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Binky Was Right Again. Still. More, #83434….


~ ITEM: Steynian 460rth: Watching Through The Looking Glass. Somebody Nice May (or May Not) Be Watching You

~ ITEM: FRIGGING BEER– ‘Thank you, Sean,’ Alexander said, according to a clip of the exchange that was first reported by Ben Doernberg. ‘Tell your boss I owe him another friggin’ beer,’ he added.

~ DOES IT GET ANY EASIER, being right so often? Yes. Except I so often wish I were proven wrong.

A little while back, when many of you had stopped visiting, I wrote about Mr. “Frigging Beer” Cyber Ubersturmfuhrer Interweb Generalissimo Keith Alexander. Now, I’ve been proven right that he’s not on the side of the hobbits and free people of the West.

But still, as I wrote then:

“In one sense, such cyber-schemery is also a grand illusion & joke on the powers that be– yet another misbegotten human attempt for certain powerful people to play God (over other people, and the future), trying to create a system so perfect that no-one will need to be good. Ain’t no such thing, There’s crime & sinners & saints & virtue in the strictest jailhouse.

The Lord God Almighty will (as always) laugh them to scorn– but the many questions remains.. how many laws will be broken, lives ruined, privacies invaded, governments become prison-guard states, and how much increased will be the sum total of human misery and degradation increased by the ever-deadly good intentions and unintended consequences of the mastery of technology over free peoples and the future? Nothing to see here: shrugs all ’round.. go back to your 400 channels and online puppies and pursuit of ever-staler pleasures.

At what price this notion of ‘security’? Too high, but the buying & paying for it is increasingly out of our hands.”

Shame on Mr. Alexander, on the NSA, on their political masters, and on the “The operation was a success, but the patient died” mentality that would trade human freedom and dignity for illusionary security.. while– in the U.S., the administration is pandering to the very same terrorists they are allegedly enslaving us via surveillance to protect us from.

Ri-i-i-ight. ~

Pray For Our Leaders


~ LOOK IN THOSE EYES, and behold the inward man.

Jesus– “The lamp of the body is the eye. If, then, your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright; but if your eye is wicked, your whole body will be dark. If in reality the light the that is in you is darkness, how great that darkness is!” St. Matthew 6:22, 23

Pray for this man. He is in a world of spiritual danger, could he but see it. He is not a monster: he is one of us. He seems to be doing a Seven Deadly Sins World Tour, and is both an object for pity and for righteous wrath, and a warning of what could happen to any of us, given a giving-in to temptation, an abuse of authority and responsibility; a deep habit of dishonesty and deception; and a revelling in power without remembering Who made him, Who would save him, and Who will judge him.

St. Paul– “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour.” 1 Timothy 2:1-3

Mr. Obama has become an anti-Christ, whether or not he is The Anti-Christ™. Pray for him. ~

Leave Well Enough Alone

Evil Metric Killed This Man

~ ITEM: Trader in court over pounds and ounces; Metric martyr market trader dies

~ ITEM: The Metric Martyrs are a British advocacy group based in the United Kingdom who campaign for the freedom to choose what units of measurement are presented

~ ITEM: The Metric System Is StupidRuthless Reviews

~ PRETTY MUCH the first time I remember having one of those intuitively conservative moments was when they started (under Canada’s Obama, Glorious Leader Pierre Trudeau) to abolish the old system of weights and measurements, in favour of the French metric system.

“What’s wrong with the old way?” my schoolboy self asked, at this intrusion into replacing common sense. After all, the old system dealt with realities.. this new one with abstractions. So a life of wasting time– trying to convert the new way into the old– way ensued.

Metric & Choppity-Chop

The French gave us white flags, the guillotine, and the metric system of 1791.. along with their “rationalized” days, weeks, and months, and goddess of reason, and civil terror as the French surrendered to themselves. And some other stuff, like Napoleon.

Of enduring usefulness, I prefer the utility of the guillotine to the older systems of deathing people. The metric system? Not so helpful, akshully.


A kilo? A damnable invention of the Frogs during their Head-Chopping of Frogs period. Sounds kinda fraudulent and inhuman to me. Follow my blindingly obvious logic here:

  1. An inch? That first bit of your forefinger.
  2. A foot? See end of your legs.. two of them.
  3. An ell? The length of a man’s arm from the elbow to tip of middle finger, also known as a cubit.
  4. An Yard? A full stride length.

I carry these measurements with me all the time: they are ancient, sensible human measurements hallowed and meaningful in life, farming, carpentry, construction, buying and selling, literature and common-place sayings.

Kilo? Litre? Metre? Celcius? Rationalist abstract bosh for scientists and deracinated freaks. I’m not having it.

After all, metric kills. ~

Tyranny creeps upon us,  centimetres at a time.

Via Hilary Of Nasty


~ ITEM: After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

Pay no attention to that slippery slope behind the curtain…

Behold, modern secular bioethics, in all its murderously insane glory:

“Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”

After. Birth. Abortion.

No, really. We’re not in Auschwitz anymore, Dorothy. ~


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Mark Steyn


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Ezra Levant

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The Hate Boat! With Guests Of Narrow-Mindedness!



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~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— The celebrity-obsessed dishonours list: One of the functions of the honours list is to make the nation feel good about itself. It’s not just that the individuals on the list are being honoured for their achievements. Its also that the nation as a whole feels uplifted by those awards and what they represent … (

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A bunch of bitter, angry old white guys?

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The Fjordman, Revealed

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zero tolerance

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The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 30


~ PUTIN BACKING Syrian ‘thugs’: Harper – Oh Yea? You Back Cannibals! Says Putin … (

~ PREACH IT! — “Contrary to prevailing “groupthink” messaging, you can love and respect your gay friends, relatives, and neighbors and strongly oppose redefining marriage. Moreover, you can marvel at the beauty of all children no matter how conceived and still be strongly opposed to any cultural change that will bolster an industry that treats human beings as commodities to be bought and sold” … (lifesitenews)

~ ROGER KIMBALL— Loyola Medical School will henceforth admit all those Juans, Ahmeds, and Mohammeds we’ve been reading about; Code Veritas: James O’Keefe is back(

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~ STAND-TOUGH Pet Shop Boys Won’t Cave To Boycott Israel Lobby- Israel Not Apartheid State; Jew Bashing Video- People from left to right, Christian to Muslim(

The Cathedral Of The Holy Wisdom..
Now captive to militant Islam.. again?

~ FLIPPING THE BIRD TO THE WEST— Christendom’s Greatest Cathedral to Become a Mosque– again. Turkey is reclaiming its jihadi past, while Europe is simultaneously erasing its own Christian heritage … (

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~ SHAKESPEARE on Love: Seeing the Catholic Presence in Romeo and Juliet … (curtjester)

~ IN THE PROPHETIC Poet and the Spirit of the Age, Marion Montgomery is a prophetic critic calling his readers back to known but forgotten truths, namely that man still lives in Middle Earth … (

~ LORNE GUNTER— NSA spying not about Big Brother scrutiny of ordinary citizens; Guardian: “Edward Snowden flatly denies Chinese spy claims“; and Ed Snowden answers his critics; and 2006: NSA Killed System That Sifted Phone Data Legally(sunnewsnetwork,

title verboten

~ VERBOTENISM! BBC talks to gays and lesbians who oppose gay marriage. What? There are voices in the MIDDLE of this debate? … (getreligion)

~ BIG BLUE WAVE— Priests and bishops who don’t teach about Hell will probably wind up there; Man arrested after kids trash his father-in-law’s house; The Ex-Gay Pride Parade; Scientists are Working on Producing Human Organs in the Cell; Who’s this Gay Lobby in the Church?; Death with Dignity… A Slippery Slope(

~ PEEK-A-BOO! On eve of G8 Summit in Ireland, stunning revelation from Ed Snowden that British spied on delegates at 2009 London G20 summit … (

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~ THE PRIMITIVE CRUELTY of Modern “Love”– “Saint Valentine’s Day at my school came and went. There was no dance. There was no concert. There was no ice cream social. There was no party for trading little gifts. There was no showing of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon or Marty or Goodbye, Mr. Chips or Casablanca. There were no foolish and innocent flirtations on the way to class” … (crisismagazine)

~ MITCHIEVILLE— Serena Williams just happens to be right for the wrong reasons; Gun Control looms on the horizon of the West; Who is the Mayor of Mitchieville? … (

~ CARDINAL SEAN pushes for law to protect pain-capable unborn … (

~ CANFREEP— Obama WANTS you to know Big Government is Watching You; SEIU Cries Censorship Wolf; The devil went to the G8 and nobody slammed the door in his face; How to hold Washington accountable using the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act; Obamas to flout wealth in poorest regions of Africa; Chicago Communist ghosts haunting Toronto mayor; Doug Hagmann tells seminar three major crisis events are imminent(canadafreepress)

~ PATIENT AUTONOMY is fast becoming a one-way street. Choose to die by refusing life-sustaining treatment–sacrosanct! Want to live with life-sustaining treatment? Not your call … (nationalreview)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Dubai to Build a Quran-Themed Amusement Park; There’s Education and Then There’s Indoctrination; What it was like to be a camper at a Jewish sleep-over camp circa the 1980s; Terrorists Who Murdered Jews Brought “Honor” and “Pride” to “All Humanity”; The belief that so-called “honour killings” are justified continues to be common among Jordanian teenagers; Seriously, sweetie? Just think of how the infidels feel; Salman Rushdie channeling his inner Gene Vincent? … (

~ YOU MUST ADMIRE leftist tyrants, they know how to change the subject … (creativeminorityreport)

~ CHRIS NAVIN— “The Rushdie affair gave notice not just of a new Islam but also of a new left. Radicals slowly lost faith in secular universalism and began talking instead about multiculturalism and group rights. They became disenchanted with Enlightenment ideas of rationalism and humanism, and many began to decry the Enlightenment as a ‘Eurocentric’ project.” … (

~ EURO DEATH-MONGERS— Euthanasia activists are mounting a two-front pro-suicide offensive. First are the legalizers, those who seek to open the door to doctors (or others) legally assisting suicide/administering euthanasia for some–the terminally ill, seriously disabled, chronically ill, and/or mentally ill. They often pretend that suicide isn’t suicide, by calling it “aid in dying.” … (nationalreview)

space shipt
.. 3.. 2.. 1.. We have fugly liftoff!

~ FLANNEL BANNERS! Repetitious clappy songs! There are specific signs to look for in discerning Spirit of Vatican II possession … (curtjester)

~ THE ROSEN COHEN— Machsom Watch lets terrorists know about IDF positions and check point weaknesses; indoctrination cloaked as higher education; Narcissism and the self-esteem movement combined in an epic serving of idiocy; Beheading, According to the Koran; There are no slips of the tongue with this bozo; I hope that all the foreign donors to Hebrew University take a good, close look at this story; “As a reminder of your visit to our glorious nation, here’s a few grains of rice and a fresh copy of Mein Kampf.” … (

~ FUNNY HOW THE IDEA of abstinence and sex only between a married couple is roundly mocked, but suggesting Saran Wrap is full of good sense … (curtjester)

~ PROPAGANDA— Media bias on same sex marriage: by the numbers: A full bore propaganda campaign has been underway to build public support for the redefinition of marriage … (

~ PUBLICITY HOUNDS with nothing to do stage pointless protest … (huffingtonpost)



~ MAN BEHIND Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up … (shariaunveiled)

~ HAPLESS HOPELESS Obama: NSA Spying That We Knew Nothing About Weeks Ago Is Transparent … (


~ A PHILADELPHIA tale: a radical imam, a mosque, Barack Obama, and taxpayer dollars: “Presidential candidate Barack Obama was not only well aware of this but also took full advantage of these factors in 2008 to reach out to the Muslim community–and then rewarded Gamble’s operation with your tax dollars in 2010. Any questions?”; A Radical Imam’s Infiltration of Philadelphia(hoocoodanode, juicyecumenism)

WEST POINT BLANK: Obama NSA, IRS & Press Scandals

~ OBAMA CALLS FOR END to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland … (kathyschiffer)

~ GLAZOV GANG— The Totalitarianism at the Heart of the Obama Scandals … (

~ ACLJ NEWS— Moving a Washington Scandal Out of Town; Obama Administration Takes Bold Step to Secure IRS Crime Scene … A Month Later; Another D.C. Connection in the IRS Targeting Scheme; White House May Be Satisfied with IRS Non-Answers, But Targeted Americans Aren’t; Lerner, Paz IRS Access Cut Month Later(

~ WAG THE DOG— As Domestic Scandals Mount Obama Seeks Refuge in Syrian Diversion … (hariaunveiled)


~ ENEMIES LIST— From the first days of his Presidency Obama has created legions of straw men in service of his agenda, demonizing opponents real and imagined in the process … (

~ MAYBE THESE Washington reporters should have found out who Obama was before they foisted him upon us … (

~ WHAT COMES NEXT? Police recklessly open fire on a car sitting at crowded DWI checkpoint in Brunswick County, NC … (youtube)

~ HOPELESSLY NAIVE: Delusional Obama Says ‘Iranian people rebuffed the hardliners and the clerics’ … (

~ OBAMA INSISTS NSA SPYING program is ‘transparent’ in PBS interview as he tries to defuse fears raised by leaker Ed Snowden … (dailymail)

~ ARBITRARY LAPTOP SEIZURES by US government highlight 9/11-era climate of fear. The treatment of dissidents is the true measure of how free a society is: consider today’s examples from the US … (

~ U.S. FED “MISPLACES” $9 Trillion From the Citizens of America … (shariaunveiled)

~ WHAT DIFFERENCE?! Whistleblower: State Department Hired Agents With Criminal Backgrounds … (

~ DIANA WEST Discusses the Surveillance State And “American Betrayal” with WHJJ’s Helen Glover … (

~ JUDGE NAPOLITANO: We’re in dangerous times, losing liberty … (

~ THE U.S. FEDERAL government now has the ability and the “legal authority” to collect electronic data regarding the daily activities and associations of every innocent person in the civilized world … (americanthinker)

~ THE CHAPLAIN ALLIANCE for Religious Liberty, an organization of chaplain endorsers representing more than 2,000 current chaplains actively serving the armed forces, is calling on the U.S. House of Representatives to firmly reject President Obama’s attempt to minimize the importance of religious conscience … (

obamaberlin (1)

~ PRESIDENT Obama repeated lines, his voice waivered, he looked confused, the crowd’s response was tepid, and he was clearly sweating through his clothes. It was among the worst public performances of his presidency … (

~ WATCH & SHARE: Both parties are dragging us into war in the Middle East … (

~ RUSH ON WHY Obama really uses teleprompter … (

“It’s all about Obama appearing detached, unattached. It’s all about disguising what Obama’s real intentions are. With no prompter and no discipline, he might actually let it slip what his real plans are, and that would be devastating. The fact of the matter is that most liberals cannot be honest with you about what they really hope happens or what they want to happen or what they really intend to do.”

~ Rush Limbaugh ~

The Growing IRS Scandal – Ep. 289

~ IMAGINATIVE CONSERVATIVE— Obama Administration Scandals and the Pursuit of Good Government … (


~ INCREASINGLY, as the concentric circles of perfidy swirl around the White House like filthy water down a drain, there is tyrann … (americanthinker)

~ HIDDEN CAMERA CATCHES wireless company employees passing out ‘Obama phones’ to people who say they’ll SELL them for drugs, shoes, handbags and spending cash … (

~ BELMONT CLUB— It’s painful to watch President Obama stretched over the Syrian rack; A ratings agency has made Greece the first European country to be an ex-developed nation; The Age of Men; The problem is not with the grant of power, but the abuse of power; and The Attack of the Golem(richardfernandez)

~ SO WHO’S UP FOR a Fresh State Department Scandal? “It’s cover-up after cover-up. It’s absolutely hideous” … (

~ AN ARGUMENT Against U.S. Intervention in Syria … (shariaunveiled)

~ OBAMA’S PICK FOR #2 CIA spot also into hosting… erotic book readings? “The culture has changed. We are fundamentally being transformed.” … (

~ HUMOUR— Obama, Putin Agree Never to Speak to Each Other Again … (

~ INSTAPUNDIT— THE WAR ON MEN: On Coffee and Markets, the Insta-Wife talks about her new book, Men On Strike; “This Tea Party rally is massive. Especially considering it’s a Wednesday”; Obesity: Nanny-state activism will not be as effective as market-based reforms; Sen. Cruz blasts Obama with one ‘blogger-grade sarcasm’ question; Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment; Hot mic catches NSA boss praising FBI chiefs for supportive testimony on surveillance programs(instapundit)

~ ICH BIN EIN MISTKERL! — Obama set to give speech in German capital 50 years after JFK’s legendary address; Berlin Speech: 200,000 for Obama in 2008; Only 6,000 Today(dailymail, instapundit)

~ THE TROUBLING TIMING of Obama’s Syria Epiphany.. Mr. day late and dollar short goes to the rescue … (

~ DEAR NSA, Constitution Allahu Ackbar Tea Party bomb abortion patriot gun IRS Islam dog whistle Obama prayer tax surveillance. “There. Now that I’ve gotten your attention, can we have a chat?” … (

~ HE BRAINS MORE GOODER— Obama: You Can’t Fathom ‘Complexities’ of Syria Policy ‘If You Haven’t Been in Situation Room’ … (weeklystandard)

~ REPORTER Sharyl Atkisson: My Computer Woke Itself Up in the Middle of the Night for Unknown Reasons; The Only Thing I Was Working on Was… Benghazi and Fast & Furious … (

Obama Family’s African Vacation

~ OUTRAGE! Michelle Obama’s Lavish $5.2M Ireland Vacation With Her Own Personal Jet; ‘We will all need to make sacrifices’: Michelle Obama Entourage Takes Up 30 Rooms and $3000 Suite at Irish Hotel(Various)

~ THE QUESTION HIT ME like a lightning bolt as I looked in the mirror upon awaking this morning. Am I a traitor to my country, to my fellow citizens of the United States of America? Have I abandoned all sound reason and logic and lost my moral compass? … (canadafreepress)

~ ZEAZLE WHIPPERS— Hot Mic Catches NSA Boss Praising FBI Official For Supportive Testimony;
Somalia’s Al-Shabaab Live Tweets Attack Against U.N. Compound; Obama Trying To Scale Back Nuclear Arsenal By A Third; Threat To Bomb Courthouse Near Fort Hood Unless Officials Meet Demands Of Defendant Nidal Hassan; The insanity of the ever increasing dependence on government; Tea Party Rally In D.C. May Have Been Bigger Than Obama Audience In Berlin; Man Accused Of Threatening To Kidnap, Murder, Burn Sen. Ted Cruz And His Father; Unbelievable: IRS To Hand Out $70 Million In Bonuses; The MSM would be going ballistic over this if we had a Republican in the White House(weaselzippers)

~ BILL AYERS: Try Obama for His War Crimes … (



~ PRESIDENT OBAMA Can Be Arrested For Violating The NDAA … (

~ A MAJORITY Americans Now Say Obama Untrustworthy … (

~ COMMENT OF THE WEEK by John Fleming– “Can anyone name even one constitutional purpose of American foreign policy that is being satisfied by an intervention into the Syrian pesthole?” … (

~ HM FLOTUS has lunch with Bono in Ireland; Twitter users not impressed … (

~ OBAMA & SENSENBRENNER: two very different views of U.S. domestic spying program– “President Obama falsely claims Congress authorized all NSA surveillance. In fact, our law was designed to protect liberties.” … (

~ LORD MONCKTON says prez ‘ought not to heed the Quran’ regarding violence … (

Jay Sekulow on Fox News with Sean Hannity: AG Holder & Terrorism Trials

~ MILITANT U.S. Left Loses Big in Citizenship-Verification Supreme Court Case … (

~ THE STATE DEPARTMENT investigator who accused colleagues last week of using drugs, soliciting prostitutes, and having sex with minors says that Foggy Bottom is now engaged in an “intimidation” campaign to stop her … (

~ WAS JUSTICE ROBERTS Intimidated Into Voting for ‘ObamaCare’? Senator Mike Lee Presents the Evidence … (


~ HOLLY PAZ, Who Donated $4000 to Obama in 2008, Personally Supervised Tea Party Scrutiny … (

~ CITY JOURNAL— Comparing women’s magazines, then and now, shows how much America has changed; Gotham’s mayoral candidates have big spending plans that ignore fiscal reality; The Friend of My Enemy Is My Enemy; New York is still recovering from the devastating storm(

~ 17 UNBELIEVABLE Quotes from the Last Week … (

~ THE ONGOING COVERUP— “TWA Flight 800” investigators & experts are stating that the crash was no accident(, wiki)


~ WE ALSO KNOW WHO in the media is not a target. Not the CBS or ABC News presidents who have siblings working in the White House … (

~ NANNY BLOOMBERG’S Impassioned Crusade for Mandatory Breastfeeding … (


~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Sun Switches to Republican Party; A People’s Traitor; President Alters Personality of Jack Lew, Saves US Currency; It’s Complicated: Obama to Aid Both Sides In Syrian Conflict; The only shovel-ready job in America; Lunatic Threatens Children With Hammer, Imprisons Them; ‘Sesame Street’ to help children of political prisoners; Cognitive Dissonance: Snowden Too Smart to Be Rethuglikkkan!; Feminists Riot Over Swiffer’s Offensive Rosie-the-Riveter(

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Surely, being this smart, Comrade Snowden must be a loyal Democrat … (




~ SAME EVIL CLOWNS, DIFFERENT NOSE— Iran Elects a New President: Ahmadinejad is Out and Hassan Rowhani is In … (shariaunveiled)

~ SHOULD THE WEST arm the Syrian rebels? Anthony Furey interviews Tarek Fatah … (

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder eleven in attack on school; Pastor in Tanzania Hacked Nearly to Death as the Nation Sees Rise in Radical Islamists; Hamburg: Libyan Refugee Threatens People With Knives While Holding Koran and Shouting “Allahu Akbar!”; Obama’s Syria rebels ‘beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs‘; Church Vandalised in France: “Death to France, Long Live Islam, Long Live Bin Laden“; Rowhani? Ahmadinejad? Same objectives, different ….styles; More of the obscene consequences of Obama’s epic foreign policy failures; Pamela Geller blasts ‘libelous’ media coverage of effort to defend free speech; CAIR NY is submitting testimony on “hate crimes”? Why aren’t AFDI, SIOA, Former Muslims United or any other victims of jihadists testifying?; 96% of Egyptian women have been clitordectomized; Uh, Armenians are upset about the jihad slaughter of millions of Armenians. This Islamic denial of their historic bloodlust and their subsequent bullying is pure supremacism; Obama’s favorite and most trusted ally. Autocrats of a feather plot together(atlasshrugs2000)

~ DOUGLAS MURRAY discusses his new e-book “Islamophilia” … (

~ AMERICAN ALLIES: The Muslim Brotherhood Has Turned Cairo Into A Dystopia.. “Thugs often run the streets, crime rates have skyrocketed, and police feel they’re outgunned, faced with the flood of weapons filling Cairo’s streets” … (

~ JAWA REPORT— Outrage! Bloomberg’s Shadowy Liberal Group Mayors Against Guns Mourns Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death; Contest for Fatwas? Yes we can; Man Faces Charges for Beheading Muslima in UK; Fatwa This! RWCE Edition; A new fatwa permits Muslim women to have sex with Syrian rebels; Daha Mohammed Charged in Brutal Murder of Wheelchair Bound Brit; Anti-Terrorism Surveillance Hinders Muslims From “Freely Practicing Their Religion”(mypetjawa)

~ LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER— Pakistani Innocent 20 year old young Christian Man Murdered by Police … (voiceofpersected)

~ USEFUL INFO— Basics Of Islam Pamphlet to Hand Out at Protests and Elsewhere; and How Do You Get Someone to Take a Look? … (CW)

~ LIKE FLAMING DEMONS, Wallachians rushed out of the night and into the Turkish camp, striking terror in an army of terrorists. Leading the charge was a gore-spattered chieftain— hewing and hacking a path to the central tents where the Sultan huddled … (crisismagazine)

~ JIHAD WATCH— Burma: Muslim who sparked jihad rioting jailed for 26 years; New York Times honors Muslim who believes apostates from Islam should be Killed…in America; Tanzania: Muslim mobs attack two Christian pastors, stabbing one; Somalia: 12 dead as Islamic jihadists attack UN office; UAE charges 30 with plotting Muslim Brotherhood coup; Member of banned jihad group gives Qur’an lessons online to Muslim children in UK and North America; Aslan Media chief Nathan Lean threatens California Catholic school to drop Robert Spencer from conference — or else(

~ ON POINT— 10 Common Myths of Islam … (

~ MUSLIM CLERIC gets 11-year sentence for burning a Bible outside the US Embassy in Egypt … (


~ BARE NAKED ISLAM— Islamic Magreb ‘Gasball’ is sure to bring out your inner savage; Free Syrian Army celebrated by beheading a Christian and feeding his corpse to the dogs; While the IRS was hassling any nonprofit group with the word “patriot” and “tea party” in its name, it was rubberstamping exemptions for Islamic groups; China is very creative in dealing with its Muslim problem; BELGIUM: Sharia law without firing a shot or flying planes into buildings; By going undercover at CAIR, Dave Gaubetz went on to write a best-selling book, ‘MUSLIM MAFIA’; 96% of all terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims and the quran teaches people to kill unbelievers; Hey John, how about showing how Muslims treat Christians in the Middle East, only you won’t have to get actors(

~ MORDOR KEEPS BUSY— Surprise! The Strongest Rebel Group In Syria Is The One Affiliated With Al Qaeda … (

~ THEY’RE #1— Muslims Earn Sweden the Title of “Rape Capital of the World” … (shariaunveiled)

~ IRAN’S “MODERATE” new leader vows to make nuclear process more transparent but says he WON’T give up enrichment … (

~ MEMBER OF BANNED jihad group gives Koran lessons online to Muslim children in UK and North America … (

~ HINDU WOMEN in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims … (shariaunveiled)

~ WINDS OF JIHAD— Nothing that another $ 100 million interfaith and diversity dollars can’t fix; Get yer barf bag ready for this one, you need it!; Bear eats Al Qaeda tourist in Norway, Fjordman arrested; Let’s Give Them the Holy Land!… 80% of Pal-Arabs Support Hamas; Time mag promotes the freedom sack; Dhimmitude on Steroids in Norway; Pamela rips him a new one for backing a Muslim Brotherhood judge; It’s time to return the criminal soldiers of allah who destroy our detention centers to whence they came! … (sheikyermami)

~ GANG OF 15 MUSLIMS Savagely Attack and Stab a 14-Year-old English Boy … (shariaunveiled)

~ WATCHING THE RIOTS— Remote-Control Helicopter Provides Aerial View of Taksim Demonstrations … (

~ PAKISTAN— Muslim Men Torture Christian Women Then Parade Them Through the Village Naked … (shariaunveiled)

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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