2020 Horror Show


~ O, CANADA– Our country was founded on the British principles of “order & good government”, also presuming all the common law of the English & Scots tradition, Magna Carta, the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath, all of that.

Very few people really understood at the time the radical break with our past represented in the Trudeau 1.0 reset under his new crappy constitution. It meant activist judges, following current fads & fancies and the loudest activists, overthrowing the common law enshrined in the BNA act and all the past foundations of our law & society.

He Broke It

Thus, modern Canadian uniparty Prime Ministers & political parties all operate mostly by power, not by much principle, or precedent. As totalitarian impulses have risen in West over the past 70 years, we ordinary folk just kind of went along with it, presuming good will and trusting our leaders. Even when they have led us towards “basic dictatorship”, as the Trudeau & Liberal Party regimes have done.

Wake up, Canada. The war for freedom is now not on the Somme, or the Beaches of Normandy or in Korea, or peacekeeping somewhere else– but right here at home, in Parliament, in legislatures & communities across the country. Taking away our guns by dictate is a serious symptom of where we are, and are headed. Our self-appointed political deity PM Moistly & his minions & plans are not to be trusted in any way.

You bin warned.

Thus saith


4 thoughts on “2020 Horror Show

  1. Think of it;

    31 years ago today – this week, the Chinese Communist Party violently crushed student-led demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

    The students were demanding government accountability, democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.These are values that we as Canadians hold dear.

    Curiously these values government accountability, democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

    These are the very Values Justin Trudeau hates and is relentlessly working to get rid of.

    Dave MacKAY

  2. Binks, where the hell are ye?

    I looked up the house phone on the Interwebs last weekend and tried to call. No answer.

    Seriously, I’m worried. Send me a PM, ya slob. Or an email even. Remember those?

    Your pal,

    The Kabel

  3. Binks, where the hell are ye?

    I looked up the phone number on the interwebs, and tried calling last weekend. No answer.

    You’ve got me worried. PM me, ya slob, or send an email. You remember what those are?

    Your pal,

    The Kabel

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