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This News, Justin


~ OK, SO MY political tribe lost the national election. Grrr. Monkey-hoot. Sour grapes. Wah.

But– Justin. Justin?! Such “Anybody But Harper-Dad!” politics will not end well. And for the record, I have never had any political use or patience for Mr. Trudeau Jr., election or no.

Justin is not old soft-Commie Pierre, his Dad; nor is he Barack (or, is Barack times 10); these are not the post-war decades of growth and decent birth-rates and large government tax-surpluses. And Justin is no messiah, however much the scary ‘glorious leader’ theme seems first in so many voters’ minds, in spite of his utter lack of skills, experience, and political mojo. Canada stands poised to start a crazy flaming roller-coaster ride run by an insane clown.

All you folks who voted for the crown prince will– secretly, as Ezra Levant says— start to miss Harper (as you puff your legal and government-taxed weed), just like Ontario voters under the Liberals miss business, jobs, balanced budgets, accountability, and the money which used to be in their wallets & purses. Or, like Alberta voters are starting to miss the oil boom, low tax, business-friendly high-employment engine that used to be the Albertan economy before the Orange people recently took over the government and drove things ditch-wards.

Winners & Losers

Progressive or angry voters won. Stoners won. The mostly leftward bureaucracy party won. The media party won. The Chretienite cronies, crooks, and bagmen won. The global caliphate won. The progressive globalists/ world trade/ world government folks won. The gun-banners and speech-controllers won. The taxman won. Spin-doctors, liars, and empty appearances over reality & truth won. “Change” won.


The losers? Canadian businesses lose. The oil industry loses. The shrinking sector of the economy represented by taxpayers will lose and lose and lose. The middle-class and families with children will lose. Free speech– online and in public– loses (watch for it). Canadian sovereignty loses. Actual religious people (especially serious Christians) lose. The dignity of difference and political & ideological diversity loses.  Our children & grandchildren lose. Unborn Canadians lose. Non-government/ police civilian gun-owners lose.  Canada loses, as a newly active Trudeaupia crawls from the grave, and staggers back to Ottawa. This is a day to mourn.

Slip the The Slippery Slide

Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!

Waaaah! Evil Incarnate!

And all you “Mean Old Harper” critics? Anybody who dares disagree with the new Prime Minister-designate loses (he’s demonstrated this repeatedly as opposition leader). Like President Obama, I confidently predict Justin will have a very hard time being the leader of ALL Canadians, including the loyal opposition, social conservatives, and people who don’t get ‘onside’ with his doings. Justin is correct, after all– you could only disagree if you were ignorant, or if you are malicious (or maliciously ignorant).

And do you actually believe Justin will roll back C-51, or push back against the global surveillance regime, or the sweet temptations of imposing a polite police state? Pass me the bong, man.

Even more & faster than under Harper, Canada will quickly realign itself against Israel, and toward the United Nations; towards secret and overarching international sovereignty-copyright-internet-trade agreements not to be voted on by our Parliament or Legislatures (like the TPP-TPIP); towards American & European bankers and their dictates; towards the demands of Global Islamic Supremacists that all submit in law & practice to dictates curbing freedom of speech, religion, media, and the like. With America in financial geopolitical and political free-fall, I suspect Prince Justin follow a dual-track in cuddling up to Obama, and yet will be happy to pander more and more to the rising powers, China and Russia, including a blind eye to Communist Chinese spies and influence in Canada, as Prime Minister Chretien had in years past.

Check The Record


Attentive people can learn from the actual record of Justin’s father (read this book), and the administrations of Bush 2 and Barack Obama just how fast nations can surrender their freedoms and privacy in seeking “peace and security”; and just how fast determined radicals can derail, mutate, and tear apart a nation’s political inheritance, economy, and identity. Canada is not a nation apart, some special case. For all his many faults, Harper held the castle walls against the insanity that is engulfing the world. Justin will embrace that insanity, and represent it as positive change. Meanwhile, the wreckers can and will try to wreck us as seems good to them, remaking us and our institutions in their image, just as they did under Trudeau 1.0.

This is not 1968, and Justin Trudeau, his advisors and minions and puppetmasters, will very quickly show the kind of Canada they want, and– this time– seek to make it stick once and for all. This will be done in the now-usual way, with fine-sounding words, some good intentions, a cluelessness about how money actually works, rising debt, but with lots of pelvic activity & “free” goodies for everyone.. as long as you pay your taxes, and love glorious leader. Plus carbon taxes.

O Canada! This is nice Canada, smug Canada, clueless Canada: our fascism will come softly, all friendly-like, creeping like a mist or a chill over us and over everything, until suddenly it’s all different. Smile, Canadians, and bite your tongues: or else you may be thought not sufficiently enthusiastic about your new masters, and that just wouldn’t do at all, would it? ~

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stands in the House of Commons during Question Period on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Monday June 17, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Over There

American/ Soros funded revolution is not my thing. Eff Off, America, you are poking the WWIII.


~ SO, THE MIGHTY Binks is currently newsing on the Ukraine crisis, which appears to be part American meddling, part local protest, part Putin’s big boots, part history rearing it’s ugly head, and who knows what else. It’s called Radio Free Kiev (seemed catchy), and it’s newsworthy and complicated and worth paying attention to over there.

Russia is still a Superpower, alongside China and the semi-benched USA. Just because Obama is golfing doesn’t mean the world & history doesn’t keep on keeping on.

~ Binks

Steynian 475st

Do Some Good

Funds needed for LifeSiteNews

For Front Page

~ SIGN THIS LETTER– An Open Letter to the UC Regents; also, donate to support Front Page

For Pastor Saeed

~ U.S. Senators and Other World Leaders “Adopt” Pastor Saeed’s Cause for Freedom in Iran

~ Presenting Saeed’s Case with His Wife Naghmeh Before the UN on Behalf of 600,000 Strong

Do Some Good.. it’s just that easy. ~

Binky Was Right Again. Still. More, #83434….


~ ITEM: Steynian 460rth: Watching Through The Looking Glass. Somebody Nice May (or May Not) Be Watching You

~ ITEM: FRIGGING BEER– ‘Thank you, Sean,’ Alexander said, according to a clip of the exchange that was first reported by Ben Doernberg. ‘Tell your boss I owe him another friggin’ beer,’ he added.

~ DOES IT GET ANY EASIER, being right so often? Yes. Except I so often wish I were proven wrong.

A little while back, when many of you had stopped visiting, I wrote about Mr. “Frigging Beer” Cyber Ubersturmfuhrer Interweb Generalissimo Keith Alexander. Now, I’ve been proven right that he’s not on the side of the hobbits and free people of the West.

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Steynian 473nth

Why is Binky excited by this?

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser Trailer

Well yes, partly because he’s a hobbit-nerd… but even more so since even poorly-done Tolkien is infinitely better than nasty old George R.R. Martin done really really well. ~

Old Dusty Silly Stuff


~ ITEM: It’s relatively easy for the US government to follow its citizens’ digital trails. And most of the time, you will never know

“Obama’s Prime Directive” by Nutnfancy

~ ITEM: Why The NDAA Bill is Even Scarier Than You Thought

~ ITEM: A writ of habeas corpus; the Magna Carta of 1215

~ FOR THE CURRENT American regime, it would seem that every American.. heck, everybody in their drone-reach.. is considered an enemy of the O-state, even proven otherwise. After all, liberty under law and all the laws supporting it? Very old and tired ideas, written on old scrolls and stuff. “Innocent Until Prove Guilty”? “No unlawful detention”?.. just cannot meet the needs of our time.

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Steynian 466st

America: Know Your Heroes


~ ITEM: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

~ ITEM: Big Fed & Speech on Campus: A Salvo

~ ITEM: Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

~ SINCE THIS blog was started to support free speech warrior Mark Steyn, you already know he’s at the top of the list of happy warriors doing the needful in times when freedom is treated like a disease.

Two other good folks come to mind.

Support, help, and encourage the current heroes in current U.S. Freedom Wars, like Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ); and Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

Sekulow is the one defending the IRS target groups; Lukianoff is currently exposing government interference in university speech-codes.

Oh, and the awesome 54 Colorado Sherriffs, too.

Heroes, saith The Binks. ~

Take Hope Back


~ ITEM: James Graham, Earl of Graham, and 1st Marquis of Montrose; a good man born into very bad times

~ “HOPE”, LIKE “Justice” is become a cuddly modern code-word for many, signifying redistribution, white guilt, statism, and Obama Uber Alles/ Progressive/ cuddly Marxism in the case of American politics.

Hope is far older, and one of the theological virtues, the opposite of which is sloth/ despair/ mindless activity, cynicism. Hope is grounded in God, and as Wikipedia puts it, is an “expectation of and desire of receiving; refraining from despair and capability of not giving up.”

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Stand With Them

Zionist Slave-Monkey The Evil Binks (The Jew-Loving Lover of Jewishes) suggests your attention to the following Book Of Face link: Stand With Us Canada.

“Israeli children are waking up now after spending the night in bomb shelters. This photo was taken yesterday in Ashkelon. Share this to show their reality.”
The truth of what Israel is can be seen in the nature & names of her enemies: The Obama Administration & America-based Jihadists, Iran, Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb’allah, and the cadres of blood-soaked agents of Jihad who wish to omplete Hitler’s work, and erase Israel & Jews from the face of the earth. There is no moral equivalency here, no real room for dialogue and sharing and compromise.
No, this is not a carte blanche from this observer to every action of the state of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood and tentacles will use and abuse international law, the media, and our fears against us, to allow them to do their work of Jihad.
There’s not really any middle ground left here. Old-timey Jew-hatey Israel eats babies just won’t do. Want to see how real world-leaders respond? Don’t look south of the Canucki border, then.


Steynian 455st

ChinaComs Want Your Stuff

“The servility of Canada’s political leaders (municipal, provincial and federal) to the obvious manipulations of Chinese strategists who flaunt world trade and financial market principles and jail democracy-promoting authors for 10-year terms is a national disgrace.Canada is not a parking lot for Chinese (or American) resources and our complicity with what Glavin rightly describes as “a rigged game” orchestrated by this “increasingly vile regime” in Beijing needs to end…”

~ Anthony Campbell ~

~ ITEM: China has our forests, now we’re sending our oilfields too; also here; and some return fire

~ ITEM: About China: “Canadians need to talk about what’s happening under our noses.”

~ ITEM: The 3-Ds Blog: Diplomacy, Defence, Development — China

~ ITEM: Jean Chretien and the Sidewinder Report; Secret Report Shows China Using Canada To Infiltrate US

~ ITEM: Sidewinder Report — Secret – RCMP-CSIS Joint Review Committee

~ ITEM: Prime Time Crime

~ ITEM: Former diplomat says West has ‘fantasy’ view of China

~ MIGHTY CANADA: Hewer of Wood, Drawer of Water, giant land of endless resources.. but who owns them?

If author & commentator Terry Glavin is right, an awful lot of Canadian stuff, companies & resources belong to Communist China. You know, the people running industrial theft & espionage across the country, and around the world? The folks who own a big stake in Sudanese oil-fields and the resulting genocides? Yup, the People’s Republic of Maoistan.

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Zombie Elf?

Dear Pre-Dead Minions:

In the blogger-race to have various illnesses, it may be that Right Girl and I are tied in the “Indefinable But Looks Like Gall Bladder But There’s No Stones So Let’s Do More Tests-itis” department. She had hers out already, I think, but it turns out that my GB has likewise been slowly and strangely dying for a while, but is now actively applying for ex-organ status. 18% function, saith my doc. Awesome!

What does that mean for you, the customer?

Well, some time much sooner than later, my sad little bile-bag’s gotta be whipped out and become medical waste. In the meantime, I’ve been  feeling mo’ worser, much pains, sleeping more than 12 hours a day, and weary and not much inspired neither to write long screeds, nor even longer lists of links, and while there’s been a posting on the back-burner getting picked at now and again, it’s so far from finished that it’s just a sad little prod to my compulsive bloggers-guilt rather than an active project.

So there it is. And I didn’t even bore you about the pounding kidney stones.

I’m still reading, thinking, pondering, and will be posting betimes. Just not a lot or regularly (give or take).. all prayers & best wishes and free loot appreciated.

Your friend & servant,

Teh Binks

Usama bin Laden, BIH*

~ ITEM: OSama Bin Laden Dead – Body to be stuffed and featured on Jersey Shore

~ ITEM: STEYN.. A DEATH IN PAKISTAN — OSAMA BIN LADEN KILLED; But in the martyrdom stakes he might have done better to have died on Steyn’s schedule ~ plus Mark on an “early report”

~ “BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD go I” is the proper thought, right after “Huzzah, they got the bastard!” Plus, it’s 60 years to the day when the last great wrecker was announced dead, old Adolf himself.

That the human creature might be a saint or an evil man, a John Paul II or Benedict XVI versus Hitler or Bin Laden certainly bears reflecting on: we too might be capable of great goods, or terrible badnesses. We can blame society, parents, religion, and many factors: but human choice must be counted in there, too, for not all those who suffer– or suffer greatly– are doomed to live out their lives in revenge.

Also, this is a world-war, with the forces of civilization(s) East and West opposed by the many-tentacled Muslim Brotherhood and the alphabet-soup of public faces worn by that “Islamist Reform Society”.. Hamas, Hizballah, Al Qaeda, The Ikhwan, all the rest– plus CAIR, the MSA, ICNA, and their co-shariac allies.It’s complicated.

Back in WW2, if you’d taken out Hitler or Churchill, things would have been very very different very quickly.. Bin Laden has been marginalized for years, as a “leading figure” in hiding, after the West kicked him & the Taliban out of Afghanistan.. and this is not tanks & men & frontlines warfare, but econo-territorial-politico-terrorism with spin-doctors. The death of Bin Laden is a good thing, given his record of blood– Twin Towers, USS Cole, Twintowers bombing ’93, the Kenyan Embassy bombing– but the Jihad rolls on.

The real danger is not some tantrum/ response over UBL’s Navy-SEAL instant retirement, but that pandering pro-Islamist Western idiots like Jack Layton might soon have a large say in how Canada responds to the FACT of global Jihad. Leftism generally and multiculturalism in particular is a kind of blind madness, where you see only what you are supposed to see. A secular false faith, if you will, with horrible real-world consequences.

Don’t vote pro-Taliban Layton or pro-Obama Ignatieff today– Usama Bin Laden would have approved of them & their supine attitude to his evil: plug your nose and vote cranky, bossy, petty, robotic Harper. Pete MacKay will be along soon, and Canada in 2011 lives in a world where our votes matter here and around the world.

In the meanwhile, let’s celebrate this small victory in a long civilizational war to the death. Thanks, SEALs: your work is a little justice for our lost, wounded & serving military, and all those victims of Usama and his cronies around the world. ~


*Usama bin Laden, Burn In Hell.. and say hello to Muhammed on your way down. Crackle crackle crackle.

Orange Light District?

Jack Milquetoast?

~ ITEM: What have we learned about Layton from all of this: “Frankly, I’d rather have a Prime Minister who isn’t stupid and got a hand job than one who is stupid and didn’t. In either case, Mr. Layton has babbled himself into a position where he would have us believe he was stupid. That’s not how a competent leader does things.” Milquetoast!; also, Not ready for prime time: Jack Layton goes limp under pressure; plus Jack Layton’s NDP: 9-11 conspiracies and internecine conflict

~ ITEM: NDP leader Jack Layton lived in subsidized housing with $120,000 income; NDP leader Jack Layton promises to promote greater access to abortion; NDP leader Jack Layton would kill jobs and raise energy prices with cap-and-trade; NDP leader Jack Layton gets medical care at private clinic instead of public hospital; NDP leader Jack Layton wants consumers to pay higher prices for lower quality goods

~ ITEM: Media spins police report of naked Jack Layton in “massage parlor”

~ ITEM: Jonathan Kay drops a bombshell: Claims a Liberal fixer tried to sell him the Layton story in 2008

~ ITEM: The best reason NOT to vote NDP (and it doesn’t involve rub-n-tugs); plus Canadian Muslim cites anti-Israel/conspiracy website in his endorsement of socialist NDP party

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn on Whorehouse Jack’s “Hand of fate”

“I gather the NDP spokeslady pointed out that, apropos Mr Layton’s Saturday night special, no charges were laid. Isn’t that an old vaudeville routine? Because the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court? Oh, well.
“I went for a massage at a community clinic,” Layton told reporters in Burnaby, BC. “The police advised it wasn’t the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back.”

Sure. Pity they didn’t say the same thing about his appointment at CASMO.”

~ ITEM: JACK & OLIVIA.. “THE POOR”?More interesting is the story the MSM still sit on, the use of low income housing in Toronto by Layton and Chow in the early 90s’. They were making $100,000 a year. What they did was register the house in the name of Chow’s mother who was an unemployed immigrant.

Today, Layton and Chow earn $350,000 together as MPs. They each get a housing allowance for living in Ottawa although they live together. According to House of Commons records for 2010, they spent one million dollars last year on travel and perks.”

~ ITEM: NDP leader defends himself in campaign’s final hours

~ ITEM: You Know Jack! What have we learned? Jack Layton was found naked in a whorehouse. Jack Layton was found with, though not in, a 3rd World Sex Trade Worker; plus update: “Daddy, what’s a community clinic?”; NEW: Top Ten Services at Whorehouse Jack’s Velvet Touch “Community Clinic”

~ ITEM: Reports of Layton at massage parlour an “ugly smear job”

~ ITEM: ‘Sun News gets expert adulterer to weigh in on Layton story’; plus Journalists! Your moral and intellectual superiors! (Andrew Coyne Edition)

~ ITEM: Jack was the victim, here! “The police advised that it wasn’t the greatest place to be and I left and I never went back”; plus more Scaramouche on WankingGate

~ ITEM: Kate @ SDA: Velvet Touch Massage parlour; also, Back in the day, legacy media could bury an inconvenient story; and Election 2011: Suspected John; plus Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!

~ ITEM: Xanthippa: What the Jack?!?!?

~ ITEM: Google News Links

~ ITEM: E-Jack-U-Layton: NDP Leader Caught in Bawdy House Years Ago

Lets Give Him A Big Hand!

~ AS A GRADE 5 YOOF in mid-70’s Tronna, even I knew what a “Massage Parlour” meant.. lower Yonge Street was all nekkid pictures, neon XXX & girls girls girls. Why, wonksters like Al Gore know what a massage parlour is for.

Whether or not Mr. Layton got a little young oriental sumptin-sumptin at a known facility for criminal gang-fronting sex-trade activities or not, is a matter for journalists to investigate.. not give a round-file cover-up in the interests of making nice.

What You Do

Character matters. Shiny Jack has cruised through the last few weeks like a Crown Prince Obama, with the electorate & media curiously uncurious about the man who would be king.. or king-maker. Hmmm.

Character matters. Lots of public figures have problems, temptations, and flaws which courtesy and kindness politely ignore. Christian mercy to a sinner is one thing: but if hard-socialist Jack Layton has had sexual favours from a teen oriental girl in a known sex-facility, that is (a) adultery, (2) whoring, (iii) and thus if we believe his alleged “Durhhh… I didn’t know no better“, he’s a mix of hugely naive, embarrassed, and thinks he can bald-headedly BS his way past the adoring public.

Can you trust a man like Jack Layton who pretends not to know what “massage parlour” meant in the Toronto of 96?

Blazing gets it.

Bad News All `Round

Even if this is all false, Punkin Jack has thus-far gotten the royal treatment from the media, the bloated & leak-prone Ottawa Civil Service (in part, the political arm of the NDipper Party, if my brother is anything to go by), and he deserves some microscopic attention NOW.

No more tongue-bathing from the media lapdogs for the commie Lil Squirt, all trying to get Jack off! This is a serious Federal Erection, after all. ~


P.S. As several commenters elsewhere point out, slavery (especially of women & girls for the sex-trade) is a serious problem in Canada. Many of those ’employed’ in such sex-facilities are exploited by organized crime. Layton– and others– are partaking of the fruits of slavery, kidnapping, and the international trade in human beings.

P.P.S. Jack smeared! Out comes Olivia & the spin-meisters, saying exactly nothing. Poor judgment, cover-up, possible blackmail, letting his wife speak on his behalf & cover his ass… we’ve just learned a whole lot about Jack Layton. Add to that the pro-Taliban, anti-anti-terrorism & Jihadi connections of the NDP, and you have a perfect storm of dangerous & stupid waiting in the wings if the NDippers get the reins of power in Canuckistan.

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