ALL The Things.

A generic rant sent my way about SECRET PAGANIZZMS! Crismus are EEEEVIL! Sigh.

@SqueakySqueakSqueak — Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”

What things? How many? Some? A few?

ALL includes redeeming/ making new and FULFILLING (Remember the pagan Wise Men) all things which may be redeemed. Art, music, architecture, culture, writing, poetry, literature, urban planning, education, medicine, public health.. ALL of it.

When the pagans of Europe were first evangelized, the preachers didn’t come and start wrecking and changing and condemning things. They took what was, and redeemed it, and gave it a totally new meaning in Christ.

So Germanic pagans sacrificed people on or under trees at the Winter Solstice (Dec 21-22). Do you start yelling at them and telling them how wrong & stupid they are?

The missionaries said: you know of blood sacrifice.. I will tell you of the One Sacrifice Once for All, and His name was Jesus. You put a precious thing under the tree to satisfy the gods? I will tell you of the Wise Men who were led by a star to Holy Bethlehem, where the Holy God-Man from heaven was born, sent from the Father to save us all. You have a holy place? God’s Son Jesus has come to make us holy, by obeying and serving Him, who died upon the Cross and Rose Again to give us eternal life. Let us remove your wooden idols, and put up a wooden cross, that we may glorify Him.

I must insist that there’s no such thing as “Pagan Cooties” which stick to everything pagans ever said or did, unless you’re literally talking a place of human sacrifice, magic, or the like. Pagans used knives.. shoes.. words.. fire.. buildings.. they ate food, they sang songs and told stories.. are these all forever poisoned by pagan cooties? Or else is Jesus Christ the Lord of All so weak and flawed that He cannot redeem all the things, and make all things new? ALL.

And contrary to your comment, I am a Christian, a Pureblood, and remain unconvinced by your rhetoric.

God bless you, and a very Merry Christmas.

#FreeJeremyMacKenzie — Update

Donate To Help With Jeremy’s Legal Bills. Here’s Jeremy’s News site.


Canadian combat vet & YouTube comedian/ commentator Jeremy MacKenzie is being persecuted by the Federal & several provincial governments, plus the RCMP & other police forces. He’s been held in jail without bail for nearly 2 months. He sends the message below from his jail cell in Saskatchewan to all his fans, supporters, and concerned people.

“Phillip” is one of his comedy characters, a goat statuette who he says is drug-addicted, evil, psychic, and who interferes in world affairs. It’s a JOKE. A MEME, just like “Diagolon”, which the hateful Canadian Anti-Hate Network spun up into a terrorist cabal.

Contrast Jeremy’s treatment with that of a Canadian woman who recently committed an actual murder on camera.. and is now out on bail.


Here’s his note.

Political Prisoner In Canada


~ I love Canada. I really do. Some of my pre-Loyalist ancestors arrived here in the 1760s as pioneers and settlers, in what was then Nova Scotia, but what is now New Brunswick.

Loving the kind of globalist Gulag which Trudeau & minions (and many predecessors) are creating? Not loving that, no not a bit.

Meet Jeremy MacKenzie

He’s a YouTuber, blogger, Canadian combat veteran (combat injured, PTSD) who is irritated and outspoken on the state of Canada, C0VID, the world. He names names and researches the rest of the story. He can be a bit rough & ready, but no more so than a lot of other people online. He made up a joke/ meme about a country called Diagolon, stretching from Alaska to Florida– for this, he’s on a no-fly list as a terrorist, and one of the greatest current threats to Canada.

Examples Must Be Made!

Corrupt cruel official Canada is conducting it’s own secretive Jan6-style political persecution/ imprisonment of dissenters and loud protesters & critics of the Trudeau regime. Legal, political, and police harassment is out of control in this country– but only if you’re of the wrong political stripe.

The Canadian government is dogpiling Mr. MacKenzie with legal wrangling & “experts”, leaving him to rot in prison without bail because… uh… #Wrongthink #BigLies #CorruptTrudeau #FreedomConvoy #MemeCountryDiagolon.

That Canadian AntiFa-guy who tried to run over and kill Freedom Convoy people in his truck? Out on bail 4 days after.

Just for posting this information, your humble host may be surveilled by the RCMP, CISIS, CSEC, the Liberal Party of Canada, and be considered a Very Dangerous Threat to Canada.. maybe deserving of harassment & jail. Well, truth must be told, and it’s MY Canada, and OUR Canada, not just THEIR Canada.

Learn Up

Please repost, and pass this along. Some links to learn up about his situation:
Who Is Jeremy Mackenzie, and Why Is He In Jail Right Now?
The Truth About Jeremy Mackenzie– “The facts are just so much more complicated than they seemed. For his sake and ours, I really think they need correction.”
Live with Jeremy Mackenzie, Founder of Diagolon – Memeist, or Extremist? Viva Frei Live!

Official Jeremy news & links:

Support Jeremy & his children:

Grumpily yours,

Binks, Elf Of Web

An YouTube Comment By Binks

“And where sin abounded, grace did more abound.” D-RV, Romans 5:20 —

“Thank you for this word of hope & trust in God, Mr. Kennedy. IMHO, despair is presumption & sin, claiming to know ahead of time how it all works out, to see inward secrets (false gnosis) that “Prove” it’s all going into the dumpster. That is, despair claims to know all of God’s works, secret counsels, providence, saving will, prevenient, present, and following graces. Despair claims to know God’s will better than God Himself does.

Such despair– in countless ages of the Church– would have counselled that It’s All Over, as if Christ’s dying words form the cross “It is accomplished” was a giving up, rather than a realization and statement of utter victory. Thus:

“These things I have spoken to you,
that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you will have tribulation;
but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

(St. John 16:33)

Thus saith,

Teh Binks

Of Twigs, Trees, And Forests

~ THERE ARE an awful lot of twigs in a forest. Everywhere on the ground, and on the trees, too. In the recent discussions about Bible verses allegedly mysteriously changing [Mandela Effect], I think we’re missing the trees for the twigs, and then seeing trees but not the whole forest.

All of Isaiah, teaches Jesus, is ultimately about & fulfilled in Him. He applies a reading from Isaiah’s prophecy in 61:1-2 as being fulfilled there and then in Himself, in the famous Gospel scene in his hometown synagogue in Nazareth.

Looking more closely to Isaiah, in Chapters 7 & 9 we have well-known passages:

“Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son” (7:14)

and exactly Who this Child? Further verses elaborate this in chapter 9:6–

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

A child, born of a virgin, who is God, even ‘Emmanuel’, God-With-Us. He is born for us, one of us, to love & save us. “For the Son of God became man so that we might become God,” says St. Athanasius, in his De Incarnatione, 54:3.

Let’s Bible

Therefore, the ‘controversial’ Chapter 11 is properly read in light of these earlier two passages in chapters 7 & 9, as teaching about the coming Messiah, born of a virgin, who is also God, The Prince of Peace. Read Chapter 11 here:

That is, leaving aside the supposed weirdness in 11:6 about wolf/lion & lamb, the ENTIRE first 10 verses are entirely about the character and work of the coming Messiah/ Christ/ anointed one.

V.1 – He comes from David’s line (stem of Jesse of Bethlehem, who was King David’s father).

V. 2 – The spirit of the Lord is upon him, he has wisdom, counsel, knowing and fearing God rightly.

V. 3-4 He will execute perfect judgment, his words will judge and slay the wicked.

V. 5 – He shall be just and righteous in himself, and completely faithful & trustworthy.

V. 6-9a – In His making all things new, even the cruel instincts of nature red in tooth and claw shall be transformed in His new creation.

V. 9b-10 – The Good News of God’s Messiah will go out into the whole earth, the Root of Jesse will be like a battle-standard, visible everywhere, even unto the Gentiles, Whom He will also save.

Got A Point, Binks?

Now, we know Satan is a gamma idiot, but if he’s trying to “confuse the Scriptures”, he’s clearly done a poor job of it, leaving chapters 7-11 intact, which God revealed unto the Hebrews by His servant the prophet Isaiah. I don’t care if verse 11:6 referred to the squid and the pangolin dwelling together, the overall Messianic and Christ-proclaiming message remains, fulfilled in Jesus, by His words and works, his dying, rising again, and ascending into heaven.

I’d rather try and focus on the big picture first– the forest and the trees– and less on the supposed oddness of one twig. What better way to frustrate the Devil than to love the Scriptures more, to really learn them, to give glory and honour unto the Virgin-born Lord, Prince of Peace, the preacher of Good News and healing, even Jesus Christ Our Lord.+


2020 Horror Show


~ O, CANADA– Our country was founded on the British principles of “order & good government”, also presuming all the common law of the English & Scots tradition, Magna Carta, the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath, all of that.

Very few people really understood at the time the radical break with our past represented in the Trudeau 1.0 reset under his new crappy constitution. It meant activist judges, following current fads & fancies and the loudest activists, overthrowing the common law enshrined in the BNA act and all the past foundations of our law & society.

He Broke It

Thus, modern Canadian uniparty Prime Ministers & political parties all operate mostly by power, not by much principle, or precedent. As totalitarian impulses have risen in West over the past 70 years, we ordinary folk just kind of went along with it, presuming good will and trusting our leaders. Even when they have led us towards “basic dictatorship”, as the Trudeau & Liberal Party regimes have done.

Wake up, Canada. The war for freedom is now not on the Somme, or the Beaches of Normandy or in Korea, or peacekeeping somewhere else– but right here at home, in Parliament, in legislatures & communities across the country. Taking away our guns by dictate is a serious symptom of where we are, and are headed. Our self-appointed political deity PM Moistly & his minions & plans are not to be trusted in any way.

You bin warned.

Thus saith


T R A N S Horror Show, Canada




~ THIS HEROIC Canadian woman is risking her finances, her future– even possibly her freedom– to make sure the story of the t r a n s horror-show in Canada gets told.

What’s at stake? Permanent mutilation & hormonal mistreatment of children & youth, denial of parental rights, & legal & media harassment is being used to silence critics, questioners, journalists, and people asking why this bizarre activity is being allowed across the country.

SHARE this video & links, write your MLA, MP, the PMO, and cc: the letter to your local newspaper & TV news outlets.

It’s time to stand up, face the bullies & crazy ideologues, and to say “THIS far, and no farther!”


Intro Video

Her forbidden video:

Use the following link to download & save (in case it’s deleted): jsut copy the BitChute link above, drop it into the url spot, and save as mp3.


Fair’s Fair? BANNED AGAIN!


~ I’VE BEEN USING the elite’s evil control platforms to yell loud and long from the rooftops against the elites, the Promethean/ Luciferian Cabal, the Globalits, the Faux-Con fail, the creepers, pervs, liars & mutaters of our church, society, & world. Been doing so online since 1995-6.

Once in a while, they catch on, and you get the BanBat. THWACK! You know, for doing something right.

This time, it was most likely a link like the one below which tripped their trap, and rendered me a ban for.. well, they haven’t told me yet, nor how long. Might even be permanent….


Yeah, I’m pretty much incorrigible. I simply will not knowingly obey immoral rules & laws, for in such situations I will obey God, not man. So now, in addition to the FOURTEEN weeks of banning in 2019, I’m now rounding off The Year Of FB Banhammer as I spent a lot of it.. banned. Silenced. No recourse, trial, mercy, or exception.

Oddly enough, this sort of digital censorship is– in theory– supposed to let you cool your heels, think again, and come out of FaceBook Jail all meek, politically corrected, and obedient to the invisible constraints crushing our societies into silence & compliance.


Over the previous 14 weeks of 2019 silencing, I actually went looking about online, on YouTube, blogs, journals, and the like, and woke up a lot more politically, started watching outside the “Conservative Inc.” ghetto I’ve been in since 2007. I learned up a lot, made new friends & connections, and broadened my mind. Ironically, FaceBook helped wake me up even more, all via their abusive policies.

Further, this new embannening should remind us that there are MILLIONS of people forbidden from FaceBook, perma-banned, in and out of FaceBook jail over and over for not bending the knee to our Digital Overlords. This will not do.  These electronic tyrants and front-men for the elite cabal, these fake news purveyors & real news preventers, these false prophets of utopia & Globalist tyranny, these God-hating truth-hating would-be omnipotent moral busybodies are the past, not the future.


Not sure if I will be back on FaceBook, if ever. I might even just take up the news aggregation again, given the massive push against the spreading of facts, ideas, and truth on social media. WordPress may object at some point, so I’ll just migrate elsewhere.

You can’t stop the signal. You can’t silence God. You can’t erase the truth by an avalanche of lies, and you can’t kill faith, hope, and love implanted by God in the human heart. THAT is what Advent Christmas is Really All About™.

Still, I will genuinely miss my hundreds of FB minions, your jokes, comments, gifts & charitable donations, your stories to repost, and daily back and forth which means so much to a sick person at home. Pray for me.


Over the years, I’ve shown you all how to do this. Where to look, what sites to look at, and which to ignore. Go forth, be a pain-in-the-butt Junior Binks. Head over to Vox Day’s Blog, sign up for his, and watch his near-daily YouTube videos. Yes, he’s an acquired taste, but he’s a seeker, a truth-teller, and a weapon in God’s hand.

Be brave, take risks, rise up and let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in heaven. Rejoice in victories, learn from defeats. Work out your salvation with fear & trembling, for it is God that works in you to establish His good will and purpose.

Thus saith,

Teh Binks

Once More Doing Hard Time in FB Jail


“You People”– Who People?


~ LINK–  Kate @ Small Dead Animals Blog: Hockey Night In Wokestan; and Because Pleasing Your Enemies Does Not Turn Them Into Friends; plus “Forget it, downtown Toronto? Nobody wears a poppy.” Finally, Hockey Night In Deplorable Land

~ LINK–  Twitter Search: Don Cherry

~ LINK–  One Godless Woman Nails It. MUST WATCH.


~ WELL NOW, THAT was a Remembrance day to remember.. or forget.

Vet-supporter and charity-booster Don Cherry gets fired over faux outrage over what some people imagine, wish, or suspect he said & meant (which he did not). What I want to know is: WHO & HOW MANY COMPLAINED ABOUT DON CHERRY? 1? 100? 1,000? 37,000,000?

Name names, or show tweets or e-mails. Was it all blue-haired weirdo women? Racist racism agitators? SJW special snowflakes?

And “you people”? Really? An American cliche or meme from their long tradition of race & culture & conflict? THIS IS CANADA, you Canucki morons.


“People were upset”? Oh noes! Let’s see who said what, before Rogers-SportsNet fires a man for something he didn’t say and certainly didn’t mean. As blogger Kate McMillan says, this is not only about one man in the media.

“Don’t any of you understand that WE are the Don Cherry’s of that narrative?”

I’ll take it further– WE are the ones the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) bullies want to cancel, silence, block, mock, deplatform, sideline, and falsely accuse until most of Canada is cowed under their power. I.E., the very kind of Hitlerian & Stalinist evils we fought in WW2 and the Cold War, come home to roost by totalitarians in our midst.

SJWs & their pestilential ideas are toxic & cancerous, in a home, business, office, or society. They must be pushed back against, shown no mercy, and put in their place.. or else Don Cherry is just another head they collected, with all the rest of us in line to be  beheaded. Start reading up now, and pass the word.

Thus saith,

Teh Binks


“K. G. McMillan
1 hr

“It’s ironic how many of my friends in the dog world are advancing the narrative of “Don Cherry is a remnant of the past whose views have no place in a modern, progressive society”.

I can understand why — it’s a lot easier to join forces with the like-minded to “cancel” people you disagree with than it is to actually debate their views on the merits (and run the risk of losing the argument.)

Yet, when the same “remnant of the past” narrative is applied to purebred dogs; when foreign rescues are celebrated and breeders blamed for pet overpopulation; when dog shows and horse racing and rodeo are attacked as cruel artifacts of a past that “cannot be tolerated in a modern, progressive society”… we cry foul?

Don’t any of you understand that WE are the Don Cherry’s of that narrative?”