in the U.S. — agents for lasting real-world change, and the taking on injustice and stupid by ordinary people, no longer content to obey and doze. That’s big news.

100+ posts, lotsa commentaries– don’t forget the button, if you’re appreciative. Loot is good.


~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call, speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work. And remember MP Keith Martin, too. Harper & Co. be darned: make yourself heard! … (

Steyn News Links


~ A DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that perhaps Mark Steyn (pbum) has not taken account of …. (

~ ROTTING IN HRC LIMBO— The Rev’d Stephen Boissoin, that is. Here’s some info & links & suchlike on his case & situation. If you want the injustice of the matter, then just flip it: “Pro-Gay Pastor advocates Gay Lifestyle, is fined and silenced by HRC tribunal, on pain of imprisonment should he ever voice his opinions on the matter again.” …. (Various)

~ “THE WORST OP-ED EVER”: Jonathan Kay on the twitterings of Nova Scotia’s “human rights” head honcho …. (np, CH)

~ TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM: Boinking for Allah …. (

~ VOTE KATE McMillan for Chief Commissioner of Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission …. (

~ MIKE BROCK— Hey Kinsella, Do Some Bloody Research; Kinsella Responds: “Mr. Kinsella has notified me, that he will be pursing a lawsuit for me calling him a “fascist” in response, which is fine. I invite him to do so. I don’t think he has a case. But he can certainly try” …. (mikebrockonline)

~ STEAMING CATFOOD wonders– “How fast before this HRC complaint gets quashed? Right to Life Group Files Complaint with Ontario Human Rights Commission” …. (

~ LESS EQUAL THAN OTHERS: “Why Canadians are forbidden to express their Church’s teaching By Editor.. Discusses the freedom of the press: why Canadians are forbidden to express their Church’s teaching” …. (

~ SOCON.CA hits the RedBull, pumps out the blog-entries: “The Crack Has Started. Break out the Jackhammers Now!” Jadewarr – Spread it Around; Laughs All Around; and “Oldensrevenge“; “Star Bucks”: Money for Nothing; Master Warrior Miraculously Receives Sight Just In Time To Setup Jadewarr Account On Stormfront …. (

~ PEACE-LOVING Al-Qaida’s No. 2 promises attacks on Jews. Responds to question why terror group is waging attacks on Muslims in Muslim lands. Zawahri: We don’t kill innocents, except when we do …. (wnd, JiWa)

~ UPPITY NON-EXPERTS get all talk-back-y, and stuff– “Sarnia hates the CHRC too… Harry Deboer – Letter to the editor – Sarnia Observer: Freedoms being chipped away” …. (


~ THE JESUS FREAK Resource Center, By Mike S. Adams …. (MikeSAdams)

~ LOOT OF EVILNESS— Saudi Arabia remains the world’s leading source of money for Al Qaeda and other extremist networks and has failed to take key steps requested by U.S. officials to stem the flow, the Bush administration’s top financial counter-terrorism official said Tuesday. In other news, “Killing infidels and apostates must end if the Saudis really want inter-faith dialogue.” …. (nrotc, NRO)

~ BLAZIN’ CATFUR— Newfoundlanders declared to suffer endemic “Social Condition”? The human right to be a stereotypical Newfie …. (, 5fof)

~ EDMONTON SUN— Saudi court threatens lawyer of Canadian slated for beheading …. (

~ CATHOLIC INSIGHT— “Letters regarding Human Rights Commissions, March edition By Letters. Read reactions from C.I.’s readers concerning the magazine’s latest battle with the CHRC” …. (

~ CANADA’S ‘Human Rights’ Commission Under Fire For Violating Rights …. (tcs2.instablogs)

~ FREE SPEECH IN THE U.S. — Philly ‘gay’-fest protester’s free-speech case revived– Christian evangelist was arrested, charged with hate crimes, faced decades in prison …. (wnd)

~ ON INTOLERANCE– JONAH GOLDBERG: It’s not that secular progressives support Muslim religious fanatics, it’s that they reserve their scorn for religious Christians who are neither fanatical nor violent. “Darwin Fish” …. (NRO)

~ SHUDDUP, GO’WAY: Christians Need Not Apply —UK care homes for the elderly should discourage Christian workers who do not believe in gay rights, say inspector; The asylum appeal of an Iranian convert to Christianity has been rejected by the New Zealand government …. (creativeminorityreport, geoconger)

~ JAY CURRIE— Cheese Eating Support Monkeys; A house in The Beaches …. (jaycurrie)

~ LIKE MEIN KAMPF for “Progressives”– She’s sharpened her knives … and this time the cuts are deep! A Look Into a “Progressive” Future …. (

~ KATE @ SDA is nice to us! “And a gazillion freespeecher related links, as usual, at the excellent Free Mark Steyn!” …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ FUN WITH PROGRESSIVES: “Uprooted from a solid working-class conception of internationalist solidarity, it came to serve as the base for a mobilization on behalf some of the most pro-war, antisemitic, homophobic, and tyrannical Islamists in the world”; and “The Cairo Clique: Anti-Zionism and the Canadian Left” …. (damianpenny,

~ PALEOSTINIAMISM— “It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Hate” …. (

~ SHAIDLISM— “The teenage fantasies of a Canadian Human Rights investigator”; and “Not that Richard Warman could bring himself to sue, like, the Tony Awards” …. (5fof)

~ ALEX ALEXIEV: Sharia finance means terrorist finance. “Jihad Comes to Wall Street” …. (nrotc)

~ BASIC REALITIES & FREEDOMSNation of Bastards: Essays on the End of Marriage By Douglas Farrow. Paul Tuns reviews Douglas Farrow’s “Nation of Bastards” which discusses why the inclusion of homosexual couples in the legal definition of marriage is a grave threat to the freedom of Canadians …. (

~ — “Well, they would have if they knew about it. Also, you’re racist”.. Kinsella on the Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations’ inexplicable decision to reinstate Jew-hater David Ahenakew …. (

~ CENSORING, by Little Ricky Warman. And don’t forget the more recent: “Richard Warman’s attempt to block U.S. websites – Ezra Levant” …. (richardwarman)

Richard Warman Clearly Thinks He’s Just Wonderful

Ezra Levant Links

~ MUST-READ EZRA— “Libel chill as a tool of human rights commissions” …. (

~ HUMAN RIGHTS commissions in the news …. (

~ RECENTLY SPEAKING— Ezra Levant was a guest on The Right Side internet radio show with host Doug Aldrigde. Ezra talks about free speech and Canada’s human rights commissions. Listen now …. (

~ CJUKN ON Flipping Over Some Big Rocks …. (

~ PROFESSIONAL COMPLAINER And His 157 Memory Lapses; CHRC – A Law Unto Themselves …. (

~ AND LO, COMMENTS ENSUED: Calling all Canadian Forces and DND staff …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Up Now!


~ PAJAMAS MEDIA— Geert Wilders’ controversial movie charged that the West has failed to stand up to threats posed by Islamic extremists. International reaction to the film helped prove his point; The Fitna Firestorm …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE DUTCH SALADIN— Below is a report from our Flemish correspondent VH about various news items related to Geert Wilders and his movie Fitna …. (– Below is a report from our Flemish correspondent VH about various news items related to Geert Wilders and his movie Fitna)

~ ‘FITNA’ DEBATED IN DUTCH PARLIAMENT— Wilders Denies Softening Film after Pressure …. (

~ GEERT WILDERS: al-Qa’eda’s best friend? …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ REPORT: Indonesia asks internet providers to block YouTube over Fitna …. (jihadwatch)

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